Yesterday began with an early morning visit to the bank. Then immediately home. I spent the entire day inside working on tomorrow’s TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Great topics! With all the foolishness going on world wide, how could it not be! Stories like a tiny Eurasian country that announced its Presidential election results the day before the election, the shut down, Catholic Bishops out of line, and an update regarding the Vatican bank corruption scandal.

Plus, ATM changes, additional government waste examples, chemical weapons destruction in Syria, Greece considering grabbing personal bank accounts (shades of Cyprus), the great Social Security theft, global warming and walruses, and more.

The show airs 10 in the morning my time. It can be seen from Key West all the way up to Boca Raton via television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Worldwide via the internet. www.weyw19.com.

My first stop last night was Don’s Place.

A new bartender/barmaid. I am not sure which is the politically correct designation. A lovely young lady. I am embarrassed to say I do not recall her name. Next time.

Spoke with Jimmy. Where is Joanie, I asked. In Colorado. Her only son is getting married. Have a wonderful time, Joanie! For the past year, she has spoken to me on several occasions about the type and color of dress she should buy. I listened.

Hershel, Stan and Frankie at Don’s, also. Bocce discussed. We play tonight.

The Chart Room was the hit of the evening! I met and chatted with old friends and new friends. David, Peter and Emily friends of old. I am always happy to be with them.

Several of the new friends were women. No disrespect to the others, but Raylene  touched my heart! She was waiting to meet me. She told me she reads my blog every day and watches my TV show on You Tube. Thank you, Raylene!

Raylene and her husband Gary are from Garden City, Kansas. Five children, five grandchildren. They visit Key West once a year. This trip they rented a small private home in Old Town.

Raylene has been a county treasurer back in Kansas for 27 years. Gary is a general contractor. He builds the big ones. Hospitals, colleges, schools, office buildings, etc.

Gary is on his way to being a true Key Wester. He has not shaved since he arrived. He is half way to a beard.

After Raylene and Gary left, I chatted with Sarah and Chris. From Nashville. Sarah is a librarian in a middle high school. Chris, a corporate pilot. Interesting people. They are staying at the Casa Marina.

It seemed like I was moving down the bar. I finally got to talk with Dave and Nadene. Parrotheads! Obviously love Key West and Jimmy buffet. They have visited Key West many times. They hail from Columbia, Maryland.

Dave is a retired printer. Nadene is employed by Liberty Mutual as an administrative assistant. They have two boys.

Dave’s time if filled with the Parrothead world and the PT Cruiser world. Dave paints cars to reflect Key West. Air brushes most of them. His private vehicle is a 2004 PT Cruiser GT Turbo. He drives it around Columbia and all over the country to PT Cruiser events. Dave custom air brushed his personal PT Cruiser to reflect his passion for the Jimmy Buffet/Parrothead life style.

Dave has a website re his car and Buffet/Parrothead activities. You may want to take a look. www.HemisphereCruiser.com.

For me, it was a long night. Went directly home from the Chart Room. Had something to eat and then to bed.

Enjoy your day!


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