I was rummaging through some boxes stored in my closet yesterday. I came up with a wedding dress! Lisa’s! It is now in her hands for cleaning and saving.

The discovery brought back many fond memories for Lisa and me. It was 11 years ago that she wore the dress.

Today is a solemn occasion for the people of the United States. 9/11. As infamous as Pearl Harbor. Almost 3,000 killed. A day for recollection and thought. The enemy still exists.

I have a problem. 9/11 being such an important occasion in our history, why is there no mention of the event in today’s Key West Citizen? The event is worthy of a front page article.

A slight correction. There is mention of 9/11 in the Citizen. On the comic page. Seven lines as part of The World Almanac.

Visited Walgreens yesterday. Another prescription. The pharmaceutical companies are getting extremely rich as a result of senior citizen needs.

It was a new Walgreens yesterday. Each and every employee, whether behind a counter or passing you in an aisle, smiled and greeted you with a …..Welcome to Walgreens! It has to be the competition. CVS has three stores at the present time with two more under construction. The competition will be 5-1. Walgreens has initiated a public relations program to keep its customers.

The joyful greeting, etc. was needed. I found Walgreens’ staff generally cold and uncaring. Even surly on occasion.

Lunch was at Harpoon Harry’s. The wednesday special. A turkey dinner. $9.99. Loved it!

I discussed turtles yesterday or the day before. A study suggested there were too many turtles and the seagrass was suffering world wide as a result thereof.

Yesterday’s USA Today had a brief turtle story. The number of sea turtles in North Carolina waters is apparently dropping off. North Carolina measures by counting turtle nests. Two years ago there were 1,300. Last year only 549. A 58 percent reduction. Must be the sharks predominate yet in North Carolina.

The study I commented on yesterday and mention today must be in error. I felt that way upon reading about it. I spoke with some Key Westers who know and make their living via the ocean. To a person, they agreed the study could not be correct as far as Key West waters were concerned.

I dined at Hot Tin Roof last night. Remained quite a while. Even watched the President’s speech while there. The meal was excellent. Scallops risotto. Joseph and the bartender good company.

The bartender is originally from Old Forge. Fifty miles from my home town of Utica. In the Adirondack Mountains. We did a lot of reminiscing.

I finished the meal off with a snifter of Grand Mariner and a slice of Key Lime pie. The crust was it! Cashew nuts and gram crackers crushed together.

The President’s speech disappointed me. Yes, he is going a strep further. He will be bombing parts of Syria and doing some other things. Not enough

I believe ISIS is a growing threat and will be a major thorn in our side in a short time. We should not futz around. ISIS should be destroyed now! I do not believe the President’s plan is sufficient to accomplish such a result. Do we have to wait for ISIS to blow something up and kill many here in the United States before we react sufficiently?

For years there has been a large bodied man with long white hair and a long white beard reading palms in a booth on Duval Street. No more. He was shot in the head and killed by a thief in Trinidad yesterday where he was visiting relatives. His name Mahadeo Bhan Jerrybankhen. May he rest in peace.

I have to hustle. Physiotherapy for my shoulder starts later this morning.

Before I go, bocce tonight. I am going to try to play. Big game! A money one. A blood match. We play Larry Smith’s team. Serious bocce and a lot of hell raising.

Enjoy your day!


It had to happen. It did. Last night. Syracuse lost! Boston College won 62-59.

The irony of the whole thing is Syracuse was undefeated going into the game. Boston college had lost 19.

Syracuse did not play like #1 ranked team. Fair missed too many of his usually easy shots. Cooney rarely got the opportunity to shoot a 3. I think he made 2 out of 4 three point attempts.

Duke saturday night. Going to be a hell of a game if it is anything like the first one which Syracuse won 91-89.

I watched the game at Don’s Place. Plenty of support. David sat next to me to watch the game. Don, Jimmy, and Dougie were supportive during and after the game.

Visited my heart doctor yesterday afternoon. Nothing wrong. It was three month check up time.

My physician is Dr. Mc Ivor. I continue to be impressed with the Doctor and his staff.

Dr. Mc Ivor has moved his offices. Into the BB&T Building on Kennedy. A beautiful suite of offices! The medical equipment awesome!

This morning’s Key West Citizen reported a migrant windsurfed from Cuba to Key West. He landed on the Reach beach. It appears he left at 9 tuesday morning and arrived sometime wednesday morning.

Unfortunately, three started the trip. The other two appear to be lost. The Coast Guard is searching for them.

I admire the windsurfer. It took guts. His venture also crystallizes an issue. Lets get on with relations with Cuba. Yesterday is 50 years ago. I cannot blame the Cubans of that day for being pissed. But it cannot go on forever. Castro is out of power and probably will soon die. His brother Raul is not in the greatest of health.

I have a hair up my butt again. Involves banks once again. Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.

Venezuela is in turmoil. Protests/demonstrations daily. It is only a matter of time before the incompetent/inept President Maduro is out of power. A statement by President Obama suggests he supports the protestors. He recently said the United States condemned the violence of the Maduro government and the throwing out of Venezuela of three American diplomats. Maduro took the position the United States was supporting and perhaps supplying the rebels.

On my blog talk radio show this past tuesday, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou, I set forth how certain American banks were attempting to make money out of the upheaval. Goldman Sachs wanted to loan the Maduro government $1.68 billion. Bank of America $3 billion

I referred to the banks as whores. My impression has not changed in the past 36 hours. The banks are working deals when a significant portion of the Venezuelan people are suffering under Maduro. To make it even more contemptuous, the banks are in apparent opposition to President Obama’s stand. The banks support Maduro, the President the protestors.

The banks should keep their noses out of what constitutes  the foreign affairs of the United States. They should not be acting in opposition to the President, whose position is the position.

The banks do not care about anything. Their lack of respect for the 99 per cent and the President in this circumstance is obvious. When they get too big for their britches, the mighty fall.

Enjoy your day!




Blame Godaddy! Not me! I just got things straightened out. My whole Key West Lou system was down.

It is late afternoon. This blog will be short.

Obama won! I am pleased. Whether you agree, I believe we will be better off as a Nation under his leadership than Romney’s.

Cooperation/aisle crossing are required. I do not know whether it will occur. Obama has to invite the boys over for a drink or two. Maybe play basketball with some of them. The Republicans have to understand compromise.

Between now and the end of the year will be a good indication of what the next four years will be like. Recall the budget deal made several months ago. There was something in it called sequestration. It is going to bite every one’s ass. Those of you that are deficit cutting crazy will be very satisfied. The deficit will be cut significantly. So will everything else.

I understand a northeaster is arriving up north. I figured as much. When I got up this morning, it was 65 degrees. Cold in Key West! There was a freezing breeze from the northwest. Whenever the northeast is buried with bad weather, we feel it here with a strong wind from the northwest.

The day time weather is fine. High 70s. Weather man says even worse tomorrow morning. Sixty two degrees. Makes for a 15 degree drop over two days.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I apologize for stressing every day this week the show. I moved broadcasting studios, however. I want to make sure every one can find me. I can be seen on television at Comcast Channel 87. Throughout the Keys. Elsewhere and world wide, I can be watched on the internet. Ten o’clock my time friday morning either way.

I have been sharing the show’s topics with you as I put them together this week. I worked on two new ones yesterday.

One involves a woman who drove around a stopped school bus. She did it by driving on the side walk. The Judge is making her carry a sign for two weeks telling the world how stupid she was.

The other involves a 15 year old Pakistani girl. I talked about her yesterday. However, I dug up some further information about her last night. The girl died from acid which was poured over her head and face by her mother. Her transgression: looking at boys. To a Muslim, an honor killing. This 15 year old was one of 943 such deaths in Pakistan in 2011.

Enough for today. I have to get ready to go out. Missed the election party last night. I have a need to be with people tonight.

Enjoy your day!


No question. This is the rainy season!

It rained big time twice yesterday. Heavy. In between, sunshine! Hard to believe it had rained.

I needed to walk. Normally, I walk in Home Depot to avoid the heat. Yesterday, to avoid the rain.

Lunched at Hogfish. Read the newspapers. It had been a few weeks since I last was at Hogfish. There is something magical about sitting under Hogfish’s thatched roof while it is pouring outside.

I spent the afternoon at home reading. No place to go what with the rain.

I recently started reading Bob woodward’s latest book. The Price of Politics. The story of how President Obama and Congress tried to save the economy. The time frame is just before Obama took office through this past summer.

I am not deeply into the book yet. Let me share some initial impressions with you, however.

President Obama appears to be a person too much within himself. He is President. He has fixed opinions. He does not listen. Many conversations with him are one sided.

Biden is the master of compromise. Much like Lyndon Johnson. The result of many years of Senatorial experience. He would make an excellent President.

Eric Cantor. A worm.

Sloan came over at 5. We continued working on the trip pics. Hopefully next week I shall start publishing them. The next time I do a trip, the photos will be placed in the blog as that day’s blog is done. The reason I did not was that I did not know how. Still do not know how. Soon will be learning, however. Some things I am slow at.

Tonight, the first Presidential debate! I can’t wait! Love politics!

Enjoy your day!