A busy morning yesterday. Started with some scheduled heart tests at Dr. McIvor’s office. Then a manicure with Tammy. Finally an 11 o’clock business meeting downtown.

Spent a bit of time in the afternoon reviewing my notes for last night’s Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Dinner was at the Roostica bar. Chatted with the lovely Megan.

Showtime at 9. My blog talk radio show. Enjoyed doing it. I was disturbed about many things and vented. Things like the 52,000 children and China wanting to buy most of our American Fortune 500 companies.

Peter Anderson is sick. His condition reportedly serious. The cancer returned. He is bedridden and Hospice is attending him. Peter is the Secretary General of the Conch Republic. A major contributor to Key West history and folklore. Pray for him.

I continue to be concerned for the close to 300 girls who were forcibly removed from their school in Nigeria. Their captors said they were to be sold into slavery. That was three months ago. Nothing heard since. What has happened to the girls? Is anyone still looking for them?

Key West Citizen’s this Day in History section notes that on this day in 1941 Joe Di Maggio hit in his 56th consecutive game. Quite a feat! A record that stands to this day.

I met Joe Di Maggio twice. A privilege. Especially the second time.

The first occasion was in my home town Utica. Rufie Ventura owned a restaurant. Ventura’s. Each summer he sponsored a charity golf tournament. Joe Di Maggio would attend. He and Rufie were friends. I met Di Maggio at one of the tournaments.

The second time was years later. Di Maggio was long retired. I had finished playing a round of golf at La Gorce in Miami. I was sitting at a table with several La Gorce members after the game having a drink. We were in the Men’s Lounge. Di Maggio was a member at La Gorce. He came in and sat with us. He knew the others. I was introduced. I spent the next hour enjoying his company and graciousness.

I return to the gym this morning at 11. It has been 10 days since my last visit. Albert just telephoned to ask if I was going to appear. I was happy to say yes. I fear I am going to be extra sore after the workout because of the time I have missed. All for good health!

Enjoy your day!




It had to happen. It did. Last night. Syracuse lost! Boston College won 62-59.

The irony of the whole thing is Syracuse was undefeated going into the game. Boston college had lost 19.

Syracuse did not play like #1 ranked team. Fair missed too many of his usually easy shots. Cooney rarely got the opportunity to shoot a 3. I think he made 2 out of 4 three point attempts.

Duke saturday night. Going to be a hell of a game if it is anything like the first one which Syracuse won 91-89.

I watched the game at Don’s Place. Plenty of support. David sat next to me to watch the game. Don, Jimmy, and Dougie were supportive during and after the game.

Visited my heart doctor yesterday afternoon. Nothing wrong. It was three month check up time.

My physician is Dr. Mc Ivor. I continue to be impressed with the Doctor and his staff.

Dr. Mc Ivor has moved his offices. Into the BB&T Building on Kennedy. A beautiful suite of offices! The medical equipment awesome!

This morning’s Key West Citizen reported a migrant windsurfed from Cuba to Key West. He landed on the Reach beach. It appears he left at 9 tuesday morning and arrived sometime wednesday morning.

Unfortunately, three started the trip. The other two appear to be lost. The Coast Guard is searching for them.

I admire the windsurfer. It took guts. His venture also crystallizes an issue. Lets get on with relations with Cuba. Yesterday is 50 years ago. I cannot blame the Cubans of that day for being pissed. But it cannot go on forever. Castro is out of power and probably will soon die. His brother Raul is not in the greatest of health.

I have a hair up my butt again. Involves banks once again. Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.

Venezuela is in turmoil. Protests/demonstrations daily. It is only a matter of time before the incompetent/inept President Maduro is out of power. A statement by President Obama suggests he supports the protestors. He recently said the United States condemned the violence of the Maduro government and the throwing out of Venezuela of three American diplomats. Maduro took the position the United States was supporting and perhaps supplying the rebels.

On my blog talk radio show this past tuesday, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou, I set forth how certain American banks were attempting to make money out of the upheaval. Goldman Sachs wanted to loan the Maduro government $1.68 billion. Bank of America $3 billion

I referred to the banks as whores. My impression has not changed in the past 36 hours. The banks are working deals when a significant portion of the Venezuelan people are suffering under Maduro. To make it even more contemptuous, the banks are in apparent opposition to President Obama’s stand. The banks support Maduro, the President the protestors.

The banks should keep their noses out of what constitutes  the foreign affairs of the United States. They should not be acting in opposition to the President, whose position is the position.

The banks do not care about anything. Their lack of respect for the 99 per cent and the President in this circumstance is obvious. When they get too big for their britches, the mighty fall.

Enjoy your day!





There is a sense of pride in living on an island where writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams once resided.

Williams lived in Key West for well over 30 years. As I mentioned earlier this week, his former home is one block from Lisa’s.

Today’s Key West  Citizen notes in its Keys History section that on this day in 1955 “…Key West resident Tennessee Williams” received the Pulitzer Prize for his Broadway hit Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

I never saw the play. I did see the first movie made of the play. It starred Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman.

Thunder by the ocean is special. At least to me. I have always enjoyed the booming sound while next to the water. I recall years ago when I frequented the Jersey Shore. I would sit on a bench during a heavy rainstorm under an umbrella enjoying the drama of it all.

Yesterday was a similar morning in Key West. It thundered all morning. My home is on the water. No need for a bench or umbrella. It was a thundering morning followed by some heavy rains.

The weather forecast is for similar rains today. At the moment, it is overcast. No rain yet. My concern is that tonight is bocce. We cannot play on a wet/flooded court.

I worked most of yesterday on friday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour. Some terrific topics. Like the Catholic Church becoming too political, a millionaire child support fight, cancer doctors attacking drug companies, psychiatric hospital patient dumping, money rip offs  such as Karzai, extra terrestrial hearings and Con Edison, what we are not told about Social Security, the Bangladesh building  collapse, horse meat being produced in the United States, Syria and chemical weapons, the Japanese war crimes trials, Machiavelli, Joe DiMaggio, and more.

A combination of diverse subjects. A lot to cover. It will be a fast moving interesting hour. Join me. Via television from Key West through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. World wide on the internet. Ten in the morning my time.

Last night started at Don’s Place. Don wanted to join me for dinner. We stopped at the Chart Room first. Ran into fellow Manhattan College alumnus Jack Kelley. The three of us went over to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. The dinner conversation was interesting.

While I was at the Chart Room, a fellow by the name of Jerry came over to introduce himself. He is a local, though we had not met before. He lives on White Street. He told me he reads this blog every day. Thank you, Jerry. And thank you to every one else who does so also.

I screwed up already this morning. I had a 9 am appointment with my heart doctor. Not to get the results of my CAT scan. Rather for a 4 month check up of how I am doing in a special study I agreed to be a part of. Has to do with fish oil and specifically how it affects the heart. Some miniature aspect is being studied. World wide. I am one of many in the study.

I forgot blood work was involved. Fasting blood work. I ate. Must return monday at 9 to do it correctly.

Enjoy your day!




There is a new term out there. Few have heard it. Many will as time goes on.

It is medical repatriation.

Formal sounding. Serious in its implications.

I spoke of medical repatriation on the Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday. The term involves illegal persons and hospital bills.

The law in the United States is that a hospital is required to care for an injured or sick person till that person is “stabilized.” Not cured. Regardless of ability to pay. Until recently, hospitals have been caring for illegal persons till cured. The result was increased billing to those who had the ability to pay. An unfair but Christian like approach.

Medicaid does not pay the medical bills of those illegally in the United States.

Hospitals have begun to change the format for handling illegals. Now they hire a plane and ship these still sick persons back to their country of origin. The expense of the plane is on the hospital. It is cheaper for a hospital to go this route rather than absorb the balance of a cure bill and rehabilitation.

A recent case involves two Mexican illegals who were working. Their employer provided each with a $100,000 medical policy. The two men had an automobile accident resulting in serious brain injuries. The $100,000 per person was eaten up in less than one week. The hospital flew them back to Mexico on the eleventh day. While both were comatose, a state they had been in since the happening of the accident.

Bad business! Such conduct sets a precedent for a hospital to throw the sick out when the money runs out. I am talking about U.S. citizens who are sick and have no insurance or have insurance that has run out.

I fear that what happens to others today, will happen to us tomorrow.

I discussed the above on my tv/internet show yesterday.

Afterwards, I hurried home to write next week’s column for KONK Life. Vengeance Is Mine Sayeth The Lord. It has to do with the 19 year old Boston bomber and forgiveness. Cardinal O’Malley last week said we should forgive. I say no! Execute him! After a fair trial, of course.

From my previous writings and shows, you are aware that I am against the death penalty. My concern is that an innocent person could be put to death. The system is not perfect. However with the Boston bomber the story is different. From the videos, pictures, television and everything else, there is no question of guilt. Guilt for a horrific and heinous crime. Let him die!

The Chart Room last night was crowded and fun. Jean Thornton invited me to watch the Great Sea Battle from the porch of the Hot Tin Roof with some others. She was buying. I could not refuse such a generous offer from such a beautiful lady.

We ate and drank and watched the Conch Republic win another battle against the forces of the United States. There was no way the Conch Republic was going to lose. Four airplanes. Two bi of World War I vintage, another post World War II, and a sea plane. All dropping unfurling toilet paper rolls as bombs. Biodegradable, I might add.

The U.S. Navy had two jets flying over. No competition for the four Conch planes.

Four pirate ships made up the Conch Navy. Frankie is Admiral. The pirates were appropriately dressed.

The United States was represented by a small 14 foot power boat with a red stripe on the side. No competition. Sequestration prevented the Coast Guard cutter from participating.

The bombs fell, the pirate ship guns hosed the 14 foot power boat and threw cabbage, tomatoes and eggs at it.

The war was easily won.

Stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Erika, Hershel, Michael, Don, and Stephanie in attendance. Erika’s brother was there. He has just returned from six years in South Korea. He taught English. He had many interesting stories to share.

The weather continues to be magnificent. Several people commented last night that yesterday had been one of Key West’s best days.

Enjoy your day!






The Great Sea Battle is tonight! At 7. The waters off Ocean Key House. The Conch Republic and the military forces of the United States. Do not miss it!

The Coast Guard cutter will not be there. Sequestration. There is a replacement. Conch Republic officials have kept the replacement secret. We will find out this evening.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour this morning at 10. An eye opener as I get behind the scenes a bit. Available on television and the internet. Television from Key West through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. On the internet world wide.

Join me. I guarantee you will enjoy the show.

Yesterday began with a haircut. I thought my beard trim of the day before was well done. Lori did not. She shaped the beard up. Oh, well. A barber I am not.

Then took a walk along Duval. I was downtown and thought I should put the time to good use.

Lunch was at Blossoms. My usual Cuban toast sandwich. Read the Key West Citizen. On page 2 there was a picture of Tennessee Williams standing on the front porch of his home. Williams lived in Key West for more than 30 years. His home was on Duncan Street. Lisa lives on Duncan Street. One block away.

Spent the afternoon fine tuning today’s TV/internet show.

Bocce last night. A disaster. We lost all three games. No one was on, except perhaps Keith who played the first game. It is beginning to look more and more certain that we will not be making the playoffs.

I have a heart doctor appointment at 3 this afternoon. To get the results of my electrocardiogram test.

My friend Anna lives well. She slept in Courmeyeur, Italy last night. In the heart of the Alps. This morning she is driving to Chamonix, France to shop at a fruit and vegetable market. Followed by lunch in Geneva, Switzerland.

What a life!

Enjoy your day!



When it rains in Key West, it rains! Yesterday was that kind of day. A blustery rainy day all day.

Key West is at sea level. Which means not much room under the island for pipes. There are two systems. One for sewage and one for drainage. The sewer system always works. The drainage water run off pipes are another story.

The sewers cannot handle a heavy rain. Certainly not one that lasts all day. The streets flood. Deep enough for a canoe or row boat in some places. Perfect for swimming in others. I have actually seen people swim at the Eaton and White Street intersection when flooded.

The flooding screws up traffic. Front Street adjoining the Pier House is impossible to drive through. The Boulevard is under a 2-3 year construction. Only two lanes open. Both going the same way. Into town. Yesterday only one lane. The driving lane was impossible to drive through.

The rain and flooded streets did nothing to dampen spirits. Never do. Tourists move into the bars in mass. Everyone still has a good time.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour was at 10 yesterday morning. Viewed on TV and the internet. Love doing the show!

People I heard from after the show seem to have especially enjoyed two topics. One having to do with title to money passing to the bank once it is deposited. The other concerning the rip off being perpetrated on the public by the pharmaceutical industry.

I spent a bit of time after the show working with Jenna and Krystal. Spoke with owner Rich. He likes the show. People are talking about it. My friday show is being recorded and will be shown three additional times during the week. Saturday at 4:30, sunday at 3 and wednesday 6 in the evening.

Spent some time in the afternoon writing next week’s column for KONK Life. My deadline is 5 friday afternoon. The article is entitled Screwed Again. The story of brand name and generic drug companies working together to the economic detriment of the purchasing public.

Saw the heart doctor late in the afternoon. I keep laughing. My internest told me after my annual physical concluded monday that I was in the best shape since she started caring for me 6 years ago.  I mentioned it in tuesday’s blog which I did in the morning. I also said I hoped I was not jinxing myself by sharing the information.

That evening my ankles were swollen big time with fluid. First time in a very long time. Took me two days to get them down. Concerned me. Ergo, the visit to the heart doctor.

I took my blood and urine results from my annual physical with me. He was impressed! Cut back on two of my heart medications. However, he did not know why the swelling occurred. He has scheduled me for a battery of tests.

Next time I will keep my mouth shut!

My ankles were down and I felt good so I went out last night.

Started at Don’s Place. Spent some time with Hershel and Don. Our bocce team lost 2 out of 3 thursday night. I missed the game. I stayed home because I did not feel right.

Then to the Chart Room. The tourists were in out of the rain. So also were Sheila, Peter, Sean, and Katherine. Jean Thornton came in. She is back. Chatted with them all off and on. Lest I forget, the ever charming Emily was bartending.

I heard some sad news while at the Chart Room. The kids’ toy store on the second floor of the white custom house building is closing down. Sad! A great store for children’s toys. Reasonably priced and  quality.

It was raining. I did not want to walk far. Went to the Wine Galley and ate at the bar. Larry was playing. As usual. He introduced me to his brother. Larry’s father died two weeks ago. His brother drove their mother down to Key West from Dansville, Pennsylvannia. She will be living with Larry and Christine for a while.

Sloan has already been in today. 8:30. Our work for the day is done.

Tonight big! Very big! The Final Four!

I will be watching the Syracuse/Michigan game at 8:30 at the Big Ten Sports Pub. May Syracuse win! I believe they will this evening.

Enjoy your day!





You will recall last thursday night when a stray dog joined me at Sandy’s. We shared my sandwich. He was a large beautiful boxer type. White with tan and black spots. Large sympathetic eyes.

A police officer stopped to eat. He saw the dog was untagged. Told me he was going to take him to the pound.

I left.

I could not get the dog out of my mind. I decided yesterday to stop at the pound to see if his owner had claimed him. I did not want euthanasia in his life.

I drove them crazy at the pound. I was told by the first staff person that the police had brought no such dog in thursday night. In fact, no dogs. Two others joined us. They assured me they had no dog as I described in the pound. I wanted to be sure. I asked if they would let me see the dogs. They took me through the building housing the strays. My dog was not there.

Good! He apparently walked away from the police officer or his owners showed up at Sandy’s. Whatever, my friend was not on the execution block.

I was a bit disappointed that I did not find him. I had visions of me saving his life by adopting him. Jake could use a cousin. I could use a friend. Living alone for eight years is starting to wear on me.

I saw my internest monday. Under went a total physical. Best condition I have ever seen you in, she told me. I reported the news to you in tuesday’s blog. I also mentioned I should not have. I might be jinxing myself.

Yesterday morning my ankles started swelling, By bed time, they were swollen big. I have a 4:30 appointment this afternoon with the heart doctor.

Next time I will keep my mouth shut!

Had to stop by the hospital in the afternoon. No big deal. Needed a bone density test to complete my annual physical. Heather works the bone density department. A very charming person.

I spent the afternoon and evening working on friday’s TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. The show is almost complete. Topics include how brand name drug makers buy off the generic companies to the detriment of you and me, how when we deposit money in the bank title to the money automatically passes to the bank–not ours anymore,  Ho Chi Minh, FOX News, the extremes of Sharia law as practiced in Saudi Arabia, some Final Four chatter, and more.

Join me. I guarantee you will enjoy.

The show airs on television from Key West through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. On the internet world wide. Note that the internet address has changed. Please make note of the new weyw one.

Show time is 9 in the morning my time.

Finally…..You Tube! Assumedly all problems are worked out. My friday show will be available on You tube  forever. To find it, merely go to When the screen appears, enter Key West Lou Legal Hour.

The shows are being differentiated by date. The date initially televised.

One hangup. Why, I do not know. The You Tube show will not appear on You Tube till one week after the show is aired. So you will always be one week behind in watching the show if you watch solely on You Tube. Right now last friday’s show is not on You tube. The one the week before is. Last friday’s show airs tomorrow.

All too much for my ancient brain!

Bocce tonight! I need a couple of drinks and a few laughs.

Enjoy your day!



Bargain day! Two blogs for one.

My computer was still in the shop yesterday. Sunday morning. I had to go to Lisa’s to do the blog. My bed felt good. The bed won out! I never did yesterday’s blog. Sorry.

Following is what would have been yesterday’s blog covering Saturday’s events.

I hurried to Lisa’s and did the blog. Visited with the grandkids. Then the drive home. Bikers and runners galore. The trip took forever. There was a Triathlon with over 400 participants. Traffic diverted every where.  Traffic lanes closed down to accommodate the bikers and runners.

It took me 1.5 hours to make the return trip. Normally 15 minutes. That was it! As much as I love Syracuse, no way was I going back out to fight my way to Caroline and John’s Big Ten Pub. I missed the Syracuse/Villanova game. I see Syracuse won by 11 points. Good!

Remember the Auntie Maime movie of forty or more years ago. Starred Rosiland Russell. She had a female friend staying with her. Sort of a social retard. Never went out, never dated. Then she did. There was a scene several months later as she descended a staircase. She was obviously pregnant. She shouted out, “I lived!”

I lived Saturday night!

Ate and drank.

Don and Stephanie hosted a small dinner party at the Braza Lena. I was invited.

The Braza Lena is the restaurant where they serve all the meat you want. I figured what the hell! It was time I blew my diet.

I drank and ate. Big time. Even had desert. It felt good!

The company was good, also. Beside Don and Steph, there was Herschel and Erika and David.

My car was parked at the Pier House. I walked Duval to get it. Something struck me. For the first time, I thought Duval was honky tonk. Yes, sadly it has become so. A decidedly different flavor from 15-25 years ago. I did not like it.

Now for yesterday. Sunday.

As I already told you, I stayed in bed in the morning. Comfortably buried in the sheet and blanket.

Watched Meet the Press from the bed. I was impressed with Colin Powell. As always.

Tim Reynolds called. One computer fixed. The old one. The newer one with the virus was still being worked on. I drove over to pick up the repaired one. The one I am writing on at the moment.

The virus is Money Pak. What a pain! Locks the screen. Hopefully, Tim will have it repaired by today. I am becoming uncomfortable.

Stopped at Lisa’s on the way home. Robert and Ally were doing homework. Studiously and diligently. I was impressed. I read the Sunday newspapers and then left for home.

The Seattle/Atlanta game was terrific! Especially the last two minutes. Even more so the last 20 seconds. It is called professionalism.

The big thing on the agenda today is a routine visit with the heart doctor.

Tomorrow morning at 7 my blog talk radio show. The Key West Lou Blog Talk Radio Show.

I will be there! The cell phone problem has been corrected.

The show is a one half hour talk show. I talk. You talk, if you call in.

You do not have to wait till 7 when the show starts to call in. You may call in before 7 and will be placed on hold in the order called in.

Find me and the show at

Enjoy your day!



Another friday. Another show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. Watch! Fast moving and interesting.

The show airs on television in the Florida Keys and through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Elsewhere and world wide via the internet.

I am going to touch this morning on the fiscal cliff, the debt limit, Hillary Clinton, Benghazi, the Mayor of London, Silvio Berlusconi, and the Emancipation Proclamation. All from perspectives you may not have considered.

Additionally, the NRA, publishing gun permits in the newspaper, the Indian rape, Columbus, first appendectomy, Nixon, Carter, Olympics, Gingrich, Pelosi, Romney, and Santorum.

A full plate.

Please join me at 10.

I completely screwed up with yesterday’s blog. It was a good one. I lost it just as I finished. Searched for 10 minutes. Could not find it. There was no time to do it over. I had a doctor’s appointment.


One of the interesting things in the lost blog was my grocery shopping at Publix with Robert and Ally. A fun experience! Who drives the cart, who wants what, etc. I went to buy two items. Ended up with eight.

Key West weather continues to be amazing. Mid to high 70s. Calm. No humidity.

We are fortunate. Normally, this is our cold time.

I had an appointment with the heart doctor yesterday. No problem. Feeling well, fortunately.

You will recall my telling you I am part of a national heart study. Something to do with fish oil and triglycerides.

I had been taking fish oil pills daily for years. The first thing I had to do was purge my body of fish oil. Off the tablets for three months. Then last month I received a full physical.

Yesterday, the study began in earnest. I received a four month supply of fish oil pills. Maybe. I do not know if I have the real thing or the placebo.

I am being closely watched. I went into the study with my triglycerides at a good number. 140. If it gets out of whack, it means I am on the placebo. At that point, I am out of the study and back on a daily regimen of oil pills.

The only other event of interest yesterday was a manicure with Tammy.

My life is at such a mundane level. It is the diet. I do not go out while I am dieting. I am naturally weak. Know I will cheat. Ergo, best I stay home.

Again, please watch today’s show.

Enjoy your day!



A busy morning ahead.

Starts at 9 with a visit to the heart doctor. A routine check up. Fasting blood work to be done.

Then I have to hustle over to the TV studio. The Key West Lou Legal hour is scheduled friday each week. Still friday this week. However, studio staff will be away for the Christmas holidays. Ergo, I am doing the show this morning. It is being recorded for showing friday at 10.

Great stuff to talk about this week. How could there not be The Newtown tragedy will take at least two segments. Therre are some post tragedy stories out there. Like the Westboro Baptist Church and a North Carolina tea party organization. One a hater and the other insensitive. Perhaps both insensitive.

I will also be discussing the Egyptian constitutional vote, anti noise legislation, a China big wig with 4 wives and 10 children, an Indian village barring their women from using cell phones, an Australian worker’s comp case deciding a sex injury is compensable, and more.

Remember, the show is not today. It is friday. Ten in the morning my time. Via TV throughout the Keys and Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Also available world wide via the Internet.

I walked again yesterday. The scale is still stuck. I continue to keep a low profile. No one sees me out in the evening. I am not out. I continue to avoid the near occasions of sin for me. Food and drink.

Spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon reading the Ulysses Grant book. Long! Like War and Peace. Grant is interesting. A loser who became a winner!

I could breathe easy again yesterday afternoon. Santa telephoned me. My Santa of the past few years. I had lost his telephone number. He asked whether he was still on for Christmas eve. Of course!!!!!

Enjoy your day!