Yesterday was the 23rd Annual Minimal Regatta held in Key West. The race takes place in the harbor in front of Schooner Wharf. The race is also known as the Schooner Wharf race.

The requirements for the race say it all. Teams of six must create/build a vessel. Vessel construction is limited to one sheet of plywood, two 2 x 4s, 1 roll of duct tape, and 1 pound of fasteners. Makes for less than a sturdy vessel. Most never make it to the finish line. They sink beforehand.

One more example of Key West being a playland for adults. As it should be.

The race gained national attention this year. I woke early this morning. At 5:45 am on MSNBC’s First Look was 20 seconds of the race and sinking boats.

Today is Memorial Day. To commemorate our war dead, to recognize the sacrifice they made.

Not all war dead are remembered. I refer to those present and former military members who have opted to commit suicide.

Since January 1 of this year, 1,892 active members of the armed forces have committed suicide. The Veteran’s Administration additionally claims 22 veterans take their lives daily.

A new scenario. War dead were war dead. Few were suicide victims. Recent wars have changed the situation.

There is a further sadness. Military benefits are not generally available to families of suicide victims.

Another blot on how we take care of our men and women in the military and our concern for them thereafter. Hopefully with the VA hospital disgrace on the front burner, we will give more than lip service to those who are fighting and have fought for us.

Yesterday, for the second day in a row, I worked on the Greece book. It is taking time. I am getting there, however. I am still on Santorini. I was getting a manicure from a Grecian beauty and discussing Greece’s economic woes.

Dinner last night was Roostica. Sunday, “gravy” is the special. Spaghetti with meatballs, sausage and pork. Delicious. The sauce is typical tomato. However, it is called gravy.

I never heard gravy used till Roostica opened. Roostica cooks southern Italian. My Mother was born in southern Italy. My father’s people came from southern Italy. My former wife’s people from Sicily. It was always sauce! I never heard it referred to as gravy.

By whatever name, it was good!

My blog talk radio show tomorrow night. Nine o’clock my time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

You may wonder why I always add “my time” when advising the time of the show. The reason is that my listeners are world wide and have to figure out what time my 9 is for them.

Topics of interest include Greece announcing it is selling 110 of its beaches to raise money, Hewlett-Packard’s announcement it may be cutting 16,000 jobs, Great Britain so desperate for soldiers that it is taking 16-18 year olds, Russia and Iran preparing to announce that Russia will be building 4-8 nuclear reactors for Iran, how while we sleep Putin marches on, Detroit being labeled as a third world country because 1 out of every 3 pregnancies ends in abortion, and more. Interesting material. Join me.

Insanity is everywhere. Affects many. KONK Life publisher Guy de Boer and I have been missing each other the past several days. Re my next week column involving present day crucifixions. I heard from him this morning. He has been without internet service.

Guy is camping in the Everglades. A bit away from civilization. He has to be crazy! Normal occupants of the Everglades include crocodiles and Burmese pythons big time! He is lucky a python has not wrapped itself around him and kissed him good night!

Enjoy your day!








I advised yesterday that one of my credit cards had been used in London. Not by me. I have not been to London in six years.

The bank told me they were cancelling the card and to come in to sign for a new one. I did yesterday. Chatted about the credit card misuse with my bank representative. I was under the impression my computer had been hacked and the credit card number obtained in that fashion.

I was wrong.

While talking with the bank representative, I was told the bank had had a lot of London problems over the past few days. All similar to mine. Which meant…..The bank’s computer system was hacked. Not mine.

The card replacement fee was waived. However, I have to wait 7-10 days for a new card.

My big out of the house experience yesterday was lunch at the Yacht Club with a friend. Good food and good company.

Saturday night the Yacht Club is having its annual Lobsterfest.  It will be outside on the dock. I am putting together a party of friends. Should be a good time.

I felt out of sorts last night so stayed in.

Football is around the corner! College and professional. I love college ball. Find pro ball exciting since  it means Sundays at Don’s Place.

I am a liberal at heart. Generally watch the political talk shows on MSNBC. Occasionally I switch to FOX. Want to see what the other side is saying.

Last night was shocking! Each station said its party was ahead and how terrible the opposing party was. Both sides could not be ahead. Each side was finding evil in everything the other did.

Fair and balanced did not apply to either MSNBC or FOX.

Occasionally, I trip across a piece of interesting information. Taxes and how much a person or company pays is much in the news these days.  Vikram S. Pauht is President/CEO of Citigroup. He earned $14,857,103 last year. God bless him! We should all do so good! It is not his salary that is the point here. It is the taxes Citigroup paid. Zero. None. To make matters even worse, Citigroup received a tax refund of $144 million.

Only in the United States!

Todd Akin has to be the most recognized Congressman today. Whether for good or bad, his name is out there. Rape, forcible rape, and legitimate rape have made him quite identifiable.

Something is wrong when women’s rights are in the forefront of Presidential debate. Rights that were defined and settled in most instances more than fifty years ago.

When are the respective campaigns going to talk about Afghanistan and jobs?

American troops are being killed by Afghan military and police. Our friends. We should get out of Afghanistan and fast. These people bite the hand that feeds them.

Unemployment and the economy in general is killing the very essence of our country. The candidates are bogged down in rape. Even Medicare. We have heard both sides of the Medicare issue in exhausting depth. Enough is enough. Move on. People understand Medicare issues better today than ever before.

Enjoy your day!