The title of today’s blog makes you step back and say…..What?

Black Jesus is the name of a new TV show which airs for the first time this thursday. The show will appear on cable channel Adult Swim. Adult Swim shares the channel with Cartoon Network. It is a Turner Broadcasting production. The show will be available in 96 million homes via pay TV.

The show is today in Compton, California. A ghetto neighborhood. Jesus obviously African-American.

The show claims to be a comedy that does not mock Jesus.

My next KONK Life column will be published this coming wednesday. The day before Black Jesus debuts. The title is Black Jesus, also. The column is not to announce the new show. Rather it asks a specific religious question. My purpose in writing the column was to stir the pot re the religious issue raised.

Met an interesting gentleman at the Chart Room last night. A friend of Emily’s. Emily does the Kentucky Derby every every year. She makes mention each time of a parking lot friend. The friend is Fred Stair, the man I met last night. He is involved with a Churchill Downs parking lot a mere 75 yards from the front gate to Churchill Downs. Called Captain’s Derby Parking.

Fred and I have similar backgrounds. We once were lawyers.

Fred is in Key West scouting a home. He is looking to buy a place here. Good for him! He will be a welcome addition!

Met Andrea at the Chart Room, also. Another friend of Emily’s.

Andrea grew up in Europe. She attended American University in Paris and then the University of California-Davis. She speaks several languages. Lives in Key West.

We got into a discussion of colleges. Turns out her mother went to the College of New Rochelle in Westchester County. I found it amusing. I went to Manhattan College in New York City. My friends and I used to pursue the New Rochelle ladies. Loved them. They were the best!

There is another Celebration of Life scheduled for Peter Anderson today. Loved by everyone! The celebration begins at 6 with a parade along Duval. The parade will start at Mallory Square and end at South Street. Followed by a party at the Southernmost Beach Cafe. Guaranteed the parade route and party will be overflowing!

The mini lobster season ended thursday. Unfortunately, a woman died. She and a friend were standing on their boat when it appeared another boat was going to hit them. They jumped in the water to avoid the crash. The boat did not strike the other. It did strike the two women. One died and one is in the hospital.

The second storm of the season has been brewing for a few days. Bertha. A tropical storm. Winds presently 50 mph. Lots of rain.

Bertha is not considered a danger to the Florida keys. It may roll over the Bahamas and/or Cuba. It has already passed over some Caribbean islands.

There is a benefit to be derived from Bertha. The islands all are experiencing drought conditions. Bertha’s 3-6 inches of water are welcomed.

The House Republicans did it again! They left Washington yesterday for a five week vacation. $174,000 a year, great medical, and a work schedule that amounts to half time over the course of a year.

The sadness is that they left without properly taking care of the immigrant children coming over the Mexican border. The 50,000 plus is now indicated to be around 70,000. View the internet pictures to see how these kids are living. Behind chain and barbed wire fences, sleeping on floors, inadequate medical attention, etc.

I have asked this question before. I ask it again. Would they want their children and grandchildren treated in this fashion? The Golden Rule…..Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…..has been forgotten.

Enjoy your day!





I am working on  my computer at Lisa’s. My computer is working well everywhere but my home. Has nothing to do with wi-fi. Has something to do with wires either in the house or outside.

Comcast is performing as expected. Poorly. I was to receive a call yesterday afternoon for service this morning. No call ever came. I called Comcast this morning. Received an apology. Got me action, however. I complained heartily. Tech will be at my home tomorrow morning between 8-10. They wanted to come this afternoon. No way. The house is being shown.

Dinner last night at Roostica. A couple of drinks and an order of lasagna. Good!

Visited an orthopedist this morning. My shoulder that I hurt about six weeks ago. Doctor thinks a rotator cuff tear. There is a good possibility of surgery. An MRI first.

Great whites have been in Florida and Keys news in recent weeks.

Katharine started it all. The pregnant great white. She came down from Cape Cod pregnant. Hung around off the keys for a few days. Then continued to the gulf side of Florida to await birth of her offspring.

Betsy soon followed her. Same scenario. Had either returned to the Cape, it would have meant she was not pregnant.

Florida is described as the shark capital of the world. It also is known as a white shark nursery. Many arrive to spend their early youth.

There are 500 different species of shark in Florida waters. Few are considered dangerous.

Now for the most dramatic piece of information. There have been 663 shark attacks in Florida waters since the 1880’s. Only one was off the Florida keys.

Interesting. Safe waters.

I mentioned two weeks ago the death of Charlie Robinson. Charlie owned the moped place on Truman. Just off Duval. The building with the big American flag flying over it. A real good guy! Charlie died from cancer. His wife Regina Bader-Robinson died two days ago. Of cancer. They suffered together and basically died together. Unquestionably sad. However, they are together once more. As it should be. They were a team.

The Republican side of the House of Representatives was giddy with success yesterday. They had formally voted to sue the President of the United States for allegedly exceeding his powers.

My prediction. The lawsuit is a loser. The courts have generally refrained from deciding political suits. Additionally, the law requires the person or persons bringing the lawsuit to have been damaged. I see no damage in the legal sense. Going a step further, this lawsuit will not be finally decided until after Obama is out of office. It will take that long.

All a waste of money. Your money and mine. Taxpayer dollars. The lawsuit will cost in the millions.

This morning was the beginning and last day of day 2 of the mini lobster season. Just as yesterday, I did not see that many boats out on the water. I looked for numbers in this morning’s Key West Citizen. Though there was a story, It made no mention of how many boats were out there. It did indicate the Coast Guard and Sheriff’s Department were busy handling injuries. Fortunately, no one died.

Enjoy your day!


It is a little past one in the afternoon. Finally, I am back!

Computer problems. Two days. Repair person worked at his home and mine.mine. He visited me today. Brought his super dooper tablet. Would not work in my home. Nor would my computer which he had fixed. He had a long conversation with Comcast. Problem in the house wiring or outside.

When does he repair man come? We all know how Comcast is. I am supposed to get a call telling me re tomorrow morning. Hopefully! We shall see.

In the meantime, I am at Lisa’s. Working on  my computer. No problem!

I missed one blog and last night’s blog talk radio show because of the situation. Sorry.

The mini lobster season  started today. I watched the boats go out. I watched them drop anchor out on the sea. Does not appear to be as many as in  previous years. The newspaper will provide the numbers tomorrow.

I had two interesting stories ready to go. One concerning Florida sharks and the other lionfish. Too late for today. I will fit them in sometime this week.

Till tomorrow. I expect tomorrow to be late also. The repair man and I have an appointment with an orthopedist for my shoulder.

Enjoy your day!



I mentioned a few days ago that the mini lobster season begins this week. An armada of boats will be on the waters diving for lobsters.

What I did not realize is how unhappy some of the locals are with the mini lobster season. Which lasts only two days, by the way.

Yesterday’s Keynoter and one its readers reflected the unhappiness in the paper’s editorial and a letter to the editor.

The editorial made mention of the tens of thousands of lobster hunters who would be descending on the Florida keys. Thirty thousand are expected. Only 71,000 people live in the keys. Hotels, motels, restaurants, and bars will benefit. Some locals will nod their heads in disapproval.

The person who penned the letter to the editor should have been an author by profession. He described the mini lobster season as the lobster mobster season. He also stated that the large number of boats result in chaos on the water.

Mack the turtle is on the mend. Mack who somehow found his way to the boat basin of the Marathon Turtle Hospital in May. At that time, he was wrapped in fishing line and his body was loaded with tumors. Mack has had five operations since May. The tumors are the big problem. The hospital plans on keeping Mack another year to make sure there are no tumor regrowths. Then if all is well, Mack returns home to the ocean.

A keys resident on Plantation Key has a big problem. The resident owns Jersey Boardwalk Pizza. He has also been using a logo that very much looks like the logo used by the State of New Jersey for the Garden State Parkway. Two different shades of green and round. The New Jersey Turnpike Authority says he cannot. Constitutes trademark infringement. The pizza guy says my restaurant, I am going to continue using the name and logo.

New Jersey has sued our Plantation Key friend in federal court.

A stupid waste of State funds. No one is going to think New Jersey or its highway system are operating a pizza parlor on Plantation Key in the Florida Keys. However…..I believe New Jersey will win.

Thirty years ago, I had a similar case in upstate New York. My client’s last name was Sears. He was a retired police officer. He lived in some very small town in the Adirondack Mountains. Probably less than 500 people. For fifteen years, he had been operating the Sears Realty Company in that little town.

Sears Roebuck found out. They sued him in federal court for trademark infringement. They wanted my client to cease and desist using the name Sears. They claimed people might become confused and think Sears Realty was the big time Sears. Impossible!

I laid the facts before the Judge, Suggested Sears was overly concerned and unfair. The Judge said, Mr. Petrone, I agree…..however the law is the law, your client is infringing and must stop using the Sears name. It was immaterial that Sears was my client’s real name.

So it goes. That is why our Plantation Key neighbor is going to lose. The shame of it all is that it will cost him a ton of money to fight New Jersey in federal court.

Tavern ‘n Town last night. It was saturday. Bobby Nesbitt time. Sat at the bar and enjoyed him. Manager Judy stopped by to say hello. Ran into Allan Wimer who ironically I spoke with on the telephone a few days ago for the first time in at least 10 years. He was at a wedding dinner. We had a good chat.

I have a birthday party this afternoon. Dan who owns WeBeFit  is 45 years old. The party should be fun. I hope these health aficionados eat bad food and drink alcohol.

I said yesterday that Michelle Obama had teamed up with Monsanto to provide healthy genetically modified food to America’s children. I could not understand.

I was wrong. The story was out there. It was being reported. Had gone viral. However subsequent reports indicate it was a false statement. My apologies to the First Lady.

Enjoy your sunday!