Tuesday again!

My blog talk radio show this evening. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Nine o’clock. Join me.

Opening topic for discussion will be reasons why Obama is hated by so many. Should be interesting! Add jobs and Syracuse basketball and anything else you might like to discuss. A fast moving half hour.

Yesterday, the dentist. Again. Hopefully for the last time. Everything appears to be A-OK. My fingers are crossed.

Visited Lisa for a bit.

Last night the Chart Room. Peter and me. Peter is an intelligent man. I enjoyed our conversation.

A couple was in from Muskegon, Michigan. Ann and Jim. Nice people. I chatted quite a bit with Ann. We are contemporaries age wise. We talked about the Catholic Church, birth control and related issues.

Jim has an interesting business. He makes prescription dirt. You read it correctly. Prescription dirt. He sells it to golf courses and athletic fields. I never knew there was such a thing. There is something new to learn every day.

Ann and Jim have been regular vacationers to Key West for 20 years. They obviously like Key West. In recent years, they have been staying at Papa’s Hideaway on Louisa Street. I never heard of it. Must check it out.

Clayton stopped in. Proprietor with his wife Valerie of Vinos. Vinos is on Duval Street. Right in the middle. A great wine bar. Friendly people. Use the bathroom if you stop in. The best in Key West!

The vote for a new Pope has started. Several hours ago. Italy is ahead of us time wise. Who will it be? I doubt another Italian or European. Could be an American or Canadian. In my opinion, the new Pope should be a man of color. Significant portions of Africa and Central/South America are Catholic. Practicing Catholics. Not Catholics in name only. Perhaps such a man can reignite the Catholic fervor that once existed.

Again, please listen in on your computer tonight to my blog talk radio show. Nine sharp.

If you opt to call in and talk with me, you can do so either before or during the show itself. You may want to call in 5-10 minutes prior to show time. You will be placed on a list in the order your call is received. I then make you live during the show.

Enjoy your day!

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