Needless to say, the 300 young girls abducted in Nigeria is disturbing. Watching the scenario play out difficult to understand.

First, it took two weeks for the international media to pick up on the event. After the oh how terribles, the four week search has yet to find and recapture the girls. Whereas millions were spent and are still being spent on the Malaysian plane that went down, the dollars to find these youngsters does not compare.

The 5/13/14 Miami Herald had a column by Frida Ghitis on the abduction issue. Ghitis is a world affairs writer for the Miami Herald. Certain portions of Ghitis’ column were directly to the point informationwise and otherwise.

Re the Islamic radical group Boko Haram responsible for the abductions, she wrote: The group’s name Boko Haram means “Western education is a sin…..but …..the kidnapping and selling of girls – most likely into sexual – is somehow acceptable.” She further wrote, “The gang of radicals want to impose…..their twisted version of Islamic law, Sharia.”

Why do I write about this situation. Simply, it bothers me. As it must you. The girls are reportedly 3-17 years old. Even if all were women, it would be bothersome. Certain interpretations of Islamic law permit young girls to be married and permit sexual slavery. Such situations in Nigeria and the Middle East are religiously motivated and/or justified.

How can the Western world combat such beliefs which are in direct contradiction to their own? I do not know. The problems reflected have been ongoing for many years. Attempted solutions in the past have failed. The differences may not be reconcilable.

Enough. Off the soapbox!

It was Blossom’s for lunch yesterday. I was the only customer till I was leaving. I lunched there two weeks ago and noticed fewer customers. I suspect a problem.

One problem is the new owners are not making the sandwiches the same as the former ones. The former ones made them as they had been prepared for some 20 years at Paradise Cafe. There is an old adage…..Never screw around with something that works.

My Cuban toast with tomato is never the same. Different size, never enough butter, sometimes on the cool side, not always crushed. The same with the Cuban coffee. Sometimes warm, sometimes luke warm. Never hot.

A greasy sandwich to eat. Fingers become licking good. Two napkins  before, only one now.

I have not had the courage to share my experiences with the new owners. They seem so happy and confident in what they are doing. As a result, I have gotten into the habit of going to Blossoms for lunch less frequently.

I spent the afternoon fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. The show went well. I spent the first half beating up Tim Geithner, banks, big corporations with off shore deposits, and insurance companies. Deservedly so.

Robert’s picture was in the Key West Weekly. There were a series of photos of the miniature golf event last week. Robert and a classmate were responsible for erection of hole 9. The hole was described as “…..one of the most artistic.”

A proud grandfather am I.

Enjoy your day!



Good morning!

The start of another magnificent Key West day! Not a cloud in the sky. A good breeze. Too early for the humidity. A God is in His Heave, all is right with the world moment.

My blog talk radio show tonight. Nine o’clock my time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A fast moving half hour commentary on things happening world wide. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Some heavy topics. Revealing, also. Like the return of crucifixions. Hanging Christians on crosses to die because of their faith. Happening now in Syria and Nigeria as part of the conflicts in those countries.

I am also going to touch on the goblin shark that visited Key West waters this week, Monroe County cracking down on employee smoking, top US companies having the most accumulated offshore profits, big banks laundering drug money, the world’s first married lesbian threesome, and more.

Last night was Montessori!

Grandson Robert and classmates had constructed a 9 hole miniature gold course. Took them a month. Even made the putters. The task was in preparation for a Montessori fundraiser. $5 a head to play.

I brought Don with me.

Impressive is the only way to describe what we saw and experienced. The holes were mechanically set out. Tough! No kidding! I picked up after 5 strokes on some holes. Don played his usual solid game. He even pared one hole.

Each hole represented some historical fact. One hole was Rome, another Egypt, and so forth.

The kids did a great job!

It was dinner afterwards at Hot Tin Roof. Don’s wife Stephanie joined us. It was fun time. We laughed throughout dinner.

Enjoy your day!


Ugly. A descriptive title.

I was sitting at the bar at Roostica having dinner last night. The buzz centered around one thing. The shark caught off Stock Island earlier in the day. A goblin shark.

The shark was 18 feet long. Appeared to have a double head. Not really, however. It has a long snout. Underneath and hidden, a jaw that comes out like a second head. The jaw comes out when prey is about to be caught. Big teeth and all.

I say ugly because I saw a picture of the goblin shark caught. Nothing you would want to cuddle up to.

The story of its capture is most interesting. A shrimp boat caught it. Shrimp boats fish daily off Stock Island.

The shrimp boat had its nets down 2,000 feet scooping up shrimp. The net was heavy coming up. There it was! This 18 footer! No one knew what it was at the time. It was still alive. All the shrimp fishers knew was they wanted the thing off their boat!

One of the fisherman took his cell phone out and recorded the event. That is how a definite identification was made.

The fish is actually pink in color. Down 2,000 feet, it takes on a black hue.

Before the shrimp fisherman today, it is estimated there are only 10 people alive who have ever seen a goblin shark.

The goblin shark has been described as a living fossil. It is prehistoric looking. Especially its wicked teeth.

The fisherman who took the pictures is to be complimented.

The other fisherman threw the goblin  shark overboard. They hoisted it up and dumped it back into the ocean. They were not going to screw around with the ugly 18 footer!

I babysat yesterday afternoon. Robert, Ally and I did Burger Fi again. They loved the cheeseburgers the last time and wanted to return.

Some things are too difficult for me at 78. Don’t laugh. These machines where you fill your glass with ice and then your soda selection confuse me. I could not figure out the ice nor could I get diet Coke. I kept coming up with an orange drink. I told Ally, you do it for me!

After lunch, we stopped at Joy Gallery. Jim and Theresa Wallace there. Nice people. I am glad to have made their acquaintance.

Robert and Ally could not understand what I was talking about as we headed to the Gallery. They could not put together that my Barons were now hanging in a different place. When they saw them, they understood. They kept pointing out which had hung where in my home.

Crystal Marie is an avid fan of this blog. She was in Key West yesterday to be married. Two in the afternoon at Smathers Beach. She invited me via e mail yesterday morning to stop by if I could. I could not because of the babysitting. Crystal Marie, many congratulations! Next year when you return to celebrate your first anniversary, we will get together.

Tonight, Montessori! Robert and Ally’s school. There is an open house at 5.

Robert and four other classmates designed and built a 9 hole miniature golf course. Even goes upstairs, Robert says! You have to putt the ball uphill from the first to second floor.

Don is coming with me. He is interested, as I am, in the type of job the kids did. Don’s Second Annual Miniature Golf Tournament will take place next year. Don says if the kids did a good job, he might hire them. For real!

Enjoy your day!





This day in history 1933…..Ernest Hemigway was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for The Old Man And The Sea.

Hemingway lived in Key West from 1931-1940. Early on, he purchased a large home on Whitehead Street. He, his wife, and the six toed cat moved in.

I have done several tours of the Hemingway House, as his home is now called. The thing that impressed me the most was the place within the property where Hemingway did his writing.

Behind the house is a garage. Two storied. Hemingway had the first floor doors sealed off.

The garage was free standing. Ten feet or so away from the main house.

Hemingway required solitude and silence when writing. He made the upstairs of the garage his place to work.

Access to the room is what is interesting. The only way to get to the second floor of the garage was to go to a second floor room of the house facing it. There was a window on the second tier of the garage. It was directly opposite the bedroom window. Hemingway had a large board that he slid from the bedroom window to the garage window. He then walked across on the plank. Following which he pulled in the plank.  No one could bother him.

Guy de Boer. A Key West notable.

Guy got me into the tv/internet business. I did my first internet show several years ago for his company, KONK Broadcasting. While doing it, Guy decided to branch out. He started a local weekly newspaper. Circulation now from Key West through Key Largo. He asked if I was interested in writing a column for the paper. I was.

The newspaper was and is known as KONK Life. It is one of the most read of such newspapers in the Keys. Everyone appears to be reading KONK Life. I know. One to three persons a day will comment directly to me how much they enjoyed my column, agreed or disagreed with what I wrote, etc.

Guy recently distinguished himself in another area. Sailing. Recently, he has been sailing in some tournament or another every weekend. I did not know how good he was.

Guy is the Captain. His vessel the multi hulled Key West Magnum. Last week, Guy took first place in the finals of the Schooner Wharf Wreckers Race. A feat! Guy’s boat beat 44 other vessels in 8 different classes.

Good going, Guy!

My yesterday was dedicated to doing nothing. Hung around the house. Watched TV. Sunned myself by the pool. Napped.

A good day!

This morning I received sad news from Novara, Italy. Via e mail.

My friend Nini owns a golf course outside Novara. Though I never got to play, I had visited the course several times and enjoyed a drink in the club house.

The golf course is small. Though 18 holes. Nini was on the tractor cutting the grass. The tractor tipped over pinning Nini beneath it. Nini broke his back. That is all the information I have at the present time. He is in special care at a local hospital.

Two heart doctor visits today. I may buy stock in the doctor’s office.

Tomorrow night is my blog talk radio show. Join me on the internet at 9. An interesting half hour. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!



Key West is a tiny island. One and a half by four miles. Yesterday I thought the island was going to be ripped from its moorings and blown away.

The wind and rain! Similar to a hurricane. For three hours non-stop. Wind bending the palm trees. Someone told me last night a palm tree in the Smathers Beach area was uprooted. The rain was coming in sideways. You could actually see it! Driven by the powerful wind. Right off the ocean.

I drove into Key West in the early evening after the rain had stopped. The flooding was the most I have ever seen, outside a hurricane. Everywhere. Most intersections. Whole streets in  certain places. Two consecutive blocks in others.

It was pick and choose to get into Key West. I saw some people walking at the entrance to Old Town. Water up to their knees.

While the storm was raging, I was sitting at the kitchen counter fine tuning today’s TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten my time. Via television from Key West to Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. World wide via the internet. www.weyw19.com.

Join me! Today’s show may be one of the best I have ever done! Terrific material!

I finally made it to Don’s Place last night. No booce. The courts had to be flooded. Jimmy show me a picture of the courts on his cell phone. He had gone over earlier to look. Overflowing. Even the concrete walkways were  covered.

Don’s was basically empty.

Went to the Chart Room. A trip! Some downtown area streets for swimmers only. Finally made it. The Chart Room was basically empty. Emily and one couple.

Decided to try TGI Friday for dinner. It recently reopened under new management. Very few people, also.

I was disappointed in Friday. The new owner owns several restaurants in Key West. Varying in cost. All good. Friday not.  Ok, if you enjoy that kind of food.  Had three appetizers and finished none.

Months went by prior to the reopening. We all assumed renovations were going on. Apparently not. The place is the same. The barmaid told me they cleaned the place up and bought new chairs. That was it!

Overall, a disappointment.

Why were all three places basically empty? Had to be the weather. Although the storm had passed, people were not venturing out.

After my show this morning, I have to hustle to Montessori. Robert and Ally are in some kind of event where they are showing off their recyclables. Robert a ukulele and Ally a dress.

Two days ago, I mentioned Italy’s new President. I spelled his name Latte. I was wrong. It is Letta. Four persons from Italy e mailed to correct me. Sorry.

Lisa just telephoned to see if I was alive and well. She does so every morning. She told me her street was flooded yesterday. She could not get her car out.

Robert and Ally had to be picked up from  school. They needed boots and rain jackets. Lisa walked the three blocks. She said the water came up to just below her knees.

Enjoy your day!


My morning yesterday started with a visit to Montessori. Robert and Ally were in a Halloween historical presentation. Each student played some historical figure. Costume and a recitation of the character.

Robert was Michael Phelps. The Olympic swimming star. Robert looked the part. A white rubber skull cap, googles, bathing suit, towel drapped over his shoulders, and all the gold medals Phelps won. Robert made each and every one of the gold medals he wore.

Ally was Clara Barton. She was dressed like a nurse. Looked like a nurse. White cap, white long dress, big red cross on the front of the dress, white stockings, and white shoes. Her hair was fixed with a bun on the back of her head. It showed beneath the cap. Ally is only 7. She looked 30. Terrific!

Both walked up to the microphone with confidence and recited their parts with no difficulty. My grandkids!

I was one proud grandfather. Lisa and Corey proud parents. Corey’s parents were in town for the event. They were beaming as well.

Afterwards, I voted.

I cast my vote at the County Office Building on Whitehead in Key West. A good crowd. Steady. The line always 5-6 persons long. Plus the 10-12 people voting.

Everyone was friendly at the polling place. I refer to the workers. Spirited and cooperative. Voters generally quiet, even where they knew each other.

A long ballot. Besides candidates, there were 8 amendments to vote on. The ballot was 4 long pages, print on both sides. Actually 8 pages of ballot material.

The amendments were too long. Were it not for TV warnings, I might have voted for a couple of things I was against. Titles were misleading. Like an amendment labeled RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. It had to do with permitting State funds to be provided churches and other religious groupos. To me, a violation of the separation of Church and State.

I felt solemn as I voted. I felt as if this was the most important Presidential vote I have ever cast. This election the most important.

I voted for Obama. I must concede that midway during the campaign, I began leaning towards Romney. Shock of shocks! However, the Romney campaign developed into one of lies. I could not live with a President who approved of deviously prepared messages.

The General Motors thing bothered me. Romney was for letting General Motors go down. He said it on TV for all to see and hear. Then he twists it to say oh no, not me. This recent Jeep thing was a disgrace. About Jeep moving to Japan. A lie again. Even Jeep’s CEO came out and said Romney was not correct.

Last night’s news justified the reasoning for my vote. The day before Romney had held a helping hand meeting in Ohio. He had people bring food which was put in a truck to be delivered to Sandy victims. Romney was shown accepting bags of goods from people and saying thank you. Turns out the Romney peoople had purchased $5,000 worth of granola bars, canned foods and diapers from a Walmart the night before. The goods were bagged and handed to people to hand to Romney. Bad!!!!!

Stopped after voting at the Plantation Coffee House. Read the newspapers and enjoyed my coffee. Smiling Diane working.

Diane told me something interesting. She has many customers. Only three drink decaf. Everyone else the real thing. She told me becausee I have to wait for a pot to be made every time I order it.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening writing and watching TV. Maybe someday a book. I don’t know. I keep plodding along.

Television was at its best. Delivered the drama of Sandy to the world. A tragedy. Sad.

Weather wise, yesterday was perfect. From the high 60s to the mid 70s. Sun bright. Air perfect. No humidity. Drove around town with the windosws open enjoying the cool breeze blowing in. No need for air conditioning.

Today will be the same. Whereas yesterday there was a slight movement in the palm trees, today there is none. Nothing is moving outside. The water still also. Like a mirror.

Enjoy your day!


I am up very early this morning. I have to be at Montessori at 9:30. Montessori has what might be described as a Halloween educational parade. Each student is dressed as an historical figure. Each must give a recitation as to who they are and what their costume person accomplished in life.

Robert is Michael Phelps. A gold medal is part of his costume. Ally is Clara Barton.

Ally read some where that Clara Barton founded the Red Cross. She wanted to be Clara Barton. Her dissertation will include Sandy and how the Red Cross is helping. It was a stretch to have Ally fit Sandy into her material. Both Robert and Ally are too young to appreciate the significance of the hurricane.

A different morning today. Next to no breeze and the water calm. The lack of breeze and water movement means that Sandy has defintely left us. As recent as yesterday, the wind was strong.

I walked Key Haven yesterday morning. First time in a while. All six blocks. The wind bent me a bit when I did Floral. On one side of Floral sits the Gulf. Less than ten feet from the road. No homes to block the wind.

It was a working afternoon. Jenna and Sloan with me. At separate times. Jenna early afternoon. Sloan came at five and stayed until after six.

Key West seemed too far away when my work day was done. I was tired. I washed my face and headed over to Hogfish. Enjoyed a couple of drinks at the bar and a sandwich. Hogfish. Read the newspapers.

Have to move my ass now. I do not wish to be late for Robert and Ally’s performance. If late, Robert and Ally would be anxiously looking for me and Lisa would chastise me.

Enjoy your day!