Tonight is blog talk radio time! My blog talk show! Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine o’clock. A quick half hour of interesting and revealing material.

Tonight’s show will hit upon the Catholic Archbishop with a $1 million retirement home, corporations that pay no taxes, the Queen of England’s wealth, Beijing fog and Paris air pollution, the Social Security buying 174,000 hollow point bullets, Inspector General saying FBI and DOJ lied about mortgage frauds, and more.

Fun time!

Two new women entered my life last night. Carol and Ginger. Actually, Carol and I have been connected for a long time.

I was at the Chart Room enjoying a drink when this woman leaned over and said…..You’re Lou, I read your blog every day. My love for her was instantaneous!

Her name was Carol.

she has been reading this blog for years. Carol is a snow bird. She has been in Key West this year since January.

Carol is from New Hampshire. A retired State employee.

Carol introduced me to her lady friend Ginger. Ginger like wise is a snow bird. Ginger hails from Memphis. She is retired from Fed Ex.

We chatted  a bit. I enjoyed the ladies. I look forward to running into  them again.

I was at the Chart Rom with Jenna. It was “date night.” I should be so lucky! We stopped into the Chart Rome  before heading over to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner.

Don and Chris were at the Chart Room. I wanted to say good bye to them. They return to Syracuse tomorrow. Don and I lamented on the Syracuse game thursday. I am keeping my calm. I refuse to get excited over Syracuse basketball any further this season.

Dinner at Hot Tin Roof was excellent. Sheila waited on us. I had some shataki and baked vegetables. Stayed in my diet! Except, I did drink two gins. My moral fiber was weak.

We followed dinner with tea on the porch. A peaceful setting.

Jenna and I had not seen each other in more than a month. It was catch up time.

Stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Enjoyed two glasses of water. Boomer bartending. We talked some basketball. I cannot get away from it.

Grant was shooting pool. My chef friend from Bad Boy Burrito. I told him how I was at Don’s friday night to watch  the cooking show Dives, etc. with him. Where was he? Never got the answer. Grant was a bit upset. They never ran any of the footage they took of him. Grant cannot be insulted! Guy whatever his name will be short on friends if he ever returns.

My blood pressure is out of whack. Most of my adult life, the problem has been it was too high. Now, it is too low! Like 85 over 55. No wonder I am tired periodically every day. I thought it was the steroids. Doctor now does not think so. One way or another, it will ge worked out.

My weather man credentials survived yesterday. The wind was from the south. I predicted a rain storm. With the emphasis on storm. It did not rain all day. Nor had it yet rained when I returned home at 10 last night. Did not make sense to me. I have always been correct about the south wind thing.

As I settled in bed around 11, my faith was rewarded. Bing, bang, boom! A big storm! The street in front  of my house was flooded this morning. A testament to the storm.

New York’s Senator Kristin Gillibrand was in Key West last night. The Senator is a Democrat from New York. She spoke to a group at Dan Bready’s home on Olivia Street.

I am disappointed I was not there. Democrats are rare in the Keys. The event was not well publicized as I had no knowledge of it.

In any event, welcome senator Gillibrand to Key West! She has Presidential aspirations. Perhaps some day we will have the opportunity to vote for her from Key West.

Enjoy your day!






I am sick of being sick!

My doctor recommended that rather than carry the nitroglycerin spray in my pocket for use as needed, that I go on a small nitro pill every day. I took it yesterday morning for the first time.

The pill resulted in 24 hours of hell!

As I think back, there have been three events in my life that caused me much discomfort and pain. The time I had e.coli, the time I had 25 per cent of my colon removed and the small intrestine and colon got screwed up, and the spasm when my back goes out.

There is now a fourth. What the nitroglycerin pill did to me.

A headache such as I have never experienced before. Like my head was going to explode. Big time nausea. Blood pressure down to around 90 over 50. No high blood pressure last night!

It was a horrendous day and night. Slept not one minute. Did not think I was ever going to get better.

I telephoned my doctor last night. His nurse advised stop taking the pill and go to bed… will be better in the morning. She was correct. I am.

She also told me my stress test results were ok. I see the doctor Thursday for a follow up.

There was no way I could do my blog talk radio show last night. Absolutely no way! That is why I was not there for you who listened in.

Enough of sickness. I feel fine this morning. I expect to stay that way. It is like I will tolerate no further problems. Not that any of us has control over such things.

One thing I cannot understand. When I drank a lot and used to raise hell, I always felt good. Now that I have backed off a bit, I seem to have one problem after another.

Enjoy your day!









A minor cold spell is upon us this morning. It is 68 degrees. The high will only be 73. Tomorrow a return to the low 80s, however.

The previous paragraph was written with tongue in cheek. The snow storm up north is horrendous. My home town of Utica is buried in a foot of snow.

I remember the snow and storms. It was never fun. I always hated it. Tthought there had to be a better way. Found it. Key West.

Yesterday was a real quiet one for me. I spent most of the day down.

Since Christmas eve, every time I got up I felt light headed. Like I was going to pass out. My stomach not feeling right, also. Continued through yesterday. So I stayed in bed.

I seem ok this morning. I suspect with my weight change that I may need an adjustment in the blood pressure medicine.

Since I was in bed, I missed Les Miserables again. Perhaps this evening.

Tomorrow, the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Worldwide on the internet at www.tvchannel.19.

Join me. Another good show.

Besides the subjects already reported, I shall be discussing the fiscal cliff, the need for term limits, Bone Island, God’s gender in dispute, the Pledge of Allegiance, Ben Franklin and Poor Richard’s Almanac, the 38th parallel, and Tennessee Williams’ Night of the Iguana.

Quite a mixed bag.

Enjoy your day!