Happy Sunday!

The sun is up! A touch of humidity in the air already. No breeze. Going to be a hot one!

Hit 89 yesterday!

The annual street art festival is this weekend. Held yearly, it is located on Whitehead bordering Truman Annex and also runs into some Annex streets. Several hundred white tents showing some of the best art from all over the world!

Exciting to see! Many the year I have bought a piece! I have to temper myself. I love art! My collection is significant! However enough is enough. I have works stored in closets here and in Utica. The walls are full!

Anyhow, I was walking over Duval to the art show when Lisa called. She was at the library with the kids and asked me to come over. And so I went!

Saturday morning the library has a children’s program of reading and play. My grandchildren are into it. They played with the toys well and interacted with the other kids even better.

The soujourn at the library gave my daughter Lisa and I an opportunity to talk quietly. Where is there more silence than in a library! The perfect atmosphere!

I never made it to the art show. Perhaps later this morning.

Instead I went to Paradise Cafe for a cuban lunch and to read the papers.

There is only one chickie remaining. The hawks have been well fed. Sad! But obviously part of the nature sequence.

The hen and rooster were there also. Every time the rooster got near the hen, she took off like all get out! She was having none of him! Another nature story!

Last night Bob and I went to Martin’s for dinner. Martin’s is in a new location on Duval. It is a German restaurant owned and operated by twin brothers.

They have a major investment in this new site. It looks it! Not Key West. More New York or Vegas. A welcome new flavor for Key West!

The meal was magnificent! Wienerschnitzel! Best meal I have had in weeks! Go! You will be extremely pleased!

We then walked over to La Te Da to hear Debra and Patrick. Debra sings and Patrick plays. Debra is black and Patrick white. They are husband and wife. For many years. They are also a mainstay in Key West.

I am always amazed how Debra remembers everyone’s name. And their favorite song! Within minutes of arriving, she will be singing your favorite tune. And you know it is for you!

A big night at La Te Da! Again the season is here! The town is packed! And everyone loves La Te Da!

This old man was tired however. So I had one espresso martini and left Bob there! I was in bed and asleep by 10:30.

I did not hear Bob come in. But he must have. His bedroom door just opened and he said good morning! He is downstairs making coffee. A good thing about having company. They participate in the chores!

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