It was stay at home for Louis yesterday. Without teeth, I wanted to see no one.

Eating was no problem. I blended everything. Even apple pie! By mid afternoon, I had a desire for apple pie. There was a new one in the refrigerator. Threw it in the blender with some fruit and chocolate milk. Heavenly!

I am waiting for the dentist to call this morning so I can return to normal.

I was surprised I was able to get the Syracuse game last night. It was on FSN. Comcast channel 39.

Syracuse beat Wake Forest by 10. 67-57. The game was close till the last couple of minutes. Then per its usual custom, Syracuse pushed ahead. Saturday is Duke. A very big game!

The Key West Citizen reported that the Islamorada Outback was closing. It was in the Hampton Inn. the H?ampton has been sold. the new owner and Outback apparently could not make a deal.

Periodically, I run away to Islamorada for a few days. Only 1.5 hours north of Key West. Yet another world. I enjoy my leisure time there. I tried the Outback once. Food was the same. Atmosphere horrible. The restaurant decor went back to the 1950s. The place was old and grungy. Not the typical Outback. I am glad it will be gone.

Every now and then, I pontificate on how wrong the U.S. government is in not having permitted the banks to fail nor in prosecuting bank officials. Iceland did. Threw the bankers in jail.

Iceland was confronted with the same problems as the United States. High unemployment being one of them. Today, Iceland’s unemployment is at 4 per cent. Iceland says it will be down to 2 per cent in two years.

Will we ever learn? Iceland’s people went after the banks and refused to let the banks control them. I question whether it will ever happen in the United States.  Not as long as the banks control our halls of government.

I am going out tonight!!!

Enjoy your day!



Pat Croce has come into our lives.

I was babysitting for a couple of hours yesterday. When I went to pick up Robert and Ally, Robert showed me a book he had purchased earlier in the day at a garage sale for $1. The Pirate Handbook by Pat Croce. He is into pirates.

I asked 9 year old Robert if he knew who Jim Croce was. He did not. I proceeded to tell him about the Pirate Museum that no longer was, the Rum Barrel, Island Dogs, and the Green Parrot. He knew of the Rum Barrel having seen it while riding by. He knew not the other entities.

I explained who Pat Croce was. The Philadelphia 76ers, his entrepreneurial background. Robert was duly impressed.

We were going to lunch. We had earlier decided on the Ocean Key House deck. The grandkids enjoy sitting by the water at a colorful table under an equally colorful umbrella. Robert had the hot dog the last time we were there. Delicious! I had tasted it. Robert and I both wanted a hot dog. Ally never changes. A cheeseburger and French fries.

We discussed stopping at the Rum Barrel. The Ocean Key won out because of the hot dogs.

The Ocean Key House deck was a mistake. The hot dogs were nowhere as good as the last time. Robert and I looked at each other after our first bites. Bad! Robert finished all of his. I not even half. Ally of course put everything down. They are good eaters.

Our waitress irritated me. From the second we sat down, it was like she did not want us there. Cool. Showed us none of the cheerfulness she showed other customers. Robert and Ally both made mention that she did not like us. We needed more diet soda. Could not even get the waitress’ eye. Never the less, she was running around refilling free glasses of water at two tables near us.

We were customers, too! The grandkids and I discussed the situation. I explained to them she probably thought we would not be spending much money or looked like we were poor tippers. The situation quietly irritated me a bit. The three orders of fries cost $2.50 extra for each of us. The sodas were equally as expensive. No water for us. We were spending money!

My heart is always in the right place. I said nothing and left her a 20 per cent tip on a $53 bill.

We agreed we would not be returning soon. Not because of the waitress. We did not like the hot dogs.

We further agreed the next time it would be the Rum Barrel.

My afternoon was spent finishing this week’s KONK Life column. It is about Iceland’s revolution that had its beginnings in 2008. The one we never heard about. The thrust of the column is the U.S. mainstream media’s silence. Which I attribute to the mega corporations that own our TV, radio, newspaper and magazine outlets.

The column was a bit long. Detail was required that made it long. I had to cut it in half. A Part I this week and a Part II next week. Guy de Boer was going crazy over the phone. Too long to print!

I am still autographing books. My recently published one. The World Upside Down. An interesting experience.

The book is available on the internet in e book and soft cover paper back. Love the cover! Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and Absolutelyamazingebooks.com. The book makes for a thoughtful Christmas gift.

My blog talk radio show tomorrow night at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Two things for certain I will be discussing. The winds of revolt in Italy and questioning why McCain was in Ukraine. He has become an irritating troublemaker.

Enjoy your day!





The Bill O’Reilly thing was the talk of the town yesterday. People were upset. Properly so. The Watters’ report was irresponsible and non representative.

The Key West Citizen ran a major article re the problem front page in yesterday’s paper. It turns out the Mayor was interviewed/filmed and pictures taken of typical Key West places of interest. Like an art gallery. Neither the Mayor nor the art gallery appeared in the film.

I spoke with two of the “stars.” Both felt they had been made to look like fools. They each claimed there was more to the interview that the brief comments shown. Their words had been supportive of  Key West. The feeling was that the portion shown represented slanted cherry picking on Watters’ part.

Time to bury Bill O’Reilly’s fifteen seconds in Key West. It is not worthy of further discussion.

Last night was Chart Room time. Peter and I sat at the round table and chatted for two hours. Peter is a smart man. A world traveler. We spoke of many things. I enjoyed my time with him.

Then it was over to Don’s Place. The O’Reilly thing dominated the conversation.

Yesterday morning was my TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. WOW! is the only way I can describe the reaction to the Iceland story. Some were shocked. Others believed that in today’s world such could happen.

I squeezed in an hour of private time for Louis in the afternoon. Stopped at Higgs Beach, pulled my old sand chair out of the trunk, and spent an hour on the beach. Taking in the usual beautiful sights…..women running around in two piece bikini/thong type bathing suits. Yes, I am a dirty old man. I like to look!

A very sick turtle was found more than a year ago in the keys. The poor thing had lockjaw and several infections. He was undernourished because he could not eat. The Turtle Hospital has fixed the turtle up. He is being returned to the ocean today at noon. At Higgs Beach behind Salute’s. A huge crowd is expected. I hope to be there. I am plan on taking the grandkids.

Enjoy your day!




I spoke with Larry Smith yesterday morning on the phone. Asked if he knew Mary Angel Coploff. Her name had come up the night before at the Chart Room as being his friend.

Do I know her, Larry exclaimed! I was engaged to her!

It is a small world indeed. Mary lives in Pennsylvania. Larry told me not only are he and Mary still friends, her husband is one of his best friends!

Bocce party last night. Don’s Place. Strictly for the five teams that play their own competition during the bocce season. A side bet sort of thing. The best bocce party yet! Good company, good food. What more could be desired.

The sliced tenderloin was exceptionally good. David cooked it on an outdoor grill. I had two helpings.

Inside and out were packed with bocce partiers. Larry Smith showed up. He is doing good. He is now walking with the aid of a cane. His legs are straight. He had the worse case of bow leggedness I had ever seen!

Larry brought Kathleen Peace with him. Everyone loves Kathleen! Everyone misses her! She has moved to northern Florida. She is visiting Key West for the weekend.

I joined a health club yesterday afternoon. WeBeFit. It is located on First Street. In Doc Covan’s building. I can see my psychologist and trainer at one time. Joking, of course. Though I probably have always needed a psychiatrist/psychologist, never did it. doubt that I will at this age.

I start my actual workout on Tuesday. three days a week. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Hopefully, my body will become beautiful.

I am signing an increased number of the book each day. Humbling and interesting.

The book is The World Upside Down. By yours truly, Louis Petrone. It is available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com.

Enjoy your day!