Steve Bannon is not the best of people. When he supported Trump and then was in Trump’s White House, his goal was to transform the U.S. as we have known. It is still his goal.

His primary function in life is to destroy existing governments and replace them with populist ones. Governments that are national conservative political movements.

The U.S. was not big enough for him to destroy. After he and Trump split, Bannon looked to larger governments to remake.

He found it. The Catholic Church!

In order to accomplish the goal, he has to bring Pope Francis down. He and Francis do not think alike.

Frances is administrator of the Church and also a politician. Francis opposes the populist national movement. He blames most of the world’s problems on the movement. He has said populists could lead to the election of leaders like Hitler.

There have been scandals within the Church. Sexual in nature. Homosexuality, pedophilia, bishop/nun sex, nun abortions, etc. Bannon believes Francis has not taken these scandals seriously enough. He is not confronting clerical sexual abuse head on.

Bannon has a partner in crime. Cardinal Raymond Burke. An American. Leader of the conservative faction of the clergy. The #1 conservative Catholic clergyman in the U.S.

Bannon and Burke now walk hand in hand. Their goals the same. Call for Francis’ resignation. Failing in that, erect another Vatican on grounds immediately outside the present Vatican. It will be the place for Church conservatives and many clerical homosexuals. A second Vatican, a separate Vatican from the present one.

Homosexuality plays a big part in all this. It is believed 80 percent of cardinals are homosexuals. Many lesser rank clergy working in the Vatican also.

They fear discovery.

Francis is not a homosexual. He is a man among “queens.” He was elected Pope because both sides felt they were safe with him. This poor humble boy from Argentina. What did he know!

Francis has been dealing with the clerical homosexual and sex abuse problems. Openly. That is why most of he Cardinals and others in the Vatican do not like him. He believes in transparency.

There are 2 groups of homosexuals within the Church. Those open about it. They believe based on recent world events that homosexuals are more and more accepted. They believe that acceptance would extend to them also.

Whether they are correct, I do not know. It is a long stretch.

The other group are homosexuals acting as homophobics. This group does not wish to be publicly identified as homosexuals. They therefore condemn those who practice homosexuality. To cover their asses.

In Frederic Martel’s In The Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy, Martel describes those who play at being homophobics as “ladies” who protest too much.

Burke and his American group are homophobics as described in the preceding. Bannon is working with them to accomplish their needs as well as his own.

In the meantime, there is a second pope living in the Vatican. Benedict XVI. The war between the two homosexual groups forced his retirement. A first.

Benedict is becoming a problem. The Burke/Bannon group is pushing him in a direction he does not enjoy.

All being done with the intent of getting rid of Frances and replacing him with a Pope more to the Burke/Benedict way of thinking.

A recent quote re Francis: “As for Pope Francis, he was presented by the press as a progressive. That isn’t precisely true: he’s merciful. He has a pastoral approach: he hold his hand out to the sinner. It isn’t the same thing at all.”

A pleasant thursday afternoon and evening yesterday.

Joined Laurie on her radio show at Station 107.5 FM, WGAY FM. A fun time! Our exchange gets better each week. Love doing the show with her!

Then to the Chart Room. Watched some of the Masters. Jean arrived., We chatted a bit. Decided to have dinner together. We did at La Tattoria. Tiffany bartending.

Dinner over at 8:30. Jean hopped on her bike to go to Vino’s. I in my car to go home.

Remember when Castro decided to teach the U.S. a lesson. He sent thousands to our shores. Refugees. He assumed we would welcome them. We did.

One problem. They were mostly mental defectives. Castro’s way of saying…..Up yours!

Trump had a similar idea.

In November and February, Trump seriously considered dumping the overflow migrants into “sanctuary cities.”

Teach sanctuary advocates a lesson!

Trump considers Ivanka a very smart woman. In recent months, he has considered appointing her to lead the World Bank or serve as UN Ambassador. Trump claims his daughter is very good with numbers and a natural diplomat.

He claims the only reason he did neither is because he knew he would be accused of nepotism.

Michael Avenatti. Came upon the scene 2-3 years ago. A sudden big time lawyer.

I was uncomfortable with Avenatti. He did not conduct himself as a lawyer. Especially one of quality. Cases are won in the courtroom, not on the steps of the court house or on TV.

Everyone I discussed the matter with disagreed with me. This guy is terrific! All thought.

I feel sorry for Avenatti. Like Humpty Dumpty, he fell off the wall. Doubt he can be put together again.

He was arrested yesterday on 36 counts. Based on a federal grand jury indictment. The feds seized his $4.5 million jet. Some of the  charges include income tax evasion. Some of the counts charged occurred over a 10 year period.

His fall came about recently based on a matter in which he was representing a client against NIKE. His demand $20 million. NIKE thought it was extortion. The authorities were called in.

The next 2-3 years are going to be difficult for Avenatti. Tough especially for a lawyer. I wish him well.

I close with Albert Einstein. A wise man in many ways, he said: “The greatest danger to the world is not the bad people but it’s the good people who don’t speak out.”

Enjoy your day!






Birthday party time last night. Donna’s. Friends gathered with her upstairs at the Blue Macaw. A good time had by all.

Terri sang Happy Birthday! to her wife. May she sing it for many years to come.

On the way home, I stopped at Publix to pick up a few things. Things I forgot at the time of my last visit.

Later this after noon, I sit with Laurie Thibaud for 1 1/2 hours. I will be guesting on Laurie’s Party Time Show. Beginning at 4. Station 105.7 FM, WGAY FM.

Laurie and I will sit facing each other and cover a multitude of sins.

Join us.

Then to the Chart Room. Don’t know at this point what I will be doing after the Chart Room.

Medical marijuana has finally found its way to Key West. Strictly recreational to this point.

The first medical marijuana store has opened or will be opening this weekend on Flagler. I think in Habana Plaza. In the next 2 weeks, two more. Both on Duval.

A lot of sick people going to need marijuana medication. I suspect the number of those requiring it will grow rapidly.

Without power late yesterday afternoon. Almost 2 hours. A sailboat hit power lines near Tavernier.

Attorney General Barr continues to make me uncomfortable .He speaks with forked tongue. He is emboldening Trump in wrongdoing.

During Watergate, John Sirica was the federal judge in charge/control of proceedings. The main thrust of the Mueller investigation does not seem to have reached that point yet. It needs to do so sooner than later. Otherwise Trump’s people will make a mockery of the investigation and prove that crime does pay.

Barr should be careful. An Attorney General can be criminally charged. Recall Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell. He spent 19 months in jail.

Measles. One of my childhood afflictions. Everyone my age today got the measles when they were very young. Once you had the measles and survived, there were built in immunities in your body to protect against ever getting the measles again.

Then came the vaccination shot. Replaced in effect actually getting the measles. The vaccination reliable. Twenty years ago, measles were declared to be gone. U.S. persons did not have to concern themselves. The vaccination protected all those vaccinated.

In every society, there are those who for various reasons are opposed to whatever. There were and are parents in the U.S. who do not believe in the vaccination and court’s have permitted them to legally prevent their children from being inoculated.

Rockland County, New York, was experiencing a measles epidemic. Within areas inhabited by orthodox Jewish families. The number infected somewhere in the 160’s. The County Legislature passed a law requiring unvaccinated children to be vaccinated immediately. Otherwise, they were barred from attending schools and being in public places.

Some anti-vaccination families took the matter to State Court. The Judge threw the ban out . Claimed it improper. The kids could go to school and anywhere they wanted.

The County filed an immediate appeal.

A stupid decision, I thought. A rogue Judge.

Now 2 weeks later, a portion of New York City has been declared a measles health emergency. The Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Interestingly, an orthodox Jewish community also. Two eighty five measles cases since October. Contrast that with only 2 cases in the whole of 2017.

Mayor de Blasio declared a public health emergency. All unvaccinated persons must be vaccinated or face heavy fines.

Note the measles epidemic occurred in orthodox Jewish areas in both Rockland County and Brooklyn. There had to have been a gathering of orthodox Jews which caused the disease to easily spread.

Enjoy your day!



Love to read! Began in early grammar school. Books from my parent’s small library. Many words foreign to me. I sat with a thick dictionary at my side. An example, I read all of John Steinbeck’s works by the time I was 12.

High school was easier when it came to reading. My pleasure continued. The world opened up to me.

Then came college. Wow! The literature classes exciting. I was introduced to new writers and through them new places and life situations.

One of my favorite all time readings took place in a college literature class. O’Henry’s short story The Gift of the Magi. Deeply sensitive. Magic in itself.

The Magi is the story of a poor but devoted couple who each sacrifice their most valuable possession to buy a Christmas gift for the other.

The story was published  April 10, 1906 as part of O’Henry’s short story collection The Four Million.

The Magi should appear alone several places on the internet. Look it up. The tale is short. Read it. Excite yourself emotionally.

Last night my podcast show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Excuse my lack of humility…..A great show! The topics interesting, came together well. I was excited doing it. Sure my listeners enjoyed hearing it.

Easter Sunday around the corner. The 24th. A week from this Sunday.

Love holidays! Family get togethers. Great food!

A bit of disappointment in recent years. Robert and Ally no longer receive baskets. Too old. Which means I will go without as far as Easter candy is concerned.

I started a tradition way back when Lisa was a little girl. Easter egg hunts. Graduated to Easter gift hunts. Held on the first floor of my Utica home. Everyone a winner. The one who found the most received a special prize.

When the children felt they were too old to participate, the hunt fell upon my parents. Years later, upon my former wife and me. By that time, the children had become parents in their own right and the grandkids became hunters for the Easter booty.

It was fun! We all yelled you’re hot, you’re cold, you’re close, oh no, and the like.

What would Key West have done without Harry Truman? What would Harry Truman have done without Key West? A mutual admiration society.

On this day in 1950, Truman left Key West to return to Washington. He had spent an entire month in Key West.

From what I understand, Truman would take a long walk through town in the morning. Stopping to chat along the way. He was a loved man!

Then work till mid afternoon. Following which he napped. Then dinner. His evenings spent at a round table in the Little White House playing cards and sipping his favorite drink. A letter to Bess. Early to bed.

Some days he would deviate. Go swimming or fishing.

The rest and enjoyment Key West brought to Truman deserved.

Geiger Key. We all know the place. On Geiger Key. A thatched roof eating place. On the water surrounded in large part by mangroves.

Geiger Key is named after John Geiger. Geiger died this day in 1885. He was born in St. Augustine in 1807. Came to Key West to work as a pilot for Commodore David Porter in 1823.

Geiger was the first licensed harbor pilot in Florida. Also worked as a master wrecker.

Geiger was one of the first settlers in Key West. He built what is now known as the Audubon House.

The things we know little about, the things that are kept from us. The government responsible for our ignorance.

We have intentionally been left in the dark or our leaders are too stupid to recognize our weaknesses, etc. Probably a combination of both.

I spoke concerning this problem on my podcast show last night. What I said re Venezuela and a U.S. invasion of Venezuela the part shared last night.

Several weeks ago, Trump suddenly became interested in the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. The people had insufficient food and power.

It was like…..Donald, welcome to the 21st century! The two problems have existed for at least 5 years. Was Trump even aware how the Venezuelans 5 years ago had run out of food, ate their family pets, then the animals in the zoos, followed by grass and foliage, then roots dug from the soil?

I am sure he was not. I cannot believe he even paid attention.

All of a sudden several weeks ago, Trump is concerned about the humanitarian crisis. Bullshit! His concern, as is Russia’s, for Venezuelan oil. Venezuela has the largest reserve of in the world.

Trump sent troops to Columbia and sat them down on the Columbia/Venezuela border. I think 3,500 ground troops. My number may be incorrect.

The U.S. is supposedly the world’s greatest military power. We are learning such may not be the case.

The troops never moved into Venezuela. The reason is that Venezuela, in spite of all its economic problems, has a radar system vastly superior to anything the U.S. could put in the air.

U.S. ground troops could not survive without air coverage. Our troops would be destroyed by Venezuelan air power.

Turns out Venezuela has a highly effective radar system. Referred to as S-300 Anti-Air System.

It has 6 of these systems. Each can identify and knock out 25 U.S. planes in a sortie. Six of the systems being utilized at one time means 130 U.S. planes, etc. destroyed.

These numbers applicable to U.S. fighters, bombers, attack planes, and ballistic missiles.

The S-300 System has a hit rate of 85-90 percent.

Notice we have heard nothing further about an invasion of Venezuela. Don’t even know if U.S. troops are still sitting on the Colombian border.

I would like to know why Trump did not know that our “air force” was ineffective against the S-300 Systems. Why didn’t his generals know? If they did, why didn’t they tell him? Did they tell him and he ignored their counsel?

All of a sudden small ineffectual economically depressed Venezuela can ward off an American invasion. Unheard of! At least till now.

Re military power, the story does not end here.

Lets talk about the U.S.’s terrific fighter airplane the F-35. The stealth fighter plane. The beauty of the F 35 is that it cannot be seen. Modern radar cannot identify it either.

The preceding is what we were told. Turns out it is not the case. The F 35 fails against modern cutting edge air defenses such as the S-300 and S-400.

The F-35 is worthless. The pitch re its stealth worthiness false. Pure bullshit.

An F 35 sold to Japan recently went down. No one sure yet why. Japan said it is grounding all F 35’s.

The F 35 suggests the U.S. is not capable pf building up to date effect weaponry. The U.S. no longer superior as concerns military equipment.

Some are already suggesting that such is occurring because U. S. leaders the past 40 years have not paid attention to the military. Just as the U.S. has not paid attention to infrastructure.

Instead our leaders, Republicans and Democrats alike, have served the “elite.” Permitting U.S. companies to move to Europe, approving favorable tax legislation for them, etc. In effect, our government for 40 years has dramatically helped to develop the ultra rich one percent. To the detriment of the rest of the country in more ways than one.

A closing note. The U.S. spent billions of dollars developing what is turning out to be the useless F 35. It was just last October that Trump said the F 35 was a terrific plane…..You can’t see it!

Good luck!

Enjoy your day!






Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. By the cone. Free all day all over the U.S.

More than 1 if you are so inclined.

Ben and Jerry’s has been doing this one day free be for several years. For a couple of reasons. One to say thank you to their customers. The other to introduce non Ben and Jerry’s customers to the product.

Free cone day in Key West is at Ben and Jerry’s,  124 Duval Street. Free scoops from noon to 8.

Ah, last night! A pleasant one.

Got a late start. Close to 7. Went directly to the Chart Room. John bartending.

Kevin and Holly back. They were gone for 3 months. They wasted no time while away. Visited Ireland. Another country also, I believe. I cannot recall which.

Mary at the bar. Had not seen Mary in a while. Interesting lady to talk with.

Left about 8:30. Wanted to be home in time for the Virginia/Texas Tech game at 9:20. Stopped at Dion’s on the way for chicken.

The Dion’s chicken was good. As always. The game even better.

I thought Texas Tech would win. Wasn’t happening. Behind a lot during the game. Texas put it together near the end when it had to. The game ended in a tie.

At that point, I fell asleep. Never saw the overtime. Woke at 2 and hurried to the computer to see who pulled it out.

Virginia, 85/77.

Congratulations to Virginia. What I like the most is that last night will be the high point in each Virginia player’s life, no matter how long they live.

They achieved big time! Few have the opportunity.

Weather report today interesting. Going to rain off and on. Will be warm.

Key West weather has been warm for a couple of months. Low 80’s generally.Not humid. Comfortable. Evenings in mid 70’s, yet cool. sleep with the window open.

Weather man says it will change today and tonight. Humid.

Burmese Pythons always a Florida story. One million plus live in Florida.

The State has acknowledged that it let the python problem get out of hand. Instead of eradicating them when they began to pop up, Florida did nothing. When it was determined several years ago that the population exceeded 1 million, the State said eradication impossible. We can only hope to contain their growth.

So far, all activities to contain have yielded insignificant results.

Last week,  scientists captured a 17 foot long Burmese python. Yes, Florida is hiring scientists to assist in discovering a way to kill large numbers off.

The python was captured in Big Cypress National Preserve. A swampland west of Miami. One of the largest ever captured. Weighed 140 pounds. Pregnant. Carried 73 developing eggs.

The python was captured via a new and different approach. Radio transmitters were attached to some male pythons. During breeding season, the males are easily able to find female pythons for sex. The radio transmitter on the male tells the scientists where the females are. They swiftly go forth and kill the female.

Burmese pythons are not native to the U.S. They are native to Southeast Asia.

So, how did they get to Florida?

Pythons began appearing in the Everglades in the 1980’s. It is assumed python pet owners disposed of their pythons in the Everglades when they wanted to get rid of them.

Sex big with pythons. They propagate.

Still not a humongous problem, however. The big problem occurred during 1992 Hurricane Andrew. A category 5. Did a number to the Homeland area.

Somewhere in Andrew’s pathway was a python breeding facility. The facility was blown away. The pythons who survived got a free ride. One way or another, they ended up in the Everglades.

Some have been discovered in the Keys. Northern Keys primarily. A few mid-Keys. Two or three made it to Key West.

We want no more.

Oh, did we learn! Recycle! We listened. We complied. Learned how to and did separate garbage from recyclables. Companies like Waste Management gave us a huge and different colored container to put the recyclables in. Garbage collectors like Waste Management constructed huge recycling facilities.

Recyclables no longer a big deal. It was a moneymaker for everyone. Cheaper collection fees to homeowners, additional fees to garbage collectors, more money to those who recycled recyclables into usable materials which were then sold to manufacturers who needed them.

No more.

China was the biggest customer of U.S. garbage collectors. They have plants all over China to recycle. Until a year ago. China got out of the recycling business. Trump’s tariff war contributed. Though not a cause, the tariff wars accelerated the end of Chinese recycling plants.

In many parts of the U.S., recyclables are going directly into the landfill along with the garbage.

Trump is a nasty man. No one has to tell you. It is obvious.

He has the bad habit of making up names to call adversaries and people with whom he does not agree.

Most recently, Congressman Jerry Nadler. Nadler is Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Nadler a big man. One time fat. Had bi pass surgery several years ago. Thinner, but not all the way.

Trump has begun calling Nadler Fat Jerry.

Trump should talk. Trump is huge! Much heavier than Nadler. A pot calling the kettle black situation.

Trump needs to beware. Someone is going to retaliate and call him Fat Ass or Fat Donald.

Remember, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

A return to Pope Francis, the Vatican, and homosexuality. Touched on it yesterday. A bit more added today.

Francis called for the recent synod to deal with the rampant homosexuality in the Vatican and Catholic Church generally.

He got shot down by a certain powerful group of Cardinals.

James Alison is an openly gay priest highly respected for his theological writings on the subject. He said, “It’s the revenge of the closet! It’s the vengeance of the closet.” Alison went on to say that the homosexual Cardinals “in the closet” declared war on Francis who was encouraging gays to “come out of the closet.”

Luigi Gioia, an Italian Benedictine monk, describes why the homosexual Cardinals turned on Francis: “For a homosexual, the Church appears to be a stable structure…..that’s one of the explanations for the fact that many homosexuals chose the priesthood…..Francis by wanting to reform it, made the structure unstable for closeted homosexual priests. That’s what explains their violent reaction and their hatred for him. They’re scared.”

Today is tuesday. Tonight Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 for a quick moving half hour. I touch on interesting topics.

Enjoy your day!


The Catholic Church and homosexuality. A problem of major proportions. Good guys and bad guys involved. Persons you may not be aware who are involved. Most opposed to Pope Francis.

Steve Bannon first. He is on the move again. He helped screw up the U.S. government when Trump took office. He is now after Pope Francis and the Vatican.

Francis is trying to deal with the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse problem. He believes in transparency. Get it all out.

Obviously, he has opposition from within the Church. Especially the hierarchy.

Many homosexuals. An example being the Cardinals. Eighty percent are considered to be homosexuals.

I have been reading Frederic Martel’s In The Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy. Revealing. In addition, I have been following various news reports.

Francis is not homosexual. Such being the case, why did the Cardinals elect him Pope? Simple. There are 2 factions of homosexual Cardinals. One group does not fear notoriety, the other wants the problem to remain in the closet.

Francis was a compromise.

Francis a straight guy in the midst of  “queens.”

Steve Bannon has become involved in helping to screw up the Catholic Church. He has opted to get involved in the fight and is helping one side.

Recall that Bannon is a destroyer of existing governments. It was his goal when associated with Trump. Did a good job in getting the ball rolling. He is now working to destroy the Vatican, the government of the Catholic Church.

The homosexual situation provides him the opportunity.

The primary group opposed to Francis is led by the American Cardinal Raymond Burke. Burke wants a second Vatican. One physically outside the Vatican in Rome. Burke’s group promotes itself as being the place for traditional Catholics and political conservatives.

Bannon is working hand in hand with Burke. Burke outwardly is anti-homosexuality. A homophobic. Rigid in how he projects his beliefs.

Martel in his book claims that those Cardinals evidencing “homophobic rigidity” are guilty of “the lady doth protest too much.”

Francis has shown concern for the Catholic laity who are homosexuals. The we are all God’s children theory. Burke and his group claim that Francis’ perceived leeway toward gay Catholics shows he is unfit to lead.

Burke wants to establish a Church tribunal system similar to the U.S. Court system. The Church courts would put on trial all accused of sexual abuse. Sinners themselves deciding the faith of accused sinners.

Burke and Bannon a formidable team.

Then there is Newt Gingrich. A troublemaker in his own right. He is married to Callista. His third wife. The woman he was having a 6 year relationship with while trying to impeach Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Callista was nominated by Trump and approved by the Senate to be Ambassador to the Vatican. Her appointment throws Newt into the center of Vatican politics. I do not know if he and Bannon walk hand in hand.

Trump is anti-Francis. Francis is against Trump’s handling of the the immigration problem. Francis believes in climate change. He has spoken out loudly re both.

The whole thing a mess. Francis standing alone against a multitude of sinners. Except for God, few support him.

On this day in 1928, Ernest and Pauline Hemingway arrived in Key West for the first time. They arrived on a steamship from Havana.

Hemingway had no intention of remaining in Key West. He had ordered a new Ford. It was to be waiting for him when he arrived in Key West. It was not. Took several weeks to arrive.

Hemingway fell in love with Key West during that time and remained some 10 years.

Key West is fortunate Ford could not get the car here timely.

The Cow Key Bridge run was fun. I neither participated nor watched. Never have. Maybe I refuse to dress like a cow.

The Seven Mile Bridge Run equally successful. The winner a 16 year old lad from Marathon. Ran the 7 miles in 39 minutes flat.

One thousand five hundred participated in the Run.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned or was booted by Trump. Appears to have been both scenarios.

Nielsen was Trump’s tool. She performed all his directives faithfully. Like caging children, like taking children from their parents.

Word is that Trump finally dumped her yesterday because she was reluctant to prevent asylum seekers entry to the U.S. U.S. law provides asylum seekers must be admitted. Trump wants to prohibit them entry.

Whatever, she did the Devil’s work while she held office.

Remained in again last night. Continued researching. Must get out tonight, however. Probably Dueling Bartenders and the Chart Room. Maybe La Trattoria.

Enjoy your day!



Dildo races.

Only in Key West!

All sizes, all shapes.

The race track a slightly elevated board. Four dildos at a time race.

A sight to see. Four dildos wiggling down the track. Vibrators help. The crowd yelling in support of at least one. Just like the horse races. A form of legal betting permitted.

This interesting sport is held at Mary Ellen’s on Applerouth. A bar. Key West quirky.

Love it! Booze and food. Soul food. Grilled cheese sandwich my favorite.

The races every Tuesday night at 9. Other nights also, if so requested.

The races are held as a charity fundraiser event. The most recent by the Fringe Theater.

Good fun for a good cause.

Always a crowd.

Last night interesting. Had a bit of a conflict. Wanted to watch both Final Four games and enjoy dinner with Donna and Terri. Great basketball and great cooking.

I missed the first game. The exciting one as it turned out. Virginia/Auburn. Virginia won by 1 point 63-62. On three foul shots made by Virginia with 0.6 seconds left. That is less than 1 second.

Won’t bore you with the details. Had to be a hell of a game!

Left Donna and Terri immediately after dinner. Got home just as Texas Tech/Michigan State was starting. Texas Tech won 61-51.

An upset.

I watched Texas Tech play last week. Impressed me. I suspected they would win. It’s all in their defense. They steal the ball. When the other side is dribbling or passing. Frequently. It’s the way they have been trained to play.

Today, Sunday. Love Sundays!

Hot Dog Church and Kate Miano’s Gardens. Lovely ladies at both. Meet and chat with old friends. Make new ones.

I have been trying to reach Guy de Boer for 2 days. Finally made contact this morning. He had dropped his phone in the canal.

I once dropped my cell phone in water. I was standing at the toilet doing what men do standing at a toilet. Talking on my phone at the same time. I could walk and chew gum. Somehow the phone slipped out my hand and dropped into the toilet.

One way to get a new phone.

What goes around, comes around. No question about it.

On December 7, 1941, Japan in a sneak attack bombed Pearl Harbor. Two thousand four hundred three Americans killed.

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. I have not always agreed with that Biblical passage.

Vengeance re Pearl Harbor belonged to America. Without question. It would come massively when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed.

It came earlier, also. On this day 1945, the Japanese battleship Yamato was sunk by Allied forces. The Yamato was engaged in a counter offensive  struggle for Okinawa.

The Yamato was recognized as the greatest battleship in the world. Weighed 72,800 tons. Had 9 18.1 inch guns.

Yamato’s job was to destroy the Allied fleet off the coast of Okinawa. It was Japan’s only hope of retaking Okinawa.

The battle turned into a suicide mission for the Yamato. For some reason, it had insufficient air cover and fuel. Nineteen American aerial torpedoes struck the Yamato. The ship went down.

Two thousand four hundred ninety eight Japanese drowned.

The Americans had their first taste of vengeance on a massive scale.

Four months later, it was as if God had wrought His vengeance. The U.S. dropped 2 atomic bombs on Japan. The number of dead as a result in excess of two hundred thousand.

It has frequently been said that by bombing Pearl Harbor, the Japanese had waked a sleeping giant. No question about it.

Enjoy your Sunday!



A change of pace blog today. No politics or heavy stuff. What better subject to begin with than sex.

A few old wives tales revisited.

Masturbation will make you blind, hairy or cause you to have a weak brain.

Source old time religion. From centuries back.

No negative effects. If true, the whole male population would need walking canes.

Nosebleeds mean uncontrollable sexual arousal.

The theory being that “pressure” during sex causes a build-up in blood. Semen not involved in the theory. Japanese in origin. Totally false.

Can’t get pregnant if you have sex in the water.

The reasoning is that water flushes out the vagina and “floods sperm.” Poor drowning sperm cannot make it to the cervix, uterus or fallopian tubes.

Wrong! Sperm are very good at what they do. Last 3-5 days in the vagina. Swim like hell to get to their goal.

Big feet and hands mean a big penis.

Science has proven over and over such is not the case. A man with size 16 shoes does not guarantee 10 inches anywhere else. A University of London study in 2002 found no correlation between feet/hands size and penis size.

So much for sex.

Never got out last night. Spent the evening watching old movies. Third day of Greta Garbo flicks on Turner Classic Movies. A beauty. Even better, an outstanding actress. Watched Garbo involved with Napoleon. Napoleon played by Charles Boyer.

Started my yesterday at 4:30. Rose early because I had a full day ahead of me. Had to get the blog out before I went out.

Research and writing of blog completed by 10:30. Quick shower. Haircut at noon with Lori. Manicure at 12:30 with Tammy. Followed by grocery shopping at Publix. Home at 3. With groceries yet to be put away.

I had no energy left. Remember, my day began at 4:30. Took a nap.

Tonight dinner at Donna and Terri’s. Donna cooking. No doubt it will be an exemplary meal.

Then home to watch the Final Four. Will probably miss the first half of the first game.

I had the good fortune of attending 3 Final Fours. Two where Syracuse played. One I went to just for the fun of it.

A Final Four exciting! Like a Super Bowl. Hard to believe, but I attended 11 consecutive Super Bowls.

The Super Bowls were easy. I was in a position to do a major favor for a Vice-President of  one of the professional football teams. His younger brother needed assistance.

The V-P never forgot. Every year thereafter he sent 2 Super Bowl tickets. Great seats all the time. I assume they are still coming and my son is using them.

The V-P reciprocated also in another fashion. My oldest granddaughter Sara graduated from college some 15 years ago. He gave her a job in his marketing operation. She is still with the pro football team.

The Schooner Western Union was launched in Key West on March 7, 1939. It was the last large schooner built in Key West.

The Western Union is still around. Sitting dockside near Schooner Wharf. Needs a ton of work. Needs a ton of money to do the work.

The Western Union has been a problem for years. Always needing repair work. Several groups have tried to take care of the situation. Generally however, a band-aid solution.

A not for profit presently responsible for the boat. Looking for money.

The schooner must be self-sufficient. Whoever is caring for the vessel this time should work it out along those lines. Otherwise, let it go. I hear too many people who are no longer sympathetic because the vessel always needs more money.

A few days ago, I wrote about the Vietnam War and the Vietnam War Veterans Day in Key West. Unfortunately, an unpopular war. People were not happy with it.

Several comments have been received. I want to share 2 with you.

“I lost my brother in Vietnam and to this day I don’t know for what or for why.”

Another by a wife. The government had 2 programs. One a 2 year draft. The other a 3 year voluntary sign up guaranteeing you would not serve in Vietnam.

Her husband opted for the 3 year offer. At some point after he was in, the government reneged and sent him to Vietnam. She commented, “I know that one was my husband and he never came home. We never got to have daughters, Lou. I wish I too had done what your wife did. In the end, you did the right thing.”

I have several times written and spoke regarding the theft of Social Security funds by the federal government. Funds borrowed, never to be paid back.

One of these instances was a blog I wrote on November 5, 2015 titled The Theft of Social Security. You might want to find and read it. Eye opening. Go to Right hand column has my blogs listed by month and date. Go to November 2015 and scroll down to the second 11/5.

When I wrote in November 2015, the national debt and intergovernmental debt totaled $18 trillion. The intergovernmental portion was $5.1 trillion.

Intergovernmental is taking money from one agency and loaning it to another. Includes the federal government dipping into the Social Security Fund since Reagan’s days and never paying back.

The intergovernmental loans are set up so there is no legal obligation to repay. The federal government gives the equivalent of an IOU in return for the money. You can’t take an IOU to court or to a bank.

Since the intergovernmental will never be paid back, it should not be considered a debt. However the federal government does for accounting purposes.

In 2015, I subtracted the intergovernmental debt from the national debt. To me, and to you it should also, represent actual dollars owed. Not make believe ones that will never be paid back. Subtract $5.1 trillion from $18 trillion and it is $13 trillion the government actually owed.

The $5.1 trillion in 2015 included $2.7 trillion owed to Social Security.

Works the same way  today, except the numbers are bigger.

The last generated figures are for 2018. The national debt was $22.2 trillion. Of the total, $5.9 trillion was owed to intergovernmental agencies. Monies that did not have to be paid back. A total of 230 agencies involved.

Subtracting the intergovernmental from the national debt leaves a “for real” debt of $16 trillion. Not the $22.2 trillion the federal government always talks about.

Social Security is not insolvent. Won’t be for a number of years. Would not be threatened if the federal government paid back the monies borrowed in full or over a period of years.

Every day Social Security takes in more than it pays out. What a deal! The federal government borrows daily and never worries because it knows it will never be legally required to pay back.

I took the time to spell all this out because someone asked in a comment how much I thought the federal government’s real debt today was.

What really pisses me off is that most of our Senators and Congressmen do not even know about this sweet borrowing deal and theft. They actually believe Social Security  is going insolvent. Too many old age free loaders getting paid from Social Securty. They further forget the old foggies are being paid out of monies they paid in.

Again, read my November 5, 2015 blog The Theft of Social Security. You will say at the end…..For real?

On this day in 1917, the U.S. formally entered World War I. The war to end all wars!

A joke! Count the number of wars we have been engaged in since 1917.

My personal feelings are that men love war. Thrive on it. Macho men. Otherwise, there would not have been so many wars since World War I nor in all of history.

Enjoy your day!
















The shortest run/race/marathon in the world takes place sunday. The challenge the Cow Key Bridge in Key West. The Bridge connects Key West with Stock Island.

The Run referred to as a 0K. The zero operative. The race is a mere 300 feet.

More than 1,000 will participate. They have been training the past few days. Will continue tonight. Consuming as much alcohol as they can. A lot of shots involved.

Uniforms a bit different. Most will dress in some sort of cow costume. Some will be pushing their little ones in carriages. Others riding bikes.

The best time so far 23.1 seconds. Most will take 2 minutes to cross the bridge.

Some runners will play music, others dance their way over the bridge. A few ladies will be in heels. Some will mock/make believe they are running.

Not Fantasy Fest. Breasts covered. Some men will carry signs reading “Show Us Your Teats.” It will get them nowhere.

Party time following the parade. All day. On the Sunset Green Lawn behind the Gates and 24 North hotels.

The athletes will cool down with beer, etc. There will be a full bar. Also, food trucks, door prizes and Run prizes. The after party not named. Should be. I would call it the Cow Ball.

The beauty of the Run is one does not have to get up early. The Run is at noon. No one will raise a sweat doing the 300 feet.

I wrote briefly yesterday in response to a comment in Citizens’ Voice. Someone described the Run as “ridiculous.” Of course it is. Quirky, also. This is Key West! Many are retired here because living in Key West is to return to one’s youth. Play games, wear costumes, act goofy.

Love it!

Saw orthopedist Dr. Perry yesterday morning. Remember my fall 5 weeks ago where my left elbow swelled to the size of a grapefruit. Fluid. Not all of it went away. Still had a golf ball sized water bag on the elbow. Hurt when accidentally placed on the arm of a chair. Did not look normal either to have something like that hanging.

Doctor took a large cylinder container. About 6 x 1 inches. Put a big thick needle, which was also a bit long, on the front. Sucked out the fluid. Shot some steroid into the space.

Doctor said it will not all disappear. Some will remain..

It did not hurt. I did not cry. I did not get a sucker afterwards.

I ended my year long diet in October. Sixty two pounds. Held off any weight return till Christmas. Then blew it! Have been eating ever since. Gained 15 pounds.

Decided to lose the 15 before it became any more. Back to the diet. Basically, starvation. Minimal food each day. Lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

The diet was tiring me out. No fuel. I decided to eat yesterday. Lunch and dinner. Feel better today.

A busy noon ahead. A haircut with Lori. Then a quick trip down Flagler to Lee Nails and Tammy for a manicure.

Stopped at the Chart Room early in the evening. Ran into Rochester’s Debbie and Eric. They return home saturday. Eric’s face red. He is sunbathing without a sun screen. Wants to go home tanned. Burned may be more like it.

Doug showed up. Had not seen him in weeks. Doug my friend from the Hemingway House.

Suddenly hands on my shoulders. I could tell from the touch and perfume it was a woman. I did not feel my space was being violated. In fact, I enjoyed it.

The lady was Charlotte.

Charlotte lived in Key West several years ago. Among other things, she is a long distance runner. Does marathons all over the country. She is in Key West for the Cow Key Bridge event sunday. An easy one for her.

Charlotte and I enjoyed a leisurely dinner outside at Pier 1. She was scheduled to meet friends after dinner. One showed up early. Met Dave Jackson, Program Director at 104.9 FM.

I always seem to be learning. Was chatting with Dave at the Chart Room wednesday night. We were into Irma. He mentioned that Big Pine was hit with 9 tornadoes the same time Irma was going over the area.

No wonder so much damage to Big Pine. A category 4 hurricane and 9 tornadoes all at once!

The past few days, Trump has claimed windmills cause cancer. He’s serious. He also does not believe in exercise. Obvious.

I briefly discussed the Vietnam War in saturday’s blog. The country was not pleased with our involvement.

Vietnam in the news today. On this day in 1969, 100,000 anti-war demonstrators marched in New York City. Thousands marched also in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and other cities.

Even the Quakers got in the act. They held sit ins at draft boards and committed acts of civil disobedience in more than 30 cities.

Enjoy your day!




An unhappy voice this morning. On the second page of the Key West Citizen. The Citizens’ Voice column. People write in to air the good and bad of our community.

The writer was unhappy with gridlock. Yes, we have it. However the writer hit on the issue where it is not that disruptive.

The person’s unhappiness has to do with 3 major events being scheduled on the same day. The Islamorada Island Fest, Seven Mile Bridge Run, and the Cow Key Bridge Run. The events occurring miles apart.

My concern is with the writer’s description of the Cow Key Bridge Run. Calls it “ridiculous.”

I feel for the person. Suggest he/she get out on the streets and walk Key West. Happy people abound. Key West is Paradise! You ain’t going to find better in the U.S.

It is difficult to comprehend gridlock as concerns the Cow Key Bridge Run. The bridge is only 300 feet long. The race takes about 5 minutes. Runners up front do it under 30 seconds. Others take it less seriously. Dressed like cows. Push costumed babies in carriages as they walk across. Some ride decorated bikes. People of all sizes make the run. More than one thousand. Mostly locals. A fun time. A time to play dress up and act like a kid. One of the things that makes Key West great.

Writer friend, a suggestion. Ease up and smell the roses. Life is short.

I have been dieting again. Lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

Recall I ended my one year diet in October. Knocked off 62 pounds. I was ok till the Christmas holidays. Did not watch what I consumed. Ate it all!

I have gained 15 pounds since Christmas. Decided to try knocking it off.

I eat little. Less than that. Getting to me. Tonight, a meal!

Last night, the Chart Room. Glad I stopped in. Jean Thornton has returned! The island a better place when she is here.

Dan was sitting next to Jean. Dan from Birmingham and Fort Lauderdale. During my Irma escape to Jean’s home in Birmingham, he provided us evacuees with a home cooked Mexican meal.

David and Sheila. They were there. I see neither that much lately. Me thinks they have found another spot to enjoy a drink or two.

Met Amy. For the first time. Lovely lady. A decided accent. From Dublin. Has been in Key West 3 months. Works at the Saint.

A small world. Amy is living next door to Lisa on Duncan. They have already met.

Matt Babich is one terrific guy! Always the gentleman. Always a kindly hello.

Matt and I arrived in Key West about the same time. Matt 31 years ago. During that time he has had one job. Managing the Southernmost facilities. General Manager first at the Southernmost Motel. Then the Motel’s successor, the Southernmost Beach Resort.

Matt and his wife were especially good to Lisa.

Lisa had been in Key West a few years. She had been Development Director first at the Custom House. Then, Mel Fisher. Her next position was with Southernmost. She blossomed while there. Gained the experience to do what she does now in her own business from her home.

Matt is retiring. Enjoy!

My neighbor in Key Haven for 20 years was Andrew Lippi. Owned the MTV house across the water. One of the nicest guys I have ever met.

Andrew turned the MTV house into a mini-resort. Calls it Real World. A successful venture for years.

Andrew has been involved in some large real estate matters over the years. His most recent the Knight property called Thompson Island. Bought it for $8 million. A magnificent property on the water on South Roosevelt Boulevard.

Looks like a million dollar property from the road. It is. Though more. Eight million dollars.

Andrew plans on initially living there.

The saturday/sunday night Mall on Duval  is apparently working. The City commission extend its life to July 14. The merchants supported the move.

With something new, unanticipated problems arise. Regarding the Mall, the cost to Key West. The expense $5,200 per night. Effort is underway to figure how to pay the tab.

When the Barr memorandum came out, I said I was “uncomfortable” with it. Did not feel right. More recently I have been concerned that Barr on 2 occasions mentioned that Rosenstein and Mueller were helping with the reductions in Mueller’s report before sending it to Congress.

My gut feeling Barr had something to hide by mentioning these 2 were assisting him. Sounded like a cover. If evil was being done, he was not alone.

Now appears something stinks in Denmark. It was reported yesterday that certain unidentified Mueller investigators were unhappy with Barr’s memorandum. Did not tell the whole story. Trump apparently did not come out looking lily white. Succinctly stated, the investigators felt that Mueller’s findings as reported by Barr were understated.

Going to be interesting how this all plays out.

Congress is going after Trump’s tax returns. They eventually will get them. The law permits it.

Trump is not the only candidate who has failed to supply tax returns. Several Democrats specifically. The primary one Bernie Sanders. He did not supply tax returns last year. He has promised for the past 5 weeks to supply them. The world is waiting!

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Sanders is and has always been an Independent. An aggressive one. I have always admired his grit.

The National Democratic Party announced a couple of months ago that the Dems would not participate in any debates sponsored by FOX News.


It was announced yesterday that Sanders is going to appear in a “town hall” sponsored by FOX News. Brings to mind the adage that if you go to bed with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

I have to move my ass. A 10:45 doctor appointment. I started this blog at 5:30.

Enjoy your day!


There was a time. Women were second class citizens. No more. The ladies have made and continue to make significant progress re equality with men.

Total success not yet achieved. More glass ceilings to break. And the big one, pay equality.

Each will come soon. The women’s movement is on a roll.

I feel compelled to write about women and an example of their second class status because of the Biden mess.

Note we have a President who subscribes to groping women and frequently speaking poorly of them. Additionally, there are men who compel/force sex upon prospective female employees.

Most are meeting justice.

Joe Biden did not grope. Nor did he force himself sexually upon any woman. He merely embraced them as a friend or in a supportive fashion.

We all could use a hug on occasion.

Hugging, a kiss on the back of the head, these are not things the #MeToo movement should be concerned with. Invading a woman’s space is a far cry from abuse.

Back off ladies. You are placing the mark of Cain on Biden. He neither warrants nor deserves it.

Which brings me to today’s story. One you may not believe.

I write about The American Plan.

Sounds wholesome. Was not.

The Plan had its beginnings in 1918. It’s purpose the mass imprisonment of women believed to be sexually immoral. The program initially one of federal encouragement. Encouragement to state and local governments to legislate and make arrests based on the Plan.

A long time program. From 1918 into the 1970’s. Still exists in some states, though not enforced. Doubt anyone knows it is on the books.

The initial concern was the military. Too many soldiers were getting STI’s. Sexually transmitted infections. More today. Few back then. However the few a real problem. Infections rampant.

The two biggies were syphilis and gonorrhea.

The Plan resulted in the detainment of over 100,000 women over the years. In every state, in  most big and small cities.

A follow the money situation. The federal government paid local governments a stipend for every conviction obtained. States and local governments went gung ho over the years in making arrests. Most had “moral squads.” Their sole purpose to apprehend prostitutes.

The Plan resulted in a mass deprivation of civil liberties. The founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, Roger Baldwin, did not oppose the Plan. In fact, he sent a memorandum to ACLU local offices to cooperate in its enforcement.

Once arrested, the ladies were subjected to mandatory STI testing, highly questionable medical treatment, forced labor, and forcible sterilization.

The American Plan is forgotten. Probably because it was not enforced federally. Ergo, no data repository.

In addition to the ACLU’s founder Roger Baldwin, other prominent figures supported the Plan. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. one of the biggest. Prominent physicians and anti-vice crusaders. The likes of William F. Stone, Richard M. Olin, and Thomas Parran.

Syphilis and gonorrhea had been a sexual fear for centuries The two became rampant in the early 20th century. The underlying currents of Victorian morals, pseudoscience, racism, and misogyny created the motivation to confront the problem. And confront it the Plan did.

Statutes were broadly worded. Permission to detain suspects on the flimsiest of pretexts. Women were arrested for wearing provocative clothing, walking down a street alone, dining alone, looking like a prostitute, changing jobs, and for no reason at all.

Testing was required to establish syphilis or gonorrhea. Generally at some point such testing occurred. If negative, the ladies were free to leave. Some women initially protested the testing. They were threatened with Scarlet Letter shaming. Red lettered signs placed on their homes.

Testing results not always correct. Many false positives.

The Plan’s goal was to get loose women off the streets. Most of he women arrested were working class or African-Americans.

There was no penicillin. Penicillin became available in the 1940’s. Prior to that time, the ladies were treated with mercury or arsenic.

So many ladies were arrested in certain communities that detention hospitals had to be established.

Prominent persons supporting the Plan also included New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia. He made special speeches lauding the Plan. California Governor Earl Warren personally spearheaded enforcement in his State. Warren later became Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

So it was!

A rough day yesterday. Felt lousy all day. Nothing specific. Took me 2 extra hours to complete the blog. Neither prepared nor did Tuesday Talk in the evening.

Today, no problems.

Enjoy your day!