I was reading over my notes for last night’s blog talk radio show when the telephone rang. It was Don Manaher. Are you watching the game? What game? Syracuse and Indiana.

I had forgotten. How could I forget? I knew I would only be able to watch the first half because my radio show went on at 9. I rushed to the TV set in time to catch the first half.

I was disappointed. Syracuse had a 10-0 lead and blew it. They have done that before this season. The game was a one point difference at half time when my viewing ceased. I see from the morning news that Syracuse won 69-52. Apparently Indiana fell apart in the second half.

What I saw and what I think. Syracuse guards are outstanding. Three pointers galore this season! The problem was getting the ball inside. Syracuse cannot win on three pointers alone. I am sure Boeheim will be working on the flaw.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou went well. I particularly enjoyed my dissertation regarding the Senkaku Islands. The islands between China and Japan that  has created a developing feud between the two countries. One that could suck the United States in.

It bothers me that the media rarely sets forth the true story behind an incident. With regard to the Senkaku Islands, it is oil. I will have more to say on the issue on Friday’s TV/internet show.

My head was in the books yesterday. Actually, the internet. I was in deep research. I was interested in a Lt. Barbie. It was World War II and he was the Nazi officer in charge of destroying the French resistance in a certain part of France. He was a sick diabolical man.

Last night’s blog talk radio show is archived and available.

Last friday’s TV show was You Tubed at 5 last night. Key West Lou 11/29/13.

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