I enjoy sharing what I did and who I saw the day before. Even the very mundane. Yesterday was one where I never left the house. Nevertheless, a good day!

I wrote all day. I was in the mood. Words and thoughts flowed. I stayed with it.

Part of the writing included preparation for my blog talk radio show tonight. It’s Christmas time. I am going to share a history of Christmas with you. Guaranteed there will be items that previously haveĀ  never been brought to your attention. My history of Christmas is a long story. It may consume the entire half hour.

Join me tonight at 9 my time for Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. It is my Christmas gift to you. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

The day writing, the evening Syracuse/Colgate basketball. Syracuse soundly defeated Colgate 78-43. The teams are in different leagues. Syracuse still has a long way to go.

This is supposedly the season of love. We are not seeing much of it with the black/police problem a constant one.

Numbers are important. It seems blacks are being killed by the police in much greater numbers than people in general are killing police. The FBI’s National Incident-Board Reporting System came out with some interesting numbers for 2013.

The report stated that 76 police officers were killed in the line of duty. Twenty seven by felonious acts. Forty nine by accidents. Bottom line, 27 police officers killed directly by an assailant. No break down re black/white as to assailant.

Numbers in reverse are hard to come by. Stats are not as rigidly kept re blacks killed by police. The numbers constantly reported suggest a low of 460 to a high well over 1,000.

Using the lowest projection of 460, it still seems police are killing significantly more blacks than people (blacks and whites) are killing police. Too one sided. It suggests something is wrong.

Every life is precious. Black or police officer. We must recognize however the disproportion. And do something about it!

I grieve for the two police officers killed in New York and their families. We should not lose sight however that killings are far greater involving police killing blacks.

Along the way, we have forgotten as a society many things. Two of significance. The first is violence begets violence. The second, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Enjoy your day!