I had intended to join Lisa and family at Higgs Beach for the fireworks last night. At the last minute, I decided to stay home and watch the PBS Washington Symphony U.S. birthday extravaganza on TV. Great music, singing and fireworks!

The Washington show was outstanding! As always.

I can hear and see Key West’s fireworks from my home. The PBS show concluded at 9:30. Still no Key West fireworks. Shortly after 10, I began hearing the boom booms. I went outside on my deck. The Key West fireworks had begun. I sat down outside with a drink in hand and watched. A good show!

I did lose out however in not going to Higgs Beach. I enjoy watching Robert and Ally’s reactions to the fireworks. An exciting event for them.

The President and Mrs. Obama were not present for the Washington show. They usually are seated in the front row. A safety concern?

Lisa and family came over in the afternoon. To swim. Turns out my pool is sick. Pea green. Only the second time in 16 years. They went swimming in the canal instead.

Two days ago I mentioned George M. Cohan, the super dooper entertainer. I mentioned one of the songs he wrote. Yankee Doodle Dandy. Late yesterday afternoon, Turner Classic Movies showed the movie Yankee Doodle Dandy starring James Cagney. The life of George M. Cohan. I watched the movie for the 21st time.

Thursday was David’s birthday. I did not know. I feel even worse since I spent some time with him at Don’s Place thursday night. I called him yesterday to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Beware. Contraception is back on the table. More government intrusion. Not from Congress this time. From the Supreme Court.

The case involves Wheaton College. Wheaton College has a lawsuit pending before the Supreme Court. Wheaton does not want to provide insurance for contraception coverage. As with the Little Sisters of the Poor case, they do not want even to sign/self-certify that they are opting out in providing the coverage. They feel doing so makes them complicit in contraceptive activity.

Wheaton will not be heard for some time. Wheaton therefore asked the Court for an injunction allowing them to get off the hook, so to speak. Sign nothing till the Supreme court decides, not be required in any sense in even recognizing contraception. In a 6-3 decision thursday, the six males of the Supreme Court granted the injunction. The three female members dissented.

The gauntlet has been thrown big time!

On monday last, the Supreme Court decided in the Hobby Lobby case that abortive contraceptives were a no no for certain corporations. Twenty contraceptives were involved. The Court’s ruling seemed muddied. Abortion was the issue. Yet the Court intertwined abortion and contraceptives. In the end, the decision seemed to state the four abortion contraceptives did not have to be provided and the sixteen non-abortive contraceptives were permissible.

Louis, the media and some who read this blog were confused it appeared. I was not, though I did not state it. I recognized only abortive contraceptives were involved. As some of you did, also.

This past thursday, three days following the Hobby Lobby decision, the Supreme Court got involved with both feet in the contraception issue.

I did not know contraception per se was still an issue. The other side never gives up. Especially where a woman’s body and private rights are concerned. A bad situation overall.

As Justice Sotomayor said in the dissent, the Wheaton College ruling undermines confidence in the Court. It came out of the blue. It does.

Enjoy your day!




Yesterday’s adventure was a tour of the Washington monuments. Six hours. Arduous. Comparable to climbing steps in Italy and the volcano. However, I made it! I am in better shape this year than I was last year at this time.

I took a formal tour. Included were 5 hours of monument viewing and a one hour luncheon cruise on the Potomac. The whole thing fantastic! I wish I had done it earlier in life. I wished I had taken my children when they were young. I cannot wait to take Robert and Ally.

It was a uplifting experience. Emotionally moving. I was proud to be an American.

Following are the Memorials visited. The Capitol Building, Washington Monument, World War II Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean Memorial, Iwo Jima Memorial, White House, and Arlington Cemetery.

The ones that affected me the most were the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Korean Memorial, and the Vietnam Memorial.

I want to share some bits of information I learned.

The Washington Monument is 551 feet high. Two years ago an earthquake damaged the Monument. A 4 foot 1 inch crack resulted. Roughly 1 inch wide.

The Monument is being repaired. It is almost totally covered in scaffolding. $9 million worth. Must be more involved than merely fixing the crack.

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is the largest land wise. Several acres. Created this large in recognition of his 16 years as President. There are four separate memorial buildings. To recognize his four terms as President.

I learned about Concepcion “Connie” Picciotto. I met her and spoke with her.

Connie is a 77 year old woman. Short. Less than five feet. Weather scarred and browned skin. Very few teeth. A wig peeking out from beneath her cap.

Connie is a protestor. A long term one. The longest public political protestor in United States history. In 1981, she was concerned about nuclear weapons. She wanted universal disarmament. She pitched a small tent across from the White House on the Pennsylvania Avenue side. The tent and Connie are still there thirty two  years later. Her protests have grown. She expresses her concerns verbally and with signs every day.

Such is Connie’s life.

Think of it. She has been there through the Presidencies of Reagan, the two Bushes, Clinton and now Obama.

Arlington Cemetery stood in a class alone. Extremely moving. We did not stop. We drove by and around.

Arlington contains the bodies of over 400,000 persons. The white crosses covering each grave in perfect lines on neatly trimmed green grass.

Steps big time at some of the Memorials. I did not know if I would physically be able to handle them. Shades of Italy and Greece last year.

I did them all. With no difficulty, except sore legs on occasion from the knees down. My European trip this year should be no problem.

I did take pictures. Many. The trick now is for me to show them to you once I have separated, selected, etc. Later today or tomorrow. It will be a first for me!

Last Friday, I visited the Holocaust Museum. I was so moved by it that I wrote this week’s KONK Life column immediately upon returning to my room. The article obviously covered the Holocaust. I went a step further, however. The theme was man did not learn. He still kills. I spelled out all the genocides since World War II.

Yesterday Washington was the beginning of One Million Bones. A three day event. Paper machete, wood, and plastic bones have been created by adults and school children for three years. They were spread out yesterday on the Washington Mall. The purpose: To raise the awareness of people to genocide in today’s world.

John from Jersey will be happy. I made it to the Old Ebbitt Grill last night! Though you described it well John, the place defies description. I loved the ambiance! A piece of old Washington. I read it remains a virtual saloon Smithsonian. It is.

Washington is a lovely city. Majestic buildings, wide streets, clean. It does have a negative, however. The homeless.

I saw them everywhere. Especially yesterday morning when I left early to catch the tour bus. They were sleeping everywhere. On benches, in doorways, where ever. Most were women.

A disgrace.

Key West has homeless. They come to Key West in droves for the warm weather. We take care of our homeless. We took them off the streets. They sleep at night in a large tent on a cot with clean sheets. And get a shower. One every evening or no cot and sheets. Food is provided at a rescue mission.

Key West did not do this out of the goodness of its heart. Federal case law required it. Where is that same federal case law in our nation’s capital?

Tomorrow night my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine in the evening. A fast moving half hour.

What will I discuss tomorrow night? Probably my Washington trip. A lot to talk about.

Enjoy your day!







Washington weather has been limiting thus far. Big time rain. The result of tropical storm Andrea, although it was reported that Andrea itself missed Washington.

Whatever, the only tourist thing I did was the Holocaust Museum. A four hour exploration.

Eerie best describes what I experienced.

I did the three floors of the permanent exhibition. It starts with Hitler’s rise to power. It ends with a post World War II film of some who survived. In between, sick living hell.

Part of the exhibit included a railroad car used to transport Jews to Auschwitz. You are required to walk through it. The most eerie of the eerie. I felt like I was a part of what occurred in that railroad car. I had to get out!

Yesterday was the day I normally write next week’s KONK Life column. I did it after visiting the Holocaust Museum. The title: Dark Moments In Human History. Inspired by the Museum trip.

The thrust was man did not learn from the Holocaust that genocide is a no no. There have been many genocides since.  Some ongoing at the present time. The killing never ends. It is inherent in man’s nature to kill.

Still limited by the weather, I enjoyed a late lunch in the hotel. A grilled cheese sandwich. Tasted like the ones my mother used to make for me.

The weather dictated my choice of a restaurant last night. I had not been in Washington long enough to know where to go. I opted to do Morton’s Steakhouse. The last time I was in one was 15 years ago in Cleveland. It was good then and I hoped still good today. It was also near the hotel.

I was not disappointed. Fifteen years later and the same quality and ambiance. It was a filet mignon with hash browns and creamed spinach. To die for!

It was still early when I finished. I stopped in the Marriott’s bar. Glad I did. A terrific place. A big long bar. Full of happy tourists and conventioneers. I had a couple of drinks and enjoyed the company of those around me.

Today the Smithsonian.

I looked out the window. I am in heaven. The fifteenth floor. The bad weather seems to have passed. The sun is breaking through.

I note this morning another shooting. In Santa Monica, California. Five killed and more wounded. When will enough be enough? When will we learn?

Enjoy your Saturday!





I flew to Washington, DC yesterday. Key West to Atlanta to Washington. Tropical storm Anderea had no effect on the trip. The ride was smooth throughout.

Just as I was getting into the car at Washington-Reagan, it got dark and started to rain big drops. I thought it might be Andrea. It was not. Merely a precursor. Andrea not due till later this afternoon.

The plane trip was different. It was announced several times as we entered that the plane was carrying the body of a deceased Airman. There was an Air Force Major on the plane who was upgraded to first class. He was accompanying the body. He did not want to move. The attendant insisted. She also quietly thanked him for his service to our country.

A strange feeling permeated the plane. There was an unusual silence throughout the flight.

When we landed in Washington, we were asked to remain in our seats till the body was removed. We did and thereafter walked off as if leaving a friend’s wake.

The solemnity of the moment was apparent as we entered the terminal. It seemed as if everyone in the terminal was at our gate. Noses pressed to the window. All quietly watching a group of Airmen lifting their brother into the hearse. Each move a precise measured one.

On the drive to the hotel, I passed by the Holocaust Museum, the Washington Monument, and many federal buildings. I even got a quick look at the White House.

I am staying at the JW Marriott. Not the usual Marriott. This place is first class all the way! The first floor lobby space reminded me of the Waldorf Astoria.

I am on the concierge floor. My first stop. I needed a drink. I stayed and had a couple more. Free. Including some goodies to pick on.

It was late. I was tired. I knew Washington not at all. I decided to stay in and eat in the hotel’s dining room.

I was not really hungry. Ended up ordering a burger, a couple of drinks and a brandy after dinner.

The JW Marriott is a new hotel. It is in the middle of everything. The White House is just around the corner.

This Marriott has amenities I have never before seen.

The refreshment center. We all know what it is. Booze, soda, water, peanuts, etc. Convenient. Extremely expensive. I learned years ago to stay away from them.

This hotel has gone a step further in grabbing you. There is a tray of peanuts, soda and water sitting on the corner of the desk. The bell boy warned me. Move an item and it is automatically billed to your account. Even if you put it back. Same for the items in the refrigerator.

The elevators impressed me. You punch your room number on a large key pad where the elevator bank sits. Same as you did when you wanted an elevator. You pressed the button. Instead here you enter your room number. When you get on the elevator, you press nothing. The elevator automatically takes you to your floor.

The wonders of modern science!

This morning’s news announces that Russia’s Putin and his wife have divorced. After 32 years of marriage. Speculation is there is another lady in Putin’s life and she is pregnant. A wedding is imminent.

Turns out Russia has a high rate of divorce.

I thought how terrible that the head of a nation divorces while in office. Then I discovered it was not uncommon. My friend Silvio Berlusconi did it. So too did France’s Nicolas Sarkozy.

I do not like divorce. I was divorced after 52 years of marriage. I have always and still do consider divorce a blight on our society. There are too many. Even in the United States.

This trip is a trial run for my European one which I will soon undertake.

I was all excited. I was going to use my tablet. First time. I could read the New York Times and Key West Citizen on the plane. I could not. No wi-fi for me. I had a data port. However, I did not know how to get into the tablet’s settings. Sloan will teach me when I return.

I am doing this blog on my laptop which I fortunately also brought. It is already set for the data port.

Show time this morning. The Key West Lou Legal hour. A recording of a past show will be aired. Comcast Channel 87, U-Verse Channel 19, and Watch the show. You may not have seen it before. I am going to watch. I rarely get an opportunity to view the show.

Enjoy your day!





A proud week in the Malcom household!

Robert graduated yesterday from the third grade at Montessori. He had a big grin on his face. So did Lisa and I. And as predicted yesterday, Lisa hit me in the ribs a couple of times with a …..isn’t he beautiful!

Cameron graduates from Key West High School friday. He did well academically and will be attending Florida State. Yesterday’s Key West Citizen front page had a picture of Cameron. He was dressed in his graduation attire and standing on a stage in front of a podium. The photo was taken monday at Take Stock in Children’s separate graduation ceremony for those the organization has worked with in their mentoring program. The same organization that sent Cameron to Mongolia and has been guiding him during his high school years.

The rain ain’t going away! Two more days of it. This time up from the south. Predicted for today are winds of 20 mph and gusts up to 50 mph. The rains will be torrential. Key West streets will flood, as usual.

Yesterday afternoon, I treated myself to peace and tranquility. A manicure and pedicure with Tammy.

Dinner at Hogfish. Me and the newspapers.

Last night was my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I did the show for the first time using Skype. A success! Finally! The audio clear and distinct.

I start my summer travels this week. The first step is Washington, DC. I will be doing my blog talk radio show from there next tuesday.

In  due course, I will be in Italy, Greece and France. Skype makes it possible for me to do the show from these far away places. You do not need Skype to receive me. Nothing changes at your end.

I wanted to do my TV/internet show from far away places. Looks like it will not be possible. Tried hard to put it together. It does not work.

Last night’s show was hard hitting as well as informative. I talked about Darrell Issa’s shortcomings, the Catholic Church’s hypocrisy, the Catholic Church and artificial insemination, Father Andrew Greeley, thong bathing suits for women being banned in Myrtle Beach, and Mc Cain, Syria and Turkey combined.

The show is archived immediately and is available for listening anytime at your convenience.

Have to hustle this morning. Seems I hustle every morning. I have an early morning appointment with the dermatologist.

Enjoy your day!