U.S. Navy Seals have been told they no longer can wear the Continental flag and snake patch on their jacket shoulders.  The patch symbolizes Don’t Tread On Me. The reason is some what associated with political correctness. The Navy claims the symbol is associated with radical groups. Without so  stating or signifying, the flag of the Tea Party is a Don’t Tread On Me one, also.

The topic is # 1 for discussion on my blog talk radio show this evening. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Followed by cattle rustling, truck hijackings, and Tide thefts being on the rise and why.

Join me at 9. A fast moving half hour of interesting and revealing information.

Ran around a bit during the day yesterday.

Visited the Radio Shack. I do tonight’s blog talk radio show via Skype. Need headphones and mike for clarity. The set I have been using was falling apart. The new one appears to work fine. I tested it this morning.

Then Publix. Always fun. There may be a story in my Publix exploits.

Home Depot the final stop. Walked the aisles. Everyone of them.  A 25 minute jaunt.

I am in need of an air compressor. Nothing fancy. To put air in the bicycle tires and so forth. Adam bought one for me two years ago. He always used it. I let him do whatever had to be done. Adam was not available. So I tried to put air in the tire. The machine did not work.

Adam had purchased it at Home Depot. I decided to pick one up yesterday. I found the exact same one boxed. Read the directions. Lo and behold! It had to be plugged in! Ran on electricity. I did not know. Did not figure it out because the cord was wound into the machine. It could also be old age catching up with me.

I did not buy a new one. Later today I will try the one I have again. Plugging it in first, of course.

Wrote the rest of the day. Put together tonight’s blog talk radio show.

The weather continues to be spectacular. Around 80. However last night and this morning forceful winds. Coming off the Atlantic. Strongest yet this Fall. Not hurricane strength. Could be tropical storm strength, however. Palm trees and shrubbery bending big time. Waves in the pool.

Enjoy your day!