Three years ago, I did a portion of my TV show on cell phone camera use involving perverts photo shooting up women’s skirts. With the advent of cell phone camera use, such shots had become a problem. Laws were passed in various states making the activity a crime.

The cases generally resulted in convictions. The cases are now reaching the highest appellate courts. The creeps are claiming a first amendment right to express themselves which involves taking such pictures. The prosecution has argued that no such first amendment right exists and a woman has a right to privacy.

The bad guys are winning and the ladies losing. The bottom line is that there is a first amendment right to take such pics. That aside, there remained a woman’s right to privacy. The courts are deciding that if the woman is neither nude nor semi nude, her right of privacy is not invaded. Cell phone photos may be taken with impunity. Ladies are admonished in a sense to wear panties to avoid an invasion of their privacy.

Would you believe?

I spoke to this issue last night on my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Post show commentary indicated a great interest and disagreement with the decisions.

Another topic that gained interest involved former generals who appear on TV talk shows. In recent weeks, there have been more than normal. Most, if not all, have indicated the ISIS problem has to be met now. ISIS is a definite danger to the US. Some even went as far as to say boots on the ground would be necessary at some point.

As I listened, I thought it is good to hear from the experts. These retired generals know what is going on. They are giving us the down and dirty.

Till I discovered that most, if not all, are on the boards or employed by military contractor corporations. Or, they work for think thanks that have been set up in past years by the military contractors. These think tanks produce for public consumption what they want the public to believe. Keep in  mind, war is good for military contractors. They make more money.

My grief with the situation is that we are not told by the media or the generals themselves that they have what appears to be a conflict of interest. That their comments might be tainted by their board/employer affiliations.

At the very least, the media should make us aware of the military contractor affiliation before the show progresses. The media does not and has not. Which has to mean the media is influenced in some fashion by the corporate military contractors. Probably because their employers/bosses are in accord with the position of increased revenue for their corporate military contractor friends.

What happened to transparency? Where is the public’s right to know?

My yesterday was quiet. Did some simple things like grocery shopping. Was to babysit at 5:30 for two hours. I was going to take Robert and Ally to dinner. At the last minute, I was not needed. I stayed for dinner with Lisa and family.

These steroids the doctor has me on are terrific! No pain and I have slept better the last two nights than in a long time. There are draw backs. I have a constant pressure headache. My ankles are swelling since the pill causes one to retain sodium. It is only a five day treatment. I can handle it.

Have to hustle. An x-ray of my back scheduled for 10:15.

Enjoy your day!




September 22 is a significant day in our country’s history. Two major events occurred.

Lincoln issued a preliminary Emancipation Proclamation on this day in 1862. Note the word “preliminary.” Lincoln did not actually sign the Emancipation Proclamation order till January 1, 1863. When he advised the Nation of his intent on September 22, he said he would sign an order so directing within 100 days. Internal politics prevented him from doing so earlier. Nothing changes.

“I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” So spoke Nathan Hale on September 22, 1776 as the British were about to hang him. Hale was young. Late 20’s. A Yale graduate. Volunteered to spy for the Colonies. Worked the New York City area for several months. It is thought his cousin Samuel Hale turned him in to the British. Samuel was a Loyalist.

My back, my back, my back! I have not gotten more than two hours sleep in each of the last two nights. Cannot lie flat or in any manner. Cannot stand or sit. What do I do? See the doctor. Which I intend to do his morning.

The pain radiates around my back to my groin and then down the leg to my ankle. The worst pain is the top of my upper leg and knee. As I have already advised, gin relieves the pain. I had no gin in the house. Switched from heat to ice. The ice was a big help.

Needed a new hose. Was off to Home Depot yesterday morning. Home Depot is already replete with Halloween paraphernalia. Even real pumpkins. Exciting. I am still a little boy at heart.

Stopped at Don’s Place early afternoon to watch the Buffalo Bills game. Chatted with Don, David, Keith, and Larry. Left at half time. Sitting was difficult for me. I kept squirming to find a comfortable position.

I did have two drinks. They definitely helped.

Sunday dinner with Lisa and family. Lisa cooked a Thai dish. First time for this particular Thai dish. Excellent! Tasty! Don’t ask me what. All I know is that the noodles, chicken and vegetables were delicious in whatever the sauce she cooked them in.

Ally evidences a talent for sketching and painting. She gave me an acrylic several months ago. I was impressed. This week she showed me a parrot she had sketched. Right on!

Poppa decided to encourage her. I gave her my easel and unused canvases to go with the paints and brushes she already had. Bought her an eraser and some other things at Ben Franklin. the only place in Key West to buy paint supplies.

We started yesterday. She has pencil drawn the parrot on a canvas. Today after school, we start painting. We have already selected the colors. I have to show her how to mix white to get different shades. This is going to be fun for the both of us!

Enjoy your day!



There is much I wish to share this morning. Ergo, the title A Mixture.

My back! No better. In fact, worse. It started up again yesterday morning. I am taking pills. Gone to a heating pad. Last night, I said screw it! I had been in for several days. I decided to go out and have a few gins. I figured gin would take care of the pain.

After the first two at Don’s Place, the pain was gone. I had one or two more to make sure. Then to Tavern ‘n  Town for dinner. And a couple more medicinal gins. I know. Too much. Especially when driving.

Whatever, I was painless till two this morning. I woke with big time pain. Lower back around to the front. Down the side of my left leg to the knee. My hip was especially sore.

I was not going to drink in the middle of the night. Popped some Motron and got out the heating pad. The heating pad is almost instantaneous relief. However when the pad is turned off, the pain returns equally as fast.

I continue to hurt this morning. I have the heating pad propped between my lower back and the chair. Great! However, I can only take so much. I am beginning to cook my back end!

Don’s Place was not my first stop. It was Bottle Cap. ML is running for Fantasy Feat Queen. I support her. I had not attended one of her fund raising events yet. I decided to do so last night. At Bottle Cap.

There was a fund raiser. Not for ML, however. The Shriners were having a party. I knew no one. Smiled, said hello, and left without even having a drink.

Then to Don’s Place. Two fast pain relievers as previously indicated. Sat with Joanie, Jimmy and John. Stayed quite a while enjoying their company. Michael was bartending.

Football season has arrived. Much of the bar talk concerned football. With a little bocce thrown in. John had picked 12 out of 14 college winners last week. He asked my thoughts for this week. I told him with a 12 out of 14 record, you need no help from me!

Don fixed the air conditioning in the bar. What a relief! Thank you, Donald!

Tavern ‘n Town was quiet. Very few people. I was glad. Last month it was packed every time I went. I sat a the bar, spread out the newspapers and had some more pain killing medicine.

Mike Emerson was entertaining. Great music! I was humming to myself as he was playing. Manager Judy there. She did double duty last night. Played bartender and then returned to the floor as manager. She changes her clothes in between.

I never went out on the back deck this week. I should have. When I stepped outside yesterday, the pool was only about one third full. A leak! The man who fixes pool leaks came. He has been doing it for thirty years. He wears the black diving suit which also keeps him warm. Uses air tanks. The leak was in the deep end and he had to go underwater.

I am refilling the pool now. I am going to have a hell of a water bill this month!

There is a new U.S. Navy vessel in Key West for the weekend. It is the USS Winston S. Churchill. A guided missile destroyer. Over 200 sailors aboard. All will be on liberty in Key West. Enjoy, guys!

I read a front page article in the Key West Citizen this morning that disturbs me. Apparently birds nest in rooftops of commercial buildings in Key West. Probably all over the United States. Probably all over the world.

The law is that if a roof is under repair and a nest is discovered, construction must stop. Most of the birds are a protected species. A mid keys biologist wants Key West to adopt an ordinance requiring the contractor to check first before construction begins.

An example of over government. I was an environmental attorney. Protect water and air. I had no problem with that. However when it came to protecting some species of small animal, fish or vermin, I drew the line. As protection of this nature generally increases the cost of doing business dramatically, I was opposed. Everything in life should be a balance.

Back to Ferguson, Missouri for a moment. I listened to Attorney General Holder’s report to the nation this week. I was not impressed. His office  is examining the situation and the Ferguson police department in general for civil rights violations. There needs to be a federal investigation of the shooting itself. I do not trust the local authorities. On the other hand, I am not sure the federal government has jurisdiction to investigate the shooting as an isolated incident.

The US Post Office announced it is making price cuts. Significant ones. Hopefully to increase business. Fed Ex and UPS are upset. I use Fed Ex. However the price of doing business with them has risen to the point that it is burdensome. US postal authorities have come up with a good idea. A pleasure to see the price of a service/commodity go down instead of up.

I spent more time yesterday researching income inequality. Sounds boring. Not. I am excited and cannot wait to share with you what I have discovered in next week’s KONK Life column.

I said at the beginning this blog would be a mixture. It is. It is also longer than usual. For which I apologize.

Enjoy your day!



The weeks move swiftly by. Just a week ago it was tuesday. Tuesday again. My blog talk radio show tonight.

I spent most of yesterday preparing. So many interesting things going on in the world! A full plate of available topics!

One or two of the following will be discussed. The Bangladesh building collapse, high cost of cancer drugs, Syria chemical issue problem. I have also discovered three rip offs that affect each of us economically. I refer to the bags of American dollars being given monthly to Karzai, the high bonus’ paid to Con Ed executives, and a committee of former congresspersons funded by U.S. dollars to study whether extra terrestrials have been here.

Some of this material will also compromise part of my friday tv/internet show.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou is tonight at 9. Interesting and quick moving. One half hour. An eye opener in many respects.

Spent a couple of hours in bed later in the afternoon. My back is back! What a pain! I prepared for tonight’s show standing and sitting. I have to find that spot where there is no pain.

I needed to get cleaned up and out a bit. Went over to Hogfish for a quick dinner. Packed as usual.

I learned something new at Hogfish. They have a cocktail goodies menu. Small orders of food. from 5 to 6:30. I enjoyed chili french fries. Followed by a cup of lobster bisque. I was satisfied and happy.

Need to hurry this morning. I have an early appointment at the hospital. Another heart test. One always seems to lead to another.

Enjoy your day!






There was talk friday night at the Chart Room and the Hot Tin Roof of a Great White Shark being seen by divers around the Vandenberg. No one discussing the shark had seen it. Local newspapers have not reported any sightings.

So what is the story?

Great Whites are not common to Florida waters. Too warm for them. However, this past winter the ocean has been unusually cool.

Three weeks ago, a Great White was caught one mile off Fort Lauderdale. A female, 13.5 feet long weighing around 1,000 pounds. The fishermen released the shark. Federal and state laws protect Great Whites. Something I cannot understand since Great Whites eat people.

Divers have reported sightings of a Great White in other Florida waters. They claim to have watched in awe as the shark swam around them, but did not attack.  Great whites are not known to bother divers.

Now the purported sightings off Key West at the Vandenberg.

I wish someone who actually saw one would come forward. In the meantime, I recommend caution. Great Whites may not bite divers, but do attack surface swimmers. It would be awful if a tragedy were to occur.

I spent some pleasant time with Tammy yesterday. A manicure and pedicure. I especially enjoy a pedicure. I think I have a foot fetish of sorts. It truly relaxes me.

Hotel people were at Lee Nails. Kate Miano from the Gardens and Carrie Babich from the Southernmost Complex. Friends. Both operate top notch resorts.

Stopped at Lisa’s afterwards. Robert was busying making a replica of a ukulele out of recyclables. Montessori is having a show friday of things the students have made from recyclables. A big deal. Parents and family will be in attendance. I will be.

Ally has the same assignment. She was not into it, however. She was wandering around moaning she did not know what to do. Lisa and Corey were telling her to think, come up with a plan, and do it. Ally kept responding…..I can’t!

That is Ally.

Forgot to mention meeting Kevin for the first time at the Hot Tin Roof while watching the Great Sea Battle friday night. Kevin was at the table next to us. He owns the Angelina Guest House. He was with some of his guests.

Yesterday, I wrote of hospital medical repatriations. When I get a hold of something, I stay with it.  This morning I am dismayed to report about patient dumping by psychiatric hospitals. They do not fly their patients out of the country. They put them on a Greyhound Bus to another state. The mentally ill. Without money, food, meds, or any plan for continued treatment. In fact, with no one to meet them.

A Nevada hospital has been reported. The claim is the hospital dumped 1,500 mental patients into the 50 states between 2008 and 2011. The hospital is under investigation.

Money was the motivating factor same as with the illegal immigrants.

Enrico Letta was appointed Prime Minster of Italy yesterday. A coalition government. Not strong. Could break apart momentarily. Letta is in power because of the support of Berlusconi’s Democratic Party. Berlusconi’s people insist Letta must state openly in his acceptance speech that he will abolish the unpopular housing tax and repay everyone the monies they paid into the government based on the tax in 2012. Amounts to some 8 billion euros.

There will be a confidence vote tomorrow following the speech. If Letta fails to comply with the Berlusconi party’s demand, Letta will be the shortest lived Prime Minister in Italian history.

My back went out again yesterday afternoon. I thought I was all better. Apparently not. Pain then and this morning.

I stayed in last night because of the discomfort.

Lisa and family are coming over this afternoon to swim in the pool. This will be Jake’s first visit to my home. We are hopeful he will enjoy the pool better than he does the ocean. If he wants to play with Robert and Ally, he will have to. They are never out of the water.

Life experiences are expanding with Jake in the Malcom home. He got worms. The vet said they were caused by a mosquito bite. One pill and Jake has no more worms. Jake is favoring one foot. I see another vet visit ahead. Added costs not anticipated. Jake sleeps in a cage in Lisa and Corey’s bedroom. He now cries at night. Once in bed with Lisa, he quiets down and goes back to sleep.

Ho ho!

Enjoy your Sunday!





I finally went out last night. To the Chart Room to begin. Stayed quite a while. Enjoyed some excellent company.

My undergraduate work was done at Manhattan College. I rarely speak of Manhattan. No particular reason. I received a good education at Manhattan from the Christian Brothers. I enjoyed my college years. Much partying.

I realize I speak often of Syracuse. I do feel a very close bond with Syracuse. Not just for the time I spent there. My life since graduation has been intertwined with Syracuse professionally, socially and sportswise. I did not develop such a relationship with Manhattan.

Last night at the Chart Room, I spent considerable time talking with Jack Kelley. A Manhattan graduate! Class of 1968. I graduated in 1957.

Jack was a day hop, I a boarder. We reminisced. It was fun to recall and remember.

Jack went into the Air Force after graduation. Flew jets. Then taught jet training. Retired a major. Worked in industry as a consultant thereafter. Now he is retired as I am.

Jack has a second home in the Keys. Just up the road on Cudjoe Key. He has been at Cudjoe the past few weeks supervising the installation of a pool. Showed me a picture. It is going to be a terrific looking addition to his property when finished.

I enjoyed my time with Jack and trust we shall meet again soon. Most likely at the Chart Room.

Peter shared some of the Jack/Louis time. I felt bad. Once we got into Manhattan College, he was sort of out of the conversation. However, Peter did know where Manhattan was located. 242 Street and Broadway, end of the Seventh Ave line. Very few know that. Peter continues to amaze me.

Sheila and David were at the Chart Room, also. Chatted with them a bit.

Jean Thornton came in. With another Gene, a male one. Gene is an attorney from northern Florida who represents the Mel Fisher family’s interest in the emerald case which has been in the news the past couple of years. He and Jean were having dinner at the Hot Tin Roof later on.

I was hungry. Grabbed a couple of newspapers from the Pier House’s reception area and walked over to the Wine Galley. I sat at the bar alone, read the newspapers and had a bite to eat. The food at the Pier House is always good!

My back. Oh, my back.

It was better yesterday. However still bothersome. Probably because I did not take any pain pills yesterday. I had been in all week and intended to go out last night. I also intended to have a few drinks. The pain pills and alcohol would not have mixed.

I had three gins over the course of the evening. I had no pain when I arrived home. Though this morning I have had a few shots of spasm. Not bad, but still there. Nevertheless, I appear to be on the mend.

I wrote my column for next week’s edition of KONK Life yesterday. Titled it Man And His Changing World. I pontificated a bit. The column was inspired by the Boston marathon bombings. My two themes were man’s inhumanity to man and the changing world we live in.

The television station is running my Key West Lou Legal Hour four times a week. Once live. The other three reruns. The reruns are not necessarily of the most recent show.

I watched yesterday one of the reruns. I had never seen myself before. I was impressed! Liked what I saw!

My apologies for the lack of humility. I was taken with the mood swings, the humor, the seriousness, the factual data, the background insights, etc.

I am humbled by the fact so many watch the show world wide.

Today’s rerun is at 3 this afternoon. Watch if you are in the mood for a fast moving entertaining hour.

The show is aired on television from Key West through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. The show is also available world wide on the internet.

Enjoy your Sunday!



I have never seen police cheered. Watertown last night was a first. Even during 9/11 there was not a similar reaction.

The only other time I can recall cheering in the streets similar to last night was in World War II.  On VE Day and VJ Day. My recollection is clear of people pouring out of their homes and cheering in the streets. Not for police, but for the event. The cheering was the same however.

I thought my back was getting better. Ergo, I did not take the pain pill last night that helps me sleep. I apparently needed it. I did not fall asleep till 4 this morning.

I am trying to get off the pain killers. It may not be time yet. I hurt this morning.

My back kept me in last night once more. Hopefully, I will be into Key West tonight. I think a couple of gins would help better than anything else. Another reason I am getting off the pain killers.

Key West weather continues to be perfect. Mid 80s by day. A clear sky. A slight breeze. And humid. Not bad yet. Need air conditioning, however. I am doing this blog at the kitchen counter with the doors to the deck and ocean open. It is 8:45. The temperature in my kitchen is 81 degrees. I fight air conditioning.

Today is Earth Day. Big doings in the Keys. Turtles getting a big play. Many children’s activities involving turtles. There are beach clean-ups planned and a mediation walk at Higgs Beach in addition.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour went well yesterday morning. I sat in pain. Did the show in pain. I do not know if it was obvious.

Viewers commented most about designer vaginas and tittoos. The last word is spelled correctly.

Yesterday’s show is being rerun by the television studio today at 4:30. If you missed it yesterday, you might want to watch it today. You will be able then to get the full flavor. The show is also being rerun sunday at 3 and wednesday at 6. Via television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is now also You Tubed. The You Tube show runs one week behind. However, they are all there.

Whew! Glad I have finished. My back continues to bother me. I am off to bed.

Enjoy your day!






The Key West Lou Legal Hour tomorrow morning at 10. Available via television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Available world wide on the internet.

This has been an action packed week. Topics tomorrow will include the Boston bombings, the Senate gun bill vote, Pope Francis and the nuns, Guantanamo, North Korea, an update on the Greek euro problem, Florida snail invasion, another 911 abuse, a new study regarding bras, kayak fishing in Hawaii, a $100,000 parking fine, and more.

Join me. An interesting and informative show. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

My back. Oh, my back! Still in pain this morning, though considerably less. Still bad, however. Cannot sit, stand or lie down. This morning’s blog is difficult to do. The pain takes my breath away.

I did Motrin by day yesterday. Helped. Till it wore off. Did Advil with benadryl last night. Terrific stuff! I slept like a baby. Back to Motrin this morning. It has yet to kick in.

I shall survive.

Thank you to the several who telephoned and asked if there was anything they could do. Key West IS family.

Bocce tonight. Good luck! No way I am going to make it. I cannot bend from the waist, let alone squat.

That is the end of today’s blog. I basically did nothing yesterday. Ergo, there is little to report today. Sorry.

Enjoy your day!