Although relative to baseball, the line can be applied to any sport. There is joy in Mudville! There is joy for Syracuse fans world wide! Syracuse beat Georgetown last night 58-55.

We came back!

Tonight Louisville for the Big East Tournament championship. Another great game awaits!

I watched last night’s game with my friend Andrew at the Big Ten Sports Pub. Andew is my neighbor. He owns the MTV home across the water. He was supposed to be in Thailand. He telephoned me to say hello, I am here, let’s have dinner tonight. A business matter required a quick return to Key West. He left wife Jas and son Kai in Thailand. In a few days, Jas and Kai will be in Sweden with Jas’ mother. Thereafter, Key West.

This is St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Actually, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. I love corned beef and cabbage. Once a year. Today or tomorrow is the time.

My mother made corned beef and cabbage frequently. It tasted better back then. Whatever my mother did. Plus, the meat was extra fatty which contributed to the great flavor. I do not recognize that taste anymore.

Schooner Wharf is big on corned beef and cabbage this holiday. They cook it special. I may stop to enjoy the meal.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour aired yesterday morning. Love doing it! Post show comments indicated the bank issue hit home. People understood. The thrust of the topic was that the same banks that were too big to fail several years ago, are now too big to prosecute. The shame of it all.

After the show, I went over to the Plantation Coffee House. Read the newspapers and enjoyed a cup of coffee.

The deadline for my KONK Life column is The article was entitled: New Pope and U.S. Catholic Social Issues…..Resolutions? I mentioned at length that I thought the new Pope was more inclined to deal with basic issues affecting the poor rather than the social issues confronting the U.S. Things like priests marrying, a woman eligible to be Pope, birth control, same sex marriage, pedophilia, etc.

The BBC this morning quoted Pope Francis as saying yesterday that he wanted “…a poor Church for the poor…I would like a Church that is poor working for the poor.”

I am sorry to say I called it correctly. I think it is time to deal with all issues. The Catholic Church has been floundering too long.

I published the KONK Life article to Amazon Kindle, also.

Jake has been part of the family all of five days. He seems to be doing well. He loves Robert, Ally, Corey and Lisa. They love him. He is out car riding this morning and walking Duval. What a life! I told lisa… green beer for him!

I was speaking with my friend Anna yesterday. I was complaining about Key West’s cold front. It was 68 degrees at the time. She told me not to complain. It is cold and snowy in Italy. A new storm had come down from Siberia. Siberia? Just the mention of it gives me a cold chill!

That’s it for this morning.

Enjoy your day!






The loss of an hour will bother me for a few days…..such is my nature!

Key West’s daily local newspaper is the Key West Citizen. It regularly prints on page 2 Today in Key West History. Yesterday, it mentioned that in 1896 Juana Borrero Pierra, poetess, Cuban patriot and painter, died in Key West at the age of 18.

My curiosity was aroused. Eighteen? I had never heard of her.

I did some research. Her story is a must to be told.

Juana was Cuban by birth. A writer. A poet. She wrote her first poem at 4. Her first published poem was at 14 in the literary magazine La Habana.

Cubans had desired independence from Spain for years. Minor rebellions would start up and stop. In 1895, Cuban rebels were on the move once again. The fight for independence was reignited.

Juana and her family had to leave Cuba immediately following the failure of the insurgency. They were part of the rebel group.

They fled to Key West.

Juana wrote five volumes of poems. One poem was Los Proscriptos. The poem described her last night in Cuba. Most of her other poems described the pain and loneliness of exile.

Juana’s works became popular with Cuban exiles in the late 1950s and early 1960s who were forced to flee Castro’s Cuba.

Juana died of typhoid fever at the age of 18. She was buried in the Key West Cemetery. Her final resting place became lost, so to speak. It could not be recalled specifically where within the cemetery she was buried. Her place of rest was finally discovered in 1972. Her remains were exhumed and buried in a special vault. The caption on the vault reads Glory of Cuba.

As mentioned yesterday, the reaction to my TV/internet show as to why Obama is so hated were well received. I wrote my thoughts up for publication in next week’s KONK Life. Yesterday people were still talking to me about my Obama dissertation. I decided therefore to publish next week’s KONK Life article immediately on Amazon Kindle. Which I did.

Syracuse lost again! Decimated by Georgetown! By around 20 points.

The second half was especially discouraging. Georgetown made Syracuse look like it had never played the game before yesterday.

I have been saying off and on this season, that Syracuse was not the same quality team as in previous years. I am sorry to say it appears I was correct. I hope I am made to look like an ass and Syracuse wins the Final Four!

Georgetown looked great! Like a #1 seed for March Madness.

There was a touching moment at the end of the game. John Thompson, Jr. sought out and found Jim Boeheim. They embraced. Better said, Big John engulfed little Jim in a bear hug!

Two giants who were there at the beginning of the Big East more than thirty years ago. The end of an era that these two greats helped make successful.

The word has always been that Thompson and Boeheim disliked each other. Vehemently. Not yesterday. If animosity existed, it was wiped away by that embrace and the look on their faces. Two old war horses who had been there and done it.

I watched the game at the Big Ten Sports Pub. I arrived just as the game was to start. Two men were sitting near the door. One asked if I was Key West Lou. They were Gordon from Cape Cod and Charles from Oregon.

Gordon told me he reads my blog every day. He and Charles had come to the Sports Pub to meet me. An honor. I was a bit impolite, however. The game was starting. I said my hellos and thank yous and went to a chair at the bar to watch the game.

I figured I would spend half time with them. It never happened. They left soon after we had our brief conversation.

I would like to sit and chat with Gordon and Charles a bit. Share a drink or two. They are visiting Key West for a month. I am sure Gordon is reading the blog this morning. Gordon, please stop by the Chart Room and visit with me. I am generally there every evening from 5:30 to 7, except thursday when I play bocce. I will not be there tonight, however, I am having sunday dinner with Lisa and the family.

My car was parked in the lot next to the Big Ten Sports Pub. When I left after the game, I noticed five roosters nearby running around and under a pick up truck. Only roosters. No hens. I thought this strange. Roosters are always seen cock a doddling and chasing after hens. The thought occurred…..these roosters must be gay!

I am going to the movies this afternoon. Playing grandfather. There is a remake of the Wizard of Oz. I am going with Robert and Ally and Lisa and Corey.

Enjoy your sunday!



It is that time of the year. Spring break time.

They are here from all over the country. Appear to be good young people. Respectful. In Key West to enjoy the freedom of being at a place distant from home and school.

Two observations.

If the young ladies wore shorts any shorter, they would be wearing nothing! Absolutely amazing! So short! Skin tight besides. I do not know how they get into them.

The other observation is I am not sure where they sleep. As I drove through Key West yesterday, most guest houses had Vacancy signs posted. Even the cheap ones. The recession must be affecting the young. I suspect they are sleeping on the beach and in cars.

I ran into a group from Georgetown again last night. I was enjoying some fish at the Southernmost Beach Cafe. A group from Georgetown were in. We chatted. I told them I was a Syracuse grad. An instantaneous dislike for me arose. Only joking!

Today is the big game! Syracuse v. Georgetown. At Georgetown. At high noon. I shall be watching the game at the Big Ten Sports Pub. I am confident a group from Georgetown will be there. A fun time for sure!

Georgetown is favored by 2-4 points. I see the game as a toss up. Syracuse could win. If so, Syracuse will have a double bye in next week’s Big East tournament and a better seeding in March Madness which is just around the corner.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour went well yesterday morning. One of the topics involved an analysis as to why Obama is so hated. I blamed the situation on his color and corporate America wanting  him replaced with a Republican.

The post show comments were overwhelming. The topic hit a sore sport in everyone’s psyche. I was moved by the interest. I had to write next week’s column for KONK Life in the afternoon. I decided to go with the Obama issue in the column. Read it if you have the opportunity. I spell out my position in detail.

You tubing has been a problem for the TV/internet show. I have not been You tubed for several weeks. Krystal and I discussed the situation. Hopefully, I will be back on starting next friday.

My evening began with the Chart Room. Surprisingly quiet. Sheila, David and Emily present.

Emily makes the best popcorn. One of the responsibilities of the bartender. I sometimes wonder whether it is the popcorn or company that draws me to the Chart Room.

There was supposed to be a comet flying across the sky 15 minutes after sunset. Supposedly in the western sky. I walked to the back of the Pier House. I looked. I waited. Stayed 20 minutes. Saw no comet. Gave up.

My next stop was Don’s Place. The early friday night group included Don, Stephanie, and David. Stayed a while and chatted.

I already stated I ate at the Southernnmost Beachside Cafe and argued Syracuse/Georgetown basketball with my new found Georgetown friends.

Three hours from now, the dramatic moment. The start of one of the biggest basketball games of the year!

Enjoy your day!





My heart cannot take much more of Syracuse basketball this season! It is constantly in my throat.

It is a game by game situation. One good game followed by three bad ones. Not good for my health!

Yesterday blew me out. Syracuse played long time foe Georgetown. I expected a close game. The Vegas line had us up by 7. Syracuse lost by 11.

What bothers me is why we lost. I read a couple of reports on the game this morning. No one is calling a spade a spade. Syracuse lost because it could not play against Georgetown’s zone defense. Plain and simple. Syracuse could not get a decent shot off from any where.

Boeheim says the team did not shoot well and that is the reason for the loss. With all due respect, it goes a step further. We could not penetrate effectively against Georgetown’s zone defense. That is why Syracuse did not shoot well.

Coach Louis suggests Syracuse practice big time over the next few days as to how to play against a zone defense. I see a lot of teams utilizing the zone defense against Syracuse in future games.

Son in law Corey has been affiliated with the Mel Fisher Museum for about a quarter of a century. He is the Museum’s Chief Archaeologist.

Corey has come up with a brilliant idea to educate people as to the wonders of underwater ship discovery and subsequent restoration. Mel Fisher will be scheduling evening get togethers to explain how a ship wreck is discovered and the ship and its contents restored. An interesting process. I have already been exposed to it.

The cost for an evening of fun and marvel is $20 per person. Do it alone, with your better half or with a group of friends. Telephone 305-294-633, extension 22, for reservations.

Big day today!

Frankie the Plumber had massive heart surgery recently. He is still mending. A fundraiser to help with the medical costs is being held this afternoon from 1-6 at Don’s Place. Everyone come! Frankie is the best of the best.

Then tonight the Academy Awards. I love watching the award show every year. Will be doing so this evening from the comfort of my bed.

Italy’s national election starts today. It is already underway. A two day event. Will end tomorrow evening. I am curious to see the direction the Italian people take.

Sloan and I worked together yesterday morning. She is educating me step by step. I am getting pretty familiar with my tablet. Published my first photo on Facebook. A big deal for me!

The Chart Room first last night. Peter and JJ there. Peter and I had a good discussion concerning Block island. He sailed into Block many times. I did a couple of times and also rented homes a few summers. A great place for a summer vacation!

Tourists included a Delaware couple and a group from Cleveland. All were repeat visitors to Key West. Having a terrific time!

JJ was surprised I was doing a TV show. He happened upon it friday morning. He had to run so he taped it for future viewing. Another viewer! That makes 3. No, I am joking. Fortunately, many are enjoying the show. From 35 different countries roughly.

There was no room at Outback. I walked over to the Chinese restaurant for dinner. I should not have. Ate too much. Enjoyed every morsel, however. I will have an extra 2 pounds of water bloat for a couple of days.

A very old friend and I crossed paths again. Dee. I met Dee for the first time 25 years ago.  The last time I saw her was 10 years ago. We ran into each other friday evening.

I mentioned to Dee her face, eyes and neck looked strange. Bloated. I wanted to be delicate. Our first meeting in 10 years. She could have gotten fat. I doubted that was the cause, however.

Her eyes were puffy slits. I asked if she was taking steroids or had a thyroid problem. No.

Whatever, I roused Dee’s concern. She went to the emergency room yesterday afternoon at 2 and was released at 10 in the evening. She was on intravenous and got two shots in the butt during that time.

Dee has a cat. Her cat would not come out from under the bed. Dee reached in for the cat. The cat scratched her arm several times. Whatever cat infection can occur, Dee got. Supposedly very dangerous. Gets in one’s glands also. Can be fatal.

I told Dee she owes me. I saved her life.

Enjoy your sunday!





Nothing is more important than bocce! Except the grandkids.

The new bocce season began thursday night. I missed it. I was at the Key West High School watching Robert and Ally perform in the Wizard of Oz.

My team did well without me. They won all three games! Hopefully the start of a terrific season for us.

My TV/internet show was yesterday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. It is supposedly being You Tubed. I am not certain if yesterday’s show was. It has been sort of hit and miss. I am trying to have the situation corrected.

My discussion of Time Magazine’s brilliant article on why medical bills are killing us was the most popular. Without peer. Steven Brill’s article is an eye opener. All 18 pages are available free on the internet. I suggest you read it.

The cupboard was bare. It was Publix time. I forgot to buy a lottery ticket.

I wrote next week’s column for KONK Life. Titled it A Little Bit Of Everything. I quick hit on several topics venting my feelings about the issues. Things like the Key West $17 million lottery winner, Key West being one of four cities nationally where women earn more than men, China and cybertheft, sequestration, and Berlusconi and sunday’s election.

A pleasant evening last night.

There was supposed to be a showing of Jack Baron’s works at the Joy Gallery on Duval. I walked up and down the street. Could not find Joy Gallery. The phone book said 1100 block of Duval. Not there. I will telephone today to find out where it is. I suspect the gallery has moved.

I have 15 Jack Baron pieces. Jack has been dead 6 years now. I am curious what the market is for his work.

The Chart Room was next. A good group of friends. Emily, David, Peter, and Sheila. Shared a couple of drinks and decided I was hungry.

Walked across the street to the Hot Tin Roof. Wow! All the people! Even in the bar area. Fortunately, I was able to grab a table in the corner.

Big time basketball this afternoon. Syracuse and Georgetown. At 4. At Syracuse.

The Syracuse/Georgetown rivalry is well known. Many hard fought games over the years. No more league play after this season, however. Syracuse is leaving the Big East.

The teams have played each other in Big East ball for 33 years. Today is the next to last game. Two weeks from now Syracuse and Georgetown will meet once more at Georgetown.

The end of an era.

Today’s game will be typical. Hard fought. Down to the last minute. Syracuse is ranked #8 nationally, Georgetown #11. That says it all.

In recognition of the admiration Syracuse fans have for the rivalry, it was announced earlier this week that the game at the Carrier Dome was sold out. 35,012 people expected. The most ever for a home Syracuse basketball game.

Son in law Corey has a big deal starting up at Mel Fisher’s. It is for the benefit of those interested in slave ships, merchant ships, discovery of both beneath the surface, and how the treasure discovered is restored.

I will share more with you in tomorrow’s blog.

Enjoy your day!