Today’s blog is late. Sorry. I had a 9 o’clock dentist appointment. I could not get the blog done before the dentist visit.

I was in the chair two hours.

The tune Onward Christian Soldiers runs through my mind. I keep going and going and going to the dentist. Will it ever end?

My implants did not hold during the trip. A problem. Did not let it spoil my good time, however.

The implants have been an ongoing problem.

I think we finally got it this morning. I just finished lunch and experienced no difficulty.

The hills and steps got to me on the trip. I did perseverve, however. Actually I had no choice. It was either walk up them or go no where.

By the end of the trip, I was in better physical shape than at the beginning. The hills and steps were responsible for my reconditioning. Unintentionally, I had improved my physical being.

My intent is to keep walking to keep me in shape. One of you recently wrote me and suggested a stairclimber. Key West has no hills. It is flat. I needed the up and down to keep in shape.

I did not want to return to the gym. Did not like it. Came up with a brilliant idea.

Use a parking garage!

The Key West hotels that have garages have huge ones. Generally at least four stories. Things are slow in the summer. Ergo, little if any traffic in the garages. I picked one and went. I was correct. No cars, no traffic. I walked up the four stories and then down. Up and down for an hour. The up was a good incline. Raised a sweat.

The parking garage is my solution. Until I get arrested for loiteering.

Needed to get out last night. My goal was La Trattoria for dinner. Wanted to see Kathy and Becha.

I started at the Chart Room. Packed. Not even breathing room. No one I knew. All tourists. I left.

Then to Don’s Place. Todd bartending. Jimmy at the bar alone. Joanie working selling tee shirts at the Green Parrot.

Jimmy and I had a couple of drinks together and a good talk. Jimmy reads my blog and knew every aspect of the trip. Jimmy had been in Europe in the 1980s with the service. He was personally familiar with Italy and Turkey. We had a great discussion about the various countries and peoples.

After Don’s Place, I headed over to La Trattoria.

There she was! Mistress of the bar! Kathy!

Love Kathy. Everyone in Key West loves Kathy. She had some heavy surgery several months ago and is on the mend. I got my kiss and enjoyed sharing words with her. She had a busy bar and got to me to chat in between customers.

No Becha. Night off. I was disappointed.

I was enjoying a drink and had not ordered yet. I looked up and there was Dottie. I have not seen Dottie in four years. She married and went to Mexico to live. She is back in Key West working. Her husband is in Mexico.

It was wonderful seeing Dottie again. An embrace and a kiss, of course. Then we started talking as if we had just seen each other last the day before. We continued the evening together dining at the bar.

Dottie is working at a jewelry store on Duval. She appeared happy. I am happy for her.

My beard continues to grow. It is now six weeks old. Looks good, looks bad. Have not made up my mind yet. Comments from others are interesting. Makes you look older, makes you look younger, are you cracking up, what happened, and the like.

I have no immediate intention to shave.

Enjoy your day!



Sunrise this morning was a fiery orange ball breaking through a bank of dark gray clouds. Pretty.

Busy day yesterday. Began with the dentist. One of my implants was screwed up. Actually, not screwed any longer. Something fell out. A tiny gasket. Took all of ten minutes to correct. These implants are amazing. I feel like the bionic man. Bionic as far as my teeth are concerned.

After the dentist, I went over to Publix. Robert was sick and had a fever. Lisa wanted popsicles for him.

I spent the rest of the day working on You Tube. The technical aspects. Like where to do the show from. It will be my home. But where specifically?  I decided to move around. Inside and out, depending on the day.

I was hopeful You Tube would be locked in by the end of this week. It will not. I now suspect it will take till the end of next week.

Lisa telephoned in the middle of the afternoon. She needed me to babysit a while. She had to pick up Ally from school. It was easy. Robert was sound asleep on the couch. He looked sick.

I spoke with Corey this morning. Robert is still aching. Still sick. But on the mend. He ate last night which was good. He was still asleep. Unusual for Robert. He is generally awake by six. It is now 8:30.

My plan was to start with the Chart Room last night. I never made it. I opted instead to stay in. I read. I am still reading Rachel Maddow’s book Drift. I dislike her writing style. Her paragraphs are loaded with details and her opinions. Too much of both. Makes for difficult reading.

The story itself is interesting, if you can hang in there. Has to do with the use of military power by Presidents. Assuming her research of the Reagan years is correct, Reagan mislead everyone as to Grenada and the strength of Communist Russia. I find it amazing that she has come up with facts to support her premise. I consider Reagan to have been one of our great Presidents. Even if what she says about Reagan is true, his results overshadow the means used to achieve them. I recall President Johnson saying once that Presidents have to be devious. He gave us Vietnam.

Enjoy your day!