I taped a TV show yesterday. Jenna interviewed me for her TV show. Good Morning Florida Keys with Jenna Stauffer. I am not sure when it will air.

The show was taped at a lovely private home in the Casa Marine area. Assisting Jenna with the filming, etc. were Iris, Leo Martinez, and Austin Svedjan.

Iris is the Boston University student who interned with Jenna this past summer. She is working on her Masters which she expects to receive early next year.

Leo and Austin are seniors at Key West High School. Impressive young men. They have been getting work time with Jenna. Both enthusiastic media people. Tomorrow’s giants in the industry. Both headed off to name colleges to study various aspects of television and radio.

They functioned as professionals. I was impressed. They obviously had a background in TV. I asked where, how?

Turns out the Key West High School has a TV Production department. Key West teens are exposed to television and radio as part of the curriculum.

There is a significance to the program. It is ranked 4th in the nation. Yes, Key West has an apparently excellent media program which worthy of national recognition. Leo and Austin spoke proudly of the program.

Key Westers should be aware of the program. It is a shining star!

My evening began at the Chart Room. Initially, it was me and Emily. Then Che showed. Che and I went at it for more than an hour. He is argumentative and intelligent. Extremely well read. A good person to have a give and take with.

Che asked that I convey a message to Marty. He says he was born in Philadelphia. However spent most of his life in New York. Even though he lost a $100 bet to Marty at one time as to the location of a New York City hotel.

I was on my way home. It was around 7. Stopped at Don’s Place. Ended up going to dinner with John. John mentioned he wanted a steak. I said let’s go to Michael’s. He agreed.

I do not know why I do not go to Michael’s more often. It is a fine restaurant. The ambiance special. A great outside bar to sit at and have dinner. The food outstanding.

Suzette working the bar as usual. Suzette is reason enough to become more of a regular at Michael’s. A charming person.

Syracuse football at noon. It is like sitting in a war zone and knowing that shortly the bombs will fall. Syracuse plays Florida State. #1 in the nation. The spread is three touchdowns. The actual score could be more.

There is always hope. I can remember sometime in the 1980’s, Syracuse was playing #1 Nebraska. That Syracuse team was not as good as the current one which respectfully is bad. Syracuse beat #1 Nebraska!

I will be watching the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten sports Pub.

Enjoy your day!














I leave saturday for Italy and Greece. Worry not, I plan on doing this blog daily from where ever I am. I will also be doing my friday morning internet show from were ever. The wonders of modern science!

Trip preparations kept me busy busy yesterday. Included were two doctor visits. I was looking for any marching orders regarding the trip.

Last night was special. Not because of the places I visited. Rather one of the persons I talked with.


I have not seen Che in months. He was/is a Chart Room regular. In fact, his is one of the two remaining holes in the bar for receipt ashes. For whatever reason, Che has not been frequenting the Chart Room of late.

Che is not a Cuban guerilla nor a Cuban expatriate. Though his name suggests both. He is a Jewish merchant from New York who found his way to Key West many years ago.

Che is very opinionated. Dialogue with him makes for interesting conversation.

It is well known in Key West that I generally press my own shirts. To be sure they come out correctly. No one in Key West does shirts properly.. Last night Che tells me he presses his own shirts, also. Ironing for him is a “Zen moment” as he described it.

Some one at the bar was speaking loudly. He used the word “awesome” as it related to some  beer. Che was disturbed. He said the only thing he considered awesome was when God walked out of the bushes and gave Moses the Ten Commandments.

Such is Che. A Key West figure. A Key West icon.

Dinner was at the bar at Michael’s. I enjoyed the house specialty. The veal chop.

I do not know the name of the barmaid. She knew me.  I was embarrassed to ask her name.

The reason I mention her is that she brought Marty up. Yes, Marty, you are remembered!

Marty and Che used to stand at the end of the bar at the Chart Room and argue. Over everything. Every one in town knew Marty. Unfortunately, Marty is no more in Key West. He has sort of retired to his home in Fort Lauderdale. He visits Key West infrequently.

I miss you Marty.

I start this morning with a dentist visit. Certain parts of my implants were defective. Defectively manufactured. They are being replaced this morning. Will this saga ever end? I had to wait for the shipment to come in from the plant in California. There will be no pain involved. The problem is time. I still have much on my plate that has to be completed before I leave for my European trip.

Enjoy your day!


What a glorious Key West morning!

A God in His Heaven, all is right in the world, morning.

Sun bright. A sprinkling of white clouds. No breeze. Palm trees and water still.

Terrific show yesterday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Based on post show comments, the Chen Guancheng story proved to have generated the most interest. He is the Chinese activist in the news. My comments during the show were critical rather than supportive. Whatever, the comments got people talking about the topic.

After the show, I went to the Plantation Coffee House. Ordered a plain bagel toasted with cream cheese and a cup of coffee. Sat down and read the papers. The bagel was a further testing of my new chewing prowess.

A couple own Plantation. The husband is Theos. I do not know his wife’s name. I am ashamed. She knows mine. She reads my column in KONK Life religiously and comments on it when I come in.

I spent the afternoon at home writing. One of the things I wrote was next week’s column for KONK Life. It has to do with jailed prisoners receiving better health care than you and me.

Kurt telephoned at dinner time. Let’s have dinner! We met at Michael’s a half hour later.

We ate at the bar. Kurt introduced me to the bartender. It had been a while since I was in Michael’s. His name is Tim.  A nice guy.

Suzette was waitressing. She came over to talk to us. She knows Kurt well. Suzette and I have met but are simply on a hello basis. The last time I saw Suzette was 4 years ago. The night of the Fantasy Fest parade. We were at a party upstairs in the old theatre building on Duval. It has a huge balcony. A perfect place from which to watch the parade.

Suzette had a husband at the time. I had a wife. Neither of us has a spouse now. Her husband Emmett was a good guy. He used to bartend at Michael’s. We occasionally played golf together and had a drink at Don’s Place.

Suzette is extremely lovely. A knock out. A charming personality besides. The three of us had interesting chatter together.

I was still testing my chewability. I ordered the veal chop. It is the house specialty. To die for.

The veal chop consists of a large veal cut. It is served on the bone. The chop is stuffed with a bit of crab meat. Not much. The outside of the chop is covered in a light film of bread crumbs held on by a touch of oil.

Everything went well! I chewed with no problem at all. Enjoyed the taste even more. It was a pleasure to be dining on real food again and experiencing individual food flavors.

I stopped at Don’s Place afterwards with Kurt. Kurt was scheduled to work last night. From 9 to 6 this morning. We had a drink at the outside bar.

Nine o’clock arrived. Kurt went to work. I went home.

I was in bed by 9:30 and slept like a baby all night.

Enjoy your day!