Do not fall asleep when you are supposed to be working! It happened to me last night.

I had an early dinner at Lisa’s. She had me home by 6:30. My blog talk radio show was scheduled for 9. I had time to kill.

Normally, I get ready mechanically at 8:30 for the show. Then at 8:45 connect in with Blog Talk Radio. By 8:50, I am ready. I have 10 minutes to kill till show time. I spend those 10 minutes reviewing my notes for the show.

A few seconds before 9, a female voice comes on. For my ears only at that point. YOUR SHOW BEGINS IN FIVE SECONDS……5 4 3 2 1. There is a brief pause and then the voice returns. This time everyone can hear. WELCOME TO BLOG TALK RADIO!

Back to Lisa dropping me off at 6:30.

I decided to watch some TV. I had two hours to kill. I laid on my bed and inadvertently fell asleep. When I woke, the room was dark. I thought I had enjoyed a deep long night’s sleep. Then it hit me! I slept through the show! I hit the light. It was 8:59. One minute to show time!

The race was on.

I rushed like hell in that minute to show time.  Down the stairs. Completed the 8:30 and 8:45 preliminaries. As I connected with blog talk radio, I heard…..YOUR SHOW BEGINS IN FIVE SECONDS.

God was with me.

I enjoyed an early dinner with Lisa. My car is at the repair shop. Joe’s Auto Repair on US 1. He took care of my Mercedes when I brought it to Key West 4 years ago. I had dropped the Volkswagen off in the morning. He called later and explained the problem. Needed parts from Miami. The car would not be ready till thursday. Which means I am stuck at home till then.

No problem from my perspective. I will hang home for a couple of days and hopefully get my book writing caught up. I am behind.

Yesterday morning, I still had the car. I stopped at Lori’s for a hair cut. She leaves tomorrow for three weeks on Long Island and in Maine. Then I delivered the Volkswagen to Joe’s. He provides good service. Had one of his men drive me home. The car will be delivered to my house on thursday.

I completed writing next week’s KONK Life column. JOHN PAUL JONES Part 1. I had to break it into two parts. There was much to write. Part 1 involves the good he did. Part 2 will follow one week later. Part 2 will center on his shortcomings, most of which are generally unknown, yet nevertheless interesting.

Ain’t no frightful weather in Key West! Another dramatic morning. Another quiet and still morning. Peace abounds. Beauty everywhere.

Enjoy your day!




Today is my birthday. Seventy nine years old! Wow!

I thought of titling today’s blog Happy Birthday Key West Lou! Would have been an error. Key West Lou is only 8 years old.

Two previous birthdays bothered me. Forty and 50. Forty for a whole year. Why, I am not sure. Perhaps because my 30’s were behind me. Fifty lasted 24 hours. Not even worth commenting on.

Reaching today has bothered me for 3 months. I have a feeling it will continue to bother me after today for a period of time. I suspect it is because the next birthday is 80. A real big number! Whether I like it, I am  getting old.

It is Cindy’s birthday today, also. Cindy of Tom and Cindy. Cindy from Iowa who frequently visits Key West. Cindy my friend who has had many cancer surgeries. She has only one leg and one breast. Yet, the most positive and fun filled personality of any person I have met.

Happy birthday Cindy!

I am running late doing today’s blog. Almost 11 in the morning. Probably being lazy because it is my birthday.

The world responds. It is wonderful. So far I have received at least 15 happy birthday e mails and telephone calls. Some from as far away as China, Indonesia, South Korea, and South Africa.

It is a small world. Thank you all.

Finished my research yesterday for my next KONK Life submission. I will write the column this afternoon or tomorrow. The title is John Paul Jones. Revealing! An interesting figure. He of…..”I have not yet begun to fight” fame. I compare him in many respects to World War II’s General George Patton.

Car problems yesterday. I shaved and showered. Dressed a bit tidier than normal. And was out on the town to celebrate my birthday. Stopped first at Don’s Place. Don had just returned from a family reunion in Buffalo.

I went to leave. The car would not start. A 2010 Volkswagen convertible. Had its 10,000 mile check up in Miami. Due soon for the 20,000 mile one.

The starter was not kicking in/turning over. Jimmy came outside to see if he could get it going. To no avail. I had Lisa and family come over and pick me up and return me home. My night on the town a bust! I was disappointed, but not unhappy. I enjoy many celebratory evenings in Key West. An evening of TV and reading was ok.

Lisa is cooking for me tonight. She and the grandkids baked me a cake. They will also be chauffering me back and forth between houses.

Tomorrow, I will have to get someone over to look at the car.

This morning’s Key West Citizen had JJ’s picture on page 3. Person of the Day. JJ is now at the Galleon Sunset Pier. I stopped three times to see him. Wrong day each time. I have not tried again in a while. Parking a problem.

KONK Life’s E Blast carried a picture of the Vandenberg today. In celebration of the 4th, several divers attached a huge American flag to the Vandenberg. What a sight divers will have to behold!

Only in Key West. It has roughly been three years that we have had to put up with the construction work on North Roosevelt Boulevard. The repair work is not expected to be completed till the end of August. Driving has been a pain in the ass for three years. No one will deny the representation.

I have avoided North Roosevelt as much as possible. Instead, I have used Flagler. Rather than going right at the triangle at the end of US 1, I turn left onto South Roosevelt Boulevard for several blocks till I reach Flagler, where I make a right to head into town.

I read this morning that repair work will begin on South Roosevelt Boulevard tomorrow. To last several weeks. From the triangle at the end of US 1 to the Riviera Bridge. The same distance basically I have to travel to get to Flagler.

Both entrances to Key West will be screwed up at the same time!

Why must this second construction be started before the first is completed? Key West City fathers fouled up here!

Enjoy your sunday!


I am alive and well this morning!

Full of energy and exuberance!

Hit the bed mid afternoon yesterday and stayed there till this morning. Slept off and on into the evening and watched TV. Then slept soundly from 11 to 5.

Yesterday’s blog provided the details of my energy downfall. The blog also included the little I did yesterday till mid afternoon when yesterday’s blog was finally published..

I have told you what I did from 3 on. There is nothing left for me to relate.

However, more is expected from me and I want to provide more. So…..join me in taking a brief walk back in history regarding this day, September 23.

1779. John Paul Jones uttered the memorable words “I have not yet begun to fight.” The time the Revolution. Jones was Captain of the Bonhomme Richard which was engaged in a sea battle with the British HMS Serepis. Jones and the new USA won.

1938. Neville Chamberlain flew to Munich for that fateful meeting with Hitler. When he returned, he flashed the document Hitler had signed for the world to see. At the same time, Chamberlain announced, “Peace in our time!” He got conned.

1942. Auschwitz begins experimental gassing executions. The event is set forth as a reminder. Lest we forget.

1952. Rocky Marciano knocked out Jersey Joe Wolcott in round 13 to become heavy weight champion of the world.

Enjoy your Sunday!