Recognition of a job well done is always welcome. Especially to the young on the verge of college and preparation for lifetime careers

Grandson Robert, 12 other of his class mates, and production teacher Ed Smith are deserving of acclaim for a recent recognition. One which installs pride in everyone concerned. And I must admit, special pride in Papa for grandson Robert’s part in what has recently been announced.

The Key West High School provides as part of its curriculum broadcasting and film making. The school operates Conch 5 Studios as part of the program.

Key West High School has been advised of its selection for participation in the world’s largest high school film festival. Nine films and the 13 students who produced the videos. Robert is one of the students.

The event is the All-American High School Film Festival. It will be held in New York City October 8-10. The 13 students will be in New York and a part of the event. The films will be screened, judged and narrowed to a few finalists.

The event and Key West High School’s designation a big deal. A very big deal. Production teacher Ed Smith said, “I was shocked, proud and blown away as a teacher.”

The high school was last selected for the program in 2017.

The 9 submissions cover categories ranging from short films to action sport videos.

The Festival’s “official selection” is one of the highest honors a high school video production team can earn. There is a recognition award one step higher. Becoming a Festival finalist. A small selection of the films are honored as being the “best of the best” in each category.

The New York City screenings also provide students with the opportunity to network, college recruiting opportunities, and a chance for students to earn some scholarship money.

The competition is a David and Goliath one as far as Key West High School is concerned. There are many schools who might be described as affluent. Which translates into up to date equipment.

Not the case with Key West, however. Key West’s most recently acquired equipment dates back to 2017. Some even before.

Not a problem for the Key West team. Heart, hard work and dedication make up for those years and the aged equipment.

Specifically as to the trip, fundraising the first step. Money is needed to send the the 13 to New York City, hotel, feed them, etc. The recognition and festival not part of the high school’s budget. So please dig deep and provide some help.

Donations are being gladly accepted. Contact Ed Smith at for information.

Students are working at financing the trip. A car wash and outdoor movie event.

Both will be held at the Key West High School Backyard.

My cup runneth over when it comes to the pride Robert provides me.

Robert came into the world with a bit of difficulty. He was born with cancer of the liver. Within the first 8 days of his life, he had two major surgeries at Miami Children’s Hospital. He was followed for a number of years thereafter.

Fortunately, he recovered and the problem is well behind him.

Personally, the best way to describe Robert is he is simply a good kid. His parents and sister are proud of him, as I am proud of him.

He did well as a student in Montessori. Now a senior in high school, he has continued to do well academically. His weighted index is 4.239. He is 30th in a class of 300.

Robert has been into tennis. Big time. Practiced almost every day for a number of years. His consistency worked out. He has been a member the Key West High School tennis team 4 years and All-County 2 years.

Robert’s eye was on college and playing at that level. A given.

Then he got into the broadcasting and filming courses at the high school. He is gung ho about the programs and plans on continuing their study at the college level. I suspect tennis may take a back seat.

He has participated in several broadcast/filming competitions while in high school. Single or with a partner. Success has been his. He has been first, second or third in several.

I am obviously enamored with my grandson. The way I look at it, he payed his dues early in life. May he continue to succeed and may God provide him with a happy and long life.

Enjoy your day!


Jobs available for many today. Not taken. Many eligible for the American work force do not want to work. The American dream is no longer within their reach. Work, yes. Deeper in debt, yes. Making it almost impossible to get ahead.

The American dream is now reserved for the wealthy. Those already wealthy. The economy only works for those already in the top ten percent.

Many have come to believe there is no longer a reward for hard work. No sense to developing a good employment track record to push one up the ladder of success. The ticket to the middle class no longer being available.

Work is viewed as a dead end. The house, car, family, college educations, etc. merely a dream. Costs rising faster than income.

Some believe a theory I cannot subscribe to: Stress of overwork breaks down physical and mental health. I am from the old school. Hard work never hurt anyone. Success is the reward of hard work. Those who believe this not working bullshit for the reasons set forth are on the wrong track. Perhaps even lazy.

Three polls taken last week indicate fewer than one third of Americans want to see Rose v. Wade overturned.

A dear friend died monday. Sherwood Boehlert. He was 85.

Sherry was my Congressman for 24 years. Always available to help. A telephone call away.

Sherry was a moderate Republican. He became a leader of the moderate wing in Congress when his party was in power. He became Chairman of one of the more powerful Committees.

I have not seen him in years. When he retired from Congress, he moved to Washington, D.C. I retired and moved to Key West.

Sherry was not typical of today’s Congressional Republican. Far from it. There should be more on both sides of aisle today like him.

May he rest in peace.

Confucius say: “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Which indicates to me parental guidance in recent years not what it used to be.

Anti-vaccine persons exist world wide. Stupidity seems to permeate society everywhere. Insurgency, also.

Australia for example.

Constriction workers are required to be vaccinated. If not, they cannot work.

Monday a violent protest occurred in front of a union headquarters in Melbourne. Harsh.

The cries of the protesters were “Freedom” and “Fuck the job!”

One oddity. Those protesting were not union members. They were “far right extremists…..heavily infiltrated by neo-Nazis and other right wing extremist groups.”

It’s the same all over!

Karl Bohank has been a meteorologist for 33 years. He was Michigan’s WLUC-TV weather man.

His broadcasting company mandated all employees had to be vaccinated. He refused and quit.

Bohank said, “Personal freedom should be paramount…..We are being bludgeoned with fear… an effort to control us.”

He quoted Thomas Jefferson from the Declaration of Independence: “When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”

Everyone has a right to think as they wish. They must however be prepared to suffer the consequences. As Bohank was. What I can’t understand is how an apparently well educated man could neither see nor understand the value of the vaccine to himself and the rest of his community.

Children are being placed in jeopardy by parents who do not believe in the vaccine or mask wearing. Parents placing their children in danger’s path.

A newly instituted lawsuit in Federal Court in Albany, New York, exemplifies the stupidity of parents merely as to the mask wearing requirement. Nine children and five parents are named as plaintiffs in the suit.

The purpose of the suit is to lift a mask wearing mandate from school children.

The basis of their claim is mandated mask wearing violates children’s first amendment rights, and causes them physical, psychological and sociological harm.

Quoting from the Complaint follows.

“The masks have made the children sick, stunted their intellectual and social growth and most importantly violated their freedom of speech and association.”

“While the virus may no longer be fatal to our health, it poses an existential danger to our liberty.”

“Our kids are suffering in these masks; they can’t breathe in these masks, they’re uncomfortable. Our kids have not seen a smile in school in over a year.”

Stupid parents. Forrest Gump comes into play again: “You can’t fix stupid.”

Enjoy your day!



My best selling book was Irma and Me. I liked the juxtaposition of the name. The subject and Louis.

The same here.

Telephones have impacted my life. Actually, all our lives. Most are unaware what  telephone communication was way back when. Beginning for me before World War II.

Enjoy this brief recollection.

I was born in 1935.

In the late 1930’s and into the first part of the 1940’s, our phone was the corner grocer. No one had telephones, except business people. The grocer took calls for the block.

If a call came for my father, the grocer (his name was Frank) would go out on the street and shout….Tell John he has a call! Someone would transfer the message to my Dad or to another neighbor to relate.

Then we got our own telephone. A four party line. Meant four homes had the same line. If you picked up and heard talking, you hung up till the line was free.

We graduated to a two party line.

Then the time came when the only line was ours. We had a single party line. A private phone.

A big deal!

Cell phones did not make an appearance till my mid law practice years. They were big and cumbersome.

The phones got smaller. I recall the flip top.

I am absolutely amazed that my telephone today is in effect a computer. I can do everything with it.

Only took 86 years.

When I am gone, will anyone remember? People find it hard to fit yesterday into today.

Tonight my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Nine my time. A fast moving half hour. I recount my likes and dislikes of the previous week.

Join me. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

What is most interesting is all I need to do Tuesday Talk is a telephone. My land line telephone. You listen via the internet.

Enjoy your day!


What a country we live in! People don’t want to be inoculated with the vaccine. Ok, we’ll put it in their food.

Salads the dish of choice. Specifically, spinach and lettuce.

The National Science Foundation gave a $500,000 grant to the University of California-Riverside. Researchers have been charged with growing edible plants that carry the same medication as an mRNA vaccine.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Somehow before we are done, everyone will receive the vaccine.

The Ivermectin craze is hurting horse owners. Shelves in feed stores are bare. The farmers have an insufficient supply of the deworming product. Their horses are suffering.

An anonymous commenter brought to my attention the story of Dusty and Tristan Graham, also known as the Alabama Pickers.

The story so interesting it prompted me to research the issue of COVID deaths further. There is a website specifically limited to those who were anti-vaccine, refused to be inoculated, and died.

Oh, so many.

The site is The post again is dedicated to those who publicly opposed the COVID vaccination and subsequently died from the disease.

Dusty and Tristan Graham refused to receive the shots. Their work took them all over Alabama. They posted a video on their YouTube channel to such effect.  The video confirmed they would never get vaccinated: “We are ALIVE and still Reselling on eBay.”

A few days after the posting, they both came down with the virus and were hospitalized. They died within 3 weeks of each other.

Before becoming afflicted they wrote, the vaccine is “technically not a vaccine.”

We all mourn any person’s death. Those who invite death by failing to get the shots invite their demise. My commenter properly wrote, “COVID is fixing stupid every day.”

The biggest hospital system in Indiana is Indiana University Health. The hospital system has 36,000 employees. The hospital instituted a vaccine mandate. One hundred twenty five refused and left their employment. A small number compared to the overall 36,000 employees. Most of the 125 were part time employees.

I share the Indiana hospital’s numbers for a specific reason. Most if not all similar situations I have read about had a larger number of staff departing. In this case, an insignificant number. Why this Indiana hospital and few if other institutions?

I close with a Donald Trump comment.

This past weekend, the “Justice for the J6” rally was scheduled at the Capitol. Projection was only 700 would show. In the end, 200 did. The media suggests the low number indicates Trump’s popularity is waning. I am not sure, though I would hope so.

Trump commented prior to the rally: “My heart is with those standing with the rioters.” He added at another point in the comment: The January 6 protest concerned “the rigged Presidential election.”

He will never give up!

Enjoy your day!


My sympathies are with the residents of Santa Clara Condominiums. What has befallen them is humorous, ridiculous and sad.

Santa Clara is a 111 unit condominium building. The City of Key West recently found it deficient and worn out in many respects. In need of significant repairs. The City has warned if steps not soon taken to correct the problems, it will condemn the building.

The condominium owners each face an increase in their monthly assessments to make a pool from which to pay for the repairs. The increase will begin November 1. The amount anywhere from $7,000 to $11,000 per month.

If condo owners are without funds, they will have to borrow the increases.

I doubt any of those living at Santa Clara can afford that kind of money. Reasons not warranted. The money and conditions in Key West cannot stand a hit of this magnitude.

Santa Clara condo owners are not sufficiently independently wealthy to handle such sums. Were they, they would not be residing in Santa Clara. They would be living in Truman Annex, the Casa Marina area, and perhaps even Sunset Key.

I hurt for them.

Rents in Key West keep rising. As if there were no limits. Which is the problem. There are not. Landlords are not bound by limits or caps.

Rents skyrocketing. In a market where too few apartments have been built and affordable housing is scarce. Houses rather than apartments are being constructed. Such is the market today in what many describe as the Keys “housing boom.”

South Florida overall is becoming the nation’s worst place to rent.

I do not have the Key West numbers. However I share with you what I was able to find. Since the first of the year, Palm Beach rentals have risen 21 percent, Fort Lauderdale 16.1 percent, and Miami 11.6 percent.

Wages obviously have not kept track with the increases.

It is well established that “landlords will do whatever they want because they know that people need a place to live.”

The situation is “getting worse.”

Florida laws protect landlords, not tenants. Landlords have broad discretion  to raise rents as they see fit.

Florida laws prevent local governments from establishing rental price controls. With one exception: Unless there is “a housing emergency so grave as to constitutes a severe menace to the general public.” The “crisis” must first be determined to be factual. Then an election is required to get an ordinate passed for any rent control to come into play. A step worse. The election is a yearly one. A new vote each year to keep the program going.

Florida is fraught with all kinds of problems. Healthcare another, for example. South Florida is #1 in healthcare fraud nationally. Rip offs costing Medicare and insurance companies billions of dollars a year.

The new healthcare field of telemedicine leads. Closely followed by substance abuse and COVID-19 programs.

The numbers tell the story. South Florida accounts for 20 percent of healthcare fraud nationally. Such having assisted in making Florida referred to in the medical field as the “healthcare fraud capital of the world.”

Recent 9/11 observances brought to mind a conversation a month later. I was having dinner at the Yacht Club. Terri and Donna were my guests.

Part of our conversation involved 9/11.

Terri never ceases to amaze me. She told us she lived near the 9/11 area at the time. Her neighborhood was affected for months. Grocery and drug stores were non-existent in the neighborhood after the tragedy. Many elderly resided in the area.

Terri organized with the police a system for getting food and drugs to those in need. She spent 2 1/2 months doing it. She received a plaque and commendation afterwards for her efforts.

An unusual experience yesterday. I lunched at the Eaton Street Fish Market.

I was required to be out for a doctor’s visit. Figured I would grab a bite while out. The Eaton Street Fish Market has been around for about 10 years. An excellent reputation. Especially for lobster rolls. Maine lobster rolls.

I figured why not? It’s about time I tried the place. I love Maine lobster rolls.

The Market is in a former gas station. Well done inside and out. Seating outside in shady areas.

I bought the large lobster roll. $30. Worth every penny!

Try the place. I plan on going back. It was that good.

Enjoy your day!


Something is happening. Nothing getting better. Coronavirus seems to be winning.

As with many states, Idaho has been compelled to expand health care rationing. COVID-19 is straining Idaho’s hospital system.

It was announced yesterday Idaho is taking drastic steps because of the overwhelming impact the virus is having on its hospitals. Hospitals cannot handle the deluge of cases.

The hospitals now have a new “standard of care.” ICU beds and other limited resources will go first to those likely to survive. Illnesses not limited to the virus. Includes any that might normally need ICU care. Heart attack victims, auto accidents injured, etc.

Reminds me of the scene in Sophie’s Choice where Jews came off teh railroad cars at a concentration There was an officer stting in front. Each person appeared before him. With a nod of his face, he decided which wee to go to the gas chambers and which to would live to work in factories. Health the determining factor.

Note that only 40 percent of Idaho’s people have been vaccinated.

Alaska and Montana have similar programs in effect.

Massachusetts’s problem at the moment because of COVID is school bus drivers. The National Guard has been activated to help.

Those school bus drives not vaccinated or who refuse to be vaccinated have been discharged. Left the school bus system with an insufficient number of drivers.

What next? Changes similar to those taking place in Idaho and Massachusetts will soon become dramatic statewide burdens if a significant number of employees continue refusing to be vaccinated.

The insanity of bucking vaccinations cannot be more clearly evidenced than by the number of States vowing to fight Biden’s vaccination mandate. Twenty seven Republican governors and attorney generals have vowed to fight the mandates.

The States are bucking Biden’s order that over 80 million private employees not vaccinated be vaccinated or receive weekly testing. Otherwise, their employers will be fined.

Governor DeSantis should be pleased. Florida’s COVID death numbers have now passed 50,000. The man is a grim reaper.

DeSantis refused to release certain death numbers several months ago, giving no explanation. Now he begins again what he should have continued doing. His good or bad track numbers something the public has a right to know.

For information purposes, Florida’s significant numbers for last week evidenced 2,448 deaths and over 100,000 new cases.

DeSantis could be Trump’s successor. Both demented and calloused.

One final item re Florida and the virus. It appears parents’ rights are more important than children’s lives.

Mention made in this morning’s Citizen that 2 of William Hackley’s children had teeth removed this day in 1856. Raised my curiosity as to whether false teeth in some form were available at the time so people could walk around without gaping holes in their mouths.

Turns out there was.

History reveals false teeth were first used by Etruscans in the 700 B.C.’s. The teeth were made from a combination of human and animal teeth.

Etruscans disappeared in the 700’s and with them false teeth. False teeth had to wait to the 1700’s A.D. to return.

Now to 1856 and Hackley’s daughters.

False teeth were available. Initially in the decade, false teeth made from human and animal ones were back in vogue. Then vulcinite. Hardened rubber was used as a bass for porcelain teeth.

Trump accused General Milley this week of treason. He who could be labeled one of the most treasonous persons in American history.

Key West is unquestionably unique. Dances to a different tune in just about everything.

Even scarecrows.

The Key West Botanical Garden has kicked off the annual “Scarecrow-Making” contest. All entries will be on display through November 30.

I visited the scarecrow contest once. Ingenious! Outstanding! Most put the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz to shame.

It was announced this week that the Key West Airport for the first time had exceeded 1 million passengers. It is expected the number will top 1.4 million by the end of the year.

Nothing to be proud of.

The airport has been improved/expanded several times over the years. Existing problems corrected. The airport was also brought up to date re its needs.

Seemed each time like no one looked to the future. No one took into account expanding needs. Ergo, several times the airport has once again become too small to handle its volume of business.

It has happened again. The worst this time!

People sit on planes sometimes for an hour or more waiting to deplane. Passengers wait forever to receive their luggage. The receiving area is too small to handle the volume of luggage and passengers. People standing so close it has to be party time for the coronavirus bug. Poor planning as to arrivals. Sometimes as many as 4 planes arriving at the same time.

Whatever is to be done, let’s get it right this time guys!

Enjoy your day!



Joe Manchin is at his apex of power.

Eleven years a Senator. Who ever heard of him before this year?

He has acquired a penchant for placing himself in the center of virtually any hot negotiation.

His vote his sword. If he causes the Democrats to lose control of the Senate, his voice will be lost. We will rarely hear from or of him again.

There are two reasons for his entrance into the fray sitting majestically on his white horse.

First, this is his moment of glory. I will be generous. His 15 minutes. Everyone his friend at the moment. Democrats and Republicans alike. Once no longer of value to either, he will be an unhappy camper. Might even opt for the highway.

Second, his personal wealth. Coal. Yes, that dirty stuff which pollutes, sickens and kills many.

Manchin is from West Virginia. A small state with a bastion of coal mines. West Virginia’s key industry.

Manchin is part of what some view as part of the “dirty empire.” His defense of the coal industry to this point has been relatively silent. Even now. For some reason I cannot fathom, the media seems to have given him a pass on the issue.

Manchin reaps big financial rewards from coal companies with grim records of pollution, safety violations, and death. His most famous utterance recently is that climate control pollution would be worsened by the elimination of fossil fuels. A statement blatantly false. Yet he states it unashamedly.

He defends coal fired plans over “aggressive Biden climate goals.”

Money is at the basis of his “beliefs.”

Manchin is heavily invested in the coal industry. He became involved in the 1980’s. His son has assumed leadership. Manchin claims his coal industry involvement has no impact on his political decision making. His investments are in a “blind trust.”

Not much protection for the American people. You can’t tell me father and son do not discuss company matters at Sunday dinner. At the very least.

Since Manchin became a Senator more than 10 years ago, he has personally grossed more than $4.5 million from family firms involved. The information having been gathered from financial disclosures Manchin is required to file as a Senator.

Two companies involved. The major one Enersystems Inc. The other Farmington Resources. Manchin owns options in Enersystems alone valued between $1 million and $5 million. Based on information found in financial disclosure forms.

Enersystems purchases low quality waste coal from mines and resells it to power plants in West Virginia. The process from the beginning to end severely impacts the health of workers.

Query: How has the Manchin family’s involvement in the coal business almost entirely avoided public scrutiny? Even now when he is in the middle of a battle over the $3.5 trillion infrastructure package which contains monies to help in correcting global warming.

Biden has said the infrastructure monies would go to eliminating fossil fuels by a specific date. Manchin obviously opposes the elimination.

Manchin visited an Ohio Valley mine in mid August. Went on a tour underground at one of the mines. Said during the visit, “The coal mining industry is going to be saved because the country cannot operate without it.”

I would respond the country can do with out the increased number of hurricanes, floods and fires caused by global warming to which coal is one of the contributors.

Manchin went on to say, “If you want to help clean up the climate, you’re gonna have to find the technology through innovation to basically be able to capture the carbon and use it.”

In June, Manchin appeared before a conference sponsored by the Edison Electric Institution. Edison is a group that advises/studies the nation’s coal fired power plants. Manchin delivered a “spirited” defense of the nation’s coal fired plants. A good portion of Enersytems business involves coal fired power plants.

So it goes.

The country should be made aware.

Enjoy your day!


Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s book “Peril” has been published. Portions were reported for the first time today. The book basilica covers Canary 6-8 and what might be described as Trump’s disintegration.

Recall, January 6 was the terrorist attack on the Capitol.

Only Woodward and Costa could have written such a book. Outstanding! Impactful! I can’t wait to get the book and read it in its entirety.

One word basically describes the book’s contents: Scary.

Trump literally went crazy when he lost the election. He was desperately seeking a way to retain the Presidency. A war perhaps? Even better, a nuclear war with China?

General Milley was Chairman of he Joint Chiefs. He sensed Trump’s mental state and apparent aims at the moment. He feared Trump would go “rogue” and start an unneeded and dangerous war with China.

Milley went “back door” and communicated with a high ranking general in China. Two telephone calls were had. Milley’s purpose was to assure Trumps words and actions were not to be taken seriously. The military would be in immediate control if Trump ordered a bombing of China. Milley could so assure since initiating nuclear weapons required his participation and that of certain other officers.

It was obvious to those surrounding the President that he had become “explosive and unhinged.”

Woodward and Costa recognize there was a fear that Trump might provoke a domestic or abroad war to distract from his “crushing election loss.”

As far back as 11/20/20, National Secretary officials were warning Milley: “We are on the way to a right wing coup. The whole thing is insanity. He is acting like a six year old with a tantrum.”

The fear existed that Trump’s “ego” would cause him to lash out.

Trump was listening to no one, except Steve Bannon. Like Trump getting his marching orders from the Devil himself. Trump sought Bannon out and had him return to the White House.

Keep in mind that Bannon’s primary goal in life is the destruction of existing governments. The U.S. first on his list.

For Bannon, January 6 was “his joy.” Woodward and Costa clearly indicate that Bannon played a critical role leading up to January 6.

Some comments/statements set forth in the book.

Barr to Trump: “The problem is this stuff about the voting machines is pure bullshit.” Another: “Your team is a bunch of clowns.”

Interestingly, Pence sought advice from former Vice-President Dan Quayle. A person who had been a disappointing Vice-President. Quayle told Pence, “You have no power.”

Ivanka three times told her father, “Let this go.”

And so it goes. A potent book to read. I can’t wait.

Were it not for Peril’s publication, Newsom’s win in the California recall would have been topic #1.

The election result was one without surprise. It has been a long time since we have experienced a comfortable feeling, a comfortable result. It had been obvious the past two weeks that Newsom was going to win. Elder’s race had turned backward. He stood no chance.

Makes me wonder what Elder will do at this stage. Will he sue to set aside the vote based on fraud as he had threatened prior to the election?

Hopefully not. A waste of time, money, and the country’s attention.

Newsom’s victory impressive. The vote 2-1.

As of this morning, we have yet to hear from Trump. Maybe he will not speak out. After all, Elder was a loser. I’m sure Trump does not “like losers.”

Newsom’s victory not the only significant result of the California election. There were a number of vaccine mandates on the ballot. All vaccine items received a huge vote. They will remain in place.

I have begun thinking recently that half the nation might not really be opposed any longer to vaccine mandates. People are getting their shots, etc. The only persons really opposed to vaccine mandates are politicians. It is hard for them to change horses mid stream.

California is a clear win for Democrats. Concededly a Democratic state. However, you never know.

I recommend that California Democratic politicians and voters remain vigilant between now and the 2022 elections. The wind is swift and political thinking has a way of changing rapidly.

A front page article in this morning’s Key West Citizen advises “King tides” are to be expected from today through the end of the year. King floods are major in consequence. Easily flood streets.

This year, King floods are expected to be worse than in previous years.

I close with a timely topic: Death and DeSantis.

It was recently reported that Florida’s death total has reached a point where it exceeds DeSantis’ margin of victory. Florida is averaging 20 deaths per day.

DeSantis is playing disaster politics the way he is handling the COVID problem.

His Presidential aspiration hopes for 2024 are slowly dissipating.

He may be lucky to be reelected Governor in 2022. Recent polls show him now trailing Democrat Charlie Crist.

Enjoy your day!


If this story does not motivate the unvaccinated to get vaccinated, nothing will.

Those who continue to refuse are smart ass unwise know it alls. I wish there were stronger words to describe them. Perhaps there are. In certain instances, they are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse carrying disease and death.

A California couple died of COVID-19 two weeks apart. Daniel and Davy Macias. Well educated. Daniel a middle school math teacher. Davy a labor and delivery nurse.

Neither vaccinated.

They left 5 children, including a newborn. The children range in age from 3 weeks to 8 years.

Daniel and David spent 18 months prior to their deaths discussing the pros and cons of being vaccinated. They lived cautiously to protect against the virus, except for the vaccination part. Home surfaces were wiped down, each showered after work, had their groceries delivered, etc.

Davy was 7 months pregnant when the baby was delivered. Several doctors involved in the delivery because of her COVID condition. Davy was incubated during the birth process. The baby was delivered Caesarian. Davy never got to meet nor hold her new born. She died immediately following the baby’s removal.

Husband/father David died 2 weeks later. He never saw his newborn son. Only pictures.

The children are presnetly with Daniel’s parents. Daniel’s mother Traci is a retired kindergarten teacher.

Daniel was supposed to name the baby. He never did. The baby remains unnamed. Terri says they are waiting for her “son to name him.” A revelation in the middle of the night?

In the meantime, the family refers to the newborn as “Baby Boy.”

Traci believes Daniel and Davy contacted the virus following a recent family trip to an indoor water park as a last hurrah for the children before returning to school.

Traci says, “We didn’t see it coming. COVID doesn’t discriminate.”

Two educated parents. One in the medical field. Thinking about the feasibility of the vaccine. Parents of 4 with another on the way.

Respectfully, stupid! As a result, five children will grow up without parents. Grandparents will do all that is necessary. Not the same, however. The grandparents are older and though the children are family, the burden heavy for them to carry.

All this could have been avoided had Daniel and Davy been vaccinated.

A recent study reveals 70 percent of unvaccinated Americans will quit their jobs if vaccines are mandated. The mandates will have been put in place by recent OSHA regulations which are being worked into the legal system.

Don’t believe 70 percent will quit. It is bravado talking. The smart ass know it alls.

If not working, what would they do for money? Once the paycheck stops, who will pay for the food, rent/mortgage, gas and electric, water,  and other recurrent living expenses? More touching, new sneaks for the kids.

In most states, if the employee quits, unemployment checks start later than normal. Additionally no one should expect to receive any more stimulus checks. The well is dry as far as new stimulus legislation.

Biden recently signed 2 Executive Orders mandating all federal employees had to be vaccinated. The new Orders do not apply to members of Congress or those who work for Congress and the federal court system.

Before everyone gets upset and starts throwing stones about an issue they are not totally familiar with, let me explain why certain branches of government will not fall under the mandate.

“Branches” is the operative word. There are three branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. A Biden Executive Order can only cover those working for the Executive branch. Biden by Executive Order does not have the power to set rules for Congress and the Judiciary because of the legal separateness.

It was only a few years ago that Key West was the Florida city with the highest number of bicycle accidents resulting in injury and death. I believe it. Everyone who lives in Key West believes it. Some tourists, perhaps.

Key West is referred to as the Bicycle Capital of the World. Says it all.

The problem lies primarily with tourists. They come down and ride bikes while visiting. Something they have not done in years. Sixty year olds who have not been on a bicycle in 50 years. Families with several little children riding in a line one after another. Many of the children young.

Key West streets are narrow. Traffic heavy. Bicycle accidents inevitable.

I do not know of a solution other than to ban bicycles. It will never float, however.

So why this portion of the blog?

A backpack that deploys airbags to protect bicycle riders has been developed. Electronic sensors detect a bike fall and inflate football style shoulder pads for upper torso protection before the wearer makes impact. It is claimed the backpack lessens the force of impact by up to 80 percent.

The manufacturer is Commute Air Pro 18.

A friend from Iowa telephoned yesterday. He said he read that Hemingway hated his mother. Was it true?

As far as I was concerned, yes.

Throughout his life, Hemingway had female problems. Many believe they were “mother derived.”

I referred my friend to a blog I wrote a few years ago which dealt with the matter in some detail. The blog can be found in Key West Lou 12/8/18 and is titled Hemingway Hated His Mother.

New York City schools fully reopened monday for the first time in 18 months. Certain small parts had been previously opened. However for the most part, the public schools were closed.

The reason I share the reopening is I learned something new. The actual number of students in the New York City School System. It is 1,094,138. The largest school district in the United States.

Not every company pays its employees well. There are examples of those who do, however. Like Amazon for example.

Amazon has had an average $15 per hour wage since 2018. Amazon announced yesterday it will be moving its average wage to $18 per hour. Additionally, Amazon announced it plans to hire another 125,000 warehouse and transportation workers.

That’s not all. Amazon will also be paying a $3,000 bonus to each employee.

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