Good morning!

A lovely Saturday to you!

It rained big time yesterday. All day. This is Key West’s rainy season. However not as much as yesterday. Normally, it rains once a day around one in the afternoon for 10 minutes.

I was driving home at one point and it started pouring. Heavy. Like I almiost could not see. It started on the boulevard and continued on US 1. I turned into Key Haven. Went 100 feet and noticed everything was dry. It had not rained in Key Haven where I live. This is not an uncommon happening. Many times Lisa will telephone to warn me not to go out. The rain was too heavy. I ask…..What rain? It would be raining in Key West, but not Key Haven.

A humid Friday morning yesterday. Heavy. Felt like you could cut it with a knife.

My morning was busy.

My first stop was the dentist. My cell phone was broke and I wanted to make an appointment. For my teeth, not the phone. I see the dentist Tuesday at 10. My implants screwed up on the trip again. My teeth do not stay in.

Then it was to KONK Broadcasting to do my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. The show was good. A bit of a travelogue, followed by a segment of news commentary. I was pleased to be back doing the show. I had missed it.

KONK Broadcasting is on the third floor of an old renovated building in Key West. Actually, it is in a very well done remodeled attic. There are two flights of steps to KONK. Many and steep. Prior to the trip, I had to pause at the first landing to catch my breath. When I reached the top, I had to pause again.

Yesterday, I moved up those two sets of steps like a young kid. Easy and swift. No concern. No getting winded. The trip had helped me in this regard. All those hills and steps I complained of in Italy and Greece had conditioned me a bit.

My cell phone was not working. Ergo had to stop at Dr. Leffert’s office to make an appointment. My little finger on my right hand is infected at the tip. Swollen. Reddish. Looked pussy. It got cut getting a manicure in Athens ten days ago. An appoinment was made for one o’clock.

The next stop was Verizon. My man there is Diego. He swiftly took care of the problem. It was not the phone. It was me. I did not know what I was doing.

Then to Walgreens. I had picked up one of my prescription drugs the day before. It was not correct. I had a new prescription that Walgreens had already filled and failed to cancel the old one. The mistake had cost me $134, even with insurance. I am in the doughnut. A screw job in and of itself.

Got my $134 back. Had to wait 15 minutes for the manager to do it. An inconvenience. Walgreens never learns. They are inconsiderate to their drug customers. Long lines, waiting. With all the money they are making off prescription drugs, they could hire another two people and not even feel it off their cash flow.

Back to Dr. leffert’s office. Yes, I had an infection. She told me what to do. I will do it as well as taking an antibiotic. My pinkie will be well in short course.

I needed to publish a column on Amazon Kindle. Did. The title: Life Begins First Day of a Woman’s Last Menstrual Cycle. A bit confuing. You havve to read the title a couple of times to fully grasp it. There was no other way for me to say it.

Arizona is anti-abortion. They have a new law designed to shorten the time within which an abortion may be performed. They passed the law just to cut two days off the time frame. In order to do it, they had to disregard and manipulate medical science and natural law.

An interesting column.

I am getting better with the jet lag. However at 4 I was tired. I intended to go out for dinner. Layed on the bed for a short nap. Woke at 9. Too late to go out. Stayed in.

Tom Dixon lives in Buffalo. He is a Key West snow bird. Owns property here. He wrote me toward the end of my trip and said that the jet lag was not as bad flying back. He was right! It is no where as heavy as the initial trip to Italy.

Enjoy your day!

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