It is raining like hell! Still dark outside. The wind started blowing and the rain beating on the house. I had to run all over closing windows!

Today is going to be cool. High 60s. Yesterday was high 80s and muggy. My t shirt was sticky and soggy when I finished my walk yesterday morning!

Yesterday afternoon was quiet. I paid bills. I hate the effort and the expenditure!

Last night Bob and I had dinner at La Trattatoria. I ate my usual. Spaghetti and oil. With garlic of course! It was fortunate I had no one to kiss later in the evening!

After dinner we hurried over to the Pier House to hear Larry Smith and Kathleen Peace. Kathleen could not appear! She had a migrane. How sad! Sad she was not there and sad she was under the weather!

Jodi Rae appeared last minute for Kathleen. I have heard her before. She is a talent! Her peformance can only be described as magnifique!

Jodi was once a Penthouse centerfold! A big deal! She is still a beauty!

Jodi’s daughter and son in law are presently in the service and stationed in Iraq. During her performance Jodi called her daughter from her cellphone and sang to her! Moving!

Larry likes to engage the audience and Pier House personnel during his performances. You will recall he is always referring to Donna the barmaid as “ and sexy!” Last week I commented in one of the blogs that those words were not fitting. Though I will not deny that Donna appears hot and sexy!

I saw Donna as “…charming and lovely!”

Larry asked Donna what the difference amounted to, why the distinction.

Larry drinks Budweiser from the bottle while he performs. I drink espresso martinis from an appropriate glass.

Donna responded “ is the difference between an espresso martini and a budweiser!”

Good girl, Donna!

The rain has stopped. Overcast. Cool–for Key West!

I play golf this morning. Hope I do better than last week! Anything will be better!

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