There is a song that begins…..Autumn in New York.

I am originally from upstate New york. Way up. A 4.5 hour drive from New York City.

Autumn comes early. I always considered August 15 the start of Fall. Every year it was the same. All of a sudden in mid August, a morning chill in the air. A few leaves started falling. The pool was used less frequently.

I closed my pool the day after Labor Day Weekend. Every year. The weather had started turning. No one ever used the pool after Labor Day.  The leaves were more plentiful.  The leaves clogged the pool.

The proof of the pudding is the morning temperature. It is 51 in upstate New York this morning. The temperature will rise during the day. Into the 70s. The evenings will be cool and comfortable.

Merely for comparative purposes, the temperature in Key West this morning is 81. The high is projected to reach 89.

I walked yesterday morning. In Home Depot because of the heat. Afterwards, I headed over to Harpoon Harry’s for breakfast. Always a crowd. Enjoyed ham and eggs. Followed breakfast with a fast walk along the waterfront. The walk took me past Schooner Wharf. If not already done, some one should paint a picture of early morning there. A few breakfast eaters, a few early morning drinkers. The view from the dock into the heart of Schooner Wharf is always interesting.

Spent the afternoon reading, watching TV and snoozing a bit.

Last night was dinner with Lisa and the family. They were gone so long, we all missed each other big time. Ergo, dinner together two nights in a row.We did Sunday night at the Yacht Club. A buffet. Prime rib and turkey. Every one enjoyed.

Cameron is a senior in high school. Next year is college for him. Corey and Cameron visited three colleges this past week. All in Florida. Cameron has already been to New York University. An exciting time for Cameron. Everything is in front of him.

Before walking in the morning, Sloan and I worked. Primarily on the You Tube show being developed. We are getting there. We are at the stage of deciding where to present the show from. My Key West home of course. Wanted to do it outside with the ocean or MTV house as a backdrop. It did not work. The sun was too bright. The plan now is to do it either from the dining room or living room. If the dining room, there will be a Jack Baron painting behind me. If the living room, two paintings to be seen in the background.

I may very well do the show from both locations. Move it around.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. you are correct with the weather lou. last few nights in oswego the low was in the mid 50’s! seems like it happened in just one day. summer is OVER!

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