A man who brought so much joy to others apparently was not happy within himself. Robin Williams passed away yesterday by his own hand.

Everyone knows of his major accomplishments. Permit me to share one less known with you.

In the late 1960’s and through the 1970’s, I spent much time in New York both on business and pleasure. I have always had a fanatical interest in art. I stole at least an hour a day on most trips to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Heaven to me!

Many times after the visit, I would sit on the steps in front of the Museum. wWth hundreds of other people. On occasion, I would enjoy a hot dog and can of soda while sitting there. Generally there was a mime performing. Always enjoyable to watch.

Twenty years later, I was watching a talk show on TV. Robin Williams was being interviewed. It was there I learned that he had spent several years performing as a mime on tghe sidewalk in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Let the band play, the canons roar! Northern Roosevelt Boulevard was open yesterday. aAl five lanes! The official opening is at 2 today. I was able to drive into town and out on the Boulevard with no holdup or difficulty. I was at the point where I thought the time to do so would never return.

My yesterday began with a business meeting, then lunch with the grandkids, and dinner at Geiger Key.

The afternoon was spent working on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Join me at 9. Interesting topics include the chamber of horrors occurring on Mt. Sinjar, police brutality, Saudi Arabians being anti-Christmas, an Indianapolis man who won two separate $1 million lotteries within 3 months, a man whose penis was amputated by mistake, and more.

I have to move fast this morning. I have an MRI scheduled at 10:30 of my right shoulder.

Enjoy your day!




It happened again last night! Syracuse won a squeaker in the last few seconds. It was Syracuse over North Carolina State by one point. 56-55.

Tough on the heart!

Too many close games this season. Extremely close. I think there have been eight close games. All eight could have gone the other way and Syracuse would not even be ranked.

Whatever, we are 25-0. There has to be a message in that number of wins and no defeats. Could it be…..Team of destiny?

It was a screwed up basketball day yesterday. The game was scheduled for 3. I was at the Sports Pub at 3. No game. No one could figure out why. I headed over to Don’s Place to see if he had the game. No game. Toni figured it out using her I phone. The game had been pushed up to 7 because the North Carolina State team had just arrived. They were supposed to have  come in the night before.

I returned to the Sports Pub for the 7 o’clock tip off. Still could not get the game. John Lukas spent a good 15 minutes on the phone with his provider. They knew from nothing. No game continued.

John happened to mention there was a way to bring in whatever national channel was carrying the game. He did not know how. He needed a TV/computer guru. A lovely blond spoke up and said she understood what had to be done. She did. Five minutes later we were watching the game.

The lovely lady was Keegan from Rochester. A die hard Syracuse fan, she was enjoying the game with Jeremy. Also at Keegan’s table were Jackie and Bard. I assume from Rochester or Syracuse. All family.

I love Jackie! When I introduced myself, she said…..I read your blog every day! Thank you, Jackie! It was a pleasure meeting you. Hope we run into each other again soon.

I mentioned I had recently published my first book. Keegan was interested in the title, how to obtain it, etc. I told her it would be in the blog in the morning. The book is titled The World Upside Down. Available on and Though I used both Key West Lou and Louis Petrone as my names, the book sellers are using Louis Petrone as the author. Tie it in with the book’s name when searching.

My good friends Dan and Lisa were sitting with me for the game. Dan and I seemed to be moaning in unison. The games are not getting any easier. Dan and Lisa have house guests. Dave and Karyn from Auburn or Baldwinsville. I am not sure which. Born and raised in one and now live in the other. Wherever Dave and Karyn are from, they were nice people. I suspect we will all be together for the Boston College game Wednesday night.

I stopped at Don’s place on the way home. Don’s place had the game. They watched it on ESPNews. Don does not have the basketball package, John does. You figure it.

It was hip, hip, hooray! The bar knows I am a Syracuse fanatic. I sat a while and had a drink with Stan and Clara.

When I was driving into Key West for the 7 o’clock game, there was a sight to behold! I came in via the North Roosevelt Boulevard. Palm trees had been planted along the way. About every 40 feet. Tall and straight. Strange palms. The scene beautiful! Made me think the aggravation has been worth it.

I have to get out of my home later this morning for several hours. The realtor is having another open house. I will be taking my computer with me. I have to write this week’s KONK Life column. Either at the bar at Don’s Place or the Plantation Coffee House.

Enjoy your Sunday!



North Roosevelt Boulevard went two ways yesterday. I was not impressed.

I had to go into town twice. Traffic backed up big time going and coming. Used to be a four lane highway. Two lanes each way. I am doubtful this new temporary concept which also permits a middle turn lane will work. Besides delay, my sense is that there will be an increase in accidents.

I have decided to use Flagler for going and coming for a while. It will be out of my way a bit on the ingress portion of a trip. However, faster and safer.

Lisa and family over for a swim. The grandkids are fish!

I watched most of the Syracuse/North Carolina State game in the later afternoon. Syracuse won! 24-10. A big victory for the Orange who were a 6 point underdog.

Syracuse’s ground game looked good. Especially in the second half. Syracuse is now 3-3.

If I were inclined to suicide and cut my wrists, my blood would have flowed orange in pride.

Saturday bocce last night. A make up game. Could not be played when scheduled because of rain.

We won the first two games. I left at the start of the third. For some reason, I was very tired.

I played the first game. Frankie my partner. Don and Stan playing the other side. I sucked. Those three were the ones who actually won.

The second game found us down 10-0. I hate those games. We won 16-11. A comeback!

People are starting to get angry with the Washington fiasco. Here and there. From Washington to Hawaii. Veterans asserted themselves yesterday by visiting the World War II Memorial. Some came from as far away as Florida. Same in Hawaii where the December 7th Memorial was visited. Each time gates and barriers were opened by the visiting veterans. The  police never interfered.

I view the happenings here and there as seeds of unrest. The beginning of protests of sorts. In these instances, silent ones.

With regard to federal activities, only those deemed essential remain open. The House of Representatives have their own private gym. Must be essential. It is still open.

Most of the House members are still being paid, also. A small number have said they will donate their pay to charity. Most have not. Probably because they need a check to live on. Just as the hundred of thousands of furloughed federal employees do.

Our county is Monroe County. We house federal prisoners for periods of time in the county jail. The federal government pays rent for this service. Rather than a check, an IOU was received last week by the Sheriff.

Enjoy your Sunday!


August and September are Key West’s rainy season. Yesterday was an example.

I was driving into Key West in the early afternoon. I had a 1:30 appointment with Lori for a haircut. It had not rained up to that point in Key Haven where I live. Threatened, but no rain.

When I was half way down the Boulevard, I ran into rain. It soon became obvious that it had been raining heavy in Key West for quite a while. The roads were flooding.

By the time I reached the parking lot behind Antonia’s, it was impossible to see more than 5-10 feet. I sat in my parked car waiting for the rain to stop. It did not. Finally, I said screw it! I was dressed for the rain. My blue rain slicker, a hat and crocs.

I stepped out of the car. My left foot was immediately covered with water. Above my ankle. It was at least 6 inches deep.

The whole parking lot was in that condition.

I walked to Lori’s. Got soaking wet on the way. My blue slicker finally had it. I have owned it for about 10 years. It has been everywhere with me, including Europe. A couple of holes developed in the neck line. I was drenched!

Lori’s hair dressing salon was taking on water. Towels were strewn on the floor on the street side to absorb the water as it came in.

Lori dried off my wet back.

The Key West Citizen reports items of local interest. Sometimes too much. Important national news is not always printed. I looked at this morning’s paper to read the Citizen’s report on yesterday’s deluge. Fully expecting it to be there. Nothing!

I returned home immediately. Had to finalize my notes for last night’s blog talk radio show.

I enjoyed an early dinner at Roostica’s on Stock Island. Lasagna. I could only eat half. There is another meal in the refrigerator.

Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou was a pain! Show time was 9. I could not get in. Apparently, technical difficulties at Blog Talk Radio’s end. After 15 minutes, I was able to connect via telephone.

I did an abbreviated show. Fifteen minutes. It irritates me when this happens. I had prepared for 30 minutes. I do not know how many were still tuned in. Few I would assume. Fortunately, the fifteen minutes are archived.

I probably talked too fast. I felt like I was in a race.I wanted to cover the Egyptian situation in detail. Also, the breast implant bomb story. I could only get a bit of each in.

The North Roosevelt Boulevard construction is a disaster. Two lanes into town. The return trip on Flagler.

This morning’s Key West Citizen reports the Key West City Commission voted last night to go to three lanes sometime in October. Two one way, the other in reverse. The disaster will continue and be greater! Guaranteed!

I have only two things scheduled for today. Sloan in the afternoon and babysitting at 5. I plan however to be out tonight. I need some Chart Room and Don’s Place.

Enjoy your day!


Good morning!

A beautiful Key West day to rise and shine to!

Scattered clouds. Sunny. Humid. This is the rainy season. It will rain once or twice today. Hope it does not rain later this afternoon or this evening. Today is thursday and thursday is bocce!

I walked big time again yesterday. Twice up and down the aisles of Home Depot. Took about 45 minutes. I walk at a good clip.

Spent my afternoon writing. Rained off and on. So I worked at the kitchen counter next to the sliding doors. Doors open, of course.

I published another article on Amazon Kindle yesterday. It is the story of a sitting Texas judge who warns that a civil war is coming. If Obama is reelected. The judge believes Obama will turn the sovereignty of the United States over to the UN. He further believes the people will not stand for it and will rebel. The article is entitled Texas Judge Warns Of Civil War.

I published this same article in KONK Life several weeks ago. KONK Life’s distribution is limited Key West to Miami. My readers here are world wide. Thirty plus countries. That is why I republished the article on Amazon Kindle yesterday. To provide every one the opportunity to read it, if they so desire.

Dinner at Tavern ‘N Town last night. A prime rib. Excellent. Kept me on the Atkins diet.

I had a charming companion with me. Lu Kramer. An intelligent person. We discussed many things.

Tavern ‘N Town has a new gimmick to attract diners on a wednesday evening. I had forgotten. I did not go for that reason. But it was interesting. As well as a terrific customer attraction.

At the end of dinner, the manager comes to your table. He flips a coin. If the customer calls it correctly, there is no bill to pay. If not, the customer pays the bill with no penalty. Nothing to lose!

I lost. Called it wrong. Paid. It was a fun experience.

The Chart Room’s Emily had dinner at Tavern ‘N Town the week before. She won the toss. No bill.

Tomorrow, The Key West Lou Legal Hour. On the internet. World wide. Ten in the morning my time. People will be watching the show also from more than 30 countries. Watch, if you can.

Topics include the morning after pill for New York City high school students, a national fair tax, the purported benefits of castration, Florida’s amendment 8 which is up for vote, and more.

During last week’s internet show, I complained of the boulevard construction. A 2 year job. Key West is screwed up big time traffic wise because of it. One of my complaints was that no one was working. The day before in mid afternoon I drove the length of the job counting. Only 6 workers.

This morning’s Key West Citizen has several complaints registered by readers on the page 2 column for such purpose. From 2 to 4 workers. This is a multi million dollar two year job. Work it and get it over!

It is not the driving problem alone. The businesses along the way are being crucuified. Some down as much as 30-40 per cent.

The Ryder Cup starts today. A big deal in the world of golf! The competition will be played at the Medinah Country Club, Medinah, Illinois.

Upstate New York, Rochester specifically, has a golf course of international reputation. Oak Hill. The Ryder Cup was played there about 15 years ago. Oak Hill has also hosted the PGA, US Open and other big time tournamnets.

I did the last Ryder Cup at Oak hill. The whole four days. Somehow I became a guest of NBC. The hotel, meals, transportation and tent were all on NBC. I was not aware I was NBC’s guest till after the tournamnet concluded.

It was an exciting event!

I have also driven to Rochester to view the other tournaments.

The big deal in watching a professional tournament is to be corpoate America’s guest. I mentioned already I was the guest of NBC for the Ryder Cup. In previous tournaments, I was the guest of Oldsmobile and IBM.

The corporate guest thing is important because each corporation has a tent. A hospitality tent. Huge. White. Aluminum poles. Air conditioned. Living room type fuurniture. Sit back in an easy chair and enjoy. Great bathroom faciliites. All day. Breakfast. Lunch. Other foods to pick at. Liquor. Huge TV sets to watch the tournament from in comfort and cool. All free!

Andy Williams died yesterday. Of Moon River fame. He was 84. Close to my age. I spent a life time listening and dancing to his songs.

Paths have strange ways of crossing. One involves Williams and Ronald Reagan. Williams was 8 years old and was part of a singing program with his two older brothers at Radio Station WHO in Des Moines, Iowa. Ronald Reagan was the Station’s young sportscaster at the same time.

Time to walk.

Enjoy your day!