I am writing. Besides the blog.

I have been writing off and on for several years. I do something on the computer. Then bury it in a document folder. Where the writings remain buried!

I am writing anew and resurrecting some of the old. I am reviewing and revising.

I promise to publish at least one book by year end. For real.

Spent yesterday morning working on last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. The program was devoted to a Nazi party’s rise to power in Greece in recent years. Evidenced by blackshirts, a youth movement, a flag with a somewhat familiar swastika, the Nazi salute, police and courts friendly with the blackshirts, beatings in the streets, certain commercial stores with large Xs on windows and Do Not Shop Here signs, anti-Jewish sayings and songs, and more.

History is repeating itself in Greece. I am bothered that the world seems unaware and/or does not care.

Plato and Socrates would think ill of what is occurring. Their heads would hang in shame seeing what is happening in the land where democracy was born.

The rise of Nazism is an important issue. At least from my perspective. I plan on devoting a significant portion of Friday’s television/internet show to the issue. Join me. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. Via Comcast from Key West to Miami. www.tvchannel19.com. Available world wide on the internet. www.weyw19.com. The show is You Tubed also and available 24 hours a day for viewing.

I spent a portion of yesterday writing. Rough drafted two short stories.

Sloan worked with me for a while mid-afternoon.

Grabbed a quick dinner at the new pizzeria on Stock island. The special was chicken parmagian over spaghetti. Way too much food for me! I left bloated!

Bocce begins tomorrow night. A new season. Hooray!

I had planned to practice before this season began. I need to learn how to blast. As usual, never got to doing it. I will have to depend on my partner Frankie for assistance in that regard.

A lovely day! Magnificent1 I cannot wait to get out.

Enjoy your day!



Tuesday again! The week moves swiftly. Tonight is my Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou show. Blog talk radio. Listen or call in on the internet. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Everything discussed. Some of the topics tonight may involve sequestration, what the Italian election results mean, Syracuse basketball, Pope Benedict’s resignation, austerity v. stimulus, and Time Magazine’s recent article regarding outrageous medical bills.

You can call in to chat with me. Disagree or whatever. If you know before hand that you will be calling in, I suggest you do it 10 minutes before. Calls are taken in the order received. If you decide to call in while the show is on, do so. There may not be anyone in line waiting.

The show is a mere half hour. Interesting and exciting. Insightful. You will enjoy!

If you have not read last week’s Time magazine article on why medical costs are killing us, do so. You will be doing yourself a favor. It is an eye opener. Steven Brill wrote it. The article is available free on the internet.

A thought occurs to me. If hospital and doctor bills are so far out of line, why do the insurance companies pay them? A thought inspiring question!

This morning’s news tell us a hot air balloon blew up over Egypt. Twenty one passengers on board. Eighteen killed.

Three years ago while in Arizona, I took an air balloon ride. First time. Looked interesting.

There were 19 of us on board. What appears to be a small bucket under the balloon, is really large. Compared to the ballon, it is small.

Hot air balloons have captains that operate them. The process involves fire and gases. Wind actually is a minor component. I asked the captain if the balloons ever blew up. He said, “No way!”

The Italian election results are in. No clear winner. There will probably be another election in a couple of weeks.

The decided loser was present Prime Minister Monti. His party received less than 10 per cent of the vote. So much for austerity as far as the people were concerned.

Berlusconi and Bersani’s parties ran closely together. It is doubted a coalition government can be formed.

The why  I am sharing this information with you. Fifty seven per cent of the Italian people voted in effect against austerity. Their cry could be labeled as stimulus over austerity in order to recover economically.

The election results will have an immediate heavy impact. The euro is in trouble.  European banking as a whole is in trouble. It is doubtful Germany will be paid back any monies in the immediate future.

My day yesterday started with the dentist. Again. I have another appointment thursday.

I visited with Lisa afterwards.

In the afternoon, I wrote two short stories. The Bakery and Grandpa Asserts Himself. Both will be in the book of short stories I hope to publish at some point this year.

The Chart Room in the evening. David and I had some interesting discussions. Especially regarding the Academy Awards. We disagreed on who looked good and who terrible.

Mary was bartending. She joined in the talks on occasion.

I wanted to do more after I left the Chart Room. I walked over to Sloppy Joe’s. Sloppy’s is not one of my favorite places. I rarely go there. Too crowded and too noisy for me.

I had a drink at the bar. The place was packed with tourists. It is the music that bothers me. I guess  have gotten old. I left after one drink.

A reminder again. My blog talk radio show this evening at 9. Please join me, if you can.

Enjoy your day!