A visitor yesterday. Per agreement, we met at Louie’s Backyard. We had a drink and chatted for 1.5 hours.

Her name Claudia Tenney.

Claudia from my hometown Utica. Mid 50’s. A lawyer. Her Dad was a State Supreme Court Justice. I tried many cases in front of him.

Claudia best described as an attorney, publisher and politician. Her political life began with her election to the New York State Assembly. She recently completed her second term as a member of Congress. Defeated. Taking time off. Visiting friends in Florida and elsewhere.

We had a most enjoyable conversation. The amusing part is we really did not know each other. We are a generation apart. Did not practice in similar fields. Did not socialize. My best recollection is the only time we spoke was when I congratulated her at her wedding reception.

After drinks at Louie’s, she left for the airport. Her next stop Washington to visit friends.

Hurried to Sons and Daughters of Italy dinner meeting afterwards.

The important part of the day came next. No disrespect to Claudia or the Sons and Daughters of Italy. The Syracuse/Clemson game. Scheduled to watch it with Don, Chris, Dan, Lisa, and John at Jack Flats. I hustled over to Jack Flats.

We were there saturday. The Syracuse game that day was blacked out. Same problem last night. I said screw this, good night to my friends, and went home. Where I was confident I could get the game on my home set.

I did. Syracuse defeated Clemson 61-53.

Jack Flats needs a new TV reception system.

A busy today. Manicure with Tammy later in the morning. Followed by lunch at Sandy’s. Then a haircut with Lori. The fuzz on top of my head growing.

At 4, I do a guest hour on radio station 107.5 FM with Laurie Thibaud. Always an interesting experience. Laurie and I do well together.

I am meeting a Christopher at 6 at the Chart Room. First time. A loyal blog reader. Visiting Key West. He has his copy of Irma and Me with him. He wants me to sign it.

I will probably finish my evening off at Blue Macaw.

Key West cold last night and today. Mid 60’s. I have the heat on.

Key West can correctly be described as the island of authors. Many great ones spent some portion of their lives here.

One, the famous Tennessee Williams.

On this day in 1969, Williams became a Roman Catholic. He was baptized at St. Mary of the Sea Church on Truman Ave.

I am into births for some reason.

Yesterday, I reported out of wedlock births in the U.S. today are at a 40 percent high. Compared to 10 percent in 1970.

Another bit of birth information. The U.S. birth rate is down. America is not making enough babies to replace ourselves.

Fertility numbers for 2017 interesting. Lower in every State. Color immaterial, except where there was an increase. Black numbers were up in 12 States, Hispanics in 29 States. In no State were White numbers up.

Word of advice to those who fear people of color are taking over in the U.S. Probably already have number wise. If not, definitely in 20 years. My recommendation if the situation is of concern to any whites…..Have more sex!

Some consider the new younger female members of Congress brazen and outspoken. I view them as a breath of fresh air. The windows of the Chamber have been opened.

Two new young ladies were recently criticized for words they spoke. Racida Tisb said, “Trump a motherfucker who should be impeached.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez answered “no question” when asked if Trump was a racist.

Complain not. They were merely saying out loud what many think.

The shutdown a disgrace. I continue to hold Trump responsible. When will it end? Democratic Senators have implemented a Senate rule which prohibits any bill being voted on till a shutdown vote takes place.

Donald picked the war. Donald will lose the war. As he has most if not all that he has instigated.

Another example of the President screwing things up is Syria. He said he was pulling U.S. troops out and would do so right away. Then realized he may have created a problem. The Turks would attack and destroy the Kurds.

Trump sent John Bolton to Turkey to talk with President Erdogan. Bolton wanted Turkey’s assurances they would not attack the Kurds if the U.S. pulled out.

Erdogan in effect said up yours. Don’t tell us who we can invade and who we cannot. We will fight our battles as we see fit. He backed up his position yesterday by announcing that if the U.S. pulls out of Turkey, he definitely would attack the Kurds.

A typical Donald Trump result.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Trump and Erdogan both born from the same world wide problem, too many people. This will only get worse, with global warming adding to the witches’ brew.

  2. Trump is getting ready to declare a National Emergency to build his symbol of white nationalism and hatred. The funds he will likely use are “excess” federal funds for disasters. Hey Donnie, what about fixing California, the Florida Panhandle and the Keys first.

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