I developed the habit of trimming my two year old beard once a week. On fridays. Yesterday, I screwed up!

I have an electric beard trimmer. The cutting blade trims close to the skin. There is a barricade /guard that has to be placed over it to avoid a full trim. The barricade/guard also permits one to determine the desired length of the beard.

I was doing the friday routine yesterday. Trimmed one side of my face. Don’t know where my mind was. I forgot the barricade/guard. Three sweeps and the left side of my face was bare.

Oh, shit!…..I thought.

Things have to balance. I intentionally shaved off the right side. Left me with a mustache and small chin beard. I did not think it looked good. Shaved the chin beard off. Did not like how I looked with just a mustache. The mustache went.

My face was entirely clean. The skin as smooth as a new born baby’s behind.

I liked what I saw. I have decided to go beardless for a while. The new me!

The interesting thing is that everywhere I went last night, no one noticed my beard was gone. Do people really look at each other?

The Chart Room was my first stop. Sean and Katherine were just leaving. I was glad I got to say good bye in person. They leave for Austin this morning. Katherine has a position with a Leading Hotels of the World there. God bless and good luck!

Ran into Dale. Met him last year. He spends six months in Key West and six months in Ocean City, New Jersey. Lives on a 44 foot sail boat. He is an independent contractor working with the pharmaceutical industry. I learned a lot I never knew about prescription drugs.

Decided to stop at the new Key West Pub to see how they were doing. They were not. A handful of people. The place was basically empty. I had a drink and chatted with the general manager, Eric.

There was a dance floor last week at the opening where a baby grand used to sit. The dance floor was gone. Replaced by tables. I suggested they bring Larry Smith in to play. I was told they had no piano. I said Larry had one. The one he bought when he left the Wine Galley.

My next and final stop was Square One. Ate at the bar. Enjoyed myself immensely.

Jimmy Olsen was seated at the other end. I rarely see him. It was good to say hello.

Good friend Patrick bartending. Always a pleasure to be in his company.

My former bocce partner Frankie the Plumber was having dinner at the bar, also. Chatted with Frankie and his friends. Frankie just returned from a three week cruise through the Hawaiian Islands. Jet lag still affecting him.

Mary Lou Hoover came in and sat next to me at the bar. She and Charley were waiting for a table. Mary Lou and I talked quite a while. The most we have ever talked. The first time I can recollect we have been alone to talk.

Mary Lou is both dynamic and a dynamo. Among her many accomplishments, she started Girl’s Night Out back in 2006 or thereabouts with six attendees. Today, it numbers in the thousands.

I was impressed once again with the crowd at Square One. Many standing and drinking waiting for a table. Happy faces all! Carmelo has done a great job in resurrecting the restaurant.

This afternoon, I bowl! Don is throwing a bowling party. At the Boca Chica Naval Base. The only bowling alleys in the area.

We did a similar party three years ago. We ate pizza and wings and drank.

This will be the fourth time in my life I have bowled. I think three years ago my high score was 70 something and my low 40 something.

No one wants me on their team!

Enjoy your day!


Sean and Katherine are leaving Key West.

A farewell party was planned at the back bar at Aqua. I went. I thought it was last  night. The only one at the bar was Mark Watson. It was 5:30. Isn’t a party scheduled, I asked. It was last night, he said.

I’m losing it!

Sean and Katherine, in the event I fail to see you before you depart, good luck! You have left your mark on Key West. You will not be forgotten. Keep in touch.

Next was the Chart Room. It was still there. I made no mistake.

Emily was back. She attended the Kentucky Derby. She looked rested. Her pics of her and the Derby were fantastic. I was glad she was back. Emily has become as much a part of the Chart Room as those whose ashes rest in the bar rail.

Sheila and Jean at the bar. They and Emily laughed when I said I had just come from Sean and Katherine’s party. They had been there the night before. They also reminded me I did the same thing regarding another party recently. I could not remember.

Dana and Tim were at the Chart Room. I met them last year, They hail from Wilmington, North Carolina. Dana was Miss Carolina in 2003. She represented North Carolina in the Miss America Pageant. Dana is still a beauty. She could participate in the Miss America this year.

Key West’s Annual Songwriter’s Conference began last night. More than 150 of Nashville’s songwriters are in town to play their music and have fun.

The Songwriter’s Festival is a big deal! Performances last night were held all over the island. Sunset Key Pier, Margaritaville, the Pier House, Rick’s / Durty Harry’s, the Conch Republic, and Smokin’ Tuna.

I heard music and singing as I left the Chart Room. It was coming from the Beachside Bar. I walked back. A special stage had been erected. The performers were warming up. The bar was already packed as well as many of the beach lounge chairs which had been organized on the sand around the stage. I stayed a while and enjoyed what I was hearing.  Could not help but think how fortunate we are in Key West. Goodies like this festival periodically come along. We are privileged to enjoy. Festivals and special weekends are part of our daily lives.

Stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Chatted with Hershel. Politics and bocce. Hershel is a bocce team mate. Our team is on a roll. We have won 8 out of the 9 last games. Two nights left. Tonight the first. We hope to sweep or come close to sweeping both nights. If we do, we go to the finals!

Enjoy your day!


Syracuse, my Syracuse! What a basketball game yesterday! Syracuse beat Villanova 78-62.

Both teams undefeated prior to the game. Syracuse ranked #2 and Villanova #8.

The game was a marvel! Villanova took an early lead. Syracuse was down 25-7. I thought…..oh, shit! Then Syracuse went on a 20-0 run and took the lead 27-25. Syracuse finally won by 18 points.

THIS is a good team! To come back from the pit of defeat and destroy the other team. Syracuse won by making shots from everywhere on the court. Outside, inside and from the foul line area. Syracuse’s defense was excellent once the team got beyond the 25-7 beginning.

It is the start. Teams are not even into league play yet. But after yesterday, the ACC teams better watch out. Syracuse is coming to town!

My yesterday began with a visit to Lisa to use her computer to do the blog. Afterwards, I went over to pick up my now virus free computer from Tim Reynolds. Fear not, the virus was not such that it affected any of your computers.

Did the Chart Room last night. JJ bartending. A gentleman.

Ted was there. I first met him two years ago. He is from upstate New York. Madison County to be exact. A neighbor of Oneida County  from whence I came.

Ted is a lawyer. He is Clerk to Judge DeStefano. The court sits in Wampsville. Many the case I tried there. The court room was unique. Circular. The judges excellent. My contemporaries have long since retired.

Ted comes down for about a week every year. We talked of the judges, past and present, the court room. Syracuse basketball and football, my book The World Upside down, and whatever.

Sean and Katherine came in. Sean joined Ted and I.

While at the Chart Room, four tourists came in looking for anything about Mel Fischer. The bar blew them out.

I had a craving for wings. Kelley’s wings. I walked over by way of Duval. Key West was packed. Every bar, every restaurant I went by was jammed full of people. Some standing waiting to be seated. Kelley’s was the same way. I have never seen so many people at Kelley’s. I had to sit at the inside bar.

On the way back to get my car, I stopped at Grunts. Packed inside and out!

The cash registers were ringing big time last night. Come January 2, they will be silent for about three weeks. That is the way it goes.

I am not going to do my blog talk radio show Tuesday evening at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. It is New Years Eve. I doubt anyone would be listening. I may be out and about, also.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Big night last night!

I stayed up late. Past midnight. Drank a bit too much. Never felt the drinks. However, I am a zombie today. Which accounts for why this blog is being written so late.

I am permitting myself one night a week to drink on the diet.

My internet show yesterday was a pleasure to do. Hopefully, it was an equal pleasure for all who watched.

Post show comments indicated the most well received topic to have been the Harry Truman story. The one where his campaign train was halted between stops and the conductor told Truman he could go no futher till the train bill was paid. An insult to the President. His campaign was cash short. He had to take up a collection from people on the train before the conductor would permit the train to proceed.

A Republican owned the railroad!

Part of the afternoon was spent writing next week’s KONK Life column. I developed one of the topics I spoke of on the show. The one involving a Rhode Island school district and gender discrimination. The ACLU was involved. The ACLU’s arguments consisted of such things as school girls should no longer be treated as if it was thought they wished to be Cinderellas, and the days of Ozzie and Harriet were over.

I had to FAX 16 pages. Went to Office Max. Long distance. $2 a page! Cost me $32 plus tax for a total of $36. Wow!

My long evening last night started with the Chart Room.

Emily back from her two week vacation. It was a pleasure to see her again. I love her wit and charm! I love her!

Met with my new friends Len and Heidi Bloom for drinks. Both relatively new to me personally. However, Len has been a blog fan for quite a while. They are serously considering resettling in Key West. They owned a Mexican restaurant back in Wausau. Just sold it.

Sean and Katherine showed up. Introduced them to Len and Heidi.

Catain Peter was holding court at the other end of the bar. He had a new cell phone. May be his first. Everyone was trying to help him understand it.

Moved over to the Wine Galley. Larry Smith playing. Lu Kramer there. I joined Lu and her friends. Enjoyed the company very much.

Met John DeSantis for the first time. John is the #1 reporter for the Key West Citizen. Love his writings. I am not sure whether it is his style or the Key West material. Whatever, he writes well.

Turns out John is also a crooner. What a voice! Sang all night. A double bonus. Larry and John!

On the way to my car, I had to pass the outside bar. Maurice and Dottie sitting there. Joanie bartending. I stopped for a while. Maurice is a retired orthodontist.

Dottie was intertested in my Greek trip. She told me something I never knew. Joanie is an actress. Has appeared in many performances at the Red Barn. One role she played two times, ten years apart. It was a take on the movie where a London house wife goes off to Greece to vacation, falls in love with the place, and decides to stay. She leaves her husband of many years back in London. The name of the movie escapes me at the moment.

Stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Kurt bartending. Had one drink and chatted with Kurt. Kurt is like going through a life change. He is into guitar playing. When not bartending, he is down town playing with the musicians.

I was in bed after midnight. Woke at 7. Had to hustle. Lisa had me babysitting at 8. Robert and Ally took me to I HOP for breakfast.

Later this morning I had a manicure appointment. Tell you how tired I was. I dozed off while Tammy was giving me the manicure. The tired is really a hangover.

I had plans for tonight. Cancelled them. After I complete this blog, I am going to bed till tomorrow morning.

My friend Cheryl Keast from the Chicago area wrote. Wake up! was her comment. Claims her day cannot start till she reads the blog. I was screwing up her day! Love her!

Enjoy whatever is left of this day!



Isaac is long gone. The aftermath good weather. Yesterday was magnificent. Today will be also.

I said yesterday that Isaac had been a nothing. I was wrong. It did cause some problems. I did not know till last night when I visited the Chart Room.

Before I tell you, let me say that whenever it rains heavy, the street in front of my home is flooded. One foot or more. It did not flood at all during or after Isaac.

Duval did, however! Front street, too! Plus some side streets. Anywhere from one to three feet.

I did not know. I never read yesterday’s local newspaper. At the Chart Room everyone was talking about the street flooding. Some showed me pics on their cell phones.

Two vessels took a beating. One was a large power boat. Sank in the water at the dock. Ass end up.The other was a sailing boat that somehow sailed off unmanned and got damaged.

Wind direction has been peculiar the past two days since Isaac passed. It is coming from the southeast. The wind normally comes from the east, northeast or northwest. When it comes from a southerly direction, bad weather is on its way. There was no bad weather yesterday and none is anticipated today.

I am sure this southerly wind has something to do with Isaac. Just cannot figure it out. Isaac is now way to the northwest of us heading for New Orleans.

Good friends Don and Chris are in town. We got together last night at the Chart Room. They hail from the Syracuse area. Don is involved with solar panels. He spends most of his time in China selling solar panel products. Chris works for the same company. She is in charge of marketing. The two travel together on many of the China trips.

Don got promoted! He is now a Vice-President. Congratulations, my friend.

Sheila, Sean and Katherine were at the Chart Room, also. Three great people. We chatted a bit.

The honeymoon is over. Robert and Ally return to school tomorrow. I am taking them to lunch today to celebrate either the end of their summer vacation or the beginning of school.

Enjoy your day!



Saw my heart doctor yesterday. Test results ok. Nothing different from last year’s tests. No new heart problems.

Why the pain? It has been more frequent this week. Doctor thinks it may be gastric. Two new pills added to my daily regimen.

It has been six years. Six calm years. No hurricanes. Issac is around the corner. Probably a Monday arrival.

Will it hit Key West? Present projections have Issac coming right over us. I think we are in for a bit of trouble.

Hurricanes are fickle. They move suddenly in a different direction. Hope it happens this time. The projected lines make me uncomfortable.

Presently, Issac is either a tropical storm or about to become one. That we could handle. It is thought Issac will be a 1 when it hits. One not bad. Maybe a 2.  Not bad again. With either, I and every one else in Key West will be staying.

The problem is that a 1 or 2 can suddenly become a 3. Then we would be in trouble. The die will have been cast, however. We will be stuck here.

The Yacht Club for dinner last night. With Sean and Katherine Kinney.

Sean and Katherine married two months ago. I could not attend. I was away in Europe. Last night’s dinner was my acknowledgement of their marriage.

Some of us had stuffed florida lobster. Others, steak. Both good.

Howard Livingston was at the bar when we arrived. Good friend, Howard. The problem is we rarely see each other. We hugged and chatted  briefly. Howard was with Paul Toppino and others. Howard’s group was concerned about Issac. As we all are.

I did not have dessert at the Yacht Club. On the way home, a desire for ice cream hit me. I stopped at Publix. Bought cappuccino fudge. Ate two dishes  when I got home.

This morning a haircut. Lori. Going to trim the beard a bit. It is starting to get unruly.

I found another company that made big dollars in profit and paid no tax. Travelers Companies. The President is Jay S. Fishman. He was paid $15,837,099 last year. Good for him! He is not my concern. It is the tax Travelers did not pay. Travelers paid no tax. Got a refund!  $176 million.

Something wrong here. It appears the United States survives on the taxes paid by the middle and low income classes. These two groups support the government. Big companies such as Travelers do not.

Something wrong with that scenario.

Enjoy your day!


I now have pink eye in both eyes

I cannot recall having had pink eye since I was in grammar school.

My prescription for appropriate eye drops not yet filled.

I am doing good! Said with tongue in cheek, of course.

Received a call yesterday afternoon at 2 from Walgreens. My prescribed drops are no longer produced/made. Company went out of business. What to do? We agreed Walgreens would call my doctor and work it out. A couple of hours later I heard from Walgreens and my doctor’s office. Publix has it. Go to Publix. The prescription has been called in.

It was dinner time. I was not eating. I was propped up in bed. Both eyes were running like faucets. A friend had stopped by with left over eye drops for pink eye. I started using them. Decided Publix could wait till this morning.

No Yacht Club dinner as planned last night. I was scheduled to have dinner with Sean and Katherine. I missed their wedding as I was in Europe at the time. Wanted to celebrate the event with them a bit. Last night was the time.

I would have cancelled on my own by late afternoon. Sean saved me the trouble. Sean is a loyal blog reader. He telephoned in the morning saying they would have to cancel. Sean wears contacts and cannot get near any one with pink eye.

I had a noon appointment with the heart doctor. When one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong.

I am having a good morning. The blog was much longer. When I went to publish, I somehow lost more than half of it. So I am ending here. Note that I experienced a severe chest pain that required nitroglycerene to releive. Doctor ran some tests. Blood pressure 120/75. Stress and echo tests scheduled for next week. I am not concerned. Yet.

Enjoy your day!