I went to Church yesterday. I did.

I am a fallen away Catholic. I did it all. Altar boy, Catholic grammar school, high school and college. Sang in the choir and processions on high holy days. I did a good Pange Lingua.

The last time I went to Church/Catholic mass, the Pope died. For real. The very same day in 1978.

I had not been to Church in years. Was asked to be Godfather at a Baptism. Meant mass and communion first. Did it all. Went to confession and the next day mass.

The Pope was John Paul I. His claim to fame was he died 33 days after becoming Pope. I figured if going to Church did that, better I stayed away. Joking, of course. To be frank however, the thought did occur to me.

The church was Unity. Full name Unity of the Keys Spiritual Center located on the corner of Virginia and Watson. All of two blocks from Don’s Place.

Larry Smith is responsible for the Unity Church visit. He had played there last week and told me how different Unity was, etc. I decided to give it a try. I worried the roof might fall in. It still stands.

Interesting service. Interesting minister. Interesting people. I sat in the very last seat in the very last row. Tried to look inconspicuous. Good luck! This is a hugging hand holding congregation. I was discovered and made a part of the service.

Parking is a problem. Unity has permission to use Bare Assets’ lot. Two blocks away. I was given a Bare Assets parking card to place on my dashboard.

Unity is truly a Key West place. Unity, Don’s Place, and Bare Assets…..all within two blocks of each other.

Will I return. I don’t know. We shall see.

From church to Don’s Place for sunday afternoon pro football. Watched the Buffalo Bills game. What else! Chatted with Don, David, Keith, Angus, and Larry. Met Sue and Gerry. Gerry is Jerry spelled with a G. Husband and wife, they are from Depew, NY, a community outside Buffalo. They were at Don’s to watch the Bills game. I asked how they knew it would be featured at Don’s Place. The internet!

Gerry is a nurse practitioner. He is in cardiology. His specialty aortic stenosis. The problem that concerns my heart doctor the most about me. Wife Sue is a nurse, also. A unit charge nurse at another hospital. They have two children, 22 and 20.

Good people. I hope they return to Key West.

Sunday dinner was with Lisa and family. Her mother in law Karen is visiting. She is a vegan. Karen cooked. The meal was 100 percent vegan. A first time for me. Ok. However, I am not ready to change my eating habits. I enjoy beef, chicken and fish too much.

The Ryder Cup, the Ryder Cup. What can any of us say? The tide will turn. It is the law of nature. Watson as captain failed to impress me. It was his attitude more than anything else. I thought Mickelson was correct in speaking out. Mickelson and Watson are golf greats. Merely from different eras.

Navy pilots on the way. Boca Chica Naval Base is 8 miles outside Key West. The USS Ronald Reagan will be in and the pilots will be training till mid October. There will be a lot of whites on Duval!

This is Man of La Mancha day. The Broadway musical and Hollywood film based on Miguel de Cervantes novel Don Quixote. Today is the birthday of Miguel de Cervantes. The novel was written in the early 1600’s.

Don Quixote…..he fought windmills, was the knight-errant, the last of chivalrous men. He dreamed the impossible dream. He loved and sought to protect Dulcinea.

A moving insight into the unattainable.

Enjoy your day!


The Ryder Cup proved once more that…..It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!

As Yogi Berra said…..It ain’t over till it’s over!

The United States was humbled yesterday. Europe deserves all the plaudits it is receiving.

Enough said about a bad day.

I bought a beard razor about three weeks ago. Many parts, connections. Several settings. Depending on the length of the beard desired. Different parts of the beard require different settings. I generally need three to do the job.

Yesterday, I screwed up! Used a #1 setting where I should have used a #3. Mowed the grass short on both cheeks. I knew I was wrong after I did one side of my face. Way too short. Should I leave the other side as is? Or, trim it short to balance with the other? I opted to go with the short cut for balance puposes.

It will grow back.

Happy birthday dinner party last night! At the Yacht Club. It was Lisa’s birthday. We were all there.

It was Moroccan night.

The sole previous time I had eaten Moroccan cooking was on my recent European trip. I made a Moroccan friend in Novara. She cooked for my 77th birthday. That meal was terrific. Last night’s meal was terrific.

Beef, lamb and chicken dishes. Cous cous. Delicious pita type bread.

Robert went crazy. Enjoyed it all. I had to twist Ally’s arm to try some of the dishes. She finally acquiesed. Was thrilled!

It was a happy occasion. Lisa enjoyed. She is easy to please. Pleasure for Lisa is to be with her family. Nothing more is required.

We went back to Lisa’s for Happy Birthday cake. Robert and Ally had made it with Corey’s help. White cake with white frosting. Why no cholcolae, I asked. Because Mommy does not like it, the grandkids reponded.

One thing never fails. The light in children’s eyes as they sing Happy Birthday and help blow out the candles.

I went shopping after dinner. At the new Publix. As soon as I walked in the door, I spotted Emily. Emily of the Chart Room. She was checking out. I went over and gave her a hug and kiss.

Emily always wears black. Must be her work clothes. I have never seen her other than at the Chart Room.

Last night she was wearing a light green loose dress. The dress played well agaisnt her pale face and light hair. A beauty!

I bought real food. Not diet food. Cheaper to eat real food I discovered. Like a 50 per cent difference.

Enjoy your day!


Today is Lisa’s birthday! My baby! The youngest of the flock!

Happy birthday, Lisa! I love you!

The Ryder Cup consumed my yesterday. All day.

The U.S. may be ahead, but the battle is not over. Not with 12 singles matches scheduled today.

Ian Poulter looked great! Five consecutive birdies! Against Tiger Woods!

I thought Tiger looked good, also. He made several cluth putts. Yet he and Stricker lost to Poulter and his partner. I sometimes think there is a black cloud over Tiger’s head.

Spent the evening with Jenna. We had not been out together in over two months.

Jenna is a terrific young lady. All of 26 years old. Does my ego good to be with her. We have become close friends over the past three years.

Jenna is a TV personality. She does a five day a week talk show on local TV. She is seen from Key West to Fort Lauderdale. Prior to Key West, she was the sportscaster for a local TV station in the Carolinas. She claims she ran up and down college football fields doing her job while wearing heels. She refused to give up the lady like symbol.

We started at the Chart Room. Sheila and JJ there. Sheila dressed in black. It was Saturday night. Looked good!

Then to Hot Tin Roof.

What a surprise awaited us. The place was packed. Just like in season. I could not believe it. Only two seats open at the bar. Grabbed them.

I enjoyed five large delicious scallops over large linguine and greens covered in a light oil. Delicious. It is so nice to be back eating everything!

Jenna had macaroni and cheese.

Hot Tin Roof has sort of a taspas menu, also. Jenna does not eat. Never eats. Runs 5 miles a day. That is why she is tall and thin. Jenna ordered macaroni and cheese. A small plate. Tapas style. She only ate a third of it. Took the rest home.

A cheap date!

Wish I could eat that little! Wish I could run 5 miles a day!

It will never happen! Not at this stage of my life.

Dropped Jenna off after dinner and went over to Don’s Place for a drink. I was looking forward to chatting with Kurt. Saturday is his night to bartend. No Kurt. His schedule has changed. No problem. I enjoyed the company of some others at the bar.

I was distraught to read this morning that two more American soldiers were killed by a supposedly friendly American trained Afghan soldier. What are we doing in Afghanistan? We initially went there ten years ago to get Bin Laden. We got him. We shoukld get out. Now. Not next year or the year after. Afghanistan is not worth one more American life.

It is the old story. You can bring a horse to water, but cannot force the horse to drink. The Afghans do not want us. They do not like us. Screw them!

Enjoy your Sunday!


I stayed in bed a bit later this morning. Watching the Ryder Cup matches. Exciting!

I have been fortunate to have attended a Ryder Cup, as well as several other porofessional golf tournaments. When at the Ryder Cup, there is tension with every shot. For the players and the spectators. The tension factor is with you all day. At the end of the day, I was always exhausted. Wiped out. Think of how the players must have felt!

Even from my bed, I was experiencing that tension this morning. Every shot crucial. Each putt important.

In all likelihood, I will spend most of today watching the Ryder Cup.

Yesterday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour internet show went well. I love doing the show. I am pleased so many watch it. The topic garnering the most interest involved my comments regarding Greece. Since I recently spent five weeks there, I consider myself a half assed authority on the country.

The point I was stressing on the show was that we do not know Greece. It is not like the Unitted States. People think differently. For example, it is considered proper to avoid paying taxes, although illegal. Not the same as in the United States where some taxes are paid and the rest hidden in off shore accounts. Greeks neither file nor pay at all. No wonder Greece has no money.

Tax avoidance is an all Greek game. The government improperly respects the game. The government fails to pursue tax avoiders. Some do get caught, however. When so, they are requied to participate in a Tax Court trial. It takes 7-10 years for a case to be reached for trial.

Greek tax avoidance…..a game all sides participate in!

After the show, it was off to the Plantation Coffee House. Diane woprking. Good to see her again. She had just returned from a one week vacation with the girls in Arizona.

I broke my diet. Enjoyed a toasted bagel! Good!

Did some writing in the afternoon. Wrote next week’s KONK Life article. The article concerns a pet cat that was taken to the vet for a flea bath and ended up mistakenly getting euthanized. The thrust of the aticle has to do with how the law evaluates the loss from a monetary perspective. A dead cat ain’t worth much! No matter how much loved and missed.

When I was driving to the Chart Room last night, I could not believe the water sitting along the curbs and covering the streets. It had rained like hell in Key West during the afternoon! It never rained in Key Havden where I live. A mere 2.5 miles north of Key West. Always interesting how strangely it rains over the island. Lisa will occasionally telephone me and say what a storm we are having! And I will ask, what storm? That is how it is.

Ran into Captain Peter on my way into the Chart Room. He was on his way out.

Emily bartending. Sheila at the end of the bar. I seated myself next to Sheila. Sheila, Emily and I chatted away the next couple of hours.

I proudly broke from the diet once again. Popcorn! Emily popped some fresh. Delicious! Would love to have her make my pop corn all the time!

Met Ollie at the Chart Room. First time. He is Oliver Kopfoid, a local. Works in sewage waste management. A scientist. He is a candidate for the Mosquito Control Board. An important position. The Board is all that stands between the populace and the mosquitos. With out the Board and the work they do, dengue fever would be a big time problem. Instead, it is merely a threat. The Board keeps the nasty critters at bay.

Ollie was interesting and knowledgable. He would make a good Board member.

I was not really hungry. The pop corn seemed enough. However, I thouight I should eat a bit more.

I walked over to the Wine Galley. Enjoyed a bowl of French onion soup.

Larry Smith playing and singing. He is the best!

Overall, it was an enjoyable evening. Returned home around 10 and to bed. Had a very good sleep.

Enjoy your day!


Good morning!

A beautiful Key West day to rise and shine to!

Scattered clouds. Sunny. Humid. This is the rainy season. It will rain once or twice today. Hope it does not rain later this afternoon or this evening. Today is thursday and thursday is bocce!

I walked big time again yesterday. Twice up and down the aisles of Home Depot. Took about 45 minutes. I walk at a good clip.

Spent my afternoon writing. Rained off and on. So I worked at the kitchen counter next to the sliding doors. Doors open, of course.

I published another article on Amazon Kindle yesterday. It is the story of a sitting Texas judge who warns that a civil war is coming. If Obama is reelected. The judge believes Obama will turn the sovereignty of the United States over to the UN. He further believes the people will not stand for it and will rebel. The article is entitled Texas Judge Warns Of Civil War.

I published this same article in KONK Life several weeks ago. KONK Life’s distribution is limited Key West to Miami. My readers here are world wide. Thirty plus countries. That is why I republished the article on Amazon Kindle yesterday. To provide every one the opportunity to read it, if they so desire.

Dinner at Tavern ‘N Town last night. A prime rib. Excellent. Kept me on the Atkins diet.

I had a charming companion with me. Lu Kramer. An intelligent person. We discussed many things.

Tavern ‘N Town has a new gimmick to attract diners on a wednesday evening. I had forgotten. I did not go for that reason. But it was interesting. As well as a terrific customer attraction.

At the end of dinner, the manager comes to your table. He flips a coin. If the customer calls it correctly, there is no bill to pay. If not, the customer pays the bill with no penalty. Nothing to lose!

I lost. Called it wrong. Paid. It was a fun experience.

The Chart Room’s Emily had dinner at Tavern ‘N Town the week before. She won the toss. No bill.

Tomorrow, The Key West Lou Legal Hour. On the internet. World wide. Ten in the morning my time. People will be watching the show also from more than 30 countries. Watch, if you can. www.konkbroadcasting.com.

Topics include the morning after pill for New York City high school students, a national fair tax, the purported benefits of castration, Florida’s amendment 8 which is up for vote, and more.

During last week’s internet show, I complained of the boulevard construction. A 2 year job. Key West is screwed up big time traffic wise because of it. One of my complaints was that no one was working. The day before in mid afternoon I drove the length of the job counting. Only 6 workers.

This morning’s Key West Citizen has several complaints registered by readers on the page 2 column for such purpose. From 2 to 4 workers. This is a multi million dollar two year job. Work it and get it over!

It is not the driving problem alone. The businesses along the way are being crucuified. Some down as much as 30-40 per cent.

The Ryder Cup starts today. A big deal in the world of golf! The competition will be played at the Medinah Country Club, Medinah, Illinois.

Upstate New York, Rochester specifically, has a golf course of international reputation. Oak Hill. The Ryder Cup was played there about 15 years ago. Oak Hill has also hosted the PGA, US Open and other big time tournamnets.

I did the last Ryder Cup at Oak hill. The whole four days. Somehow I became a guest of NBC. The hotel, meals, transportation and tent were all on NBC. I was not aware I was NBC’s guest till after the tournamnet concluded.

It was an exciting event!

I have also driven to Rochester to view the other tournaments.

The big deal in watching a professional tournament is to be corpoate America’s guest. I mentioned already I was the guest of NBC for the Ryder Cup. In previous tournaments, I was the guest of Oldsmobile and IBM.

The corporate guest thing is important because each corporation has a tent. A hospitality tent. Huge. White. Aluminum poles. Air conditioned. Living room type fuurniture. Sit back in an easy chair and enjoy. Great bathroom faciliites. All day. Breakfast. Lunch. Other foods to pick at. Liquor. Huge TV sets to watch the tournament from in comfort and cool. All free!

Andy Williams died yesterday. Of Moon River fame. He was 84. Close to my age. I spent a life time listening and dancing to his songs.

Paths have strange ways of crossing. One involves Williams and Ronald Reagan. Williams was 8 years old and was part of a singing program with his two older brothers at Radio Station WHO in Des Moines, Iowa. Ronald Reagan was the Station’s young sportscaster at the same time.

Time to walk.

Enjoy your day!