I bought and furnished my Key West home 16 years ago. Deck furniture was among the items purchased. Included was a round table with a blue shade umbrella. The umbrella survived all 16 years till yesterday. Let me say first that the enemy of anything on the ocean is sun and salt. Neither bothered the umbrella. I was impressed. It took strong winds to bring about its demise.

Yesterday was sunny and lovely. In the afternoon, a storm came upon us that quick. In a matter of minutes, it gets dark, the temperature drops 10-20 degrees and it begins raining like hell.

I worked for a while. Kept the glass sliding doors behind me shut. The rain would have gushed in. After a while, I was tired. Took a nap. Two hours later, I woke. Still raining, but not as bad. I went downstairs and opened the glass sliding doors.

The first thing that hit my eyes was the pool. The wind was was still strong. There were ripples on top of the pool which clouded the water. I saw what I thought was a body in the deep end. I hurried out to investigate. It was the umbrella. The metal parts I could see where broke. Lying on top of the umbrella was a large ceramic vase. It was the vase that gave the initial impression of a body.

The vase was purchased 16 years ago, also. I have two sitting at the shallow end of the pool by the steps for decorative purposes. The vases are heavy. Three feet tall, 1.5 feet wide and thick. It takes all I have to lift one one inch.

The metal umbrella post must have snapped.Then it hit one of the chairs at the table. The chair is destroyed. The umbrella must have then hurled sideways of the chair and picked up the ceramic vase on its way into the pool.

There is a 30 foot distance between the table and where the umbrella landed in the pool. Had to be a hell of a wind!

I already called Keith. Told him to come over saturday with Jennifer. Wear their bathing suits. Get the stuff out of the pool!

It is not going to be easy. It is about seven feet down. The vase has to be full of water. The umbrella will hold water in its pocket as it rises. Not a job for Louis. It would be heart attack time.

The loss of the umbrella is my fault. I know better than to leave it open during a storm.

ABC and Good Morning America did themselves proud this morning. Key West was featured on the show. ABC has been doing this show in Key West for several years. I always thought the show sucked. They did not show Key West as it truly is. From what I saw this morning, this year they did.

ABC’s Ginger was broadcasting. The first shot was of her and a crowd of shorts and tee shirted people at Mallory Square. Yes, the rain and wind are gone. It is sunny and warm once more.

The next segment showed two Key West favorites. Key Lime Pie and Stone crabs. A great last meal! The following segment were walkers at Smathers Beach. Then came the Westin Dock with a huge cruise ship in the background.

Ginger kept referring to Key West as Paradise. She was correct.

I could give the show no more time. I have a big morning. I believe my friend Howard Livingston is going to do a guest appearance at some point. The best of the best.

The only negative in the show was that I saw no locals during the time I watched. They were all tourists. I recognized no one.

Bocce obviously rained out last night. I did not have to call in and beg off due to my back.

Two Ukraine observations.

First, what is going on is not unlike our Civil War. The South seceded. They had no right to do so under the Constitution. Crimea is in effect seceding from the Ukraine. This matte can only be handled properly and honorably if there is an Abraham Lincoln in the Ukraine of today.

The other observation involves the pipelines. Russia’s income comes from its oil and gas exports. Seventy five per cent. The pipelines go through Ukraine. One of the reasons Ukraine is important to Putin. I think Ukrainian leaders should slowly start sabotaging some of those pipelines. With the added threat that if Russia interferes in any way, all the pipelines will immediately be blown up. Putin has to back off immediately. The opposition for once would have the upper hand. The problem will then be possible of immediate resolution. Fire must be met with fire. When dealing with a bully, you must hit harder back than he hit you.

So thinks Louis.

Enjoy your day!


One of Key West’s most loved persons is Sheila. Today, she celebrates her birthday. Happy birthday, Sheila! I am sure you will be well honored tonight at the Chart Room. I am sorry I cannot be there. I have prep time and then my blog talk radio show itself. We shall drink together another night.

Kim Novak was a presenter at the Oscars Sunday night. She was a beauty in the 1950s. One of the biggest stars of the time. Her face alone took your breath away.

Kim disappeared in the 1960s. Actually retired from show business. Except for a few brief forays back in, she lived first on Big Sur and now in Oregon. Oregon was initially her home.

Now 81, Kim’s years showed. Unfortunately. Physically and a bit mentally. She is 81. She was well received by the audience.

I am 78. Is this what I am to expect in three years?

Tonight, my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Please join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Nine o’clock.

I suspect I will spend quite a bit of time on Ukraine. Not what is already known. Not what is in the papers. Rather some of the things not known by many. Like we have to be careful that whatever happens, it is not another Munich. The seeds are all in place for one. Most are unaware of the neo-Nazi party’s influence in the good guy group. The group the United States has already given in excess of $5 billion to. The stupidity of downsizing the military when we have hot spots all over the world, including Ukraine and Afghanistan. My displeasure with Kerry always talking on television about what he is going to do, who is good and bad, etc. Diplomacy is quiet and behind doors. How Europe will not stand tall. They depend on Russia for gas. Finally, how Ukraine banks have clamped down on depositor accounts this week. Some are limiting withdrawals to $100 a day.

Good stuff! Interesting! Revealing!

Good Morning America is coming to Key West. Friday morning. Live from Mallory Square. Go down and be part of the event.

There was a note in this morning’s Key West Citizen. It said there are 77,271 eligible Americans waiting for transplants. That number and the lack of organs is why there is a thriving black market in human organs world wide.

I remain down trodden re Syracuse. Syracuse plays again tonight. Against Georgia Tech at the Carrier Dome. Syracuse is 25 or 26-3. Georgia Tech 13-16. Syracuse dropped in the weekly rankings to #7.

Unfortunately, I will not be watching the game. Maybe for the good. Each game this year beats me up. I will be doing my blog talk radio show. Syracuse will be my first topic. World events have taken second place to Syracuse basketball this season. I have been talking about the team at the start of each show.

When I get sick, it seems to run in spurts. One type illness after another. The weekend was food poisoning. I saw Dr. Jackie Lefferts yesterday for a persistent cough. I had x-rays also. Somehow during the day, I threw my back out. When spasms hit, intolerable is the only way to describe them. This afternoon I see the dermatologist. I have had a small growth on my upper arm for years. It has grown the past two weeks and is sore.

I am doing good!

Enjoy your day!




I saw them last night! Robert and Ally. Playing munchkins in the Key West High School production of the Wizard of Oz.

They were absolutely magnificent! For real! They sang and danced like pros.

What impressed me before and after the show was how calm they were. Taking everything in stride.

There is a third component to the grandkid thing. Cameron. Cameron is not young, however. He is a high school senior. Off to college in September.

Cameron played the Straw Man. He was the best performer by far. I was impressed.  He should seriously consider pursuing dramatics as a career.

Needless to say, Lisa and Corey were proud parents..

My day yesterday started with the dentist once again. When will I finish?

Then to the Plantation Coffee House. The lovely Diane working.

I enjoy reading newspapers. Especially free ones. I spent about two hours drinking coffee and plodding through various newspapers.

Show time this morning. At 10 my time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. In addition to topics already shared with you, I am going to comment on this week’s Time article on how medical costs are killing us. The article is an outstanding piece of investigative journalism.

My show is available on television and the internet. It may be viewed on TV via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 from Key West through Miami-Dade County. World wide on the internet. www.tvchannel19.com.

Join me for an interesting and fast moving hour.

Ran into an old friend yesterday. One I had not seen in several months. She looked terrific! Where have you been, I asked. I had a stroke, she replied.

We never know.

Celebrities keep popping up in Key West. Last week it was Robin Roberts. Half of the host team on Good Morning America. She was diagnosed with cancer several months ago. Had some heavy treatment. Including bone marrow transplant.

She was vacationing in Key West prior to returning to work this week. She was back on Good Morning America this past monday morning.

Good for her!

Remember my show at 10.

Enjoy your day!