Spectacular! The only way I can describe last evening.

Larry Smith provided a special jazz night. Well known artists from all over the world came to join Larry in Key West for a show of shows.

The setting was the ever beautiful Wine Galley at the Pier House. Small round tables, white chairs, champagne, wine, excellent food, and a performance to beat all performances.

I met many interesting people. All notables in the jazz world. Like Dan Brubeck. The internationally reknown drummer. What he did with the drums! Dan’s father was the well known jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck. Dave spent most of his final years in Key West.

Names escape me. I cannot remember all. One was a lady jazz violinist. Obviously well known. She played at the Obama inaugural and one of Bush 2’s inaugurals. Then there was a guitarist who flew in from some far away place to perform last night. Last but not least, an exceptional trombonist from Boston.

Kathleen Peace and Christine Cordone sang. The two perform so well together. They compliment each other.

I met Noel Paul Stookey. Talked to him a while. Who is Noel? Paul of Peter, Paul and Mary. I was impressed! Songs of my era such as If I Had A Hammer and Puff The Magic Dragon. A tall, bearded, distinguished appearing individual. He sang a duet with Christine.

What made the show even better was the attitude the performers brought with them. They were like a bunch of kids in someone’s garage playing jazz. Having the best time of their lives!

I sat with Don, Stephanie and Erika. Erika was my date. Her husband Herschel could not attend.

Last night was a rare occasion. I hope I am lucky to see more.

Enjoy your day!


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