A God is in his Heaven! All is right with the world morning!

Sun up and shining! Sky blue! Water quiet! Color everywhere!

Yesterday was a mixed bag. All good!

I started Sunday with breakfast at Camille’s with Lisa and the family. Breakfast with my grandchildren is always exciting! They are a joy!

The annual art festival was this weekend. So I suggested we go. And away we went after breakfast! All of us!

I lasted about 5 minutes with the kids. They were good, but too slow for me! So I kissed them all good bye and was off to enjoy the festival on my own.

A good show as usual! However not as many presentors as usual. Why I am not sure. Could it be the economy?

Afterwards I took a long walk.

Then home to rest. Good luck! Guess who showed up? Yes, the grandkids. So we swam for awhile. They are terrific in the pool! Love it! Swim all around, jump off the sides and all those good sort of things. Ally now puts her face in the water and blows bubbles. A big thing! She is always yelling for people to watch her do it. Robert at 3 1/2 is now a big boy! He makes like he is diving! He jumps in feet first off the side of the pool! And we all have to watch!

I was off to bed to rest before they left. Too much too early for me!

Watched Syracuse lose to Notre Dame by about 10 points. Notre Dame is a ranked team. As I have been saying, Syracuse is going to be great next year! And congratulations again to the job coach Boheim is doing!

Bob disappeared at some point in the afternoon. When he returned, he had 3 pounds of stone crabs and all kinds of sides. He had discovered Fausto’s.

Fausto’s is a third generation grocery store in Key West. A family operation. Has 2 locations now.

Nice people! Smart people! They cater to the more affluent. The sides were all kinds of special pickies.

We ate outside by the water. We sat at the bar and drank. Then we ate the pickies a bit and drank. In between we swam in the pool.

We were able to watch the sun go down. Always a big deal!

Then we devoured the stone crabs! Like animals! Finger looking good!

This was Bob’s first time eating stone crabs. Before I could explain the niceties of eating them, he had a whole piece, the one with the solid fiber down the middle, in his mouth and half way down his throat. I saved him however! And we went on to enjoying the rest of the stone crabs. They were mid sized, broken and oh! so good!

By the time we finished, I had had a full day. So it was off to bed and the academy awards!

I did not last long! I fell asleep early. I had to watch the morning news on TV to learn who won.

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