The weeks move swiftly by. Tuesday is here again. Tonight at 9, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. One half hour of interesting insights. You can even call in and chat with me! Please do.

I plan this evening to talk first about banks and the Cyprus situation. Banks that were first too big to fail and then too big to prosecute are now putting their hands where they do not belong. They have become thieves and whores. On a world wide basis. And no government stops them.

The other topic concerns same sex marriage. The Supreme Court hears two cases on the issue today and tomorrow. As recently as last year, I thought the issue would fail by a 5-4 vote. Now I believe it can win by as much as 6-3.

Tuesday Talk can be found on the internet. Your computer is the radio.

The show is 9 weeks old. Recent stats show already a following of 1,800.

Another cold front is upon Key West! Our winter has come late. We had no winter when we were supposed to. Actually, present weather is crazy. Key West goes a week or two in the 80s and then drops into the 60s or worse. Last night was in the mid 60s. The high today will be 67. It is 65 as I write this morning. Tonight, 57.

Yesterday, I walked the waterfront. Dante’s, Schooner Wharf area. Lunched at Blossoms. I make it sound like a swanky place. It is not. Its Cuban toast is the best, however!

Watched the balance of the Arnold Palmer Tournament. Glad Tiger won. He appears to have come back. I am surprised. I did not think it possible.

Stayed in last night and wrote. I feel good this morning. A sense of accomplishment. My time was well spent.

As you are aware, the Blue Angels were here with a spectacular show this weekend. The Key West Citizen reports this morning it may have been the last Blue Angles show for a while. Sequestration. Some Congressmen said do not worry. They were going to save the shows. They have yet to perform.

My hometown Utica is in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York. Adirondack animals were always of great concern to the authorities. Especially deer.

In the Florida keys, it is the creatures of the ocean.

Makes sense.

Two men were arrested yesterday for allegedly killing a turtle. Meat parts were found in a bag by wildlife officers when the culprits’ boat docked at Stock Island. If convicted, they will probably do time. Properly so. Turtles generally are an endangered species. Keys people have a great concern for their well being. Evidenced in part by the fact there is a Turtle Hospital in Marathon.

The significance of the crime is that out of every 100 turtles born, only one will survive and make it to adulthood.

Enjoy your day!


  1. am i the only person on the planet that knows that sequestration is NOT a cut in the bloated federal budget? it is a cut in the bloated budget INCREASE! i rest my conservative case. please; someone else read the facts!!!!!!

  2. Sequestration, its a 2.4% reduction in the approved budget increase. Our incompetent leader is determined to make this hurt as much as possible while he continues to live the life of sultan.

    • And beloved Congress, hard-working Republicanos and all recess for for Easter two plus weeks form their hard labor effectively managing the US. I hope “conservatives” get it as much as we Libertarians…a pox on both your corrupt houses.

  3. I have to agree with Marty. As far as I know there is no viable Libertarian party yet, or at least I haven’t seen one. But, I’m still a fiscal conservative first and a Libertarian second which may be one and the same. We need to find a really good candidate.

  4. i also agree. both parties are to blame and what’s the solution? term limits would be a great start! still love me lou?

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