Before anything else, be advised no Internet show this morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour will not be available for viewing at 10. Technical difficulties.

Bocce was an absolute disaster last night!

I was there for the first two games. None of us had it. The other team destroyed us.

I left at the start of the third game. I was tired. Probably depressed as well. Made my apologies and went home to bed.

My dear friend Pati played on the opposing team. Pati Wilson-Crimmins. Pati only started playing last season. She has come a long way! She’s a killer! Her shots were right on. Pati has become known as the Bocce Bitch. She is proud of the name.

Rob and Lois were at bocce watching. They are frequent visitors to Key West. They are here till the end of October. Then return a few months later for a couple months more. Nice people.

They have a distinction, if it can be so described. They come from the same town Larry Smith grew up in. Danville, Pennsylvannia.

Walked late in the morning yesterday. Duval. Stopped for lunch at Sloppy Joe’s. A first! Once a year, I stop in for dinner. Never lunch. Lunch was good. A Sloppy Joe. What else!

I feel lonely this morning with no Internet show to do. It is as if I have nothing to do. Friday mornings are always rush time for me. It is presently 8:30. Any other friday, I would have been showered and out on the way to the studio. Here I am sitting around, doing my blog later on friday than normal. I will probaly spend the morning outside by the pool contemplating my navel.

Enjoy your day!

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