In One Era! A cute name. Learned of it last night for the first time. A beautiful place offering an electic mix of antiques and collectibles. It is located in Bahama Village on Petronia Street near Blue Heaven.

I met Leda and Stuart last night at the bar at Tavern ‘n Town. They were enjoying a bit of dinner as I. We started talking. Leda owns In One Era. Stuart is a retired firefighter and now has his own general contracting business.

I checked In One Era out on the internet before writing this morning. The store front is amazing! Truly a work of art! It is a giant mural. The whole front. Appeared to me to be two murals combined.

There was as a time I frequented Bahama Village often. In recent years, not. The problem for me is parking. A pain in the ass in that area that the City of Key West has yet to deal with. Ergo, I have not seen Leda’s store. I will soon. I will walk the extra blocks required to do so. In addition, I can use the exercise.

When I arrived at Tavern ‘n Town, the bar was full. Only a couple of seats available. Fifteen minutes later, there were a total of four patrons including me.

Rob Distasi was playing. He was introduced to me. Plays well. An excellent entertainer. He has been around the island for 20 years. Last night was the first time I heard him. My loss!

Steve bartending. Steve bartended for years at the Pier House’s Wine Galley. A first class bartender and great server. A charming personality. Warm hearted. Steve and I have been friends for years.

Judy is the manager of the room. Last night she was helping Steve behind the bar for a while. Two people out. Judy runs a tight room. Top food. Great ambiance. She has built up a tremendous local following.

I had dinner with Andrea. A Norwegian by extraction, she speaks six languages. She appeared to know everyone at Tavern ‘n Town.

I finally got down to work yesterday afternoon. Wrote this week’s KONK Life column which will be published wednesday. Something Stinks in Ferguson.

Initially, I was reluctant to write about Ferguson. It has been all over the news. Everything that should be known was known. Not the case, however. There were some tidbits of information that I had come across that I wished to share. Other matters  though known where I wanted to express an opinion. Something Stinks in Ferguson was born!

The pool broke down yesterday. The water level had dropped eight inches. I could not figure out why. The machinery for the pool is on the side of the house. A place I rarely visit. I did yesterday. Water spraying all over the place. I turned the water off and called Ray from Pool Groom.

Today is sunday. I have no idea what I shall do.

Enjoy your day!



There is no joy in Mudville. Mighty Casey has struck out!

Famous words now applied by me to football.

There was joy in Mudville yesterday for Syracuse. A poor football team this year. Yet yesterday, Syracuse out did itself! Syracuse beat previously undefeated Louisville 45-26. Fraternity row was jumping last night in celebration.

There was no joy in Mudville for Alabama. #1 in the country! Previously unbeaten! Got their asses whipped by #11 Texas A & M. Jean Thornton threatened suicide. David has not been seen since the game ended.

Today is the start of the Syracuse basketball season. It will be another good year! I am excited. Syracuse plays San Diego State at San Diego. The game will be played on the deck of the USS Midway. San Diego is no soft touch. They won 26 games last year. A West Virginia star transferred and will be starting for San Diego.

Syracuse rarely begins its season against a ranking team. Today’s game should be good.

I spent a significant portion of yesterday reading. Fifty Shades of Grey. Really three volumes. I am into the third volume. The book is a best seller. Receiving much comment, especially from women. I am with holding my thoughts regarding the book till I finish it.

My first stop last night was the Chart Room. Captain Peter at the bar. Always good to be with Peter. A finer person does not exist.

Soon we were joined by Andrea. First time I met her. Peter knew her. She does double duty. Rents scooters and is a concierge.

Andrea was very good company. Intelligent. Piercing. The three of us had an interesting couple of hours.

I then walked over to the Wine Galkley. Figured I would grab a bite to eat and listen to Larry Smith play. While at the bar, I met another interesting lady. Judy. We chatted a bit at the bar. I invited her to join me for dinner. She declined. Already had eaten. Did join me at the table, however.

Judy is from Solon, Ohio. She is a nurse anesthetist. She was in Key West for a medical conference at the Weston and stayed a few extra days. She is the mother of two and grandmother of one

Judy has been visiting Key West at least three times a year since 1993. Loves Larry Smith!

I enjoyed Judy’s company. We had a good time at the Wine Galley.

The author Michael Dennis came in. Judy said that he looked familiar. She remembered him from when he owned a bar on Duval and used to play the piano and sing. A number of years back. She picked up on the familiarity when Larry turned the piano over to Michael. Michael has a unique singing style.

I received a communication from a friend in Paris. He said Paris has not been the same since Stephanie Kaple arrived. She made an impact! Stephanie apparently will be remembered even after she returns to Key West.

Enjoy your Sunday!