Every now and then, a special person arrives. In this case, a woman who left her mark on her country.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Justice Ginsburg died yesterday. She was 87.

The Justice will best be recalled for her decisions regarding gender rights. The rights of women.

An area close to her heart. One she knew only too well from her own experiences. The Justice was a woman and a Jew which made beginnings jn the legal profession difficult. She understood discrimination.

Unfortunately, her passing also leaves a hard political situation. It provides Trump with the opportunity to nominate another conservative Republican to the Bench. The result of which will be 6 Republican conservatives sitting on the nine person Court.

Let me say this simply and to the point. It will take at least a generation for the balance to equal out or the Democrats have a one vote plurality.

Every significant case which provided protection to certain persons will be reversed. Absolutely. For real. Roe v. Wade will be down the tubes. Abortions will return to a coat hanger and a back room. Forget same sex marriage. Obamacare gone! What’s left of it, that is. Even Brown v. Board of Education which opened our public schools to students of color.

Trump now has a “terrible” opportunity to accomplish it all.

If he can get it done before the election or before he might have to leave office, he will be elevated to a tall pedestal in the eyes of many conservatives. They might even erect a statue as tall as Thomas Jefferson’s in his honor.

The Republican politicians are whores. Only 46 days to the election. They will refuse to leave well enough alone till after the election. I cannot envision Trump or McConnell missing this opportunity.

There is a reason for everything. God gave us Justice Ginsburg. Why he didn’t leave her with us till after January 20th only He knows.

As is said, out of every thing bad something good comes.
I hope so!

Donald, our Donald: “He pledges allegiance to the flag of the red states of America, and to the Republicans who who stand for him, his nation, totally divided, above God, with liberty and justice for some.”

To really understand the diabolical nature of politicians, one only has to read certain Niccolo Machiavelli’s writings: “Politics have no relation to morals.”

It was test time for me again yesterday. It was about 12:30 when I was done. I decided to drive to Duval and see what was going on.

Some tourists. Less than 10 percent who would usually be walking at that time during this time of the year. Only half wearing masks.

When I rose this morning, the U.S. was 122 deaths short of 200,000 coronavirus deaths. Two hundred thousand will be reached and passed today.

Nothing to be proud of. I blame Trump and my fellow citizens who refused and continue to refuse to follow the simple guidelines of wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing their hands often.

I have piles of notes for the books I wanted to write and never got to. Even began writing some.

One involved a man older than me. I met him 15 years ago in Key West where he was then living. He has since died.

I fail to divulge his name because he has family who might not want this story told.

I was reading an article concerning German occupied France during World War II. A portion of my friend’s story brought him to mind.

He was 15. He had just joined the French underground. He had to “make his bones.” His job was to slice the throats of 2 German officers who were scheduled to be in a whore house at a particular time.

He had never sliced anyone’s throat before.

He did it!

He told me when first I met him, once you cut anyone’s throat, you can do anything.

Someday perhaps I will get to write his whole story showing how he got to the U.S. and became friend to the rich and powerful.

Syracuse is at Pitt today. Interestingly, Syracuse is a 21.5 point favorite.

Did not make sense initially. Let me explain.

Syracuse lost to North Carolina 31-6 last week. The game was close at the end of 3 quarters. Score going into the last quarter 10-6. North Carolina scored 21 points in the last quarter.

Pitt by the way is already ranked #25. They played some small school I never heard of. Pitt won 55-0.

Pitt should be favored today. Not so. The odds makers say Pitt played a non-entity. Syracuse on the other hand played well till the last quarter.

Hopefully Syracuse will win.

Enjoy your day!




Set ’em up Joe. Another round of Clorox shots. No Clorox, then any kind of bleach.

Texas has been Republican for a number of years. Beginning to trend Democratic. Texas for Trump at the moment.

As President, Trump speaks and many follow. After all, he is President and should know. Recall the Clorox/bleach episode a couple of months ago. Ingest or shoot it in the arm. Kills the coronavirus in a minute.

Might kill the person also!

The Texas Poison Center Network announced during the past month 46 persons in North Texas drank bleach.

Go Texas!

The Poison Network believes that some people believe bleach will prevent or cure coronavirus. The 46 did.

Fortunately, there were no serious injuries.

The Poison Network added that in recent months there has been a 71 percent uptake in calls involving bleach products. A 63 percent uptake in calls involving other household cleaners.

All lanes on Cow Key Bridge will open September 25. Hooray!

Credit must be given where earned. Whoever did the work on the bridge did an excellent job keeping the traffic moving. Much better than the company working on North Roosevelt Boulevard a few years ago.

Road surfacing will still have to be done. It will be done at night when there will be lane closures.

Before anyone writes and says there was less traffic because fewer visitors this summer, I agree such helped. There is however heavy traffic between 7 and 9 in the morning and 4 to 6 in the evening. Locals. Coming to work or returning home.

A good job is a good job and should be recognized!

Sloppy Joe’s reopening!

Sloppy Joe’s is to be commended for not rushing to reopen. It has remained closed because of the pandemic the past several months.

Reopening was either yesterday or will be next thursday. I could not determine exactly which thursday. There was little news re the reopening.

I occasionally suggest May Johnson is quite the woman. She has her “love” Everest working out of town. Does not refrain her from dancing several nights a week with some local men at La Brisa. She even goes to La Brisa with a male companion.

I am beginning to worry about Everest now. Not because of my May suspicions. Rather what May reported in her diary for this day in 1876.

She was given letters to Everest from the following ladies to mail to Everest: Corinne, Bertha and Myra.

Are May and Everest both playing the cat away, the mice will play game?

I have a strong feeling that before the diary ends, we will discover May has been philandering.

Washington Post columnist Paul Walden in a recent Opinion piece suggested Trump can’t decide whom he should tell the people to hate.

He keeps moving/jumping from one group or person to another.

Trump has no respect for rules and tradition. He considers himself all knowledgeable and the final answer on everything.

The CDC has a website. It first publishes new rules and guidelines on its website.

Today is publication day. A new set of testing guidelines will appear.

One problem between the CDC and the President is they cannot agree on testing. The Trump people say no testing required unless a person evidences Covid-19 symptoms.

The CDC has and continues to disagree. Test, test, test!

Makes sense.

Anyhow, without the knowledge or approval of the CDC, Trump’s people added the new testing language. Pin pointing the issue between Trump and the CDC: Less testing or more testing.

My home town Utica, New York recently experienced a “protesting situation” worthy of sharing.

On thursday a week ago, rumor had it that a BLM protest scheduled for saturday might tun into a Portland.

An unknown group had published in Craig’s List an ad looking to hire people to protest at the New Hartford Shopping Center. New Hartford is Utica’s immediate and connecting neighbor.

The Craig’s List ad also said those that did protest with them would be paid. Additionally once we get the present tenants out, the blacks will move in rent free.

Advance notice! New Hartford Shopping Center stores were boarded. The police got ready.

The BLM march was to be a peaceful one. Its march was labeled a Utica March for Justice. A one mile walk down Utica’s main thorough fare chanting whatever they intended.

Nothing happened. Fortunately.

Now comes the amusing part. The leader of the March was a Utican that has been involved in bettering the lives of black people. A well respected black. She said her group was not upset with Utica. The Mayor and Police have always been straight forward and cooperative.

I write about the situation primarily because of the Craig’s List ad. We have all read in the past the suggestion that paid protesters were brought into a community to intentionally cause trouble. Utica an example that never got off the ground.

Dr. Fauci. Probably the most respected doctor working on the coronavirus problem. Public health one of his fields of expertise. For more than 20 years, the people of the U.S. have known and respected him.

Fauci was asked what was the proper time to get this year’s flu shot. He said he gets his “towards the middle or end of October.”

I learned something. The reason he gets it mid to late October is the flu shot only has roughly a six month life. He wants the shot to give him protection as far into the new year as possible.

Another I never knew is that Boston’s original name was not Boston. It was Shawmut Village. Indian derivation. The name was changed to Boston in October 1630.

I’m going to Boston sounds a lot more favorable than I’m going to Shawmut for the weekend.

I have another hospital test scheduled for this afternoon. I have been self-quarantined close to 200 days, except for doctor visits and hospital testing. Though I suspect I am getting a little stir crazy from the self-quarantine, the hospital tests are an absolute mental pain. It is always whether something will be found and the waiting a week to see the doctor again for the results.

Enjoy your day!





U.S. no longer #1 in the world.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof recently wrote an interesting article about where the U.S. ranks in certain matters worldwide. His simply stated response was the U.S. is no longer #1. He stated the U.S. was “#28! And dropping!”

Shocking? No. Realistic, yes.

Many U.S. citizens believe we are the best in the world in everything. Deluding themselves. Trump keeps telling us we are #1 in this and that. He deludes himself and in turn those who believe every word he says.

I want to share Kristof’s column with you.

Kristof begins: “Quality of life has dropped in America over the last decade…..risen almost everywhere else.”

He referred to the newest Social Progress Index. The index assessed 163 countries worldwide. The U.S., Brazil and Hungary are the only ones in which people are worse off today than in 2011 when the Index began.

Kristof quotes Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School: “It’s like we’re a developing country.”

Norway has the best quality of life worldwide. The U.S. ranks 28th. Even worse than 2011 when it ranked 19th.

There is only one area where the U.S. ranks #1: Quality of our universities.

Access to quality basic education. Nowhere as good as our universities. Here the U.S. ranks #91

The U.S. is #1 in medical technology, but #97 in access to quality health care.

The following hard to believe. However Kristof reports it as being the case:  U.S. children receive an education on par with children in Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

The majority of countries have lower homicide rates than the U.S. Also, lower traffic fatality rates.

A majority of countries also have better sanitation and internet access.

Discrimination. The U.S. ranks #100 in discrimination against minorities.

Kristof noted the most recent Index precedes Covid-19. He believes a post Covid study will reflect an exacerbated slide in America’s standing.

Kristof further believes the impact of coronavirus will affect health, longevity and education. Particularly in the U.S. and Brazil.

Problems leading to the present state of affairs pre-date Trump. The problems have festered under leaders of both parties. However, the downward trend has accelerated under Trump.

Kristof referred to Rising Distress and Design. Distress and despair are not observed in other advanced countries. Drugs, alcohol and suicide are “deaths of despair.” Due to dysfunction in the U.S., such problems will be replicated in the next generation.

Kristof views the coming November election much like the one in 1932. The U.S. deservedly rejected Hoover and gave Roosevelt an electoral mandate, including a flipped Senate. The groundwork was laid for the New Deal and the modern middle class.

The U.S. can accomplish positive ends as Roosevelt did. However the U.S. first needs to acknowledge the reality that we are on the wrong track.

Kristof concludes: “Wake up! We are no longer the country we think we are.”

Today a significant one in American history. On this day in 1787, the Constitution was signed.

Not all delegates signed the Constitution. Many refused because there was no Bill of Rights. One because the Constitution codified and protected slavery and the slave trade.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Maine wedding which got out of hand because of guest numbers and that such was causing persons not guests to the reception miles away to become infected.

Some numbers are available. All because of tracking.

Maine has a law permitting no more than 50 guests at a wedding reception. Guests numbered 65. Neither masks nor social distancing was required.

The toll as of yesterday 176 confirmed cases. Nine have died.

Tracking traced the virus as far away as 100 and 200 miles in a camp ground and jail respectively.

Federal judges are not helping. I recently wrote that appeals have to be accelerated time wise. Finally solving a problem 2 years from now no help where an immediate danger is involved. Another problem is the Constitution is supposed to be a living document. It moves with the times. Such was I taught in law school. No more. Especially where Republican judges are involved.

A Federal judge in an Albany, New York case found Cuomo’s 50 limit to a wedding reception unconstitutional.

Today, we learn of a new case. One involving restraint and Covid-19. A federal judge in Pennsylvania decided the State’s shut down orders were unconstitutional. The Governor’s order was that people should stay at home, ordered “non-life sustaining businesses” to close, and placed limits on public gatherings.

The judge ruled Governor Wolfe’s measures were “well intentioned,” but “good intentions toward a laudable end are not alone enough to uphold governmental action against a Constitutional challenge.’

The State is appealing.

A Key West protest this week. Thirty protesters met at the White Street Pier and moved on to City Hall protesting the City’s rule that masks must in effect be worn everywhere.

Signs were carried with messages such as Stop Criminalizing Local Businesses, My Body My Choice, and No Mask Mandate.

My question: Who organized these protesters? I submit they were nor merely good hearted serious citizens. I believe money and influence organizes these events.

Wearing masks in Key West coming up for a vote again soon. Bar owners have joined in the fight to get the no mask bill passed. To them, it has become a take no enemies situation.

Reminds me of the people back in May who protested in a similar fashion at the intersection of U.S. 1 and North Roosevelt Boulevard to take down the U.S. 1 barrier. Definitely organized by people of influence. One prominent Key West business person could be seen running around at the site.

Western States taking a major beating with the wildfires. In California, Oregon and Washington 5 million acres scourged.

Smoke a major danger. Especially over Portland and Seattle.

A physician on TV yesterday compared the heavy smoke inhalation to smoking 20 packs of cigarettes a day.

What is Trump doing to help? Looks like token assistance so far.

May Johnson has been doing  lot of sewing in recent days in 1896 Key West. Dresses, hats and belts.

Today is Everest’s birthday. Her “love.” No mention whether she sent him a gift, card or what. Maybe nothing? A strange romance.

Enjoy your day!


Dangerous Sally.

Now a Category 2 hurricane knocking the hell out of Louisiana. Never underestimate the power of a woman. Sally is behaving like the wrath of a woman scorned.

One problem, however. No one scorned Sally. She just up and took off. Now a wild woman beating up Louisiana and shortly several other states.

Sally came to everyone’s attention roughly 10 days ago. A small storm of the coast of Africa. Nothing to worry about. Probably would never take form. Weather people doubted it would even become a tropical storm.

A day or 2 later, might form. Not to worry, however. At best a tropical storm and would never hit the United States. It would turn north and blow itself out somewhere over the Atlantic.

Never turned. Kept coming. At one point, the cone coming straight over Key West.

Not to worry. Merely some wind and rain.

Then Sally started moving south. Looked like it was going to completely miss the Keys. Not so. The Keys were on the north edge of the cone. She would brush Key West. A bit of rain and some wind.

Sally was in no hurry. She lumbered along at her own speed.

Key West had 1 1/2 days of heavy rain, wind and lightning. The rain the worst. A record rainfall in one day: 11.3 inches. Previous record a mere 2.5 inches.

Sally is carrying a lot of water. And respectfully, pissing where ever she goes. Rain, rain, and more rain!

Sally turned into the Gulf and headed for Louisiana and Mississippi.

The word was she “might” become a Category 1 when she made landfall. Then upped to a 2.

Sally hit Louisiana as a Category 2.

Sally is beating up the land areas with rain. Big time rain! Which means big time flooding. Rainfall expected to be 9-16 inches. In some places, as high as 20 inches.

I share Sally with you once again because she impresses me. Very much so. Her starting off the coast of Africa as a bunch of wind that would probably not even form. Some weather people thought she would dissipate.

Sally fooled everyone! Typical female. She did what she wanted

I watched the Middle East Peace Accord signing at the White House today. Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain involved.

Trump is touting this signing as a major peace agreement that solves Middle East problems.

Once again, Trump misleads.

Peace in the Middle East requires the Palestinians. Palestinians not involved means in reality the agreement is insignificant.

The real problem has been the Palestinians and Israelites. Other Arabs already like each other.

Israel was not a party to the agreement, did not attend the ceremony, and said in effect the agreement did nothing to bring peace to the Middle East.

The Peace Agreement of no value for 2 reasons. The first the absence of the Palestinians. The other if it were so important, why were the UAE and Bahrain represented by their foreign ministers as opposed to their Presidents?

Trump made a big deal of the signing. Smiling broadly. It was his show. He took credit for “bring the parties together.”

Trump’s tongue hangs out for the Nobel Peace Prize.

I was discussing with a friend on Skype Catholic education. Brought to mind my high school days.

A few years back I wrote an article concerning the experience and influence it had o me.

Elizabeth Ann Bayley was born August 28, 1774. To a wealthy family. She was the founder of the Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph. Some warm reflections from those days. My teenage days. High school. The Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph taught me. Henceforth to be referred to as Sisters of Charity.

Utica Catholic Academy.

My high school was in Utica, NY. Stood in the back of a large lot next to St. John’s Church on John Street.

The building tiny. Three stories high. The height larger than the width of the building.

Today, the school is gone. The land the school stood on a parking lot for St. John’s Church.

The heads of Sisters of Charity were capped with big white head coverings. Looked like wings. Body attire, dark blue ankle length dresses. Tied around their waists, extremely large and heavy appearing rosary beads.

The Sisters lived in an old Victorian building one block away. Today, a deserted lot.

The Sisters were excellent teachers. Disciplinarians. In teaching and personal matters. A sister would not hesitate storming into the boys’ bathroom if she thought there was smoking going on.

I got caught. On more than one occasion. Learned from one nun as she twisted my ear: The cigarette is a dirty weed and from it the Devil doth proceed.

Didn’t do much good. I smoked for many years.

One of the nuns had a distinct impact on my life. Sister Gertrude. A short stout elderly woman. A craggy beautiful face.

She discovered my love for history. Did everything to encourage it. She is also the reason I went to Manhattan College. She pushed Manhattan. Her cousin was a Christian Brother and Director of Athletics.

Latin was required in high school. I took three years. Thought it was stupid, but Sister Gertrude insisted. During my life time, I discovered those three years of Latin did more for me than any course I studied at any age.

Elizabeth Ann Bayley was born an Episcopalian. Married at 19. Became known as Elizabeth Seton. Bore 5 children. Her husband died ten years after their marriage.

Elizabeth was broke. Her husband had become ill some time before he died. Their money was gone. The family was stuck in Italy where they had gone believing the Italian weather would be good for her husband’s health.

Some Catholic Italian friends helped. She was impressed with their kindness and charity. Studied the Catholic religion. Became a Catholic.

Catholicism was neither popular nor respected in those days. Even her Episcopalian family deserted her.

Elizabeth returned to the United States. The Baltimore area. She became involved with helping the poor and needy. Especially women.

She founded the first Catholic school in the United States. Turned out to be the beginning of the parochial school system in the United States.

A group of women flocked to Elizabeth to assist her in the good works being performed. Elizabeth felt they should become an established nunnery order within the Catholic church. She pursued and accomplished the goal. Elizabeth founded the first female apostolic community in the United States. The Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph.

In 1975, the Pope recognized her commitment and success to humanity. She was ordained a Saint of the Catholic Church. The first American born to be so honored.

Enjoy your day!


Amazon…..future here today.

Coronavirus has changed the way we live in many respects. One, the way we shop.

Prior to the virus, many shopped over the internet. Ordering and delivery quick.

With so many self quarantining and others reluctant to go out often, internet ordering has significantly increased. It has become the wave of the day.

Convenient without question. I have been self-quarantined 190 plus days. From ordering nothing over the internet prior to the virus, I now order everything. When the virus passes, I will continue to do so. I like quick order shopping!

Amazon perhaps the most successful company in internet sales. Amazon was before the virus and is even more so today.

Amazon’s faith that the game of shopping will continue is contained in Amazon’s recent announcement. Amazon announced it was hiring 100,000 new full and part time employees in the U.S. and Canada this month. All jobs will pay at least $15 per hour.

Amazon further announced 100 new buildings will open to assist in operations such as fulfillment centers, delivery stations, and sorting centers.

Amazon’s announcement also included a list of available jobs and cities where located.

No screwing around! The way to get things done!

Sally is having a field day. Still only a tropical storm, it is slow moving. Has not reached Louisiana and Mississippi yet. In about 2 days.

Rain a big problem. I reported yesterday Key West had 9 1/2 inches of rain as Sally slowly moved over. A record. Hard to believe.

Record rainfall is going to happen in Louisiana and Mississippi. Projected at 9-16 inches. In some places, as much as 20 inches.

Sally will only be a Category 1 when it makes landfall. Yet will do immense flooding damage.

Trump and Netanyahu are buddies. Close. Two bullies. Birds of a feather. Enamored with each other.

Israel is experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases. Netanyahu is ordering a 3 week country wide shutdown. Everything!

Can you see Trump doing any such thing?

Netanyahu placed Israel in a shutdown this past spring. Helped. However as Netanyahu now admits, he opened the schools and businesses too soon. Then allowed the virus to spread unchecked.

Trump never ordered a country wide shut down. He lacked the courage to do it. Concerned the American people would be against it and him as a result.

As we have learned from past experiences, if a leader shares a plight with his people they can handle it.

Trump passed the buck. Left it to the states to decide and then criticized them if they did the right thing.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadian snowbirds spend their winters in Florida. They are not coming this year. Their fear of coronavirus the primary reason. A secondary one is they are waiting for the U.S./Canadian border to open.

NBC and MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt is a brilliant news commentator.

Her talent continues to be recognized by her employers. Commencing September 21, she will host the 5 am lead in show to Morning Joe. The show will be titled Way Too Early.

Congratulations to Kasie on her promotion. She has been moving rapidly up the ladder. Only 35 years old.

Immigrants more than 100 years ago did not have the assistance provided today to those entering the U.S. for the first time.

I read yesterday the story of an Italian immigrant family in 1900. The mother fed her family for years from livestock and vegetables raised on her property. She did not know her husband’s checks had to be cashed.

Many do not wear masks because the President does not. Many do not social distance because the President does not.

Many look to the President for leadership. Direction. Trump fails to provide it. As a result, they do as Trump does. Ignore the law. Sort of if it’s good for the President, it’s good enough for us.

Trump has been campaigning in Nevada the past few days.

Nevada has a 50 person limit for gatherings. Several of Trump’s rallies had to be cancelled or moved. Nevada’s law also providesthat peaceful protests are exempt. Trump came up with labeling his rallies peaceful protests and continued his rallies.

No respect for rules. If he has no respect, his people will not. Such is the case.

There was a peaceful protest in a warehouse in Henderson, Nevada over the weekend. Henderson and the warehouse had to be because Trump was denied permission to held his rally in 5 other places that had the 50 percent limit.

A good sized crowd. However one that in no way filled the warehouse.

Masks. The crowd seated behind Trump all wore masks. Planned. The larger crowd to the front wore no masks.

No distancing either behind or in front of Trump.

I don’t know how large the warehouse is. However, the people to the front were crowded in the front rows.

A camera caught the scene for a brief moment. Looked like at least 70 percent of the warehouse to Trump’s front was row after row of empty seats. A camera caught the absence for a brief second.

Donald is unhappy about coronavirus reports emanating from the CDC which contradict positions Trump has taken or intends to take. Trump has ordered the CDC to filter reports first through his people. He wants the reports scrutinized from my perspective to prevent the truth from being disclosed.

Hiding the truth nothing new with Trump’s administration.

One of Trump’s buddies is Roger Stone. Recall he pardoned Stone after Stone was convicted. A few days before Stone was to enter jail.

Stone said yesterday that Trump should declare martial law if he loses the election.

Trump mentioned over the weekend he thought he was entitled to a third term. He assumes he will win a second term.

William Hackley’s baby apparently has mended. Hackley wrote in his diary on this day in 1855: “Babe is three months old today and is quite well, weighs 14 pounds.”

I wish he would tell us the name of the baby. Is it Babe?

Enjoy your day!



Sad stories, sorrow seem to permeate our lives in recent times.

Today’s involves a family caught in the Oregon wildfire.

Watt Tofte was 13 years old. His grandmother Peggy Mosso 71.

To avoid the flames, they jumped in a car. The fire fighters found their remains. Young Watt with his dog sitting in his lap. Peggy in the driver’s seat. Very little left of the three.

Angela, Watt’s mother  and Peggy’s daughter, saw them in the burning car. She tried to help. She was badly burned. Remains in critical condition.

Chris Tofte is Angela’s husband, Chris’ father, and Peggy’s son in law.

When a break occurred in the fire, Chris was driving down a road looking for his family. He saw a badly burned woman walking along the road. He stopped. He did not recognize the woman. He told her he was looking for his wife and son.

“I am your wife.”

Sally a surprise! Sally the tropical storm that was over Key West all day and night yesterday. Sally still with us this morning with an occasional rainfall.

Early morning, I went on the porch. Everything was calm. It is true…..The calm before the storm. Seen it before. No wind. Leaves not moving. Neither hot nor cold. I thought the day might be a difficult one.

The rain came down over a long period of time. Sally took breaks. Big time lightning accompanied the storm. Constant wind gusts.

Sally was to pass Key West on her northern side. It did. However Sally took a rest. Did not move as fast for a while. And unloaded herself on Key West.

The reason so much water, etc. dumped on Key West is that the wind power moving Sally was coming up from the south. Key West was on the northern side of the storm towards where the wind rain was pushing through.

Note Sally merely a tropical depression. Not even a hurricane.

Big time flooding! The news says it was a record rainfall. Nine and one half inches in one day. The previous high was 2 1/2 inches. A biggie!

Everything flooded.

My street. Street and sidewalks under water. Water came up to the first step of the porch.

I heard a lot of yelling and screaming. I went on the porch to see what was happening. Four kids, under 10, were swimming and playing in the street. Bathing suits and all.

Lisa’s home on Duncan almost flooded. The water came up to the lip of her entrance. Another inch and the first floor would have had water throughout.

People were walking barefoot on Duval. Someone kayaking at Duval and Front Streets. Driving next to impossible.

Sally moving again. On her way to Louisiana where it is expected she will be a Category 1 when she makes landfall.

Though rarely, storms sometimes sit for a few days over an area. Recall Dorian.

I remember another tropical storm 10-12 years ago. Forget its name.

It came and sat over Key West for a week.

My house was boarded up. Sandbags at the driveway entrance and front of the house, also. A small door left unboarded at the back of the house. My only way in and out.

Electric power went. Dark for several days. I had flashlights and candles. That’s it. No TV. Reading sucked. I recall thinking at the time it had to be impossible for Abraham Lincoln to have studied law by candle light.

Got a break on the fourth day. The eye was over us. Calm. I met Lisa and family at Jack Flats for a sandwich. Then home before the eye finished passing over us.

I mentioned Chuck Yeager and Orville Wright yesterday. Yeager was a World War II ace. Shot down 12 German planes, 5 in one day. He also flew in Vietnam.

My sister Joan called me last night. Her now deceased former husband Major George McCarty was Yeager’s wing man in Vietnam.

A special fund was established years ago to pay the medical bills of 9/11 first responders. The Treasury Department controlled expenditures. Or at least was supposed to.

It was discovered this past week that since 2017 millions of dollars were sent somewhere by Treasury. Not to pay the bills of the first responders  No one knows where it went.

I wrote in a 2018 blog that trillions could not be accounted for in the Department of Defense/Pentagon budgets.

The 2016 “lost dollars” were discovered by the Inspector General. Totaled $6.5 trillion.

We never heard anything more about it.

In 2018, Ernst and Young and other private firms were hired to audit the books of the Department of Defense.

Ernest and Young reported they could not complete the audit. Their report indicated the records were riddled with so many bookkeeping deficiencies, irregularities, and errors that a reliable audit was impossible. Trillions involved again, though actual number could not be ascertained.

I suspected at the time that a significant portion had been paid to Afghanistan warlords. Also that money might be changing hands as part of military-industrial complex activities.

Oh, the miss spending of government!

Those responsible get away with it. Contrasted with the 90 percent who are in economic straights. Steal a buck and go to jail!

Poor Syracuse! My Syracuse! Lost to North Carolina 31-6.

Syracuse could have won. Blew it in the last quarter. Syracuse was down 7-3 at half time. Still in the game. Ten-six at the end of the 3rd quarter. Still looking good. Note North Carolina was a 22 point favorite.

The fourth quarter a disaster. North Carolina scored 3 touchdowns for 21 points. Syracuse none.

I suspect a tough season ahead.

May Johnson’s diary entry for this day in 1896 gives an indication how dating was back then.

May wrote: “Mr. E asked me if we wouldn’t all come down to the boat tomorrow. I said yes if Mrs. Irene could go, he was mad because I wanted a chaperone, said it wasn’t necessary, he don’t know Key West people.”

Enjoy your Sunday!


“They died together holding hands and walked into Heaven holding hands.” Words spoken by the son of a couple who recently died from coronavirus.

Johnny and Cathy Darlene Peoples were married 48 years. Resided in Rowan County, North Carolina. A close union. One son, 9 grandchildren.

They died within 4 minutes of each other holding hands.

They came down with coronavirus at the same time. Immediately into intensive care. Died 30 days later.

They were in separate rooms. The nurses knew death was imminent for both. Wheeled the wife’s bed into her husbands room. Placed the beds next to each other. Joined their hands together.

The husband died first. The wife 4 minutes later.

Their son said, “They died together holding hands and walked into Heaven holding hands.”

God could not have planned it better.

Wildfires have been destroying California and parts of Oregon and Washington for 3 weeks. Trump has basically ignored the 3 states. No federal aid for the natural disaster so far has been authorized by the President.

Some reporters suggest it is Trump getting even with California and its Governor Newsom. The reasons appear twofold. Newsom has been critical of Trump’s handling of the pandemic and California is a Democratic state that undoubtedly will vote for Biden in November.

Trump’s attitude appears to be why should I help them if they’re not going to help me. He forgets that once elected, he is President of ALL the people.

This is the third consecutive year California has had to endure these wildfires. Experts already are saying this year’s is the third worst ever. If it continues as it is, might end up the worst.

Trump says California fails to care for the forests as they should. He says, “You gotta clean your floor…..sweep the ground.” In other words, sweep up the branches and leaves on the ground.

Experts do not agree with Trump. The problem is climate caused, they say. The last 3 summers in California have been unusually hot. This year the summer heat the worst. Some days 120-130 degrees.

No rain, of course. The trees got dry. Heat in the high temperature levels causes lightning. Big time multiple lightning strikes. The lightning sparks the dry trees. Such the cause of the fires.

More raking is not going to solve the problem.

Finland had wildfire problems in past years. They were able to solve it. Trump spoke with Finland’s President and shared his theory that the unraked ground was the cause. Trump said Finland’s President said the same thing caused the Finland fires. They raked and no more fires.

Finland’s President issued a statement saying he had said no such thing to Trump.

An interesting side point is that most of California’s forests are federally managed. Trump may not be aware. I am sure the feds have neither raked or swept the woodlands they manage.

Governor Cuomo deserves much credit. He brought what was an out of control coronavirus epidemic under control. Conceded, Cuomo at first did not recognize the danger involved. He quickly learned however and took control.

New York is in great shape.This is he 4th consecutive week that the coronavirus infection rate is under one percent. Seven tenths of a point in the City and nine tenths of a point in the State.

Cuomo attacked the virus with a vengeance. He went to war. Not in words. Actually. Got the job done.

Trump talks a good game and accomplishes nothing, unless you consider 193,000 dead so far success.

The comments to this blog are a story unto themselves. I have some very astute intelligent readers and some much less than. They all write. Argue with each other.

I love it!

Some days the comments are more interesting than my blog.

A comment last week brought to my attention that Chuck Yeager and Orville Wright had met. How could it be, I thought. Orville and Wilbur flew for the first time in 1903. Yeager a World War II ace who was the first to break the sound barrier.

Turns out Orville lived to 1948.

They were together on two instances. For lunch at a 1945 air show. Then again sometime between the end of World War II and 1948 when Orville died.

It is said Orville was impressed that Yeager had broken the sound barrier. Amazing! Yeager had to be impressed that Orville and his brother built and flew the first airplane.

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Before some of you get your dander up, the words are not mine. They are however those of another Catholic. Catherine O’Neill.

O’Neill is the President of Catholics for Trump, an authorized Trump campaign committee. She is the daughter of the major Trump donor George O’Neill, Jr. He is the one who helped connect Russian spy Maria Butina to prominent Republican leaders, including at events surrounding the National Prayer Breakfast.

Catherine O’Neil recently tweeted: “You cannot be Catholic and be a Democrat — pass it on.”

As in the United States and many other countries, there is a political split within the Catholic Church. Right and liberal. The right mostly far right. Conservative to the extreme.

They would rather concern themselves with selecting Supreme Court Justices than feeding the poor and caring for the needy.

A member of the Trump Campaign Committee recently said, “You’ve got a non-Catholic in Donald Trump who’s delivering on Catholic social teaching and principles.”

He deludes himself.

I am opposed to religion’s participation in government. Religion belongs in churches and not Washington.

What happened to Jesus’ words that there is room for everyone in my Father’s house?

The hero of the Catholic right and Evangelists is Trump. What about the Tenth Commandment? Thou shalt not kill. How can Trump’s responsibility for the death of thousands in the coronavirus scandal not affect even Republican judgments?

The opening prayer at the recent Republican Convention was given by New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan. He did not belong there. A priest with much fewer credentials fine. However not one the leaders of the Catholic Church in the U.S.

The Catholic Bishops in America is located in Washington, D.C. From which it lobbies for their beliefs. My problem is their beliefs are not that of all Catholics. I don’t think even half. What the group lobbies for is not consistent with my beliefs.

The Catholic right is opposed to Pope Francis. They are trying to take him down. The Catholic Bishops group among those trying.

On the Board of O’Neill’s Catholics for Trump sits Newt Gingrich. A minor player in politics today. A wannabe who seeks the power he had 30 years ago. Gingrich’s wife is the U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican. So appointed by Trump.

Neither friends of Francis.

Catholics for Trump do not support Francis’ Papacy either. On the organization’s website is a letter penned by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the discredited former Papal Nuncio to the U.S. who previously called for Francis’ resignation. The Archbishop is widely heralded by many right wing Catholics as leading the resistance to Francis’ Papacy.

Lurking in the background is Steve Bannon. He wants to upset the established Catholic government and replace it with a new one. He seeks the dumping of Francis also.

Trump beams. The Catholic Church supports me! He says he is the best President the Catholic Church has ever had.

Excuse my repetitiveness. I oppose any religion’s intrusion into or active participation in government. It could lead to a modern day Spanish Inquisition. Don’t say no. Did you ever think we would have a President like Trump?

Today is a solemn one in American history. Represents a modern day attack on American citizens on American shores.

September 11, 2001.

It could happen again. World wide every country is mad at us. Especially China, North Korea and Iran. China and North Korea are capable of dropping ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads on our cities. I question whether we have the defensive capacity to thwart those missiles.

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Earlier this week when Trump’s “losers” and “suckers” came out re the military, I did not think there was anything worse that Trump could say or do.

I was wrong! Big time! Sixty to eighty thousand deaths worth.

Trump knew early on concerning the dangerous and deadly aspects of coronavirus. Instead, he told us the virus was nothing, would pass, “was going to disappear,” and would “all work out fine.”

His silence and malfeasance in handling this monstrous problem has resulted in thousands of deaths. For which he is solely responsible!

It is fortunate Bob Woodward was permitted to tape his meetings with Trump. No way Trump can lie his way out of this one.

Carl Bernstein wrote that what occurred was the “greatest Presidential felony.” Too bad Trump cannot be indicted for negligence or something similar for his failure to make us aware and for the lies he told.

It is absolutely amazing! Trump knew weeks before the first confirmed U.S. death that coronavirus was “more deadly” than the flu. Instead of being truthful with the American people, he played it down publicly.

His excuse for not telling was he did not want to “panic” the American people. He kept the knowledge.

The experts say that if Trump had warned us in early February, a strict shutdown, consistent messaging to wear masks and social distancing, could have been imposed nationally. Thousands of Americans who died from the virus would still be alive. Instead, he sent many Americans blindly to their deaths.

If a stimulus bill does come out this week, it will not contain the $1,200 stimulus as the last major bill did. It will however protect corporations/employers against workers compensation claims for employees injured on the job because of the virus. Coverage is remotely possible under a number of conditions which will be for most impossible to have complied with.

A mangling of workers compensation laws.

This day a big one in my lifetime experience. September 10. Irma hit the Keys Septembr 10, 2017.

Taught me respect for nature. Gave me the opportunity to experience the goodness of people.

Thank God for Jean and Joe Thornton who housed me for 12 days in their home in Birmingham. Me and several other evacuees from the storm.

In recent years, I have concluded that China had moved way ahead of the U.S. militarily. China also swiped one of our biggest businesses. Recall Trump said he would stop American companies from moving to foreign shores.

The Chinese company Haier bought General Electric in 2016. Manufacturing is still done in the U.S. However, GE’s home office is in China.

In a Miami Herald article yesterday, the paper asked where did all the tourists go? The paper’s answer: Over the weekend, they were in the Keys.

Terrific. Brought their coronavirus germs to us. Partied. Had a good time. Left not appreciating what they had done.

All because public officials from Trump down suck up to businesses. Especially bar and restaurant owners. They either failed to pass protective laws, or enforce the laws already passed.

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