I am late getting the blog out this morning. Sorry. I was up at my usual time to do it. The computer would not work. After playing around with it a couple of hours, it has started working. Hope it stays that way.

Curiosity sometimes arouses me. This morning it was where did Sloppy Joe’s get its name. I thought one of two places. Either the owner Joe Russell’s first name or after the famous sandwich the restaurant serves. I was wrong in both instances.

Hemingway was instrumental in the name selection.

One of Hemingway’s Cuba friends was Jose Garcia. Jose ran a bar in Havana. The Rio Havana Club. The floor was always messy from melted ice. Jose also sold fish. Spaniards are tidy meticulous people. They started referring to Jose’s place as a sloppy place. This eventually translated into Sloppy Joe’s and became the name of the bar.

Jose also served a popular sandwich. Ropa vieja. Not similar however to the Key West Sloppy Joe sandwich.

Hemingway took his buddy Joe Russell on a trip with him to Havana. Hemingway convinced Russell he should name his Key West place Sloppy’s Joe’s. In honor of Jose’s Havana bar. The Havana bar was popular. Very. The two most popular places in Havana in those days were Sloppy Joe’s and Myer Lansky’s race track.

I hope Peter Anderson was aware how loved and respected he was. Key West has gone all out in honoring his memory. Peter was a fun person. This past saturday there was a Secretary Sunset Salute at Louie’s Backyard. Louie’s outside bar was one of Peter’s favorite haunts. It was a celebration of life party. Everyone enjoyed.

The celebration of Peter’s life is not over. This saturday there will be a parade in his honor. On Duval from Mallory Square to Front Street. Then a party at the Southernmost Cafe. The parade will be full of pomp and circumstance. It will be long. Many participants. For those who might not be to handle such a lengthy walk, Ed Swift is donating trolley cars. The parade and party will be another celebration of Peter’s life.

Went to Dan Reynen’s birthday party yesterday. Number 45. Dan is the owner of WeBeFit. I had a good time. Spoke with many. Spent time with my trainer Albert and his wife Jill. Both nice people.

The food and drink were excellent. The ladies attractive. What struck me was their shoes. The very high heeled ones. The shoes were outstanding. The women wearing them, also.

Then to Lisa’s for sunday dinner. I picked. I was already full from the party.

Enjoy your day!



I have been working out at the gym with Albert for four weeks. Albert is my trainer.

Albert is a good looking guy. 6′ 3 “. A tight muscular body. He was not always that way. He showed me a photo of himself back in college. What a difference time and determination have made! He was fat back then. Even his face. He decided to change. He did. Now he is trying to bring about a change in me.

I must admit the photo is a great motivator. You would not believe the change!

Albert has gone all the way. Today, he is Superman. If you need proof, take a look at page 5 of this morning’s Key West Citizen. There stands Superman! Albert in a Superman costume.

Albert is posing for a health article written by Dan Reynen. Dan owns the gym WeBeFit.

The article was interesting and informative. It is entitled The Healing Power Of Fecal Transplants. Does wonders for colitis. Medical professionals are experimenting with the treatment to see if it will affect obesity.

Albert did not lose weight with fecal transplants. He did it the old fashioned way. Exercising and dieting.

I spent all of yesterday’s day time doing nothing, except reading and writing. The weather turned. Got black and cloudy. Thunder all day. Little rain. I expected a deluge and decided to stay in.

I did go out last night. Could not let the weather keep me away from a friday night in Key West.

My evening was simple. I spent a couple of hours at Don’s Place. Chatted with Erika and Hershel and Malcom.

On the way home, there was lightning. Constant. Lightning over the ocean is different. I have made mention of this several times. And it is not always the same. Last night the lightning was thin ragged white lines. The sky looked like a cracked mirror.

Sloan will be here shortly. I have a busy morning.

Enjoy your day!