A real warm day yesterday! 87, no wind and heavy humidity.

It is expected to be the same today, with a breeze however.

Tomorrow a cold wave is coming in. The projected high for tomorrow is 67. Yes, 67! The temperature will drop 20 degrees in one day!

I rode my bike yesterday for exercise. I was wiped out when I finished. Bob ran. Down US 1 to Key West and back. About 5 miles. He was dead! Thought he might not be able to complete the return trip!

So the humidity was heavy!

Linda Schrufer continues to be the hostess with the mostest!

You have heard me mention her before. A great party organizer! A wonderful dinner planner! And most importantly, a sweet lady!

Her favorite organization supportwise is the Red Barn Theatre. Last night Linda chaired a fundraiser for the Red Barn. The format was a movable feast. Dinner at four different homes in Truman Annex. Drinks at one, salad and soup at another, the entre at a third and dessert at a fourth. And good exercise in between walking from one home to the other!

The event was a success! Congratualtions Linda!

Before attending the Red Barn function, I went over to the Gingerbread Square Gallery. It was opening night for Jim Salem’s annual exhibit.

Jim is a professional artist. I have known him for more than 15 years. He is friend to me and also friend to my daughter Lisa. In fact Lisa and my grandchildren were leaving Gingerbread as I arrived. I asked Lisa why she was leaving so soon. She said too much glass inside for the kids to be wandering around! Bulls in a china shop!

Jim paints. He is not into glass. Just to keep the record straight.

He paints for a whole year and then exhibits and sells them over a two week period at Gingerbread. To tell the truth, Jim once told me he actually screws off for most of the year and then about two months before the exhibit starts painting like crazy!

As usual, his works were excting! It is no wonder he is a success!

Jim’s forte is generally the habitat and birds of the keys. Last night I could see he had expanded his area of interest. Fruit and vegetables! I especially love paintings of fruit! And the framing on these items was a gigantic step forward also! Exciting frames! Red, blue or yellow, but muted. And though muted, bright. I know it sounds inconsistent, but that is how the frames hit me! And the fruit and veggies were bright and dynamic and leaped off their frames!

I am looking forward to tonight. Kathleen Peace is singing at Larry Smith’s show at the Pier House. The time is 9 o’clock. Do yourself a favor. Go! She is spectacular! The best of the best!

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