A part of yesterday was dog day. Good dog day!

It started in the morning when I visited Lisa. Jake was barking like hell at me before I even came in the door. Two minutes later he was lying snuggled against me on the couch sleeping.

Fantasy Fest has something for pets. A Pet Masquerade and Parade. At dinner time. At the Casa Marina. I went. Have done so in previous years, also. Mostly dogs. All pets in costume. Well behaved. Something to see. Proud owners, also. Obvious from the smiles on their faces.

Then it was off to Sunset Pier for the Original Homemade Bikini Contest. A mob scene. Lovelies all over the place in their scanty home made bathing outfits.

I remember the first Homemade Bikini Contest. It was held some 15 years ago upstairs at Hogs Breath. A commemorative event. I was there.

I spent the afternoon re-editing my book manuscript. The World Upside Down. A series of essays. Publication slated for sometime in November. So much to do. I don’t know how we are going to make it.

Tonight is my favorite night of Fantasy Fest. Toga Party! In the street in front of Sloppy Joe’s. I go to look.  Some ladies exhibit it all in exchange for beads.

Enjoy your day!


I  am excited! I feel like a little boy who just received a new toy!

I frequently mention the books I am writing. One completed manuscript went to an interested publisher several weeks ago. This morning I received two emails from the publisher.  One with a draft of the manuscript laid out, etc. The other with suggested covers.

Publication is aimed for sometime in November. Apparently in time for the Christmas market.

Even more exciting is the manner of publication. The book initially was only going to be available via the internet. I have been advised the book will also be published soft cover. Wowie!

The title is The World Upside Down. A series of essays by Key West Lou.

I have been writing a column for KONK Life for four years. Over two hundred  articles. The book is a compilation of 30 of the articles. Most regarding present day and historical happenings. Each revealing and opinionated.

Last night was my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I rarely go out tuesday evenings because of the show. I make myself a light supper and watch TV before the show begins. A few times I have fallen asleep. I wake with 5-10 minuites to go to showtime. I really have to move  my ass at that point.

Because of the show, I never made it to Fantasy Fest.

Two topics discussed on the show involved school shootings and the theft of Social Security. Re the school shootings, were you aware there is one every eleven days? A sad commentary on our society.

Enjoy your day!