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Now for my usual blog which will be followed at the end with DAY 2 of Greece The First Time.

Tuesday Talk is 9 pm. The show was ready at 7:30. I decided to rest and watch some TV. I fell asleep! I woke at 9:03, why I don’t know. Had to move my ass. I was already on the air so to speak with no one speaking.

Rudy Giuliani. He has avoided danger so far. He has brought frivolous lawsuits advising attorneys involved or being one of the attorneys of record and not been chastised or sanctioned by a judge. Sixty two lawsuits. His track record good. Won only 1. Lost 61.

His day of doom is about to befall him.

In certain of the lawsuits, he blamed Old Dominion. Old Dominion is an electronic technology company. Specializes in election machinery, including ballot counting.

All the Old Dominion lawsuits were thrown out of court as Giuliani could produce no factual proof to substantiate his claims.

Old Dominion spent a ton of money defending the suits. They also were defamed along the way.

Old Dominion now seeks retribution. The Company has sued Giuliani and his co-counsel Sydney Powell for $1.3 billion.

No way Rudy has the kind of money required to defend against such a lawsuit. Old Dominion is going to go after him with a multitude of legal counsel. Attorneys from the top law firms in the country. Ones that charge$700-$1,000 an hour.

These law firms will bury Giuliani in paper work. Every day. One motion after another. Giuliani has neither the manpower nor money to successfully defend. The case will break him financially.

It has been about a week since we’ve heard about “selling pardons.”

Over 100 pardons or commutations were given. Big bucks involved to attorneys or other persons representing those seeking the pardons.

My question is where did those monies go? Human nature dictates some portions had to be passed on to other hands. A subject for investigation to be investigated.

I have been writing about poverty in the U.S. for a year. It continues to get worse. Never better.

The end of 2020 found the sharpest rise in the U.S. poverty rate since the 1960s.

It increased 2.4 percent during the latter half of 2020. The prediction is it will get worse. Coronavirus responsible.

December alone had a poverty increase of 11.8 percent.

The various percentages equate to 8 million new people on the poverty rolls.

Primarily responsible is Trump’s failure to acknowledge and do the necessary to curtail the virus before it got out of hand. Thank you, Donald.

The number of coronavirus cases in Florida significant. We are like the third worse state in the U.S.

The vaccines have been coming out. Another disaster.

State officials reported happily yesterday that doses were now being sent out for second shots. I still have not received my first shot. I am 85 and unquestionably qualify.

Due to the ineptitude of Governor DeSantis and former President Trump, we are in deep shit.

DAY 2…..Greece The First Time

Posted on May 29, 2012 by Key West Lou

Jet lag is still with me. It hits suddenly and I am dead. Went to bed last night at 10:30. Woke at 1 and could not get back to sleep.

Apparently, I have been spelling the name of this community wrong. It is Novara. Not Novarro. It was easy to become confused. There are signs all over the city spelling this place. In typical Italian fashion, the name is spelled differently each time. I have it correct now, however.

I took a walk at lunch time yesterday. Once more I was impressed with the downtown area. It is referred to as an historic centre. Medieval buildings constructed between 1100 and 1300. Still standing in all their glory as if new today.

For whatever reason, Novara has been sacked and destroyed from earliest times. Even Attila the Hun beat up Novara. The Romans came. They constructed a stone walled city. The wall surrounded the entire city. The wall remained until demolished for purposes of urban development. Not twentieth century development. Rather construction of buildings such as I have seen. Buildings constructed between 1100 and 1300. The time referred to as urban development.

The new Novara was built on the ruins of the old.

I saw part of the old yesterday. The Roman constructed walls were discovered. They had been hidden for centuries beneath the ground. The Roman walls in small part have been excavated and are there for the world to see. I found the walls astonishing! At least three feet thick. Looked like poured concrete with outside coverings of stone. No weapon of the time could have penetrated the wall.

This downtown area is interesting and lovely. I walked up and down the streets open only to pedestrian traffic. Many people. Though not crowded shoulder to shoulder. I discovered cars are allowed. Those owned by the apartment residents. Makes sense. Otherwise they would have to walk several blocks to get home.

The cars came and went occasionally. Not often. Typical of Italian drivers, the cars moved fast. I noted that without looking, the walkers automatically moved over for a car to pass. The car was never seen. The people nevertheless moved out of way way.

I watched this wonder for a while. Then I figured it out. The buildings across the street from each other are very close. Ten to twenty feet. The road is worn brick. The noise of the approaching car is amplified greatly by the buildings and road. It is acoustical. The noise bounces off the buildings loudly. Pedestrians hear it and automatically move to the side.

The car drivers speed. Never slow down. As if they had no concern for the walkers.

The people are strange. They never make eye contact. I noticed this 25 years ago when I was in Rome.

The people are beautiful! No one is fat in Italy. The men must have 28-32 waists. I last saw 32 in college. Male and female alike dress elegantly. Even in  jeans. Most men wear jeans. Topped by a crispy shirt. Crispy is the only way to describe the attire of both men and women.

The people never seem to smile. I noticed this 25 years ago, also.

All of a sudden, I was hit by jet lag. I had to lie down. Rest. I was desperate for it.

I returned to the building I am staying in. There are 124 steps to the apartment. I counted them. Getting to the apartment is like climbing Mount Everest. I had to stop three times to rest.

I was with a group of locals last night. The husband and wife who own the rice paddies, golf course and castle on the hill were there. We found we enjoyed each other. They invited me out for a bite to eat. The wife spoke English. She had majored in it at universities in Italy and London. Her husband spoke no English. She interpreted for the both of us. The couple is in their mid 60s.

We went out for pizza. At a trattoria. Not a Pizza Hut or Dominos type place. A restaurant with tablecloths and cloth napkins. Real silverware. Clean.

We ordered pizza. Neapolitan pizza. Made with anchovies.

I was shocked when the pizzas arrived. We each were served with one whole pizza. Larger than a small and smaller than a large back home. How could I eat it? In Key West, I am a one slice person. Rarely two.

When in Rome…..

We dug in. It was very thin pizza. Crispy. I did not like it. The anchovies were baked into the mozzarella. I am an anchovy lover. But not served that way I discovered. Cooked anchovies were not to my liking. What to do. I ate it. What else. I could not insult my hosts.

They each devoured their whole pizzas. Again, I could not be the impolite guest. I ate all of mine. Horrible!

I noticed a couple of things in the restaurant. One was that every one drank bottled water. My friends, also. I ordered, as I do back home, a diet Coke. I asked why everyone was drinking bottled water. Because it was cheap, I was told. Much cheaper than my can of diet coke.

The other thing I noticed was that none of the people in the restaurant smiled or laughed during dinner. Strange. My table was roaring, primarily because of me.

Afterwards, my new found friends wanted to show me the golf course. We drove through miles of rice fields on each side of the road. They own all of it. They ship rice all over Europe, to Central America and to South America. None to the United States. I did not ask why.

The golf course was to the side of the rice fields. A nine hole course. Tees laid out differently if one wishes to play 18 holes. A nice clubhouse and several other buildings. The drinking/dining area warm and inviting. I was sorry I would not have time to play this trip.

They built the course themselves 20 years ago. The land was not suitable for rice. They wanted to put it to good use. Ergo, the golf course was born.

It was getting dark. I stepped outside. I could see trees every where. I could sense the area. It had the taste and smell of Fourth Lake in the New York Adirondack Mountains on a July evening.

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS! We just had an earthquake! They had a big one in this area last week. The one today lasted about ten seconds. Everything moved. The chandeliers are still moving. Some of the ladies panicked. Screamed. Still yelling. Italians are very demonstrative. I just sat here and thought…..Oh, shit!

What a trip this is going to be!

Getting back to last night, I returned home with jet lag upon me once more. I fell asleep as I was being driven home. On top of which, I had a sick stomach. The 124 steps were not easy.

Some odd ball items. Nothing can top the earthquake, however.

Enjoy your day!


  1. We have an italian grocery store like that here in Chicago – “Caputo’s”. Well, they do play Italian Opera on the PA system, although I have never been there when everybody sings.

  2. Lou – some facts re COVID 19 in FLorida as per worldometers
    While Florida has 3 most cases- here are stats per million people- a better way to evaluate.
    California has most cases and has had very restrictive policy
    US ave cases- 78,663
    FL cases. -77,651

    US deaths. – 1318
    FL deaths. – 1195

    So Florida is slightly below US average

    • Florida statistics (cases and deaths) are notoriously under reported and famously distorted. There is NO WAY Florida covid information can be taken seriously. Even FOX news laughs about it.

      Just last night, FOX news reported that Florida had yet to immunise most of it’s First Responders, yet had given 50,000 shots to Canadians and other “tourists” not residents of Florida. 50,000 is more than the entire population of Key West, where not all First Responders have even had their shots.

      Florida is a Joke on this subject.

      • Mike an Conch Scooter blog, finally got his 1st shot a day or two ago. He’s a 911 first responder and just vaccinated. Weeks behind others on this very blog, Florida is a joke alright!

      • Florida isn’t the only idiot Republican state. FOX News is reporting an AP story about “The Oklahoma attorney general’s office is attempting to return $2 million worth of a malaria drug once touted by former President Donald Trump as an effective treatment for COVID-19.”

        I wonder if they know Donald Trump isn’t the President anymore and as such will not be able to approve a refund. Besides it would only have been a reduced refund, after he had taken his cut, anyhow.

  3. Now the GOP is calling for unity. Problem is that there is no more United States, their boy Trump ended it. It’s over and the fat lady is warming up.

  4. Unity come with people uniting. GOP is making no effort to unite, quite the opposite. McConnell threatens total resistance on everything and the MyPillow idiot won’t shut up with his unhinged twitter conspiracy theories.

    Unity take the effort of BOTH sides and the Republicans are just all talk and insincere deeds.

  5. Most legitimate news sources are reporting three members of the alt right supremacists group Oath Keepers, have now been arrested for advance plotting and coordination of the Capitol insurrection violence on January 6th. They specifically stated and framed the event as a last chance to help “President Trump’s fight to defeat the enemies foreign and domestic who are attempting a coup.”

  6. I don’t think it’s “Old Dominion”, just Dominion Voting Systems? Now, there is an Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. (Google Taylor Heinicke, for all you sports ball fans!)

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