It had to happen. It did. Last night. Syracuse lost! Boston College won 62-59.

The irony of the whole thing is Syracuse was undefeated going into the game. Boston college had lost 19.

Syracuse did not play like #1 ranked team. Fair missed too many of his usually easy shots. Cooney rarely got the opportunity to shoot a 3. I think he made 2 out of 4 three point attempts.

Duke saturday night. Going to be a hell of a game if it is anything like the first one which Syracuse won 91-89.

I watched the game at Don’s Place. Plenty of support. David sat next to me to watch the game. Don, Jimmy, and Dougie were supportive during and after the game.

Visited my heart doctor yesterday afternoon. Nothing wrong. It was three month check up time.

My physician is Dr. Mc Ivor. I continue to be impressed with the Doctor and his staff.

Dr. Mc Ivor has moved his offices. Into the BB&T Building on Kennedy. A beautiful suite of offices! The medical equipment awesome!

This morning’s Key West Citizen reported a migrant windsurfed from Cuba to Key West. He landed on the Reach beach. It appears he left at 9 tuesday morning and arrived sometime wednesday morning.

Unfortunately, three started the trip. The other two appear to be lost. The Coast Guard is searching for them.

I admire the windsurfer. It took guts. His venture also crystallizes an issue. Lets get on with relations with Cuba. Yesterday is 50 years ago. I cannot blame the Cubans of that day for being pissed. But it cannot go on forever. Castro is out of power and probably will soon die. His brother Raul is not in the greatest of health.

I have a hair up my butt again. Involves banks once again. Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.

Venezuela is in turmoil. Protests/demonstrations daily. It is only a matter of time before the incompetent/inept President Maduro is out of power. A statement by President Obama suggests he supports the protestors. He recently said the United States condemned the violence of the Maduro government and the throwing out of Venezuela of three American diplomats. Maduro took the position the United States was supporting and perhaps supplying the rebels.

On my blog talk radio show this past tuesday, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou, I set forth how certain American banks were attempting to make money out of the upheaval. Goldman Sachs wanted to loan the Maduro government $1.68 billion. Bank of America $3 billion

I referred to the banks as whores. My impression has not changed in the past 36 hours. The banks are working deals when a significant portion of the Venezuelan people are suffering under Maduro. To make it even more contemptuous, the banks are in apparent opposition to President Obama’s stand. The banks support Maduro, the President the protestors.

The banks should keep their noses out of what constitutes  the foreign affairs of the United States. They should not be acting in opposition to the President, whose position is the position.

The banks do not care about anything. Their lack of respect for the 99 per cent and the President in this circumstance is obvious. When they get too big for their britches, the mighty fall.

Enjoy your day!




In the present era, banks continue to be whores.

A perfect example is Capital One. Capital One is one of the largest bank distributors of credit cards world wide.

A new addition to Capital One’s contract was announced/discovered yesterday. The contract between Capital One and the card holder is all those pages one receives once a year in the mail from Capital One. Small print, both sides of a sheet. Somewhere buried is something new between Capitol One and its card holders.

It provides that Capital One can contact a cardholder anytime it wants, including “personal visits.” The personal visits are “…at your home and at your place of employment.”

Simply stated, Capital One has added to its many rights, the right to walk into your home unannounced at any time. Further, bother you at your place of employment.

The IRS and police cannot enter your home without a search warrant or some type court order. The Fourth Amendment prohibits illegal searches and seizures. The Fourth Amendment applies only to governmental interference, however. Capital One is not the government or a government agency.

Additionally, Capital One’s new rights are predicated on a contract. A civil matter. The courts have not been favorable in recent years to the public in confrontations of this nature. The court decisions generally have held the contract controls.

If Capital One can do it, I am sure the other credit card companies will follow suit. Be prepared for a new guest at the dinner table. The bill collector.

I spent yesterday afternoon finalizing last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I enjoyed doing the show last night. There were a lot of other goodies to talk about in addition to the Capital One issue.

Between final preparation and the show, I ran off to Hogfish for an early dinner. Sat at the bar and chatted with my fisherman friends. These guys are the true old time fisherman. Teeth missing, bearded, weather beaten faces.  Theirs is another world.

Syracuse basketball again tonight! This time against Boston college. Syracuse a 16 point favorite. Means nothing based on recent games.

Syracuse remains undefeated at 25-0. Boston college is 6-19. We should beat their asses! But…..who knows anymore? Syracuse seems to play to the level of its competition.

We should win.

Saturday is Duke. What a game that will be!

I will be watching the Syracuse/Boston College game at Don’s Place tonight. Join me, my Syracuse fans.

Enjoy your day!