Our time has come. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths in the United States is on the rise. Dramatically. We have exceeded China and Italy in numbers. The United States is #1.

A distinction we could have done without.

We are at the edge of the precipice. The fall will be long.

New York City is an inkling of what is to come. And New York has not the reached the most horrible. The “worst of times” is yet to come.

The New York Times on 3/27 published an article concerning Italy. It clearly reveals what is ahead. The article is titled We Take the Dead From Morning Till Night.

I share excerpts from the article with you.

“The streets of Bergamo dead.” No noise. “But won’t stop are the sirens.”

“The sirens keep sounding. Like the air raid sirens of the Second World War, they are the ambulance sirens…..The blare louder as they get closer, coming to collect their parents and grandparents, the keepers of Italy’s memory.”

“At this point, all you hear in Bergamo is sirens.”

“Low levels of oxygen in blood.” An extreme danger sign.

“We have seen the worse, and the hospitals are like the trenches of war.”

A war at home. “A night of coughing fits and fever…..I’m sick, I can’t do it anymore.” His temperature 103 and his skin has become yellow.

Ambulance crew members carry oxygen for the sick. “Always with oxygen.”

“One of the biggest dangers for coronavirus patients is hypoxemia, or low blood oxygen…..doctors worry when the number drops below 90.”

Some “coronavirus patients have been found with readings of 50. Their lips are blue…..fingertips violet…..They take rapid shallow breaths and use their stomach muscles to pull in air. Their lungs are too weak.”

“Oxygen has become an essential treatment for victims whose lungs steadily fail.”

Family members who have seen grandparents and parents taken away, don’t cry. “They didn’t have any tears left.”

“Children say goodbye, uncertain whether they would see their father again.”

“Hospitals themselves are not safe.” Some infected.

“Bergamo had to send 400 bodies to other provinces and regions and countries because there is no room for them here.”

“If we had to identify a spark, it was the hospitals.”

“The area of Bergamo, its hospitals are a source of dead.”

“Ambulances are disinfected.”

“We are learning that hospitals might be the main Covid-19 carriers.”

“Ambulances and personnel are infected… no symptoms…..spread the virus further.”

“Doctors urged home care and mobile clinics to avoid bringing people to the hospital unless absolutely necessary.”

“Hospitals still admitting up to 60 new coronavirus patients a day……treated for virus…..clinical evidence – the coughs, the low oxygen levels, the fevers – is a better indicator, especially since 30 percent of the tests produced false positives.”

“The hospital had 500 coronavirus patients, who occupied all 90 ICU beds…..a month ago, the hospital had seven such beds.”

“Some patients wear transparent plastic helmets filled with oxygen to help them breathe.”

“The most critical cases are anesthetized and intubated.”

“Since intensive care units have been expanded, ventilators and respirators are in demand.”

“Oxygen flows everywhere through Lombardy hospitals now…..workers constantly pushing carts of tanks around the corridors. A tanker truck filled with oxygen is parked outside.”

“Patients are jammed next to supply closets and in hallways.”

“If people don’t stay at home…..the system will fail.”

“Intensive care unit beds are reserved for patients with a reasonable chance to survive. Old patients…..are not being resuscitated and die alone.”

Sense of taste for food lost. “A frequent complaint among people without symptoms, but who have had close contact with the virus.”

“ICU wards require specialized nurses, who are themselves getting infected, adding to staffing strains.”

“Coronavirus patients occupy all ICU beds.”

“Doctors turn many patients onto their stomachs to relieve pressure on their lungs.”

“So many people are dying so quickly, the hospital mortuaries and funeral workers cannot keep up.”

A funeral director said, “We take the dead from morning till night, one after the other, constantly…..Usually we honor the dead. Now it’s like a war and we collect the victims.”

Few funeral directors left. Coronavirus has made them sick or dead. Those remaining “are like a sponge and…..take the pain of everybody.”

Funeral personnel find it “hard… get masks and gloves. They are a category in the shadows.”

“In hospital mortuaries, coffins back up in empty rooms.”

Coronavirus patients are taken to a hospital. The hospital cannot provide them oxygen for several days. Families can’t go with them or see them. “It’s like sending someone to die alone.”

The dead are buried without a religious or civil celebration. “We cannot have a funeral.”

“Cemeteries locked shut.”

“A chilling backlog of coffins waits in a traffic jam for the crematorium inside the cemetery’s church.”

“The dead…..buried or cremated in pajamas and medical gowns they perish in.”

“Bodies often linger in homes for days, as stairs and stuffy rooms become especially dangerous.”

People die at home “because there was no room in the hospitals.”

“All beds are full” one family was told. Woman was 75. The “hospital gave priority to others that were younger.”

“In her last weeks at home, her family struggled to find tanks of oxygen, driving all over the province as she sat facing her garden and the pinwheels she loved.”


Normally, I would end with “Enjoy your Sunday!” A bit difficult at the moment.

However, this too shall pass. The sun always rises.



There is a comedian floating around the internet. Randy Rainbow. Sings, talks, writes. Great re Trump!

One story he told of particular interest.

Trump, the Pope, Johnson, Merkel, and a 10 year old boy were on a plane. Plane in trouble. Everyone had to bail out. Only 4 parachutes for the 5 passengers.

Trump spoke up first…..I’m President of the United states and need to be saved. He grabbed a parachute and jumped.

The Pope said I am the head of the Vatican and all Catholics…..I’m needed. Grabbed a parachute and jumped.

Johnson said the U.K. needs me. He grabbed a parachute and jumped.

The mother in Merkel came out. She said to the 10 year old…..You take the last parachute…..I’ve lived my life.

The 10 year old responded…..Don’t worry…..We’ll both be saved……The first guy grabbed my backpack!

Florida’s Governor DeSantis not a bright guy. Much like Trump. He has refused to quarantine/shelter his people. He wants them to keep working.

Yesterday, Trump declared Florida a “disaster area.” Only the sixth State Trump has so declared.

It appears Trump was motivated because St. Petersburg went coronavirus crazy very swiftly. A sudden need for people to stay at home.

Truman vacationed in Key West often. One hundred seventy five days covering 11 trips. It was on this day in 1952 that Truman left Key West after enjoying a 3 week vacation.

Had to be thrilling to live in Key West back then. Truman wandering around and chatting with locals. An experience!

An item from May Johnson’s diary. This day in 1896. She concluded her entry with: MUCH DISAPPOINTED DID NOT HEAR FROM MY LOVE.

Query: Who is her love? I must have missed it. Miguel?

The New York Times has come up with an appropriate label to fit a coronavirus happening. Coronapocalypse.

Motivated by the number of coronavirus deaths in the New York City area. Too many bodies. Difficult to handle.

The term coronapocalypse was born of the back up in body dispositions at the Elmhurst Hospital. Corpses piling up. Refrigerated trucks had to be called in to haul the bodies away.

So far only Elmhurst and another New York area hospital have experienced the problem. It is expected by the middle of next week there will be more.

Shades of Italy.

Some coronavirus observations.

New York hospitals are treating coronavirus patients with huge doses of intravenous vitamin C. China reported it helped significantly with many. Not all, however.

I can recall back in the 1960’s when I was a young lawyer, vitamin C became popular if a person was coming down with a cold. We used to gulp the pills down by the handful. And it worked! If you caught the cold soon enough.

Excuse how I phrase this, but I feel the young and the Republicans do not care about seniors. Republicans who for 40 years have been right to lifers. The young, they are merely selfish. They have no desire to care for those who raised them.

Judeo-Christian traditions about the sanctity of life, including that of the elderly, are being forgotten.

I recall when Obamacare was being debated. The Republicans cried out “death panels.” No different than what is beginning with doctors being forced to decide who lives and who dies. The ventilator will go to a young person over a senior citizen.

Trump has no bioethics body to advise him. Definite needed when life and death an issue. Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama had them. Trump thought he did not need one.

Everyone had to move their asses re the 2nd stimulus bill. For what?Still not passed by the House and signed by the President.

Rep. Thomas Massie is a Republican Congressman from Kentucky. The House is not in Washington. He refuses to accept a voice vote. Probably by telephone or whatever. He has accordingly forced the House to return to Washington to cast their votes in person. For a bill that will pass with less than 5 dissents.

An asshole, a ball breaker. Seems to be the nature of many of our elected representatives these days. Few are statesmen.

Trump and Easter. He must have an inside connection with the virus itself. Otherwise, how would he know that the virus will be backing off by Easter and we can start sending everyone back to work.

Trump cares not for the people. He cares for the economy. The almighty buck.

We are heading for a bread shortage. Running out of flour and yeast. Especially, yeast.

Dr. Deborah Birx. The mature woman on Pence’s Task Force. The one who always speaks up and backs Trump 99 percent of the time.

She is keeping her job!

She aggravates me. She is a cheerleader. Enjoying her 5 minutes of notoriety each day. Her tongue as twisted as Trump’s.

A Dr. Fauci she is not.

The coronavirus battle has provided the opportunity for certaiin governors to show their mettle. New York’s Cuomo being one. Presidential timber.

I hope more governors stand up to Trump.

Evidence that Trump does not know much is his continuing claim that the stay at home rule is going to be eliminated in certain areas. Hopefully by Easter Sunday.

Only governors and mayors can lift stay at home rules.

I laugh at Trump’s indication that his “new guidelines” that are to come out next week will involve changes to the distance separation suggestion. Now 6 feet. What is he going to do? Make it 3 feet?

A wondrous act.

The battle between some Governors and the President is a life and death one. The Governors are more concerned with our lives. Trump, the stock market.

The ventilator issue confusing. Especially between Cuomo and Trump.

Trump says, without naming Cuomo, States do not need 30,000 or 40,000 ventilators.

The conflict began when FEMA said it was shipping 400 ventilators to New York. Cuomo said, “Really? What am I going to do with 400 ventilators when I need 30,000?”

The matter gets even more confusing. While Trump and Cuomo are arguing the number, Pence announces tuesday that 2,000 ventilators had been sent to New York. On wednesday, Pence said 2,000 more would be sent.

Does anyone (Trump, Pence and FEMA) know what is going on? I am inclined to believe Cuomo than any of them.

New Orleans in the process of becoming another disasterville. The virus hitting big. Blamed on Mardi Gras last month.

Enjoy your day!


Crisis brings out the worst in many. To the down and dirty. The gates of Hell knocked upon. What was once inconceivable, now possible.

The elderly have become an open burden to society. The coronavirus society that we now live in. The elderly the most sickly. The elderly the most costly from a medical perspective.

They are ruining our society. The only way to resolve the economic burden they impose is to let them die.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick shared his philosophy on the issue. Simply stated, a senior citizen should be allowed to sacrifice himself for the greater economic good. It went viral!

Patrick is 70 by the way. He is willing to sacrifice himself. A better civil servant cannot be found. Willing to die for the many! A great guy! He does not have to die for the many to make me happy. Merely die for me!

I am not ready to go!

Patrick is unhappy that most seniors are not prepared to commit the equivalent of mass suicide to salvage their grandchildren’s jobs. The economic well being of the U.S. is more important than the lives of older people.

Some have children and grandchildren they would die for. Others, not. The question arises as to whether they are worth dying for. Many have been raised selfishly and are a non caring generation. The old of today are not treated as they treated the elderly when they were young.

Patrick is upset because “no one reached out to me and said, as a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren?” He added, “If that’s the exchange. I’m all in.”

Patrick can go to the head of the line.

This Patrick talk and similar talk of others comes to us via Trump.

Trump has been dancing around the issue this week, without specifically spelling it out. He will in due course.

Trump has been framing the dilemma as either save the entire U.S. economy or tolerate a few more deaths. That is part of his Sunday tweet: “We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.”

Trump wants to lift quarantines early and get some if not all back to work, while leaving the seniors sheltering in place.

The implication is that older people are a burden on society and should be willing to risk being infected by coronavirus to make sure all Americans are able to patronize bars, restaurants, and stores.

In Patrick’s words, “Let’s get back to work…..Those of us who are 70-plus, we’ll take care of ourselves. But don’t sacrifice the country.”

Aging is skewing the way we view coronavirus. The elderly are one segment of the population. They are at greater risk because of the virus.

The idea being promoted is that all older Americans are frail and vulnerable while the younger are invincible. Not true. Nearly 40 percent of the 2,500 patients needing hospitalization over the past few weeks were 20-54.

The invincibility factor is why the young have been congregating without fear on Florida beaches.

I read somewhere this week that coronavirus is becoming a “boomer remover” sentiment.

If the elderly are useless, why have so many Governors asked retired health care workers to volunteer their services? Despite the retired being elderly and more susceptible to the virus.

If everyone had adopted the idea that the elderly were expendable and useless, their help would not have been solicited.

The issue is wrapped in amusement. Trump is 78, Biden 77, Pelosi 79, Dr. Fauci 79. Will they be part of the “elderly” group not to receive appropriate medical care, etc.? Or as was done with certain professional basketball players recently, will the “important elderly” be cloistered and permitted to receive what is necessary?

Many Senators and House members fall into the 70 plus category. Will they be part of the “important elderly?”

Pence is an extremely religious man. A right to life and anti-abortion advocate. What would his position be?

Trump ran on a right to life platform.

There is a serious ethical question involved. The shut down of human life.

Two problems have highlighted the age issue. The first is the aged being more vulnerable. The other that medical facilities are being overwhelmed. They would not be overwhelmed if proper care for the elderly were not part of the consideration.

Italy’s medical facilities have been overwhelmed. Eighty five percent of those who died were over 70.

The problem in Italy obviously acute. As it has become in the U.S. The Italian College of Anesthesia, Analgesia, Resuscitation, and Intensive Care have issued “guidelines” for doctors and nurses.

Respirators are in short supply, for example. The guidance for such and any other medical items required to provide care from beds to whatever must adhere to the guidelines which include: “It may become necessary to establish an age limit for access to intensive care.” In other words, those that are too old to have a good chance of recovery, or who (probably) have a few years to live, will be allowed to die.

Triage strictly enforced the rule.

Very possible in the U.S. if Trump. Patrick and others of similar thinking have their way.

A 57 year old California lawyer went viral recently. His position a simple one. Seventy five is long enough to live. Life ends for all in the U.S. at 75.

Can you imagine! Everyone drinking the hemlock!

Florida Governor DeSantis a disappointment. He is a true Trump follower. Blindly. Recall how he conducted his campaign.

DeSantis does not believe “shelter in place” would work. He believes it will keep people out of work.

A Cuomo he is not.

My recollection is Florida has the largest elderly population in the U.S. I wonder how DeSantis is going to do the next time he runs.

Seniors beware! Understand what is going on. Do not be taken in. Do not drink the hemlock. Throw it in their faces, if offered.

Enjoy your day! Assuming it is possible after my tirade.




My friend Flaminia lives in Italy. I share with you the contents of a Facebook message she sent the world .

The specifics.

Sixty five Cuban doctors and nurses landed in Milan 3/23. Came knowing they most likely may get infected themselves. They came even though Italy still has an embargo with Cuba (to stay in line with American policies). Never the less, they came.

Nine Chinese doctors, who helped lead the battle and fight against coronavirus in China arrived last week, along with 500,000 face masks. China also sent dozens of ventilators and other necessary equipment. Hundreds more medical personnel, experts in fighting the epidemic, will arrive soon from China as well.

Russia has sent 15 military airplanes full of medical equipment and vehicles to spray disinfectant.

The world has stepped up to help Italy. Why not the U.S.?

Donald the problem?

I find it amusing Putin could lend a helping hand to Italy, but has not to his “good friend” Trump.

Enjoy your day!


Yesterday, I wrote about the food supply diminishing. A strange topic since no one seems to be talking about it. Neither the government nor consumers. The reason probably being we are all so concerned about the initial problems involved with coronavirus that our minds have not  traveled far enough into the problem.

The government has thought about it. Plans are in place in the event  widespread domestic violence occurs as a result of food shortages brought about as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Martial law will come into play. Suddenly! Without warning!

There was much concern immediately following 9/11 as to the need for martial law in the event a nuclear device were exploded in one of our cities. CONPLAN 3502 was adopted.

Under Trump, CONPLAN 3205 has been amended several times. The most recent, CONPLAN 3600.

Ever hear of a CONPLAN. Probably not.

It provides for the U.S. military takeover of the government in the event of 1 of 2 specific happenings. Described as “extraordinary happenings.”

The first if widespread violence breaks out due to food shortages. The second if Constitutional successors are incapacitated.

The most recent addition/amendment to the CONPLAN took place February 1, 2020. Less than 2 months ago. Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper signed orders directing the U.S. Northern Command to take certain actions.

The U.S. Northern Command was established following 9/11 to provide “homeland defense military authority.” The U.S. Northern Command’s responsibility is to “prepare to deploy” in support of “potential extraordinary missions.”

Described as “emergency authority.”

Recognize the whole idea of the U.S. Northern Command being deployed where food shortage is involved is a new problem. As is military takeover if so many of our elected officials are dead or so sick there is no one to run the government.

Uncharted waters without question. Coronavirus and its attendant problems new to the U.S. Ergo, new laws, rule and regulations required to act if the coronavirus pandemic adversely affects the U.S. in the 2 instances earlier specified.

The “boss” would be four star General Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy. Age 55. An Air Force Academy graduate. Presently “Combat Commander” of the U.S. Northern Command.

The military take over is not permanent. Intended to only be temporary. Except no one knows for certain how it will come to an end since the whole take over game in a pandemic situation is new.

Important to note that Trump does not have the power to implement martial law under the circumstances and law described herein. The military makes that decision solely on its own. A when circumstances warrant situation.

I bring what is contained herein to your attention since such is basically unknown to the American people. Would be surprising to wake one morning and see tanks rolling down the street in front of your home.

Another reason is that the food shortages I described in yesterday’s blog could very well happen. The government and military believe it. Otherwise, there would be no need for the CONPLAN law involved.

Some will ask what’s the difference. I would respond whatever, we have a right to know (1) our government foresees a coronavirus food shortage problem which it has not disclosed to its people and (2) ground rules are set for a military takeover of government based on food shortage violence and/or physical incapacity of our government leaders.

Some will say there was martial law during the Civil War. Yes, Lincoln declared it.

The difference is that Lincoln was alive, well and running the government. Under the plan described herein, there is in effect no President or Constitutional successor running the government. The military then steps in and takes over.

Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Please join me. I will be discussing food shortage and military takeover, plus other coronavirus inspired problems.

Note that I have also been doing a daily Facebook podcast. A few minutes of me ranting and raving on one particular subject.

Enjoy your day!




Key West may be small. Key West may sit out in the Atlantic as the southernmost point in the United States. Until it became a tourist mecca, few visited Key West.

Key West has had is share of epidemics. Some pretty bad. Others, a mere touch.

Yellow fever the big winner. The most epidemics over the years. Infected many, killed many.

Other epidemics included smallpox, cholera, chagres fever, dengue fever, leprosy, and influenza.

And now coronavirus. Though no reported cases yet, it has to be here. A tourist community, cruise ships, airlines, and spring breakers. Inevitable!

There has only been one reported case in the Keys. The upper Keys. A man who brought it with him from the U.K.

No other “reported cases” for a very simple reason. No test kits. No way to legitimately identify and verify.

Yellow fever was the most flagrant in the late 1800’s.

Quarantines were common. In homes and on ships.

The 1899 epidemic the worst. One thousand three hundred twenty infected, 68 died.

The nuns at what was then known as the Convent of Mary Immaculate all became infected. None died.

At some point, there was a vaccine. The population during one of the bigger epidemics was 16,500. Thirteen thousand were vaccinated via a door to door program.

It is interesting that many ways of dealing with yellow fever are similar to what is being done today with coronavirus. Basic medicine is basic medicine yesterday, today, and will be tomorrow.

Cholera was limited. A ship came in with some persons affected. The ship was immediately forced away from the island. No one in Key West was affected.

Leprosy had its day in Key West. Still does, though on a minimal basis.

The disease was in and out of Key West over a period of many years. One year, 96 cases were diagnosed. Seventy eight of them contracted leprosy while living in Old Town.

Leprosy was dealt with in days gone by as were diseases mentioned in the Bible. In 1909, a man died of leprosy in a house on Virginia Street. The house and all its contents were destroyed by fire at the direction of the Fire Chief.

In the Keys overall, there were 9 cases in 2015. Amazing. So recent. Records indicate 2-12 cases a year.

The “today” cause are armadillos. They are carriers, though the disease does not affect them.

It is difficult to understand Trump’s thinking. We are in “dire” need of test kits, N95 face masks, rubber gloves, medical attire, inhalators, etc. What does Donald do? He offers help to Iran and North Korea.

He takes from us to give to them.

Wrong! They are our sworn enemies. God is not going to love us for helping them. They will smile and laugh with glee: Look what dumb Trump is doing now!

You take care of your own first!

Trump gives us a daily update on the fight against the virus.  Generally does more harm than good as regards his image. He promises, says next week, things being delivered…..And nothing of any significance happens next week or the week after or the week after.

The man is inept. He lacks the mental sufficiency to be President.

Yesterday, he spoke more of the billions it was costing him to be President than the reality of satisfying his people’s needs. Like he is doing us a favor!

He further failed to spend much time on the Senate vote. The one that failed to pass the $1.8 trillion stimulus. The vote along party lines. 47-47. Sixty votes required.

The problem has to do with what the bill favors, who it helps, etc. The big corporations. Working Americans though not ignored, not taken care of.

Trump does not know what he is doing. I wonder if the Senate does. Perhaps they are greasing their own pockets.

Bailing out the airlines an example.

The airlines say they need $50 billion. They need nothing! I wrote last week and spoke to the issue on my podcast and blog talk radio shows as well why the airlines for example do not require money. Money that should go directly to help working Americans.

The airlines want loans, guarantees, and outright cash grants.

Trump favors giving the airlines the money. Says he does not want them to go out of business.  Such shows how little he knows about the issue. Or, perhaps he knows but is playing dumb.

Recall Trump’s Atlantic City debacle with the casinos. He has to understand.

There are 2 ways the airlines can save their asses. The first is to negotiate terms of credit with lenders outside of court. The other, and the one frequently used, is to seek Chapter XI Bankruptcy protection.

Either the way the planes keep flying.

Chapter XI does not contemplate “death.” Business goes on. Not all employees are fired. Assets are not sold off for scrap.

Between 2002 and 2011, Chapter XI was frequently used by airlines: American, Delta, Frontier, United, and US Airways.

A Chapter XI gives an airline breathing space. Old bills do not have to be paid while in the XI. Sometimes 2-3 years. They are renegotiated and generally paid off at a lesser amount.

Banks love to loan to Chapter XI companies.  The loans receive “high priority” for repayment.

Food does not seem to be a major issue. Yet! True, people are hoarding. That will stop as soon as their is no more room in their freezers and cupboards.

Store shelves are emptying rapidly. Might even be described as empty.

I am into my 12th day of self quarantine. My food is delivered. Primarily Publix and Walmart.

Great, if they have food.

Publix is running out. Those who call or otherwise communicate with me tell me so.

I am experiencing it with Publix deliveries. They have fewer and fewer items I want. Down to about 50 percent. I am required to cancel that portion of the order or take something else in its place. The something else is not what I want or generally eat.

Walmart has been terrific till this past week. I sat down ordered $200 plus of food yesterday. I’m hoarding! Most of the items I wanted were not in stock.

Fewer people are working. Families are without sufficient dollars. Who is manufacturing the food products? Will they be in good supply again and soon?

I question it.

When people are without monies to purchase food or food is in insufficient supply, things happen. Bad things.

I recall one of my Greece trips several years ago. During the time Greece was in deep shit financially. No work. Government assistance insufficient. Food stores closed because no food to put on shelves. Farmers stopped farming because they could not get paid what it cost them to grow their product.

I have written this story in the past. Families ate every other day. Including babies. Milk ran out. They ate their pets first. Then they raided the zoos, killed the animals and ran home with pieces of meat.

Cooked and ate anything that grew. Even grass. Then roots.

The Greeks expressed their unhappiness. They were downright pissed off!

I was in Athens. Athens has a famous top of the shelf street. Something like New York’s 5th Avenue. Ermous Street. Expensive goods for sale. Top of the line designer stores.

The people rioted. Destroyed the stores along the street. Some to get rid of their pain. Others to steal and sell in hope of finding something that was for sale at an exorbitant price.

Ermous looked like it had been bombed. Beggars overtook the street. Walking and sitting. Seeking money.

These were for real “beggars.” Not the homeless we see in the U.S. Painful to see. Mothers holding their babies out with one hand and the other out opened asking for money. Cripples sitting or lying on the street seeking money.

The worst was a man without arms or legs. His face badly scarred. His hair crazy. The only way I can describe it.

A bucket sitting in front of him. His friends had set him up somehow so he would not fall.

All this because people were not working, there was no money, there was no food.

It could happen here. We live in strange times. Things are moving fast.

I worry.

Enjoy your day!



Slowly American society is being pushed into a quarantine situation. Considered by some to be necessary to protect against a continuing spread of coronavirus.

Most by law, edict or order. Some by personal decision.

I am one remaining in by choice. I refer to it as self quarantine. At 84 and having a few physical problems, I felt it better to do what I could to protect myself. Better safe than sorry!

There are those in history who have self quarantined for political reasons rather than medical. One where death was a possibility.

People are beginning to complain about having to remain at home. I don’t understand. Disease driven death confronting the world in the face at the moment.

Anne Frank suffered from a possible death consequence during World War II.

Place quarantine in proper perspective.

Anne Frank was a young girl who spent 761 days in an attic hiding from the Nazis in Germany during World War II. She and 6 others lived in 450 square feet.

They were required to remain still and quiet by day. Other people in the building. During the evening, they had to move quietly.

The key to their salvation was to remain quiet and undiscovered. Thereby, living. If caught, death inevitable.

Those who have visited the attic have a clear recollection of squeaky floorboards. The reason no one could move by day.

Our sequestrations will in no way be as mentally tortuous nor as long as Anne Frank’s was. Coronavirus should be well gone sometime in 2 years. We will then be out and about. Anne Frank never got the opportunity to be out and about. Once caught, all that faced her was a short trip to the gas chamber.

Complain not, my friends!

There are those who refuse to believe coronavirus is a real problem. The know it alls. Many Trump supporters. Persons who believe the whole thing is a hoax.

What percentage of the U.S. society? There are statistics, polls, etc. All over the place. Best I can determine, from 31 to 62 percent. Not very dependable numbers. Whatever, the figure is substantial.

These same persons refuse to follow the practical rules for fighting/thwarting the disease. Many will infect others.

May the doubters be the first to meet their Maker!

Trump went on a tirade at the Task Force public TV appearance yesterday. He defecated on NBC’s Peter Alexander for asking what Trump considered an improper question arising out of poor journalism.

The President came like a bolt out of the blue. Hit hard! Forgot his manners.

Edmund Burke said about manners: “Manners are what vex or soothe, corrupt or purify, exalt or debase, barbarize or refine us, by a constant, steady, uniform, insensible operation, like that of the air we breathe in.”

Donald ain’t got no manners!

Some coronavirus observations.

New York has closed down “non-essential” businesses. Liquor stores not listed as non-essential. Ergo, liquor stores considered “essential.” They will remain open.

The beach closing situation in Florida a shame. Mostly spring breakers on the beach. A good number of adults also, however.

It took a while for Florida to close the beaches. Reminded me of the movie Jaws. The town refused to close the beach for a “little” fish because the town merchants did not want to lose precious tourist dollars.

Poor Italy. Wow! The beating!

Six hundred twenty seven died yesterday. In 1 day.

The hospitals are overwhelmed. So far, 47,021 persons have been infected, 4,035 have died.

Congress is going back and forth re how to pay people who are out of work. Complex and timely ideas suggested.

The U.K. has the same problem. I consider Boris Johnson a nut. Similar in every respect to Trump.

However, Johnson has come up with way to pay employees that seems simple. Pay those employees unable to work 80 percent of their usual salary. To a maximum of $2,875 per month. Retain them on the payroll. Whether the employer is open for business or not.

The plan would provide payment for the first 30 days. Then to be looked at again.

Starbucks. In the U.S. and Canada.

Those company operated are closing their doors. Only drive through service will be available. Sixty percent of U.S. Starbucks are company operated.

Reusable cups will not be permitted.

In the event things continue going bad and employees have to remain home, Starbucks will pay their full salaries for 30 days.

It has become obvious after 3 years of Trump as President that he is expert in everything. He knows, he feels, he understands. The fact he is full of horse manure is immaterial.

His most recent exposure of brilliance involves support of 2 drugs that are unproven as a cure for coronavirus. The 2 are presently used in helping those with malaria. They are untested as to coronavirus.

Trump spoke as to the 2 drugs possibly being cures for the virus. He was all excited. Spouting false encouragement.

Dr. Fauci had to take the microphone. He said the drugs were only anecdotalevil. Till properly tested, not sure the drugs would be effective.

Dr. Trump v. Dr. Fauci. Who do you believe?

The stock market dropped another 800 points yesterday.

Moving on.

May Johnson appears to have been an attractive belle of the ball type back in 1896 in Key West. On this day, she and a Mrs. Rowen had a tour and lunch on the USS Amphritite which was in port. A row boat had to take them out to the vessel.

They were the sole guests of the Captain during the tour and lunch. The lunch consisted of fish and mutton chops.

At the end of her diary for the day, she described the day as GRAND! LOVELY!

Mark Twain was in Key West this day in 1902. He stopped on his way to Cuba.

I close with Key West’s beloved President Harry Truman.

The President left for Washington this day in 1951 after a 3 week vacation at the Little White House.

The thought occurs. Truman was a President. Trump is not. If Donald were a reader of history, he might have learned some things from Washington, Lincoln, both Roosevelts, Truman, Kennedy, and Reagan. Even Obama. However, Trump’s dislike for Obama is so great he is blinded as to the good Obama did. He continues to tear down Obama’s successes one at a time.

Enjoy your day!



If Trump had been President when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, Japan would have been settled in on the west coast in January.

As irresponsible a job as he is doing with the coronavirus crisis, many people love him. A poll on the internet this morning shows Trump’s favorability rating with regard to his handling of the crisis in excess of 50 percent. Up from somewhere in the 40’s last week.

Would you believe!

I cannot understand!

He gets “better” by the day. Written facetiously, of course. Yesterday he attacked the Governors. Who in my opinion are doing one hell of a job.

Natural disasters are the responsibility of the federal government. States alone cannot handle them. And coronavirus may be the greatest natural disaster to ever have confronted our country.

Trump continues to pass the buck. He always does. It is never his fault. Yesterday’s comment in response to State requests for helping with medical supplies an example: “We’re not a shipping clerk.”

Local health systems are overwhelmed. Life saving supplies in great demand and low supply. The federal government the only entity that can help. Critical medical equipment is needed. Otherwise the epidemic will be worse. Can’t say out of control since I already believe it is.

The President is leader, savior and everything else when it comes to protecting the country. Trump should be a George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He is not. With no chance for redemption which scares the hell out of me.

This is the day!

I wrote yesterday of Jared Kushner’s entrepreneurial scheme with his brother Joshua, Joshua’s corporation Oscar, and Joshua’s father in law Dr. Kloss. Private drive through testing sites. For profit. Jared and family profit.

Jared said such would begin today at selected sites. Will it happen? Or will “the happening” be consistent with those of his father in law the President?

The Trump Presidency failed to prepare for the virus. True, he could not have know it would occur when first he took office. However, he failed to prepare for the inevitable. Within 2 yeas he cut back all federal budgets that would have been concerned with the problem. Also because of the budget cuts, experienced medical staff whose specialties were epidemics were let go.

No problem, Donald. Understood. You needed money for the wall.

I am not referring to a vaccine. I refer to the basics that we are now in short supply of. Swabs, testing solutions, test kits, N95 face masks, and ventilators.

The lack of sufficient ventilators strikingly exhibits what is to come. A Sophie’s Choice situation. Due to an insufficient number of ventilators, doctors will have to decide who will live or die.

Where are the testing kits? Weeks now. This was supposed to be a 4 million kit week.

Many, most, I don’t know…..However, it appears the government is unaware of what it has or certain departments are prohibited from releasing such information.

The need for ventilators and respirators is critical. In 2-3 weeks, the tipping point may be reached.

It was announced yesterday, the Pentagon has respirators and ventilators. It is making 5 million respirators and 2,000 ventilators available.

What else is there? Has to be some and more of everything. Seek and ye shall find!

The third piece of critical legislation was passed by the Senate yesterday. The biggest part. Initially thought would be $1 trillion. We are now told it will be closer to $2 trillion.

The Republican Senate passed it without consultation with the Democratic House. It now sits with the House for consideration.

This is the bill that will pay each person $1,200 twice and $500 per child twice. Then, no more.

This bill will also bailout the big corporations with billions of dollars. Small businesses will be given loans that will be forgivable (means maybe not have to be paid back).

I do not like the whole thing.

I favor giving working persons money. Someone has to pay their everyday bills, put food on the table, etc. Two payments will not be enough. The virus problem will be with us for at least several months more.

It is the big corporations I have a problem with. Those we bailed out following 2008 did not use the money to help workers. The corporate hierarchy and the business itself used the money to personally benefit the big officers and shareholders.

It has to be different this time around!

Perhaps not even provide the big corporations with a bailout. The Bankruptcy Law has built in safeguards where the businesses can reopen and not have to pay creditors for a number of years.

I believe the working force has to be kept alive and vital. When the dust settles and work is available, they can easily do so. Not having significantly suffered during the down turn.

Small businesses another story. They have to be helped. Not sure how at this point.

I finally heard from Anna!

She is alive and well. Confined to her home 24 hours a day. All of Italy is.

Anna has a large elegant apartment. Ten thousand square feet, 2 floors. For real. As a result of the crisis, she has taken one huge room and turned it into a gymnasium. At 83, she is still concerned with her figure. She admonished me not to get fat.

Anna wrote that no one is permitted on the streets with 3 exceptions. A statement from a government agency permitting the person to be out and about to go to work, buy groceries and go to the pharmacy.

Police vigilant. Everyone watched. Failure to have such a letter and being on the task identified results in automatic arrest. Anna says no sympathy or excuse. Jail 30 to 90 days. The law is being strictly enforced.

The numbers indicate that the virus will have a greater impact on Italy than it is having on China. More sick, more dead.

The bodies of the dead have become a problem. Forget the cemeteries. No room. Crematoriums in many cities are overwhelmed.

Army trucks are being used to transport the bodies to other cities to be cremated. Large convoys of trucks.

An example is Bergamo in northern Italy. Military trucks operating daily transporting bodies to several other cities.

Morgues are collapsing.

The obituary page clearly spells out the volume of dead persons. Obituaries taking up 10 pages. An average of 150 obituaries each day.

A 95 year old woman advised the number of dead was far worse than during World War II.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson not fully recovered. Out of the hospital and isolation. As far as it goes for the moment. They are now self quarantined.

Tom’s sister reported, they are “not great, but still ok.”

Tom says energy a problem: “Folding the laundry and doing the dishes leads to a nap on the couch.” Tom further reports the headaches are gone. However, the “blahs” continue.

The lights are out on Duval. Like Paris during World War II. Few people on the street day or night.

I have not seen it yet. I am into my 9th day of self-quarantine. Those that have describe the feeling as “eeri.”

I hope to drive down to Duval over the weekend to take a look. Remain in my car all the time. I am beginning to develop a need to get away from the house a bit.

Key West is the southernmost point in the U.S. Only one way in and out is U.S. 1. One hundred twenty miles.

Only one coronavirus case so far. Died. Announced yesterday. A visitor from another country. Assumed the virus was brought in with him.

The Monroe County Commission has voted to basically close the Keys to visitors beginning 6 pm sunday. At that time, all hotels and lodging facilities will be closed to everyone.

The exception will be monthly and multi-month rentals. Those persons will be permitted to stay.

Closing down the hotels, etc., provides an excellent opportunity to solve a soon to be coronavirus problem. A shortage of hospital beds.

California closed down hotels and motels a couple of weeks ago. Governor Newsom’s order provided the closed facilities could be used as hospitals. California has already begun doing so.

The Keys should do it. All of Florida, if necessary. We only have 2-3 hospitals in all the Keys.

This Navy hospital ship idea Trump has come up with does not provide immediate help. He wants one off the coast of California and the other New York. It has been reported it will take at least one month for the vessels to arrive.

I called a friend this morning to see how things were going. I was not aware the museums had been shut down. I caught him at the Unemployment Office. He was doing the necessary paper work.

No Hemingway House or Little White House for a while.

May Johnson. Key West’s 1896 19 year old school teacher. Her diary for this date found in bold letters at the end: NO LETTER DISAPPOINTED.

Miguel out of town?

Enjoy your day!


No question. Coronavirus moves at warp speed. Its cures lag behind. The drive for corrective measures create hints of and in some instances actual improprieties. There are those who seek gain from the suffering of others.

Want to be tested. Need a test like yesterday. Forget it. They are not available in sufficient numbers.

Yet persons of influence/wealth can be tested quickly in some instances.

A disgusting episode has come to  light in the past 24 hours. Involves professional basketball players.

The game that led to the NBA canceling the balance of its season occurred last week. The Utah Jazz involved. Its center Rudy Gobert had been tested. The result positive. While the game that evening was ongoing, it was stopped. Followed by total cancellation of the season the next day by the NBA.

Within a day or two, the entire team was tested. How many players on a pro basketball team? Ten, twelve, fifteen? Whatever, 58 “employees” of the team were tested.

Sounds fishy to me. Reeks of preferential treatment. I can see lay help, spouses and families in the testing mix.

The mass testing was kept quiet. Until yesterday.

At a Task Force briefing, the President was asked if non-symptomatic professional athletes were getting preferential treatment. Were the well connected going to the front of the line?

The President answered he did not know. Such things do happen in life. Some people do go to the front of the line.

Makes me wonder. who else is receiving preferential treatment? Regardless of what the President has said, he and his family? His children and their families? How about Congresspersons? Certain Senators and Congresspersons?

People have a right to know. Lets find out. Each should be media checked to determine if any have been moved to the front of the line. There are records. Everything is computerized. A few buttons pushed and voila answers.

The cry will go up it is against the law to reveal medical records. Not in  a crisis situation such as coronavirus. Everything should be open and subject to inspection.

It pisses me off that where life and death are involved, some can take advantage and get preferential treatment while others die.

The Trump family seems to always look for a way to make a buck. Using Dad’s position to acquire businesses. Businesses that Dad will benefit from when he is no longer President.

Jared Kushner seems to be involved in everything.

Testing for the virus an obvious problem. There has to be a better way. Kushner seeking it. Improperly, with conflict of interest hitting him squarely in the face.

The revelation of NBA players receiving preferential treatment is a mere 24 hours old. So too is the information regarding Jared.

Jared has formed what is described as a “shadow task force.” It operates out of the White House in a room above the Oval Office.

Jared and “his people” got serious about getting involved in the testing problem a week ago wednesday.

Jared’s task force people are different from the President’s Task Force people.

Jared believes private enterprise is capable of succeeding where the public sector cannot. His thought appears to have his group come up with a workable plan for drive by testing and certain medial products relevant to the virus. A privately owned corporation.

The corporation appears to be Oscar. Jared’s younger brother Joshua is principal of Oscar. Also involved is a Dr. Kloss. Kloss is Joshua’s father in law and an emergency room doctor.

It has been reported that Jared’s group is “causing confusion.” Some Task Force members do not even know the people on Jared’s task force.

Jared claims his “entrepreneurial approach” will be up and operating in select cities by friday. Friday is tomorrow.

Conflict of interest and personal gain do not appear to be of concern to Jared.

In January, German scientists developed what turned out to be a valid and quick test. The WHO thought it was. They offered it to everyone. No problem in delivery. The test became swiftly available and test results obtained without delay.

Sixty countries accepted WHO’s offer. The U.S. did not.

The U.S. has said recently WHO’s test results were not dependable, etc. The C.D.C. would come up with its own.

We are still waiting. This again is supposedly the week.

In the meantime, the test has proven reliable where used in Asia and Europe.

Trump and Republican figures have a disdain for international organizations, alliances of any kind, and foreigners in general. Results in help from overseas are considered more terrifying in many minds than viruses from overseas.

When Trump became President, he had holdings in V. F. Corp. and Thermo Fisher Scientific. The companies are involved in testing.

Did Trump dispose of his stock at any time? No one knows. It’s like his tax returns. Can’t tell unless you can see them and Trump refuses to provide them.

Testing for the virus has been a failure from day one. Has personal interest caused the problem?

Three situations having the appearance of impropriety. Sort of like if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck,  it has to be a duck.

Enjoy your day!