Cheerios is my breakfast cereal of choice. Primarily because it purportedly reduces cholesterol.

Cheerios is the breakfast of choice of mothers to feed their babies once the baby is capable of mushing them.

All America considers Cheerios safe and healthy!

I was shocked yesterday to read that General Mills announced it would no longer make Cheerios with genetically modified ingredients. Wow! Who knew?

General Mills said it was not because anything was wrong with genetically modified products. Rather, it was the growing number of people opposed to the use of genetically modified ingredients that compelled their decision.

Good for General Mills!

I have been speaking out in opposition to genetically modified seeds for several months. As recently as yesterday morning on my TV/internet show The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I mentioned the two world wide demonstrations that took place in 2013 protesting their use.

Last night was a biggie!

I had dinner with Jenna. An  interesting young lady. I enjoy being with her. This 78 year old man with a 27 year old lovely.

We had dinner at Square One. It has become a favorite of mine once again. Together with Hot Tin Roof. Carmelo and Carolyn have done a wonderful remodeling job and are serving the finest meals. The kind to die for.

Jenna and I had a drink at the bar first. Wanted to say hello to Patrick. Bartender Patrick has been a friend for well over 15 years. He is daughter Lisa’s best friend. My grandkids love him.

Jenna introduced me to Clay and Laurel at the bar. Nice people. Clay is involved somehow with the BP lawsuits. Interesting work.

Our dinner was long. We had much to talk about.

After dropping Jenna off, I stopped at Don’s Place. Glad I did. Don, David, Toni, Grant, and Jeff were there. I joined David in watching the Ohio State bowl game. David is a die hard Ohio State fan.

Don introduced me to a couple. Emma and Trevor. From London. Emma is a television producer.  Trevor a vice president with Bank of New York. They are in Key west for three days. Appear to be doing a South Florida trip. Miami, Coconut Grove, South  Beach and Key West. They are staying at a guest house near Don’s Place.

I would like to run into them one more time before they leave. They were interesting and interested.

My book has been out a little less than a month. The World Upside Down. My housekeeper Anna bought several copies to give as Christmas presents. She gave one to Nancy Robinson. Nancy is one of the dames of Key West. A lovely person inside and out. If you think I keep busy at 78, you should meet Nancy. She has to be in her mid to late 80s. She goes, goes, goes. Her daughter Martha lives in Key West, also. Martha is an eager beaver in whatever she does. I can see where she got her drive from.

The World Upside Down is available for purchase on and

Syracuse basketball this afternoon at 2. Against Miami. Syracuse’s first ACC game. I suspect Syracuse will win. The Vegas line is 19.5 points. I hope to watch the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub.

Enjoy your day!


I had a busy day yesterday.

Spent time completing the editing of the manuscript. Including the cover. Love the cover! Then delivered the materials to the publisher.

Spent some time at the bank.

Ran some errands.

It was 5 when I arrived at Don’s Place. It was there I met David and Sue. Visiting from a small community just outside London.

David is Erika’s uncle. Don and Key West’s David had taken the couple to play golf. They were just returning when I arrived.

I was introduced to David and Sue immediately. Nice people. In their 60s. As our conversation developed, I noticed Sue was a spunky lady. Good for her, I thought.

I referred to she and David as husband and wife. We are not married, she retorted. With emphasis. As the conversation developed, she let me know that they had met last September on line. Good for her, again.

An interesting couple.

Hershel was there, also. Erika was still at work. Claire, Stan, Jimmy, and Toni at the bar.

Teresa is a friend of my across the water neighbor Andrew. Andrew is the fellow who owns the MTV house. Teresa decided to move to the keys. She stopped her trip down in Marathon. Why, I do not know. There is nothing in Marathon. Key West is the place. Everywhere else in the keys lovely, but mundane.

Marathon is 45 miles north of Key West.

She has decided she wants to settle in Key West. She spent all day yesterday up and down Duval and other places looking for work, handing out resumes, etc. I admire her effort.

I ended up having a drink at the Chart Room with Teresa and Jean. Yes, Jean Thornton is back! Key West is a better placed when she is here.

Peter later joined us.

Che was in. We see each other seldom. I refer to him as a Cuban rebel. Actually, Che is a transplanted New York City Jew. Where he picked up the name Che, I do not know.

On the way home, I stopped at Publix. The cupboard bare again.

I was home in bed by 8. I lead an exciting life!

My radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Blog talk radio. On the internet. Nine in the evening. One half hour. I talk bout whatever moves me at the moment.

Tonight, I suspect I will be discussing what a lousy job it must be to be President. One headache after another. Plus, the Secret Service Service, the Venezuelan Ministry of Supreme Happiness (I kid you not!), Saudi women who defied the driving ban, the intelligence fiasco, and I do not know what else. I probably will not have time to hit all of that which I would like to discuss.

Join me. The show is interesting and many times revealing.

Enjoy your day!






I am becoming the Walter Cronkite of Key West.

I did my first radio show appearance for Pirate Radio yesterday. A Key West name! I will be appearing every tuesday afternoon as a guest on Mark Ryno’s show. Either at 3:45 or 4 o’clock.

The topic will be whatever Ryno and I want to talk about. Yesterday, it was the NRA, the military industrial complex, and the Sandy funding issue in Congress.

The whole talk exchange is 8 minutes.

Ryno has two distinctions. He was raised in upstate New York in a town called Waterville. About 15 miles south of my home town of Utica. The other is that when I did my first radio show three years ago at KONK Broadcasting, Ryno was the one who taught me. He took me in a little room, swiftly pointed to several knobs and said do this and that. And he walked out! I knew nothing and screwed up big time!

The Pirate Radio Station is located in a lovely tiny two story building at Sunrise Marina. Next to the County Jail. It was my first time there. The view from Pirate Radio over Sunrise Marina is the best I have seen in Key West. A wow!

The call numbers for Mark’s show are 101.7 WKYZ and 96.7 WKYZ. It is aired from Key West northward to the middle Keys.

Worked alone a bit in the afternoon on friday’s TV/Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. The show is developing. Topics so far include the NRA, the debt ceiling issue, Hulk Hogan, escape from a Greek jail, the Pope’s chief of staff Archbishop Georg Ganswein and his picture on the cover of Vanity Fair, Louis Armstrong, Eastern Airlines, John Kennedy, Louis XIV’s beheading, Roe v. Wade, and more.

A good show in the making!

Worked with Sloan at 5 for a while.

A big day today!

A pedicure and manicure with Tammy at noon. Babysitting the grandkids at 5:30. We will probably go out to dinner together.

Key West weather continues to be abnormal. Eighty one degrees yesterday. Sixth day in a row in the 80s.

The London helicopter crash is frightening. Two persons killed. I know the area where it occurred well from my London trip several years ago. South of the River Thames near the Underground and Train Station.

Syracuse basketball saturday. Against Louisville. Louisville presently ranked #1, Syracuse #6. Both teams have only lost one game. A battle!

I have not seen Louisville play this season. Understand they are close to perfect. Syracuse has been less than perfect. The team has not blended yet. It does not play as a team. It does not make foul shots. Plus, Southerland is benched because of grades. I feel uncomfortable about the outcome.

One good thing is that I shall be watching the game with good friends. Dan and Lisa and Don and Chris. Plus, the rest of the Syracuse gang. At John’s Big Ten Sports Pub, of course.

Enjoy your day!







Another friday! Another show!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour this morning at 10 my time. Via television and the internet. Television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

Another terrific show!

Fiscal ceiling can be confusing. I have it worked out. Let me share with you what I have learned. Then there is Hagel and the NRA. What is and who are really behind the clamor. Plus, more.

You will enjoy!

Started with a haircut yesterday. Lori. We trimmed the beard also. Me giving directions, she doing the clipping. It took a long time!

I have had no hair or short cropped hair for almost ten years. Nothing to comb. I recently bought a small comb. I need it to comb the beard. Several times a day. Though combed more frequently, a beard is easier than a head of hair to comb.

Visited with Lisa a bit. She chastised me for my wayward ways. Whatever they may be.

Spent the balance of the day fine tuning today’s show.

My Italian friend Anna is moving around.

Two weekends ago she was on the Italian Riviera. Camogli and Portofino. Visiting friends. A cold winter weekend.

Last weekend she was at a ski resort on Mont Blanc. Between Italian Courmayeur and French Chamonix. London’s Mayor Boris Johnson was there at the time. Though they did not meet. Johnson is the person that made a joke out of Romney after Romney criticized London’s preparation for the Olympics.

This weekend Anna is in London. Not to visit Johnson. She is seeing a show and shopping.

What a life!

Please join me later this morning for the Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Enjoy your day!



Received a call from my bank yesterday. Did you make a credit card purchase last night in London? Such and such a place for x number of dollars?

Not me. I have not been to London in six years.

Someone uses my credit card and now I am inconvenienced. My card is cancelled. I have to wait seven days for a new card. The bank will permit me to withdraw cash. But cannot give me a new card with a new number for a week. Does not make sense to me. Lisa’s credit card number was hacked a month ago. Her bank gave her an immediate temporary card good till the new one came in. I must be doing business with the wrong bank.

Talk of hurricanes has begun.

There is a tropical storm out there. If it reaches hurricane speed as anticipated, it will be named Issac. TV started reporting yesterday that Issac could hit Tampa just before the Republican Convention next week.

I checked Issac out on the National Hurricane Center site. No one yet knows where the storm/ hurricane will hit land in florida, if at all. The present projected lines take it over the keys and south Florida. However, all projections mean little at this point. It will take five days more before somewhat valid projections can be made.

I suspect the news media embellishes a bit. Issac hitting Tampa and the Republican Convention is newsworthy. Reality is not.

Key West natives will start talking a bit. Will it hit? The same conversation for each hurricane. No one panics in spite of the projections. We are getting porky the last couple of years. No Key West hurricanes the past six years. Ergo, all foul weather news is received with a cavalier attitude.

I was involved with a fender bender last week. The construction on the Boulevard being the actual cause. Had to take my car to to a body shop. Every one told me to go to Cooper’s on Stock Island. I did yesterday morning. An impressive operation. Large and efficient. Staff whether office or garage smiling and gracious.

I have a rental. A Chrysler convertible. Nice!

The grandkids came over to swim after “school.” School was to have commenced yesterday . They attend Montessori. Two weeks ago it was discovered some walls and windows were defective and could fall. The building could no longer be used. A new facility was found directly across the street. It needed outfitting for class rooms. School has been delayed a week. Actual school. Instead, the kids are being taken to Botanical Gardens to spend their days. I asked Robert if he really went to school or played. He smiled…..played.

Went to the movies last night. Had a light dinner at home so I could enjoy a bag of popcorn.

The movie was Hope Springs with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. A must to be seen by all couples married more than 25 years. Tommy Lee Jones played a different part for him. An Academy Award nomination performance.

Phyllis Diller died yesterday. Ninety five. A comedian from the 1950s through 1970s. Eccentric hair and an unusual laugh. Referred to her make believe husband as Fang.

Diller became a hit while doing 23 shows with Bob Hope. Shows that were performed in war zones. This activity was followed with numerous appearances on The Jack Paar show. She became big time! Every one in America knew her.

May she rest in peace.

Missouri’s Todd Akin…..What can I say? What can any one say? What is important is that every one understand there are many people who believe as he does. The religious right has twisted and demonized some truths regarding abortion. The result is the lie becomes the fact. And a prominent citizen and Congressman  believes it and mouths it.

That’s it for today.

Have a good day!