I have been working out at the gym with Albert for four weeks. Albert is my trainer.

Albert is a good looking guy. 6′ 3 “. A tight muscular body. He was not always that way. He showed me a photo of himself back in college. What a difference time and determination have made! He was fat back then. Even his face. He decided to change. He did. Now he is trying to bring about a change in me.

I must admit the photo is a great motivator. You would not believe the change!

Albert has gone all the way. Today, he is Superman. If you need proof, take a look at page 5 of this morning’s Key West Citizen. There stands Superman! Albert in a Superman costume.

Albert is posing for a health article written by Dan Reynen. Dan owns the gym WeBeFit.

The article was interesting and informative. It is entitled The Healing Power Of Fecal Transplants. Does wonders for colitis. Medical professionals are experimenting with the treatment to see if it will affect obesity.

Albert did not lose weight with fecal transplants. He did it the old fashioned way. Exercising and dieting.

I spent all of yesterday’s day time doing nothing, except reading and writing. The weather turned. Got black and cloudy. Thunder all day. Little rain. I expected a deluge and decided to stay in.

I did go out last night. Could not let the weather keep me away from a friday night in Key West.

My evening was simple. I spent a couple of hours at Don’s Place. Chatted with Erika and Hershel and Malcom.

On the way home, there was lightning. Constant. Lightning over the ocean is different. I have made mention of this several times. And it is not always the same. Last night the lightning was thin ragged white lines. The sky looked like a cracked mirror.

Sloan will be here shortly. I have a busy morning.

Enjoy your day!


Key West is a tiny island. Like 1.5 x 4.0 miles. Key West sits with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. Weather is wild and uncertain. Changes occur suddenly.

Two days ago, we had a healthy all day and part of the night rain storm. Flooding everywhere. Sun never shone.

This morning the island is at peace. Nothing moving. There is no breeze. The water flat and quiet. Sun shining. A few scattered white clouds. High today will be 80.

I find the weather changes exciting. Always a surprise.

Today is a big day in American history. On this day in 1939, Superman made his debut as a comic strip hero.

The college football game of the year tonight. The BCS Championship Game. Florida State and Auburn. The young men on both teams probably do not appreciate the life time impact the game’s result will have on them.. Those who play on the winning team will remember the night the rest of their lives. In all likelihood, it will be the biggest event in their lives. The experience hard to duplicate. These are lucky men who will be playing. Few of us have the opportunity to know such an experience.

I will watch the game at either Don’s Place or home. Depends how I feel.

Another easy Sunday yesterday. I was up early. Did my blog early. Watched the first half of the Cincinnati game with Don and David. Then to Publix. Out of food again. Sunday afternoon is not the best time to grocery shop. Publix was so packed there were only three carts available. Last night, early to bed and sleep.

I lead such an exciting life!

Tomorrow night at 9 my blog talk radio show. A quick half hour of interesting developments. You can call in if you like.

I plan on dwelling on the huge increase in body cavity searches by the police, the Little Sisters of the Poor’s last minute application to the Supreme Court to get rid of a portion of the section of Obamacare dealing with birth control, the Attorney General continuing to not prosecute bank officials, the perfect example being JP Morgan Chase, how we got screwed again with a bailout, the story of Chrysler, Fiat, and automobile factories to be built in China, and more.

Interesting, revealing, and fun to listen to. Join me.

Enjoy your day!