Before the announcement, I want to apologize for doing the blog so late this morning. It is a God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world day! I woke to the cool breeze coming through the open windows. Could see the shine of the sun and the blue sky. Decided to languish in bed. It was saturday. I got hooked on a stupid 1938 movie. The result, it is after 10 as I start this blog.

Yesterday was my last internet show with KONK Broadcasting. My last show was a great one. Unfortunately, I was the only one who heard it, no one saw it. Due to technical difficulties, everyone saw a rerun of Guy de Boer’s earleir news show. My cell phone rang incesstantly after the show. Where were you? Could not see you? Could not hear you?

Yesterday’s drama has nothing to do with my moving over to Comcast Channel 87 to do the show. The move had been in the works.

I shall however continue to do a weekly legal article in Guy’s KONK Life.

KONK Broadcasting was a beginning for me. I thank Guy de Boer for letting me do the show and I thank him for all the support he has given. He’s first class.

Ok… friday morning at 10 I will be broadcasting on Comcast Channel 87 aka TV channel 19. The TV portion of the show will be available through out the Florida Keys. In addition… show will continue to be available world wide on the internet. Plus…..the show will automatically be archived on You Tube.

Wait till you see the set up friday! It’s a new world for me!

I am excited!

I wrote next week’s article for KONK Life yesterday. It has to do with when life begins. An Oklahoma anti-abortionist group sought a ballot vote to amend Oklahoma’s State constitution to read that life begins from the moment the female’s egg is fertilized. Conception. At that point, the fertilized egg is entitled to all civil and due process rights as a person. The fertilized egg is a person.

The United States Supreme Court did not agree.

This fertilized egg concept is referred to as parenthood. The case was Parenthood Oklahoma v. Barber.

If there had been a contrary result, women’s rights in Oklahoma, such as the right to choose, contraception, in vitro fertilization and the like, would have gone down the tubes. Regressed to the 1950s.

Busy day today. Sloan will be over in the afternoon to work with me. Jenna is my date tonight for drinks and dinner.

Enjoy your day!


There are times when you can do no wrong. Last night was such a time for my bocce team. We won all three games. Could have beat any one!

We played a very good team. Excellent players. They hung in there. But when you are flawless, no one can can touch you.

Each game started close. Then we would break out and end up beating them decisively.

Jimmy of Jimmy and Joanie fame captained the opposing team. Bocce captains play as well. Last night for whatever reason, Jimmy opted not to play. He decided to manage, as he put it. Jimmy, you were a disaster as a manager. Go back to playing. Good players do not sit on the bench.

Got a haircut first thing in the morning. Told Lori she was fired from trimming my beard. I had purchased the equipment and was doing it myself. She thought I was doing a good job. Mine was the first beard she had ever trimmed.

Then to the Plantation Coffee House. No Diana. A Loretta. Turns out Loretta is Diane’s sister. Diane is in Yuma, Arizona with girl friends on a holiday. Loretta was filling in for her.

Show time this morning! The Key West Lou Legal Hour! On the internet. Ten am my time. Broadcast world wide.

In addition to other topics already shared with you yesterday, I have discovered an interesting Harry Truman story. You will also hear about a $7.2 million verdict for “popcorn lung” caused by a chemical in artificial butter, and Florida having fallen victim to the West Nile Virus. Ten cases, with one dead.

Join me, if you can. I would enjoy sharing my hour with you.

Met Len Bloom last night. From Wausau, Wisconsin. A retired restauranteur, he is in Key West on vacation. He has been vacationing here one week a year for years. He sought me out at bocce. Len is a loyal blog fan.

Len is niow retired. He sold his restaurant. Plans on relocating to Key West. Soon.

Len, you will be a welcome addition!

Have to hustle. Must get showered, etc. and get to the studio on time.

Enjoy your day!


Loved doing yesterday’s Internet show! Why not. The week was full of wild events.

I suspected the Cairo/Benghazi stories or the Chicago teacher strike or the Catholic Church issues would prove the most popular. Instead, none were. Post show comments were primarily addressed to the overall quality of the show. Whatever, I thank you.

After the show, it was to the doctor’s office. Flu shot time.

Then a long walk along Smather Beach. Sun was a bit hot. I should have walked earlier. However, the show interferred.

I wrote next week’s KONK Life article. Catholic Church…..200 Years Out of Date. It was a reiteration of Cardiinal Carlo Maria Martini’s death bed interview. His opinions an interesting revelation. I discussed the Cardinal’s thoughts also in yesterday’s Internet show.

Spent the balance of the afternoon researching and writing.

Stayed in last night. I am still at the beginning of the diet where it tires me out. I am on Dr. Atkins. I cooked myself a steak for dinner. Proper Atkins food.

Embassy attacks are now occurring in twenty countries. Sad. They are ongoing. Even in Cairo and Benghazi. A difficult situation. I wonder how Obama will deal with it all.

A beautiful day here in Key West. As most are. Sun, blue skies and blue running water. Warm. Humid. It all feels good.

Enjoy your day!



There but for the grace of God go I…..

Change the I to we.

A post Isaac thought.

It could have been Key West and the Florida keys rather than Louisiana and other Gulf areas.

I walked in the morning. Immediately after finishing my blog. A start.

Manicure time. Tammy time. I enjoyed her company once again.

Spent part of the day fine tuning this morning’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Many topics of interest to be discussed. Join me. Ten in the morning my time. World wide.

Bocce last night! We lost 2 out of 3 games. Not a good evening. The first game was a close one. Could have gone either way. The second game was decidedly theirs. We killed them in the third game. Our pride was at stake!

It was a pleasant evening to play. The sun set soon after starting. There was a cool breeze off the ocean. It made for a comfortable time.

Full moon tonight. Almost full last night. The crazies will be out in force.

The Republican convention instead of Don’s Place after bocce. Romney did well. It is going to be a stormy Presidential race.

Have to hustle. Got up late. The Republicans kept me up last night.

Enjoy your day!



A good part of yesterday was spent working on tomorrow’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Join me at 10 in the morning my time. World wide.

Topics will include Isaac and the Republican convention, of course. Plus an Assange update, a major medical screw up, women topless in NYC, a failed attempt to save a hippo in South Africa, a man who bit a snake to death, 17 Afghans beheaded for playing music and dancing, an example of the sick society we live in, mosquitos in the keys and Dallas, Catholic Church leader sentenced to jail, an 84 year old woman raped, bigamy, the You Tube video leading to an arrest for speeding, and more.

We live in interesting and challenging times. Join me for an hour of thought provoking exploration as I discuss the topics listed.

Also, published an article on Amazon Kindle: Civil War Ongoing.

Spent some time in the late afternoon with my heart doctor. A scheduled appointment.

Sloan arrived at 5. We worked a couple of hours on this and that. Mostly You Tube. Soon!

The Chart Room and Don’s Place or the Republican convention last night? My choice. Picked the convention. I am drawn to political discourse.

Paul Ryan established his credentials last night. Unquestionably. Just as Sarah Palin did four years ago. Ryan will be formidable opposition for Obama and company.

Condoleezza Rice’s performance outstanding. A talented well educated woman. I have mixed emotions about her. Based on a couple of books I read several years ago. An opportunist of the first order. Perhaps not a bad attribute for leaders of government.

It is going to be an interesting race. My thought…..It’s a long way to the finish line!

Bocce tonight! Fun time!

Poor New Orleans and the rest of the south being battered by Isaac. It could have been Key West. It is amazing how much damage even a category 1 hurricane can do. The work done after Katrina apparently was well done. The levees have held, with one exception.

Enjoy your day!








It has started. During the night. Issac’s precursor. Forty mile winds and rain.

Issac is not scheduled to hit till sometime tomorrow evening or early Monday morning. By that time it will be a 1. Possibly a 2. Winds around 75-85 miles per hour, if a 1. Around a 100,  if a 2.

A pain in the ass! A bit of fear and trepidation is starting to set in. It is the unknown.

Complacency is evident. Reflected by all of us who live in the lower keys. It has been six years since the last hurricane hit. There have been numerous since, but none that affected us. Most hurricanes start out heading directly for Key West. People are told to evacuate. Hotels and businesses close down. Then the path of the storm deviates and it does not hit.

We thought Issac was going to be another one of those misses. Does not look that way at this point. Headed directly for Key West! Passing right over us!

No problem if Issac is merely a tropical storm or 1. A bit of a problem if a 2. But we will survive. If a 3, we are in trouble. A 4 or 5 and we could be dead.

Issac is projected to become a 1 before it hits Key West. Hurricanes are fickle. They change swiftly. Direction and speed. Could be a 2.

I started preparing yesterday.

Water is important. The water system breaks down or gets contaminated. Publix had little water left. I should be ok. I have about 60 regular size bottles and 2 gallon jugs. I will fill the bathtub with water tomorrow morning. If the water system breaks down, the toilets do not flush. That is the reason for the bathtub water.

I bought all kinds of goodies to eat that do not need to be refrigerated. The electricity is sure to go. If down a substantial time, everything in refrigerators and freezers spoil. There are few stoves, etc. run by gas. Electric is generally used. Cannot cook.

So it is peanut butter, crackers, cookies, tinned fruits that need not be refrigerated, bananas, apples, cakes, canned sodas, etc. Neither a normal not healthy diet. But hurricane time is sort of party time, so what the hell!

Today the windows must be boarded. The wind at the moment will not make it easy. I never purchased hurricane shutters. I have sheets of plywood I have used for years. They are marked as to which window or door. Adam will screw them in. By some point this afternoon, every window and door in my home will be covered, except for a small door leading to the deck. There has to be  a way in and out. It will be dark dark inside.

I purchased two additional flashlights yesterday at Home Depot. I have a ton of candles. Again, the electricity will probably go. Which means no TV also.

All deck furniture will be thrown in the pool. That is how it is done. Garbage pails and other incidental items will be stacked in the garage.

Then I will be ready!

Oh, I forgot. No air conditioning if the electric power goes. Very uncomfortable!

I have a party tonight. Though the one I am attending was planned, there will be many pre hurricane parties. That is how locals react.

Tonight is Lobsterfest at the Yacht Club. I am throwing a small party. Ten guests. It was supposed to be outside. Has been moved inside. Should be fun. I will bitch big time as I drive in and from the Yacht Club. Because of the rain and wind. It will be…..Louis. you are stupid… should have stayed home!

One other comment of note. Yesterday’s show was terrific. People are very much into the Todd Akin rape controversy. I spent about 20 minutes on the issue. Revealed the “doctor” authority Akin was relying upon. There are two. One is a medical school professor who takes the position rape sperm and the woman’s egg do not unite. He says generally ovulation does not occur in a rape situation. His authority are Nazi studies done during World War II at extermination camps.

Women were grouped together who were due to ovulate. They were placed in gas chambers. Everything was as if they were to be executed. But they were not. They screamed and reacted as if it was the real thing. They did not know. They were then retested and most had not ovulated.


Ok…..this is it! Bring on your worst Issac. We are ready for you!

Enjoy your day!






The major item of importance in my life yesterday was a stress test. Part of ongoing tests because I had a chest pain last week. Tests completed. Next wednesday my cardiologists gives me the results.

The testing took over 2.5 hours.

I did not do the tread mill stress test. Mine was strictly nuclear. I sat in a huge easy chair. Some nuclear chemical was shot into my arm. The result was immediate. I started breathing heavy. Gasping a bit. These results were expected and I had been forewarned to expect them.

It was all over in 30 seconds. The picture taking before and after is what took up most of the time.

The gulping for breath was similar to that experienced on my ill fated attempt to climb to the top of the Santourini volcano.

My cardiologist gave me the option of the tread mill or shot. He said both were equally good from his perspective for what he needed. I have become lazy in my old age. Always hated the tread mill. It was hard! Especially at the end. So I opted for the shot of nuclear whatever.

I published another article on Amazon Kindle yesterday. The Forefather of Three Presidents and Two Actors. The John Holland of Mayflower fame tale. He gave us Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the two Bushes. Plus Humphrey Bogart and Alec Baldwin. Were in not for Holland, we never would have had Social Security or the Iraqi War. Who knows how Casablanca would have turned out. 30 Rock might never have won any Emmys.

As I was getting ready for my night in Key West, the telephone rang. It was Jean Thornton. She has been back 2-3 weeks and we had yet to get together. Jean suggested we meet at the Chart Room for a drink.

It was Jean. And Sean, Sheila and Emily at the Chart Room. Good people all! A pleasant time.

I invited Jean to dinner. She had to pass. Had a dinner engagement already scheduled for later in the evening.

Emily bartends three nights  a week at the Chart Room. The more I see of her, the more I like her. She is intelligent and engaging. Beautiful as well.

I was not that hungry. Wanted to go to some place close and easy to the Chart Room. I decided on Sloppy Joe’s and an order of sloppy fries. It was fun.

I walked a couple of blocks down Duval after “dining” at Sloppy Joe’s. A good crowd of people. Not great. Enough for the merchants to make a buck, however.

Tomorrow is the day! My internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. World wide.

Join me. Share some interesting time with me.

Some topics to be discussed include the Dallas mosquito problem/West Nile Virus which is killing people, why U.S. companies prefer manufacturing in China (it is not the cheap labor), Social Security’s recent ordering of 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets, Germany beginning to hurt economically because many of their container vessels sit idle, a high ranking Catholic priest sentenced to 3-6 years for being part of the cover up, Presidential campaign setting a poor example for our children, nude maid service in Lubbock, Texas not tolerated, and more.

Again, please join me if you can. I love doing the show and I assure you that although you may not love it per se, you will enjoy watching it.

Enjoy your day!



Friday again! Time for the Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Ten this morning my time. World wide.

Join me. Interesting and challenging topics. Like a chastisement of the Presidential campaigns of both candidates, an insight into the Sikh Temple shooting, a shocking triple tragedy, FDR and polio, birthday of the electric chair, gay voters in the coming election, discrimination in a bakery, Boy Scouts and pedophilia, Catholic nuns at a cross road, the financial advantages of being a babysiter, a strange bigamy case, and more.

Did what I had to do yesterday morning. Haircut with Lori. She also trimmed my beard a bit. Banking. Finally was able to pickk up the prescription drops for my pink eye. The drops must be working. My eyes are significantly better this morning.

On the way home, I noticed work men gently removing the palm trees along Northern Roosevelt Boulevasrd. They were pushing hard at the trunk after having dug a bit around the base. Suddenly the roots would pop out. Much like a dentist pulling a tooth. Palm tree roots are surprisingly short. The palm trees are being saved somewhere in a holding pen till construction is complete. They will then be replanted.

Stayed in last night. Pink eyes made me uncomfortable. Addionally, I did not want to infect any one. Pink eye is very contagious.

For whatever reason, I had a good night’s sleep. The best in a long time. Feel energized.

Again, please join me this morning by watching my internet show. You will not be disappointed.

Enjoy your day!


Hogfish for lunch yesterday. A Cuban sandwich. Good! First time I had one there. Read the newspapers.

There were very few people. I could not understand why. Then it hit me. Owner Billy Mangello opened a pizza parlor this week three blocks away on Stock Island. Everyone had to be there. The waitress agreed with me.

As I was turning onto MacDonald Road, I improperly cut around a tourist bus. I did wrong. Within seconds I heard the siren. A motorcycle officer pulled me over.

I immediately said…..I know I am wrong…..I got tired of waiting for the bus to move.

The officer and I chatted a bit. I reiterated once more I was wrong.

He was a gentleman. Gave me a warning. Told me he saved me $260 and 3 points. He told me I was wrong, but that the bus driver was slow to move. That he was in training to be a bus driver.

I lucked out.

Robert and Ally were in the pool when I returned home. With Corey’s father, Curtis. Grandmother Karen was sitting nearby. They are visitng for a couple of days.

Needed a pedicure. The last time I had one was on Mykonos. The day I got hit by the car.

I enjoy Tammy’s company. Nothing gets by her. She knew Jenna and I had been out together Saturday night. Jenna is her customer, also.

Worked on Friday’s internet show. The key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am my time worldwide.

Some interesting topics. Like the woman who tried to break into jail, babysitters averaging more than twice the minimum wage, a reason not to hide cash in the oven, woman who got butt injection with cement died / the person giving the injection charged with manslaughter, and You Tube nailing a speeder.

Plus, a run away camel on a Dubai highway, gay voters a significant block, the recent Greek election and media reports, the Postal crisis, a person pursued by police hides in a septic tank, Brazilian court orders Chevron to stop drilling or face a fine of $244 million a day, Columbus leaving Spain’s Paloa for the Indies, the first day ever opening of the Saratoga race track, and more.

A good show in the making.

Sloan visited me in the evening. We worked on the 600 pictures of my trip. We have them down to 100 for the proposed epilogue.

I thought I was done with the dentist last week. After 1.5 years. I was wrong. I am not. Have pain. Big pain. I have a 9:30 appoinment this morning for another adjustment.

Enjoy your day!


Good morning!

Heavy humidity. Can cut it with a knife. When I opened the glass sliding doors in the kitchen, a blast of heat enveloped me.

This is Friday. Friday is my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 this morning my time. World wide. Join me!

Besides commentaries involving Penn State, the Syracuse/Pitt Big East resolution, and Germany banning circumsicion till 14, there are many other interesting and thought provoking issues being discussed. Like the woman who started a hug a day movement, one drug cocktail executions as opposed to three, a Wendy’s server who sold child porn while turning the food over to the customer, John Holland and three Presidents, Grover Cleveland’s out of wedlock son revealed during Presidential campaign, bras older than previously thought, aging and drinking, and a public decency trial in which charges were dismissed. Plus more.

Good stuff!

Someone commented and asked whether the German circumsicion decision was anti-semetic. I do not know. All I can tell you is that research indicates Germany has been cutting back on the rights of minority groups over the past several years. There are only 180,000 Jews residing in Germany at present. It is reported the German Jews consider this a step back in relations. One which makes them uncomfortable.

Germany is acting strangely in many respects of late. Consider its hard ass handling of Greece which I reported on during my trip. I fear Germany is feeling omnipotent once again.

Yesterday was a simple one. I sat outside under the tiki hut and finished my work for today’s show. Then did research a bit for one of my books.

I finished around 7. I was tired. Made a sandwich, took a shower and went to bed. No Key West for me last night.

Enjoy your day!