With all due respect,  local Key West governments sometimes operate with their heads up their asses!

Two incidents of note for today.

The first involves Key West parking. The City Commission has decreed a new residential parking program which goes into effect October 1. Basically, residents will be able to park. Non-residents will have to go through hell.

I live 2.5 miles outside Key West on an island called Key Haven. I drive into Key West every day two times. Lunch time for a couple of hours. Then in the evening for drinks, dinner and fun. I spend money on both occasions.

I do not want to have to walk long distances nor pay what I consider an exorbitant fee to park.

Then there is my friend Jimmy. He has a small but active painting business. Himself, his wife Joanie and John. Jimmy paints homes and commercial buildings inside and out in Key West. He drives a beat up old van. Carries his ladders on top. Jimmy wants to know where he will park. Jimmy thinks the new parking plan is a scam for the City to take in more money.

Jimmy is astute. He approached me with a solution last night. He said…..Remember that movie with Santa Claus where the judge said….. if the Post Office thought the guy was Santa Claus, he was Santa Claus…..the Post Office is an agency of the United States government…..the United States therefore thinks he is Santa Claus…..that is good enough for me.

Jimmy lives on Stock Island. Even closer to Key West than me. Less than a mile out.

His mail and mine bear a Key West address. After our specific street and numbers, the mail for those residing in Key West and out is addressed: Key West, Florida 33040. Jimmy’s statement simply stated…..If it’s good enough for the Post Office, it should be good enough for the Key West City Commission.

The other problem involves the Monroe County Commission. In their divine wisdom, they have decided that public employees (County employees) should not smoke. They have passed a law which is in the process of going into effect. No County employee may smoke. Not even at home. There will be cigarette testing similar to drug testing. Pee in a cup. Get caught with tobacco product in your urine and you will be fined. Worse? I don’t know.

The County Commissioners say it will save on insurance premiums. Taxpayers of the County should not have to pay for a higher cost of health insurance because of those who get sick from smoking.

Hear this from Louis. The law will never pass muster in court.

Finis. So much for preaching.

Enjoy your day!



Sorry for the delay in getting this blog out. Friday morning is my TV/internet show and things get tight time wise.

Yesterday began with a haircut.  By Lori. A tiny very thin woman with long blond hair. A beauty to behold! I enjoy our conversations when she is cutting away. Not that much to cut these days. She takes a #1 and slides it over my head.

Visited the bank again.

A couple of weeks ago, the grandkids and I had lunch together. I was babysitting. I took Robert and Ally to lunch at Pepe’s. They had never been there.

Ally had a cheeseburger. I tasted it. Delicious! I have craved one for Louis ever since.

Ergo, I went to lunch yesterday at Pepe,s. Me and the newspapers. Ordered the large cheeseburger. Great taste!

Key West cheeseburgers were made famous by Jimmy Buffett. Cheeseburger in Paradise.

I occasionally would eat in the drug store. The one where Buffet got his inspiration for the song. It had  small tables and an old type drug store sitting counter. Drugs and lunches for sale.

The cheeseburger was not special. However, I always ordered it out of deference to Buffet. The drug store was purchased by a bank. A bank replaced a bit of Old Key West. Not nice.

My afternoon was spent working on this morning’s TV/internet show. It may be the best I have done. I had  a feeling it was special as I did it. All kinds of today/crazy things discussed. Like how Social Security has been stolen from us and additional examples of governmental waste. If you missed the show, it is on You Tube. Today’s show goes on tomorrow. Merely go to You Tube and enter Lou’s Legal Hour.

Bocce last night! We continue to play poorly. A gross misrepresentation. Lousy is a better description. We lost 2 of the 3 games.

To add to the shame of it, the other team had three new players. This is their first year. Only four showed up to play from the opposing team. Which meant the four had to play all four games. They played with honor! Nice guys! However, I was extremely unhappy when we lost 2 of 3 games.

No play offs for us again this year.

Tonight, Jenna! In all her pure unadulterated form. Sometimes I wish she were adulterated. Jenna does not tout a bible. She does not need one. Lines from Scripture roll off her tongue with regularity.

We will have a good time together. We always do.

Enjoy your day!



Les Miserables.


I saw the movie last night. One of the finest I have ever seen. Reward yourself. Go see it.

Anne Hathaway plays a tubercular ridden prostitute. She lost thirty pounds to do the role. An Academy Award performance!

Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman outstanding, also.

The lines are sung, not spoken.

The film was uniquely made. The actors sang live. The singing was not prerecorded and then lip synched. The first time this approach has been utilized since the musicals of the 19390s and early 1940s.

My yesterday began with a haircut with Lori. I fell asleep while she was cutting my hair. Strange! My pills?

It was a bit cool. I walked Smathers Beach afterwards. I am up to 20 pounds lost on the diet. However, I have plateaued again.

Spent some time in the afternoon finalizing today’s TV/Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. Available via TV on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Available world wide also.

Four interesting items involving Germany have been added. Extremely revealing.

Join me at 10.

Enjoy your day!





I begin with the Chicago teacher strike this morning.

I suggested yesterday that everyone be aware of the legal distinction between suspended and ended. Since the union had merely suspended the strike, I advised the lawsuit by the City would remain alive. At immediate issue was yesterday’s hearing. Emanuel had brought a lawsuit against the uniion to have the strike declared illegal. A hearing was scheduled for yesterday.

My question was would happen to the hearing and lawsuit in view of the suspended outcome.

My answer was to the effect that the lawsuit would remain alive and the hearing be placed in a position to be rescheduled. I was correct. The hearing was cancelled, the City’s Complaint left pending. Which means the lawsuit is alive and upon a brief notice, such as three days, the hearing can be rescheduled. It is the court’s hammer over the union’s head. Approve the contract in a timely fashion or the lawsuit will proceed in a legal fashion.

I had lamb chops for lunch. Purchased from Publix a couple of days ago. Four rib chops. $15 a pound. I had a pound. I prepared the lamb chops.

In Armogos, I had lamb chops almost every evening. Thinner than those I ate yesterday. Ten served with every order. Absolutely delicious! Much better than the Publix ones. The cost was 8 euros/$10. Cooked for me, not by me. More and better chops than at Publix at a cheaper price.

What a difference 5,000 miles makes!

Spent my afternoon researching and writing.

Sloan arrived a bit after 5. We spent a couple of hours working the the photo arrangement. What a job!

Stopped at Don’s Place after the Sloan visit. Chatted quite a while with Don at the bar.

A couple came in as I was leaving. Friends of Don. William and Missa. Vacationing in Key West from Guyana.

Guyana originally was British Guiana. Gained independence and became Guyana. I am spelling the two names correctly. Guyana is located on the northern shore of South America. A tiny nation.

William is a golfer. Played with Don and the group yesterday morning. He won $6.

Wiklliam is a 3 handicap. I made him aware I was a 35. I told him to give me 2 strokes a hole and I would play him for money. He said ok. Such bravado on my part. He would whip my ass! Besides being a poor golfer, I have not played in over a year.

William and Missa appeared to be nice people. Hope I run into them again.

Dined alone later at Outback. Wanted a prime rib. No prime rib. Had a rib eye steak instead. I am being true to the Atkins diet.

The Boulevard construction is a pain. State doing the job. Two years construction contemplated.

The State has been at it over a month now. A big job. Not that many workers. I do not understand what is going on. A multimillion dollar job and only a handful of people working at it each day. Progress is at a snail’s pace.

My other criticism is why the job is not being run 24 hours a day. At nightime with lights.

Several years ago, US 1 was under major constructuon from the Boulevard north. Twenty four hours a day. Lights at night.

I am running late. As usual. I have a haircut appointment with Lori at 10. Have to hustle.

Enjoy your day!

In armogos