What a spectacular morning! Everything perfect! No breeze, water still, no clouds, blue sky, sun reflecting brightly on the MTV house across the water. As I am accustomed to saying, it is a God is in His Heaven day and all is right with the world. Unfortunately, only my world in tiny Key West.

I think I am well read. More precisely, I thought I was well read.

A couple of months ago, Travis McGee came up as well as the author John D. MacDonald. I did not know who either was. My education had been neglected. I soon learned from the voluminous e mails that came in who Travis McGee was. A popular character  in a series of Travis McGee novels written by John D. MacDonald.

In this weekend’s mail, I received a hardbound copy of one of the Travis McGee books. The Deep Blue Glory. I will start reading it today.

My benefactors are Dan and Karen from the Pittsburg area. Snowboards. I mentioned them around Fantasy Fest time. They chastised me a bit re Travis McGee. They must have mentioned it to their daughter. She brought the book down when she visited Key West. For whatever reason, it never made it into my hands.

Be prepared for some Travis McGee comments.

My only time out of the house yesterday was to visit the Chalk Festival next to the Coast Guard vessel Ingham. I thought I was a good chalker when young. No way compared to what I saw yesterday. Outstanding work! Each and every drawing. The festival a big deal. Some artists traveled from Europe to participate.

I do not know if you picked up on it. I have not been going out as much lately. The reason is I am on a diet. I have been on so many. I start and rarely finish. I did not want to embarrass myself again.

I have just concluded four weeks of dieting. Fifteen pounds! Wowie!

Lisa and the grandchildren dropped off the turkey yesterday. It sits in my extra refrigerator in the garage till wednesday evening. Robert and Ally were excited. Their emotions are catching.

Syracuse played Iowa in the consolation basketball game in Madison Square Garden friday. Syracuse won 66 or 68 to 63. I did not watch. I forgot.

Syracuse plays Loyola tomorrow night. I will watch around my blog talk radio show.

I believe tomorrow night’s blog talk radio show will be unusually good. The topics. I am going to do a dissertation on beheading. I will compare the Saudi Arabia method to that used by ISIS and the reason for each. Informative, but gruesome.

Plus, the story of a 12 year old Cleveland black boy. He was playing with a pistol bebe gun in a children’s playground. Some one called 911 and reported it. However did say he thought the gun was fake. The police arrived. A rookie police officer shot the boy dead.

You can find me at 9 tomorrow evening on the internet with the blog talk radio show.

On this day in history in 1963, John Kennedy’s killer Lee Harvey Oswald was shot to death by Jack Ruby. I saw it live at the time on television.

The police were transporting Oswald somewhere else. They were walking him out of an underground area to the sidewalk. The tunnelway was crowded with all sort of spectators. I recall thinking at the time how stupid! Someone is going to kill Oswald. Someone did. Ruby. He walked right up to Oswald and shot him.

I mention particularly this episode in history because I find it similar to Ferguson. Stupid police work!

Enjoy your day!




I am becoming the Walter Cronkite of Key West.

I did my first radio show appearance for Pirate Radio yesterday. A Key West name! I will be appearing every tuesday afternoon as a guest on Mark Ryno’s show. Either at 3:45 or 4 o’clock.

The topic will be whatever Ryno and I want to talk about. Yesterday, it was the NRA, the military industrial complex, and the Sandy funding issue in Congress.

The whole talk exchange is 8 minutes.

Ryno has two distinctions. He was raised in upstate New York in a town called Waterville. About 15 miles south of my home town of Utica. The other is that when I did my first radio show three years ago at KONK Broadcasting, Ryno was the one who taught me. He took me in a little room, swiftly pointed to several knobs and said do this and that. And he walked out! I knew nothing and screwed up big time!

The Pirate Radio Station is located in a lovely tiny two story building at Sunrise Marina. Next to the County Jail. It was my first time there. The view from Pirate Radio over Sunrise Marina is the best I have seen in Key West. A wow!

The call numbers for Mark’s show are 101.7 WKYZ and 96.7 WKYZ. It is aired from Key West northward to the middle Keys.

Worked alone a bit in the afternoon on friday’s TV/Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. The show is developing. Topics so far include the NRA, the debt ceiling issue, Hulk Hogan, escape from a Greek jail, the Pope’s chief of staff Archbishop Georg Ganswein and his picture on the cover of Vanity Fair, Louis Armstrong, Eastern Airlines, John Kennedy, Louis XIV’s beheading, Roe v. Wade, and more.

A good show in the making!

Worked with Sloan at 5 for a while.

A big day today!

A pedicure and manicure with Tammy at noon. Babysitting the grandkids at 5:30. We will probably go out to dinner together.

Key West weather continues to be abnormal. Eighty one degrees yesterday. Sixth day in a row in the 80s.

The London helicopter crash is frightening. Two persons killed. I know the area where it occurred well from my London trip several years ago. South of the River Thames near the Underground and Train Station.

Syracuse basketball saturday. Against Louisville. Louisville presently ranked #1, Syracuse #6. Both teams have only lost one game. A battle!

I have not seen Louisville play this season. Understand they are close to perfect. Syracuse has been less than perfect. The team has not blended yet. It does not play as a team. It does not make foul shots. Plus, Southerland is benched because of grades. I feel uncomfortable about the outcome.

One good thing is that I shall be watching the game with good friends. Dan and Lisa and Don and Chris. Plus, the rest of the Syracuse gang. At John’s Big Ten Sports Pub, of course.

Enjoy your day!






A political Sunday of sorts.

My morning started with the TV talk shows. Meet the Press and Chris Matthews, amongst others. Only one item discussed. The Presidential election.

Afterwards, I continued work on Friday’s TV/Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Additional topics include differences between the Catholic Church and a Polish coffin maker, an expensive Anaconda, recent U.S. Supreme Court activity involving police drug sniffing dogs, Jack the Ripper, the 1965 blackout, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and John Kennedy.

Remember, I have changed broadcasting studios. As of Friday, I will be broadcasting via TV and the Internet. The show will be available on Comcast Channel 87 through out the Keys. It will be available world wide on the internet.

Ten o’clock in the morning my time.

Decided to get some beach time. Grabbed my sand chair and headed over to Higgs Beach. A lot of people. More than I had expected. It is getting a bit cooler. The coolness did not disuade any one from swimming. Except for me. I put my foot in and decided the water was too cold.

I brought Sunday’s Key West Citizen and a book with me.

The Key West Citizen is a good and interesting local newspaper. Never many pages. However whatever its weight, it compensates with thought provoking material. Yesterday’s editorial was no exception. I was provoked.

The editorial came out in support of Romney for President. That did not bother me. Although I am an Obama supporter, every one has a right to their own opinion.

What disturbed me was the manner in which Romney was supported. Both candidates have warts. The editorial found Romney free of warts. The editorial was a boiler plated recitation of his alleged virtues. Romney was made to appear as the seconnd coming of a Messianic figure.

The editorial disappointed me not as to its conclusion, but the manner in which it was arrived at.

Sunday dinner was the best! With Lisa and the family. Politics was a part of our evening. Political discussions amongst Lisa, Corey and I are interesting. We are not always in accord. As to Obama however, we are.

Turned out Robert and Ally had been involved in the Presidential election this past week. Both attend Montessori. First and second grades. The school conducted a mock Presidential election. They both voted for Obama. The results will not be announced till Wednesday.

I have always considered such school elections as representative of the thinking of the community. The youthful votes cast generally reflect parental poitions. Such elections are a good barometer of the real result locally.

Enjoy your day!