Stone crab season opens today. The season runs from October 15 to May 15. I consider stone crabs the best of foods. If I were to be executed and had one last meal, it would be stone crabs.

I was first introduced to stone crabs in the early 1960s in Miami Beach. Where else but Joe’s Stone Crabs! I have been addicted ever since.

Local fisherman are not sure whether it will be a good season or bad. They never know at the beginning. Two months into the season they will.

Fantasy Fest had an early beginning this week. Not in Key West. In Marathon. A 60 year old man was arrested for running up and down US 1 bare ass.

The Pier House recently remodeled its beach bar. I lunched there yesterday. The remodeling was not extensive. It involved redoing the wall behind the bar. The wall is now covered with a huge wood panel with some insignificant design. Pretty. Not beachy, however.

I spent the whole afternoon writing. Two days in a row. I am into it.

Growing Up Italian has been set aside for the moment. My publisher insists on another World Upside Down work. The World Upside Down is becoming a series. I have promised to have it out forthwith.

I can see already the book will be a third longer than the first. I have decided to sneak in a couple of the Growing Up Italian and Greece book chapters. They will fit. The Growing
Up Italian has so many chapters already that it will probably end up a series, also.

I needed a taste of old time Key West. It was dinner at Hogfish at the bar. Chatted the time away with fishermen typical of days gone by. Bearded, somewhat toothless, extremely thin, bronzed and weathered. I enjoyed a comical time discussing the mundane.

Last night was Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I love doing the show! I appreciate all who listen.

Post show comments indicated the ebola portion garnered the most interest. All I said was cool it. Every one getting excited. McCain wants an ebola czar, a nurses’ union wants better training, Afro-Americans are saying the man from Liberia died because he was black. The last item bothers me. Not every issue is a black issue. Saying it is does not make it so. Keep playing the black card and eventually a legitimate cause will not gain support.

Friday night Goombay. Two days away. Fantasy Fest around the corner.

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My radio show tonight! Blog talk radio. Nine o’clock. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

So many things to discuss. So little time. Topics such as the government shutdown, Senator Cruz, Congressional pensions, governmental waste, and Egypt.

The show is quick hitting and entertaining.

Went to see my internest Dr. Jackie Lefferts yesterday. A tough no nonsense female doctor. I visited her because of my swollen hand caused by something that bit me.

She could not tell what type bug. She was concerned with whether the poison had traveled up my arm. She satisfied herself it had not. Prescribed an antibiotic and some other things.

My drug store is Walgreen. Dr. Lefferts suggested for the antibiotic that I go to Publix. It was free at Publix. So I went. No waiting line. My prescription was ready. The bill was zero dollars. I was shocked. No one gives anything away for nothing in today’s society. I smiled and told the woman behind the counter…..thank you. She looked surprised. Must be most people do not say thank you.

There was a sheet of information in the bag. There are several antibiotics Publix provides free. You might want to look into it.

I drive a Volkswagen convertible. Two tone. Blue and white with a black top. A unique color arrangement. Only one other in Key West. I parked my car across the street from Dr. Lefferts’ office. When I came out and went to the car, the door would not open. I kept clicking and nothing happened. I tried the key. Nothing. I tried the trunk. Nothing. How the hell did I get an electrical problem which apparently caused everything to shut down?

I looked in the window. There was a woman’s bag on the front seat. I do not carry a woman’s bag. I looked up and behind the car. Two cars back was another Volkswagen convertible with the same colors. Mine! Who would have expected the only two similar cars in Key West to have been parked within 30 feet of each other.

Yesterday was a bit of a be good to Louis day. I went to the Pier House Beach Bar for lunch.

Lovely! A perfect setting! Sitting on the beach at the edge of the ocean.

A lot of people. In fact, as I drove over I noticed many people on Duval. It reminded me of season.

I had fish and chips, admired the view and read the Miami Herald. Much full page advertising  for senior citizens re signing up for Obamacare. Apparently the time to sign is now through some date in December. The insurance companies are after senior business big time. The prices were much less than I am paying now and seemed to offer more.

I missed Kathleen Peace and Larry Smith. Many times when I would lunch at the Beach Bar, Kathleen would come out of her office and provide a cheery hello and kiss. Larry would be doing some work in the Wine Galley in preparation for his evening show and walk by. Larry did not kiss me.

Then to Publix. To pick up the antibiotic prescription. I went to the new Publix. It is the one I generally use for grocery shopping.

The parking lot is huge. When I came out, I could not remember where I parked the car. For real! Up and down the rows I went till I spotted it.

A first for me. Worries me. A sign of old age. My father used to do it. I have become my father once more. Amazing.

Spent my evening working on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Please join me.

Enjoy your day!



Yesterday was my first TV show. The show previously was only broadcast via the internet. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I was a bit nervous. The show was done live. But then also  was the KONK internet show I had been doing for three years.

A major difference is I have staff with the TV show. Three persons. Just like in the movies. Finger signals, rearranging my shirt on breaks, getting me water, comments being made, etc. I felt at times I was the product of their work! I was.

Jenna is sort of my producer. Crystal the engineer. Crystal is very important to everything. Rick the owner was in and out.

This is the first live show that Comcast Channel 87 has done. Their other shows are pre-recorded. Ergo, there was concern on the part of all involved.

Overall, the show went well. There were minor glitches. They will be worked out.

The post show comment surprised me. There were congratulatory messages. There were also the usual comments regarding certain topics. It was the topic comment that surprised me.

There were three topics receiving the most comment. More than normal.

Brain dead no longer being brain dead was one. Some people concerned they had pulled the plug too soon.

Secession was big. Some had already heard. Others, not. All interested. Especially in my opinion that it was all a crock of nothing. Whereas the effort sounded legal, in reality no legal basis exists for it.

I spoke of the European demonstrations last wednesday. I explained austerity and the practical aspects of what was occurring. My European followers were watching and listening. Emails on the issue were received from persons in Rome, Santorini and Seville.

I went straight to Lisa’s after the show. She had to change my bandages and clean the wounds again. I wondered if not Lisa, who would be doing it for me.

Sought quiet for lunch. Went to the Pier House Beach Bar. It was cold! A bad wind coming in off the ocean. The bar had plastic shades drawn to deflect the cold. It only helped some what.

Nevertheless, I stayed. The coolness determined my choice for lunch. French onion soup. Hot! I read the newspapers and enjoyed a leisurely lunch hour.

Read a bit when I got home mid afternoon. I had intended to go out last night. Never made it. Fell asleep around 4 and did not wake till after 8.

Saturday. No plans. Tonight I am out, however. Dinner with Jenna and perhaps Crystal.

I finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey this morning. All three volumes. My book report tomorrow. I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you.

Enjoy your day!




Yesterday was one of the busiest I have had in Key West. Business, not pleasure. I was at it from 9 in the morning to 3:30 in the adfternoon. Two business conferences, 2 bank conferences, a visit to Social Security, a visit with son in law Corey, computer time, etc. Plus walking between people and places. Parking near impossible.

I was exhausted when I finished. Sufficiently tired that I did not go out last night.

Today, I plan on doing nothing. It is going to be a Louis day. Only thing scheduled is a manicure at noon. A fun thing. Tonight another Presidential debate. Pure pleasure for me to watch.

Every place visited on my European trip was different. No two places alike. Today, I share with you my visit to Camogli.

Camogli is a small townm on the Italian Riviera. I spent one week there. Its population small. Approximately 5,000. Off season. In season, Camogli is booming with tourists. How many, I never was able to ascertain. It is a summer beach town. Frenetic is the best way to describe it.

The summer visitors were well dressed in fashionable summer attire.

Camogli is located on the Portofino penninsula. Just over a mountain is world famous Portofino.

Beachside buildings are 6-8 stories high. Multi colored. Each building reflecting its own hue. In days gone by, Camogli was an active fishing port. The buildings were differently colored so the sailors could identify their homes from the sea as they returned. The color was placed in the sand mix as the buildings were constructed. It is not from paint. The colors have faded over the years. Today though still obvious, the colors are muted.

Buildings are actually called houses. Why, I do not know. Most were constructed around 1,000 A.D. Some before. Camogli is an old town. It looks like an old town. There is nothing modern appearing beach front.

Hanging wash intrigued me. It was all over the place. Camogli buildings may be old on the outside. They are not old on the inside. All beach front condos are in the $1 million range and furnished consistent with such cost. Yet every one hangs their wet wash outside a window to dry. Everywhere in Italy. Not just Camogli.

I believe the real reason is that their is an electrical power problem in Italy. There has always been. The people forget. They tell you they hang the wash out to dry because it smells better. Not just outside buildings. Beautiful private homes, also. A rope of hanging clothes is always to be seen on a front porch.

The photos tell the story. Seven photos in all.

The first is of me with Camogli in the background. A part of the Italian Riviera. Colorful and old.

The next photo is an opposite view of the first. Mount Portofino is behind me. On the other side of the mountain is Portofino.

There is a walkway between the beach front buildings and the beach. It is called a promenade. The next photo is me standing early morning on the promenade. Note the wash hanging out the windows.

Camogli was not without steps. The next photo were the the steps I had to climb each morning to get to the inernet store to do my blog. What you see is only 25 per cent of the steps. The stair way curves up and around the building.

The next photo is of one of the $1 million condos with wash hanging out to dry.

On the back side of the beach front condo buildings were inner courts. Expensive condos were located off the courts, also. Again, the wash. Obviously, I had become fixated with the hanging wash.

The last photo is an alley way between expensive condominium buildings. The space is referred to correctly as an alley. Note the wash again and me staring at it.

I enjoyed Camogli. Old. Medieval. Wash hanging to dry out windows.

I felt like I was in Italy.

Enjoy your day!