There was an avalanche in Washington State yesterday. Three persons injured. One dead.

Why am I writing about an avalanche as I sit here in Key West basking in 80 degree weather? It has to do with Chamonix.

You will recall I spent two days last summer in Chamonix. Chamonix is in France. The village sits in a valley beneath Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps and all of Europe. I was impressed. Majestic. Even in the summer, the top third of Mont Blanc was covered in snow and ice.

Two weeks ago, there was another avalanche. In Chamonix. Three killed.

Both avalanches reported a similar cause. Melting spring snow. Avalanches occur. The ground  surface snow opens creating huge craters.

People either get buried in the snow as it passes over them or they drop into one of those never ending openings. And die, unless fortunate to merely be injured.

Avalanches have become more recent the past ten years.

Scientists attribute that fact to global warming. The temperature at the higher levels has been steadily increasing. The snow melts faster. Avalanches become more frequent.

The problem remains a minor one, however. There is agreement that global warming will not become extremely dangerous regarding avalanches for at least another fifty years.

There is still time.

I had a be good to Louis day yesterday. Layed around the pool a bit. Watched the Masters from my bed. Napped.

I felt bad for Tiger Woods. A two stroke penalty. I agree, better than disqualification.

Today is the final round of the Masters. At least a dozen players can win. It will be interesting.

I did get out last night. Hogfish. Enjoyed a hogfish meal. Hogfish stuffed with crab. Oh, so good!

I have a birthday party to attend at 6 this evening. At the Chart Room. Che is 80 years old!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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