This is the day!

Trip pictures being published!

I have grouped the photos into 12 categories. From this point forward, a category a day will be provided. Today’s pics are of the Novara phase.

Novara was my first and last stops on the trip. I flew into Milan. A half hour drive away was Novara. Translated, Novara means new camp. Way back when, there was no Novara. The Roman legions camped there. For a long time. Ergo, the name Novara.

Remnants of the Roman stay can still be seen. The Romans constructed a stone wall around the camp. Portions of that wall remain today.

The City of Novara developed from what was once the Roman camp.

There is a Hemingway tie.

Novara and Milan are cities. Stresa is a town. They are located in the Province of Novara. Novara is both the name of the province and the city. Each community located relatively close to the other.

Hemingway was an ambulance driver during World War I. He was stationed in northern Italy. Received multiple shrapnel wounds to his legs. He was hospitalized in Milan. Fell in love with one of his nurses. Following his hospitalization, he went to the resort town of Stresa for a rest. Stresa is located on Lake Maggiore.

Hemingway years later wrote A Farewell To Arms. The background and characters for the book came from the time he spent in the Milan hospital, at Stresa, and involved Lake Maggiore.

The Novara photos are a set of six.

The first is a photo of the building I stayed in at the beginning and end of my trip. It is a medieval building. More than a 1,000 years old. The exterior has been reconstructed. I was in an apartment on the second floor. The center balcony is off the living room of the apartment. The gigantic wood doors are the entrance way to the building’s courtyard.

The next photo is the building’s internal entrance way into the courtyard. The entrance way has been redone also. Note the fine workmanship on the doors.

The next pic is my bedroom ceiling. Though the outside of the building has been updated, the interior remains as it was a 1,000 years ago. The apartments have cathedral ceilings. All rooms. Huge wide windows. The ceilings are hand painted.

The next photo is a ceiling one, also. Of the sitting room ceiling.

I made a Moroccon friend on the trip. Miriam. She is in the next photo on the far right. It was my 77th birthday. Miriam cooked for me and baked a cake. The picture is of me and her family.

The final photo is me and the cake.

Tomorrow Santorini.

I enjoyed a yesterday, also.

Spent most of the day finishing Bob Woodward’s The Price Of Politics. Excellent reading. Scared me. The novel clearly evidences the inepts governing us. From the President down. Without mentioning it, the book cries out for term limits. Lack of ability and serving self interests permeate the book.

Though not mentioned, the book cries out for term limits. I would do one 6 year term for a President, one 5 year term for a Senator, and one 3 year term for a Congressman. Get them in and get them out! Keep reelection out of the picutre.

Lisa did a Thanksgiving turkey dinner last night. Delicious! Robert and Ally a joy.

I come from the generation that is not mechanically inclined. Corey was trying to show me how to operate my cell phone camera to my blog. Simple to most of you. Not to me.

Those of you who watch my internet show on KONK Broadcasting and read my weekly column in KONK Life via the internet, be advised the sites have been renamed. Sorry. Not my doing.

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Remember to join me for Santorini tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!



The Ryder Cup proved once more that…..It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!

As Yogi Berra said…..It ain’t over till it’s over!

The United States was humbled yesterday. Europe deserves all the plaudits it is receiving.

Enough said about a bad day.

I bought a beard razor about three weeks ago. Many parts, connections. Several settings. Depending on the length of the beard desired. Different parts of the beard require different settings. I generally need three to do the job.

Yesterday, I screwed up! Used a #1 setting where I should have used a #3. Mowed the grass short on both cheeks. I knew I was wrong after I did one side of my face. Way too short. Should I leave the other side as is? Or, trim it short to balance with the other? I opted to go with the short cut for balance puposes.

It will grow back.

Happy birthday dinner party last night! At the Yacht Club. It was Lisa’s birthday. We were all there.

It was Moroccan night.

The sole previous time I had eaten Moroccan cooking was on my recent European trip. I made a Moroccan friend in Novara. She cooked for my 77th birthday. That meal was terrific. Last night’s meal was terrific.

Beef, lamb and chicken dishes. Cous cous. Delicious pita type bread.

Robert went crazy. Enjoyed it all. I had to twist Ally’s arm to try some of the dishes. She finally acquiesed. Was thrilled!

It was a happy occasion. Lisa enjoyed. She is easy to please. Pleasure for Lisa is to be with her family. Nothing more is required.

We went back to Lisa’s for Happy Birthday cake. Robert and Ally had made it with Corey’s help. White cake with white frosting. Why no cholcolae, I asked. Because Mommy does not like it, the grandkids reponded.

One thing never fails. The light in children’s eyes as they sing Happy Birthday and help blow out the candles.

I went shopping after dinner. At the new Publix. As soon as I walked in the door, I spotted Emily. Emily of the Chart Room. She was checking out. I went over and gave her a hug and kiss.

Emily always wears black. Must be her work clothes. I have never seen her other than at the Chart Room.

Last night she was wearing a light green loose dress. The dress played well agaisnt her pale face and light hair. A beauty!

I bought real food. Not diet food. Cheaper to eat real food I discovered. Like a 50 per cent difference.

Enjoy your day!