Afghanistan and Iraq visited a Boston street yesterday. Two homemade bombs. Three dead, 154 injured.

An 8 year old boy killed after congratulating his father for completing the race. Two brothers standing next to each other each lost a leg. Many of the 154 injured face multiple operations.


Will there ever be peace?

It is doubtful. Men have been killing each other since the beginning of time. Violence appears inherent in man’s nature.

Tonight is Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My weekly blog talk radio show. Nine o’clock. I am sure what happened yesterday in Boston will be discussed. Join me. Share your thoughts with me.


One comment on “BOSTON MARATHON

  1. Hopefully this will bring all the distractions to a stop —

    — — amnesty for illegals, gun control aka victim disarmament, budget battles, tax and spend, borrow and spend, …

    … to focus on foreign policy, bengahzigate, fast and furious, our middle east wimpiness, the assessment of Arab spring, Israel — pro and con, and kowtowing to foreign powers.

    – Send a message to Kim Jung Nut Case what happens if he crosses us — no more visits from Denis Rodhman; one big kink in the butt for him personally.

    – Adopt a KGB style of retribution — you and your relatives wind up dead without fanfare or comment.

    – At the same time, bring the boys and girls home. Emulate Switzerland.

    – and btw end the drug war, welfare, and all sorts of Gooferment nonsense.

    One can only pray for the victims and pledge to do better in the future.

    Dona Nobis Pacem

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