Time moves on. Lisa is 50 today. Happy birthday, Lisa!

It makes it easier for me to accept I am 79.

I remember the night Lisa was born. Lisa was to be our fourth child. It was night. Her mother said it was time. We hurried to the car and started the drive to the hospital. Ten to 15 minutes away. Half way there, her mother said…..We are not going to make it….. the baby is coming out!

The hospital emergency room was configured so there was a long walk to it. I sped around to the back of the hospital to where I knew it was located. Jumped out of the car, ran up a ramp and into a hallway shouting…..My wife is having a baby…..hurry!

Everyone did. In seconds, not minutes, mother and prospective child were being stretchered into the hospital. Ten minutes later, Lisa was born.

For me, the experience was not difficult. It never is for the father.

Turned out Lisa’s mother never made it where ever in the hospital babies were delivered. Nor were her clothes removed. Back then, it was customary to shave a woman’s personal parts prior to delivery. A shaved pubic area was not in vogue as today. Mom never got to be shaved.

Lisa was a beautiful baby. Then a beautiful girl. Followed by a beautiful young lady. Today, a most beautiful person inside and out!

There is one other aspect to Lisa’s birth. We expected her to be a boy. We had already had a son followed by two daughters. It was natural to expect the next would be a boy. He was to be Louis.

It took us four days to come up with a name. I cannot recall how we decided on Lisa.

Fifty years ago, it was not in the hospital today, deliver today, and go home tomorrow. It was a 4-5 day stay. We needed the time to come up with the name Lisa.

Saw the sunrise this morning. One made for Lisa. The orange ball broke over the horizon midst some small clouds. A pretty sight!

Lunch yesterday was at Harpoon Harry’s. I went in for ham and eggs. Had meat loaf instead. I must have needed comfort food.

I spent the afternoon working on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. A half hour of political and social commentary. Join me. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

Stimulating topics. Like, I am glad Holder is on his way out, Iceland still throwing bankers in jail, JP Morgan Chase de-risking porn star accounts, the Secret Service in need of shaking up, Ferguson updates, men only streets in London, and more.

Visited a bit with Jenna. She is interviewing me again for her morning TV show. She advised the prior taping screwed up. We will be taping friday. We also talked about her interviewing Congressional candidates at a forum last night at the Tennessee Williams Theater. I suggested she hit them with the high cost of maintaining federal prisoners for bullshit crimes.

I decided to do the other side of the island last night. Visited Louie’s Backyard. One of Key West’s prettiest settings.  Enjoyed a couple of the drinks and the magnificent view.

I had intended to grab a fish sandwich for dinner at Salute’s. Decided against it. The meatloaf lunch was still with me.

Enjoy your day!


I am late getting the blog out this morning. Sorry. I was up at my usual time to do it. The computer would not work. After playing around with it a couple of hours, it has started working. Hope it stays that way.

Curiosity sometimes arouses me. This morning it was where did Sloppy Joe’s get its name. I thought one of two places. Either the owner Joe Russell’s first name or after the famous sandwich the restaurant serves. I was wrong in both instances.

Hemingway was instrumental in the name selection.

One of Hemingway’s Cuba friends was Jose Garcia. Jose ran a bar in Havana. The Rio Havana Club. The floor was always messy from melted ice. Jose also sold fish. Spaniards are tidy meticulous people. They started referring to Jose’s place as a sloppy place. This eventually translated into Sloppy Joe’s and became the name of the bar.

Jose also served a popular sandwich. Ropa vieja. Not similar however to the Key West Sloppy Joe sandwich.

Hemingway took his buddy Joe Russell on a trip with him to Havana. Hemingway convinced Russell he should name his Key West place Sloppy’s Joe’s. In honor of Jose’s Havana bar. The Havana bar was popular. Very. The two most popular places in Havana in those days were Sloppy Joe’s and Myer Lansky’s race track.

I hope Peter Anderson was aware how loved and respected he was. Key West has gone all out in honoring his memory. Peter was a fun person. This past saturday there was a Secretary Sunset Salute at Louie’s Backyard. Louie’s outside bar was one of Peter’s favorite haunts. It was a celebration of life party. Everyone enjoyed.

The celebration of Peter’s life is not over. This saturday there will be a parade in his honor. On Duval from Mallory Square to Front Street. Then a party at the Southernmost Cafe. The parade will be full of pomp and circumstance. It will be long. Many participants. For those who might not be to handle such a lengthy walk, Ed Swift is donating trolley cars. The parade and party will be another celebration of Peter’s life.

Went to Dan Reynen’s birthday party yesterday. Number 45. Dan is the owner of WeBeFit. I had a good time. Spoke with many. Spent time with my trainer Albert and his wife Jill. Both nice people.

The food and drink were excellent. The ladies attractive. What struck me was their shoes. The very high heeled ones. The shoes were outstanding. The women wearing them, also.

Then to Lisa’s for sunday dinner. I picked. I was already full from the party.

Enjoy your day!




Eimy is a most beautiful woman!

I last saw her two years ago. Sleek. A lovely figure. A radiant smile.

I saw Eimy again last night. Still so beautiful. Radiant. Beaming is actually a better description. Rounded in the middle. Eimy is pregnant!

Congratulations Eimy! Mike, too!

Her family way has not detracted from her natural beauty. Only enhanced it.

Mike and Eimy live in Las Vegas. Mike is a mortgage broker. Mine, actually. Eimy, a CPA. Not working at the present, however. She is a stay at home while awaiting the birth.

They love Key West. Have visited here before. They will return.

We met at Louie’s Backyard last night for hellos. With them was Pete from New York. Pete is an old friend, also. Pete works on Wall Street. He was here with his girl friend Julie.

Pete is a charming guy. Has a unique sense of humor.

Also with them were Tim and Jenny. Engaged. Live up the road in Hollywood.

Jenny is crazy about Key West. Loves its laid back atmosphere. She wants to be married here. We briefly chatted about her options. She is tuned into L’Attitudes. They will have to work overtime to pay for the reception.

Great people! I could not join them for dinner. I had already enjoyed dinner a couple of hours earlier with the family.

We celebrated Fathers’ Day last night at Benihana. Robert was excited. His first time. Ally was haughty. She was a pro. She had been there two times previously.

Needless to say, the eyes of both were glued to the with cook and cooking process.

Robert surprised me. He was wearing a tie. He proudly told me he made the knot himself. It was not a snap on. Cameron taught him how to do it the day before. The knot was perfect. The ends of the tie met. I played dumb. Robert promised to teach me. He told me…..Don’t worry Poppa, it’s easy.

I have to start packing today. I fly to Milan Thursday. I cannot wait. I am looking forward to the trip.

Show time tonight! My blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time.

A quick half hour. I share my thoughts on current topics and issues.

Three situations I definitely will touch upon are our involvement in Syria, the new Catholic Church program requiring Catholics to act as Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses in going door to door, and a Boston Children’s’ Hospital program offering free hand transplants to children who have no hands.

Join me.

Enjoy your day!



I decided to stop at Louie’s Backyard for a drink last night. It had been quite a while since I was last there.

Louie’s has the best view of the ocean in Key West. What a spot!

The bartender was Terry. We had never met before. A nice guy. We chatted a while.

His father is Craig Worthing. A radio talk show host extraordinaire!

Craig started his career in Maine. At some point, he ended up in my hometown of Utica, NY. I never met him. I am sorry I did not. He concluded his career in Miami.

Craig was well known. He was controversial. He did his show his way. Which on occasion caused  consternation.

He was his own man.

I met the son. I hope some day to meet the father.

The evening continued to be one of visiting places I had not been to in a long time. I have been thinking of weinerschnitzel lately. Where else! Martin’s! I was not disappointed. As always, excellent!

Lunch time yesterday was disaster time. I heated a container of soup in the micro. It was hot as I took it out. Too hot! My hand was burning. I threw the container towards the sink. Missed the sink. The top flew off and covered a whole section of kitchen with chicken soup. The window, the blinds, the walls on either side of the sink, the sink itself, the ice cube maker and cabinets beneath the sink.

What a mess. I spent some time cleaning it up. After first having buried my burnt hand in ice.

Tonight is blog talk radio time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine o’clock. A quick half hour of interesting chit chat.

One of tonight’s topics is Darrell Issa. He is the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

I feared Issa as far back as several months ago. I did a piece on him on my TV show. I thought he was a loose cannon back then. He definitely is now.

Fast trains another topic. Big in Europe and China. Nothing here in the U.S. Prague is magnifying its profit factor with Love Trains. Interesting.

Myrtle Beach has become ultra conservative. To be expected. A solid Republican state. Thong bathing suits have been banned on it beaches. A 22 year old female vacationer has already been arrested.

I guarantee you will enjoy the show. Join me.

Early yesterday was spent running errands. Publix for groceries, the cleaners to pick up clothes, Walgreen for a prescription.

This morning big! Robert is graduating! From the third grade at Montessori.

Montessori groups the classes into three. He moves on to a new group for the fourth grade.

Graduations are always fun. Exciting especially for the young. Robert is proud. It will be a happy event.

I usually sit next to Lisa. She pokes me in the ribs several times during these events and says…..isn’t he beautiful!

Enjoy your day!